Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1098: A Problem At The Dragon Tribe

Chapter 1098: A Problem At The Dragon Tribe


Chapter 1098: A Problem At The Dragon Tribe

Lin Dong was bewildered, as he stared at that originally imposing face, which was now filled with great warmth. He was not the only person who reacted in this manner. Even Little Marten and the rest standing beside him were stunned. It was likely that none of them had expected that this expert from the Dragon tribe, who typically acted in a haughty fashion, would actually act like this.

“Big brother Duan… you…”

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander’s eyes almost popped out upon seeing this. His words rolled in his mouth, but he could not bring himself to spit them out. Clearly, the scene in front of him had quite a great impact on him.

“What is it?”

The Golden Ape Demon Commander duo in the distance were also filled with shock as they exchanged glances. Shock filled their eyes, “Could it be that Lin Dong is also related to the Dragon tribe? This little fellow… Just where did he came from?!”


Lin Dong gradually recovered his senses in front of many pairs of strange looking eyes. He looked at his hand, which was being tightly grabbed by Duan Tao and coughed awkwardly. Subsequently, he pulled his hand back in a discreet manner and laughed, “What is going on? Has big brother Duan Tao heard of me?”

In reality, Lin Dong was feeling relatively shocked in his heart as well. From the way Duan Tao behaved, it was obvious that the latter had heard of him. This caused him to feel a little lost. Although he had managed to create a name for himself in the Chaotic Demon Sea, it was far from reaching a level whereby it would be transmitted to this distant Demon Region. Moreover, it shouldn’t have reached a point whereby one of the four overlord tribes, the Dragon tribe, had learnt of his name.

“Haha, lord Qing Zhi passed a message to our Dragon tribe some time earlier and he specifically mentioned young brother Lin Dong.” Duan Tao laughed.

Lin Dong nodded. It was indeed news sent back by elder Qing Zhi. From the looks of it, the latter seemed to possess a relatively high status in the Dragon tribe. However, this was nothing surprising. After all, he was a genuine Reincarnation stage expert. Moreover, he had lived for so many years. In fact, it was likely that he was considered as a relic, even in the Dragon tribe, which were famed for their long lifespans.

“Things would have been much simpler if we knew that you are young brother Lin Dong.” Duan Tao smiled. After which, he beckoned the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander to come over. The latter hesitated before walking towards them.

“Heaven Dragon, you acted recklessly. Apologize to young brother Lin Dong now.”

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander was not the only one whose eyes were wide open upon hearing these words. Even Little Marten and the three other Celestial Demon Marten tribe’s Samsara stage experts glanced at Lin Dong in shock. That was because Duan Tao did not act in such an ardent fashion when facing Little Marten previously, however…

“Big brother Duan…” The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander did not understand what was going on as he asked in a dumbfounded manner.

“Young brother Lin Dong is Lord Qing Zhi’s successor. Do you think that you can afford to offend him?” Duan Tao’s eyes sunk as he said.

“Lord Qing Zhi…”

Even with the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander’s character, he was still shocked upon hearing this name. As part of the Dragon tribe, he clearly understood what this name represented. He was one of the top individuals in the current Dragon tribe. However, he could not fathom how Lin Dong, would actually have such a relationship with this legendary individual.

Although the Samsara stage was only one step away from the Reincarnation stage, there were countless talented geniuses in this world who were unable to take this one step forward, despite trying for their whole lives. The gap between the two was also unimaginably huge. Therefore, even though this Heaven Dragon Demon Commander was a Samsara stage expert and a powerful overlord in the Demon Region, he still felt great fear and respect when facing a Reincarnation stage expert.

“Haha, the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander was once very interested in my Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill …” Lin Dong stared at the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander and said with a half smile.

Duan Tao’s expression changed upon hearing this. The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander felt an ominous feeling upon seeing this. He hurriedly laughed dryly, “Young brother Lin Dong, what are you saying? I was a little impulsive at that time. If I had known that this was passed to you by lord Qing Zhi, I would have never dared to set my sights on it.”

“Young brother Lin Dong, Heaven Dragon does indeed act in a reckless manner at times. I hope that you will forgive him.” Duan Tao cupped his hands together and smilingly said.

Lin Dong grinned. The warmth that Duan Tao displayed caused him to feel as if something was amiss. Although Qing Zhi had an extremely high status in the Dragon tribe, Duan Tao was no ordinary individual as well. Even though he would be friendly towards Lin Dong on account of Qing Zhi, it would not reach this extent… where he was purposefully currying favor with Lin Dong.

“Let’s just forget about it. Big brother Duan Tao need not be overly concerned about it. Since this matter is resolved, I will be taking my leave first.” Lin Dong cupped his hands together towards Duan Tao and said.

Duan Tao felt a little anxious when he saw that Lin Dong was about to leave. He hurriedly stopped the latter, “Chi, haha, young brother Lin Dong. There is no need to rush…”

Lin Dong’s eyes narrowed. He looked at Duan Tao and smiled. Finally, he softly asked, “Does big brother Duan has something else in mind?”

Duan Tao paused for a moment. Finally, he smiled bitterly and nodded. He softly said, “Something has happened in our tribe and we need young brother Lin Dong’s help.”

Lin Dong was slightly startled. The Dragon tribe actually wanted his help?

“Hey, you should stop spouting such nonsense. What use will he be if it is something that even your Dragon tribe cannot resolve?” Little Marten stepped forward and said with unfriendly eyes.

The other three Samsara stage Celestial Demon Martens also stared at Duan Tao from behind. Their eyes were also filled with shock.

Duan Tao looked at Little Marten. He hesitated for a moment before he finally waved his hand. Immediately, a light sphere enveloped them. Clearly, he did not wish for others to eavesdrop on their conversation.

“Lord Qing Zhi delivered a message which says that young brother Lin Dong might be able to help resolve the current problem facing our Dragon tribe.” Duan Tao sighed and explained.


Lin Dong was a little surprised. His eyes quickly narrowed as he crossed his fingers and softly said, “Could it be… a problem related to the Yimo?”

Duan Tao was stunned upon hearing these words. After which, he nodded helplessly. He did not expect that Lin Dong was able to guess the problem immediately.

Lin Dong frowned slightly. It was just like he had imagined. After all, the Dragon tribe was extremely powerful and he was no match even up against a random individual from their tribe. However, as of now, the Dragon tribe needed his help. After thinking about it, the only aspect where he could be useful was perhaps his ability to counter the Yimo…

Moreover, only those mysterious and unfathomable Yimo would be able to give a faction, as powerful as the Dragon tribe, such a headache.

“Yimo? Those creatures again?” Little Marten frowned. It seemed like he was also somewhat aware of the Yimo. After all, he was the previous owner of the Ancestral Stone. Of course, Lin Dong’s current control over the Ancestral Stone had far surpassed Little Marten back then.

“What is the exact situation?” Lin Dong looked at Duan Tao and asked.

“I’m afraid that I can only explain to young brother Lin Dong in detail after we head back to the Dragon tribe.”

Duan Tao laughed bitterly. “This is quite an urgent matter and we have been quietly searching for young brother Lin Dong ever since we received the message from lord Qing Zhi. It is unexpected for us to find you here today.”

“He needs to go to the Dragon tribe?” Little Marten glanced at Duan Tao in a doubtful fashion. Although Lin Dong’s strength had soared, it was likely that he won’t even have the opportunity to flee if anything were to happen after he ventured into the Dragon tribe.

“This friend from the Celestial Demon Marten tribe, there is no need to worry. My Dragon tribe is not some small and ordinary tribe. We will definitely not use such despicable tricks. Moreover, young brother Lin Dong and lord Qing Zhi are related. Our Dragon tribe will definitely treat him as a friend.” Duan Tao hurriedly reassured.

Lin Dong smiled and said, “Big brother Duan Tao, there is no need to worry. Elder Qing Zhi is my benefactor and he is also a member of the Dragon tribe. Hence, I will naturally lend a hand now that something has happened to the Dragon tribe.”

Lin Dong had quite a great interest in the Dragon tribe. Of course, his greatest interest lay in the “Ancient Dragon Transformation Pool” which Qing Zhi mentioned previously. If Lin Dong wanted to gain complete mastery of the Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill, he must not skip the “Dragon Bone Transformation” step. Initially, he was still fretting over how he was going to cultivate a relationship with the Dragon tribe. Unexpectedly, the Dragon tribe came knocking on his door…

According to what Qing Zhi said, this “Ancient Dragon Transformation Pool” seems to be relatively important to the Dragon tribe. Therefore, it was basically impossible for an outsider to enter. However, it seems like the Dragon tribe needed his help currently. In this way… it was possible for him to use this opportunity to ask the Dragon tribe to let him enter the “Ancient Dragon Transformation Pool”.

“In that case, thank you young brother Lin Dong. My Dragon tribe will remember this favor!” Duan Tao immediately rejoiced upon hearing this.

“Why are you so quick to agree? It is not your style to help others for free. You actually believe his empty words?” Little Marten approached Lin Dong and said softly.

Lin Dong was speechless. Standing beside him, Duan Tao also coughed awkwardly. He said, “As long as young brother Lin Dong can help to resolve the problem that my Dragon tribe is currently facing, it is likely that my tribe will not treat him shabbily.”

“Brother Duan Tao, when do you plan to leave?” Lin Dong asked.

“We will leave whenever you wish to. Of course, it is best to do so as soon as possible.” Duan Tao hesitated and said.

Lin Dong nodded. He could see the anxiety on Duan Tao’s face and his heart was immediately shaken. What exactly was going on in the Dragon tribe? They were actually this anxious.

“In that case, let’s leave in three days. We will have to settle some matters in Deep Lightning Mountain over these three days.” Lin Dong thought for a moment and said.

“Alright. I will head to Deep Lightning Mountain to fetch young brother Lin Dong in three days. Young brother Lin Dong, you can be rest assured that if anyone tries anything suspicious during this period of time, my Dragon tribe will not let him off!” Duan Tao spoke in a deep voice. He even glared at the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander as he spoke. The latter nodded awkwardly. However, he no longer had any arrogance left. After all, he was able to discern the gravity of the current situation. Lin Dong had already became an extremely important person to the Dragon tribe. If he was to offend Lin Dong, it was likely that the Dragon tribe would no longer protect him.

“Haha, alright then.” Lin Dong laughed and nodded.

Duan Tao did not say anything more after seeing this situation. He cupped his hands together again and led the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander in a swift withdrawal. With their departure, the atmosphere in this place also began to gradually relax. Countless pairs of eyes, which were looking at Lin Dong, were filled with shock. Given those words that Duan Tao had said previously, who in the Beast War Region would dare to offend Deep Lightning Mountain in the future?

Who could have imagined that a seemingly insignificant Deep Lightning Mountain would actually be related to the Celestial Demon Marten tribe and the Dragon tribe, which were both part of the four overlord tribes.

At this very moment, those many experts and factions finally completely abandoned any intention of snatching the Divine Item Treasury from Lin Dong. All of them sighed and withdrew from the Divine Item Mountain Range unwillingly together with their subordinates.

Lin Dong stared at this scene, which had came to an end, before he smiled. Then, he turned his head towards Little Marten. Finally, he smilingly said, “Let’s go. Follow us back to Deep Lightning Mountain first. It is time for us brother to gather together and celebrate. After which… haha, I really want to find out what is the major problem the Dragon tribe is currently facing…”