Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1096: Dragon Tribe

Chapter 1096: Dragon Tribe


Chapter 1096: Dragon Tribe

A resplendent purple-black sun rose from within Little Marten’s body and the already dim world, became even darker. One could only see a purple-black sun rising in the sky.


A hundred thousand feet large giant golden mountain came crashing down with a frightening force, that could suppress a Samsara stage expert. The mountains below collapsed one after another as huge cracks spread across the entire mountain range.

This scene was as though doomsday was arriving.


The purple-black sun expanded at a terrifying speed. Within a few breaths’ time, it became hundreds of thousand feet in size. Subsequently, just like a bottomless pit, light flickered within it, as it devoured the entire golden mountain in front of countless pairs of eyes.


A mysterious sound spread across the sky. Purple-black light rose and the large golden mountain disappeared in a peculiar fashion. Although everything seemed calm on the surface, everyone could sense an annihilation like ripple suddenly being emitted from within the bright sun.

However, that ripple was rapidly weakening. Meanwhile, the golden light spots flickering within the bright sun, were disappearing a little at a time. At the same time, the energy ripples from the huge golden mountain were also vanishing.


When the energy fluctuation completely disappeared, the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander’s expression changed drastically. His expression turned pale before he vomited a mouthful of blood. At this moment, he realized that he had actually lost control of the Nine Sky Heavy Mountain!

“How is that possible?” The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander exclaimed involuntarily in his shock. He never imagined that Little Marten was actually able to snatch his Nine Sky Heavy Mountain!

“Celestial Demon Martens can devour the world and I face little difficulties in devouring an ancient divine object!” A ridicule flashed across Little Marten’s face. Soon after, his eyes suddenly turned icy cold. He took a step forward and directly appeared in front of the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander.

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander let out a ferocious roar upon seeing this. Vast and mighty fist wind came whistling forward before he ruthlessly attacked Little Marten.

Little Marten extended his hand and blocked the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander’s fist. A disdain appeared on the corner of his mouth. Soon after, his palm turned into a claw. His fingers were like the sharpest blades as they directly clawed into the flesh of the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander.


The eyes of the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander became crimson in colour, while his body swelled with lightning speed. Blood light lingered over it and he directly transformed into a massive Six Winged Flying Dragon, which was tens of thousands of feet in size. Following which, a furious dragon roar resounded across the sky.

“Do you think that you can escape by transforming into your true form?”

Little Marten laughed coldly. His body was just like an ant when compared to that of the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander. However, his aura had completely suppressed the other party. Both his claws tore through the hard scales of the Six Winged Flying Dragon. After which, his hands grabbed a blood coloured wing. Just like lifting a mountain, he lifted the tens of thousands of feet large Six Winged Flying Dragon and ruthlessly smashed him against a mountain.


The entire mountain collapsed as a result. Subsequently, the Six Winged Flying Dragon began to struggle wildly. However, Little Marten’s hands were like pincers. A brutal aura surged within his eyes. His body moved and he once again flung the Six Winged Flying Dragon.

Bang bang bang!

The land occasionally trembled. Countless experts were stunned when they saw Little Marten dragging the Six Winged Flying Dragon and crazily smashing many mountains into pieces. It was a long while later before they felt their skin turning numb. This seemingly handsome young man was actually this terrifying in a fight…

Roar roar!

Many mountains collapsed after a huge shadow came whistling down from the sky. At the same time, the miserable roar from the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander also reverberated in the air. This caused the faces of the Golden Ape Demon Commander and the Ghost Condor Demon Commander in the distance to twitch. Secretly, they were celebrating the fact that they had withdrawn from the fight quickly. Otherwise, it was likely that they would have difficulties escaping today.

Their hearts were naturally greatly shocked by the scene in front of them. They were also great Demon Commanders in the Beast War Region, and they were well aware of the strength of the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander. However, the latter ended up being defeated miserably even after using his Nine Sky Heavy Mountain. This left them in deep shock over the Celestial Demon Marten’s frightening combat strength.

“This fellow will suffer tremendously even if he can save his hide…”

The two of them exchanged glances and smiled bitterly. No one would have expected that the situation today would develop in such a manner. Had they known this beforehand, they would not have provoked Lin Dong…

Lin Dong and the others below watched this overbearing scene. Then, he quickly turned his head to glance at the horrified faces of Chen Tong’s group and involuntarily coughed softly. “Well… he is usually quite a friendly chap.”

Chen Tong’s group laughed dryly. They were truly unable to associate a violent and ruthless person, who could grab the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander and smash him around randomly, with the word ‘friendly’…

“It seems like the fight is over…”

Lin Dong stretched his waist. He could sense the rapidly weakening aura of the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander. Clearly, Little Marten’s violent attacks have already left him with serious injuries.

A shadow in the sky came rushing over as Lin Dong spoke. The huge body of the Six Winged Flying Dragon flew across the sky. After which, it shattered a mountain. Half of its body was covered by huge rock fragments. Boiling hot blood came spluttering forth like a fountain while a dense bloody scent enveloped the entire mountain range.

Everyone in this mountain range was startled as they stared at the Six Winged Flying Dragon, twitching amongst the stone rubbles. Promptly, they shut their mouths tightly and used this moment to digest the shock in their hearts…

Hovering in midair, Little Marten’s body slowly descended. His handsome face was currently filled with indifference as he glanced at a seriously wounded Six Winged Flying Dragon. He gently patted his hands and spoke indifferently, “They are my brothers. It is not overboard even if I kill you since you dared to touch them.”

His indifferent eyes swept over the many powerful individuals in this mountain range as he spoke. “The Deep Lightning Mountain is my brother’s territory. I will definitely come looking for anyone who plots against them.”

At this moment, Little Marten’s voice no longer contained the pride from earlier. However, everyone could detect the iciness and murderous intent hidden under his calm voice.

The faces of the Golden Ape Demon Commander and the Ghost Condor Demon Commander in the distance twitched slightly. They let out a quiet sigh and understood that Little Marten was actually speaking to them…

No one in the entire place dared to speak. Various powerful experts, who had quite a strong reputation in the Beast War Region, could only cede to his demands. After all, after witnessing Little Marten’s brutal behaviour, no one dared to offend him.

A weak blood coloured light surged from within the rubbles and the huge body of the Six Winged Flying Dragon shrunk. After which, he returned back into human form and sat miserably on the bloody mess. He let out an intense cough before blood was spat out from his mouth. A moment later, he finally lifted his head in a somewhat vicious manner. He stared intently at Little Marten and sternly said, “What an overbearing Celestial Demon Marten. If you have the ability to do so, you should kill me today. Otherwise, I will never let this matter rest!”

The smile on Little Marten’s face slowly disappeared. A murderous desire that caused the temperature of the surroundings to cool began to gather in this place.

“I am a member of the dragon tribe. Let’s see if the dragon tribe will ignore this matter if you dare to kill me!” The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander laughed coldly. Even after he sensed that murderous desire, he was not afraid.

“Are you considered a member of the dragon tribe? Do you think that you are considered part of the dragon tribe just because of that little dragon bloodline of yours?” Little Marten ridiculed.

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander snorted coldly. He clenched his hand before blood light gathered in his hand. It soon turned into a blood red dragon totem. There was a fairly pure dragon’s might seeping out from this totem.”

“Dragon tribe totem?”

Those three Samsara Stage middle-aged men frowned upon seeing this. This totem was only given to individuals who were acknowledged by the dragon tribe. Moreover, those who own one were considered as genuine members of the dragon tribe.

LIttle Marten was also momentarily startled because of the blood red dragon tribe totem.

“Humph.” The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander involuntarily let out a cold snort after seeing Little Marten’s reaction. This status should at least give the latter some reason for pause, right?

However, there was an icy cold ridicule rising on Little Marten’s handsome face while he was having such thoughts in his heart. “The current dragon tribe really accepts any trash that comes their way. However, Grandpa Marten really wants to see if the dragon tribe will start a war with my Celestial Demon Marten tribe over a big mongrel bird like you!”

The desire to kill once again surged after Little Marten’s cold voice sounded. He ceased hesitating as his body moved and rushed forward. Both his fingers pressed on the air before purple black light came whistling forward and directly smashed the dragon tribe totem in the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander’s hand.


The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander had a change in expression after he saw that Little Marten was not the least bit fearful even after seeing the totem. However, before he could let out a furious cry, Little Marten had already appeared in the air in front of him. A punch was thrown and purple-black light came sweeping out from it. This light seemed to have turned into a giant purple-black claw. Then, it tore through the space with an incomparable strength, before it ruthlessly smashed onto the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander.

Presently, the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander was already seriously injured.All he could do was stare at the purple-black giant claw with horror filled eyes. Never did he imagine that Little Marten was actually this domineering. In fact, he did not even pay any respect to the dragon tribe, which was also one of the four overlord tribes.

The giant purple-black claw landed ruthlessly. However, before it managed to land on the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander, everyone saw that the space in front of the latter suddenly distorted. Following which, two figures stepped out from within. Both of them threw a palm forward and an earthshaking dragon roar resounded across the place. A huge dragon rose and forcefully shattered the giant purple-black claw.

“Friend from the Celestial Demon Marten tribe, it is always good to forgive and forget whenever possible. There is no need to kill him, is there?” A dragon roar reverberated over the place, before an extremely pressurising low and deep voice slowly reverberated across the sky at this moment.

Countless pairs of eyes in this mountain range immediately turned to look. After which, everyone saw two figures standing in the empty space in front of the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander. There was an extreme terrifying pressure radiating from their bodies.

That terrifyingly powerful pressure seemed to gather behind the two of them and vaguely appeared to have turned into a huge crouching dragon.

“Dragon tribe?”

Many experts were startled upon seeing this scene. All of them were so shocked to the point of exclaiming involuntarily.

No one had expected that two of the four overlord tribes had actually made their appearances within a short half a day!