Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1097: Face-off

Chapter 1097: Face-off


Chapter 1097: Face-off

The cry of a dragon resounded across the land. Two figures had appeared in front of the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander. Their auras condensed behind them, taking the shape of a giant coiling dragon as a mighty pressure enveloped the land.

These two figures immediately draw numerous shocked gazes. Of the rarely seen four overlord tribe members, two had actually appeared today!

Several people faced each other with their mouths slightly agape. Just what was the present situation? Was it a face-off between the Celestial Demon Marten tribe and the Dragon tribe? This appeared a little dreadful…

“Members of the Dragon tribe?”

Little Marten also frowned as he looked at the two figures who had appeared. He was somewhat surprised in his heart. It seemed that this Heaven Dragon Demon Commander did have some backing. Not only did he possess a Dragon tribe totem, he was even able to summon help from the Dragon tribe.

The coiling dragon behind the two figures gradually disappeared under the many pairs of watching eyes. Both individuals appeared to be middle-aged. Their somewhat stern face gave off a dignified aura. From the faintly discernible astonishing auras from their bodies, it was evident that they had reached the Samsara stage. Even in the Dragon tribe, the status of those with such strength was not low at all.

The two figures first glanced at the seriously injured and miserable figure of the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander. After which, they shifted their gazes towards the frosty looking Little Marten and the other three Celestial Demon tribe Samsara stage experts nearby. A grave expression flashed across both of their eyes. The fact that four Samsara stage experts had been dispatched at the same time indicated that the handsome young man’s status in the Celestial Demon Marten tribe was rather high…

“Big brother Duan, save me!” The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander rejoiced when he looked at the two who had appeared and hurriedly cried out.

“Ha ha, friend from the Celestial Demon Marten tribe. I am Duan Tao from the Dragon tribe. May I know just how Heaven Dragon has offended you to have caused you to be use such merciless attacks?” One of middle-aged men glanced at the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander. Soon after, he cupped his hands towards Little Marten and smilingly said.

“He wished to kill my brother. Are you saying that Grandpa Marten should have been gentler?” A vicious look flashed across Little Marten’s handsome face as he sneered and replied.

“Friend, Heaven Dragon is already seriously injured. This should be enough if your intention was to vent your anger. I believe that this should settle the matter.” The other middle-aged man spoke in a deep voice. Given his relationship with the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander, he naturally needed to speak up for him.

“My modus operandi is not to leave matters unfinished.” Little Marten’s eyes turned slightly cold as he spoke. His style was the same as Lin Dong’s. He usually did not take action but once he did, he would eliminate any loose ends. The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander was quite powerful. Although Little Marten did not fear the former it would be quite troublesome if this fellow was to create some mischief in the future.

Duan Tao frowned when he saw that Little Marten refused to let the matter rest. The Celestial Demon Marten tribe was indeed powerful, however, their Dragon tribe was not simple either. If it was not because he was wary of Little Marten’s status, he would have long ago attacked to regain some of the Dragon tribe’s face. However, he did not expect that the other party continued to not give them any face despite their politeness.

“Heaven Dragon is a member of my Dragon tribe and he once made a substantial contribution to the tribe. Hence, even though his blood is impure, he was still bestowed the Dragon tribe totem by the three Elders of my tribe. How can my Dragon tribe maintain our reputation if we simply sit back and watch him be killed?”

Duan Tao stared at Little Marten and said, “Friend, do you really intend to damage the relationship between our two tribes just because of this small grudge?”

The Celestial Demon Marten tribe and the Dragon tribe were part of the four overlord tribes and they usually did not meddle in each other’s business. Even if there was some friction between two parties, they would very rarely take the other party’s life. This was because they were well aware that if two great tribes were to start a war, it would definitely be a calamity. Moreover, it would be difficult to determine a clear winner. At that time, both side would only end up suffering terrible losses.

Little Marten’s eyes were ice-cold. He also stared at Duan Tao and slowly said, “The matter started because this big mongrel bird wanted to kill my brother. Therefore, it is only reasonable for me to do whatever I want. If you wish to protect him, all I can say is… be prepared to bear the consequences!”

Little Marten might seem to have a tyrannical character but he was also quite stubborn and it was relatively difficult to change make him change his decisions. Moreover, he also had the same character as Lin Dong, they would only grow even more determined when threatened.

The Duan Tao duo’s expressions clearly changed upon hearing those last few words from Little Marten. They expressions slightly darkened as they replied, “Friend, are you certain that you have the authority to say such words?”

“Ha ha, Ah Diao is one of the candidates for the next tribe leader. Do you think that he is not qualified?” A middle-aged man from the Celestial Demon Marten tribe beside Little Marten smiled faintly and said.

“Candidate for the next tribe leader?”

The Duan Tao duo’s pupils shrunk slightly when they heard these words. Their faces finally turned completely serious. They had guessed that Little Marten status within the Celestial Demon Marten tribe was rather high, but they did not expect that they had still underestimated it in the end.

As they were also from the four overlord tribes, they were naturally well aware of what this status represented. If Little Marten became the next tribe leader, he might very well bear a grudge due to today’s matter and that would truly end up affecting the relationship between the two tribes.

The Duan Tao duo exchanged glances with each other, both felt that the situation had become difficult to resolve. They were a little afraid of Little Marten’s identity. However, if they were to let the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander be killed in front of so many witnesses, their Dragon tribe would be humiliated…

The atmosphere of the place became pressurising while the Duan Tao duo were silent. Everyone clamped their mouths shut as they carefully observed the development of the situation.

The Golden Ape Demon Commander and the Ghost Condor Demon Commander stealthily wiped off the cold sweat on their brows. Although they were considered powerful individuals in this Beast War Region, they were really nothing in the eyes of the two overlord tribes. Although Samsara stage individuals were top class battle power in the two tribes, the foundation that these two tribes were built on was far beyond what factions like theirs could compare to.

Little Marten’s penetrating eyes stared at the Duan Tao duo while a baleful aura continued to gather within them.

This pressurising atmosphere continued for a long time, before Lin Dong below finally shook his head helplessly just as Little Marten was about to step forward. He moved and appeared beside Little Marten and grabbed the latter’s arm.

“Let’s forget about the matter today.” Lin Dong smilingly said to Little Marten.

Little Marten frowned upon hearing this. He was well aware of Lin Dong’s character. The latter was even more decisive and dealt with matters even more cleanly than himself…

Lin Dong shrugged his shoulders. He was also unwilling to let the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander off. However, this matter had already ended up affecting the relationship between the Celestial Demon Marten tribe and the Dragon tribe. Although Little Marten’ status in the Celestial Demon Marten tribe was not low, the relationship between the two tribes was a sensitive topic. A slight mistake could result in frightening waves.

Moreover, Lin Dong had also clearly heard that Little Marten was merely one of the candidates for the next tribe leader. In other words, there were other strong rivals within the tribe. Therefore, Lin Dong did not wish for Little Marten to stir some arguments within the tribe over this matter.

Little Marten looked at Lin Dong. It was possible for him to identify the meaning that the latter wished to convey through the expression in his eyes. Hence, the violence in his eyes diminished slightly after being quiet for some time.

Surprise flashed within the eyes of the three middle-aged men behind Little Marten upon seeing this scene. They were also well aware of Little Marten’s stubborn character. Therefore, others would have an extremely difficult time changing his mind once he had decided on something. Yet…

“This friend is really magnanimous. I will apologise on behalf of Heaven Dragon if he has offended you in anyway.” Duan Tao quietly sighed in relief and hurriedly chuckled upon seeing this.

“Ha ha, there is no need to apologise. The divine object which my brother took from him earlier is not a bad compensation.” Lin Dong smiled and said.

What a joke. He would really have let himself down if he allowed the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander to escape unscattered without leaving anything behind.

“Lin Dong, you!” The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander became furious upon hearing this. The Nine Sky Heavy Mountain was a relatively powerful divine object. He had barely been able to refine it after investing a tremendous amount of effort back then.

“Shut up!” Duan Tao cried out in a low voice as he viciously glared at the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander. This fellow still did not know what was good for him after causing such trouble.

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander shut his mouth indignantly. Although they were both at the Samsara stage, he was aware that his status was nothing compared to Duan Tao in the Dragon tribe.

“Since young brother is interested in that divine object, you can have it. You can also be rest assured that Heaven Dragon will not disturb you in the future.” Duan Tao cupped his hands together and said.

“That will be best. Grandpa Marten will not show any mercy if there is a next time.” Little Marten spoke in a faint voice. However, many people laughed dryly after these words escaped his lips. Did his earlier attack show any mercy?

Duan Tao could only nod his head. He also felt some rage in his heart because of Little Marten’s overbearing manner. With a quick wave of hand, he prepared to leave with the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander. However, his body suddenly paused. He frowned and seemed to be thinking of something. Finally, he turned to look at the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander.

“Eh? What is it?” The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander was startled as Duan Tao looked at him. He was unable to make heads or tails of the situation.

“You… what did you call him earlier?” Duan Tao frowned and asked.

“Lin Dong. This fellow is a human and has been acting extremely arrogantly in our Demon Region… what…”

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander was a little lost. However, before he could finish speaking, he saw that Duan Tao’s expression seemed to have become exceptionally interesting. He immediately shut his mouth and carefully said, “Big brother Duan Tao, what is it?”

Duan Tao ignored him this time. Instead, he turned around and looked Lin Dong in front of everyone, before revealing a forced smile, “Young brother, are you called Lin Dong?”

Lin Dong was also a little puzzled by Duan Tao’s behaviour. However, he still nodded.

“Ha ha…”

Duan Tao rubbed his hands together and asked somewhat anxiously, “May I know if young brother Lin Dong is acquainted with Lord Qing Zhi?”

Lin Dong blinked. Only then did he suddenly understand. After which, he nodded in front of Duan Tao’s somewhat anxious eyes and said, “The Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill that I practice was passed on to me by elder Qing Zhi. Why?”


The view before Lin Dong’s eyes became dazzled after his words sounded. After which, he was astonished to see Duan Tao grab his hand. The originally stern face of the latter was now filled with a strange enthusiasm.

“Ha ha, so it’s actually young brother Lin Dong.”

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander and numerous other powerful individuals behind were completely stunned upon seeing this scene.