Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1095: Little Marten VS Heaven Dragon

Chapter 1095: Little Marten VS Heaven Dragon


Chapter 1095: Little Marten VS Heaven Dragon

A purple-black light pillar broke through the clouds before waves of powerful pressure covered the place. The entire land seemed to have trembled at this moment.

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander’s eyes shrunk slightly as he stared at Little Marten’s shocking aura. Following which, his expression involuntarily changed. Although they were both at the Samsara stage, he felt an extremely dangerous sensation from the latter.

The Demonic World was just like the food pyramid and the Celestial Demon Marten tribe was at the highest level of this pyramid. Although the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander was also at a fairly high level, he was still lacking when compared to the former…

Although he felt endangered, the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander was no ordinary pushover either. Given the current circumstances, he knew that he had no choice but to fight. Moreover, he also possessed some confidence in his own strength. Hence, even though Little Marten might be a Celestial Demon Marten, he knew that it was difficult for Little Marten to reduce him into a miserable state, even if Little Marten gained the upper hand. At that time, all he had to do was to look for an opportunity to escape, and this would not end up affecting his reputation as well.

With this thought in mind, the eyes of the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander turned dark and cold. It was indeed true that no one wanted to offend the Celestial Demon Marten tribe. However, he was not as wary as the Golden Ape Demon Commander duo. After all, he also had an extraordinary background.

“I have long heard about how powerful the Celestial Demon Marten tribe is. Since I have the opportunity today, I would like to see if for myself!”

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander cried out in a cold voice. He took a stride forward before majestic Life and Death Qi spread from the six blood wings on his back. His aura rose and it was clear that he had pushed his Samsara stage strength to the limit.

Little Marten lifted his head. There was a ferocious smile on his handsome face. In the next moment, the ten thousand feet bat wings on his back suddenly flapped before wild gales blew across the sky. His body also disappeared instantly.

The blood wings on the back of the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander also began to flap the moment Little Marten disappeared. His body flashed and he retreated tens of thousands of feet. His frightening speed caused one to be stunned.


However, the space behind the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander suddenly split apart after his body appeared tens of thousands of feet away. A fist that was filled with black light erupted. There was also a majestic Life and Death Qi spreading from under his palm!

A punch was thrown forward and everyone could see that the space itself had suddenly collapsed.

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander suddenly turned around. Little Marten’s speed had caught him by surprise. Clearly, he was unable to dodge at this juncture. A ruthless expression quickly flashed across his eyes before densely packed blood scales grew over his hand. Subsequently, he threw a punch forward.


Both fists clashed head on and a frightening energy ripple swept apart like a storm. The space within a hundred thousand feet radius of the both of them, scattered under the spreading force forming a vacuum region.

During the previous head on clash, the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander had sent Lin Dong flying with a punch. This clearly demonstrated his Samsara stage strength. However, this time around, he was unable to once again reveal him imposing manner.

“Get lost!”

The space collapsed and a prideful cold cry was suddenly emitted. Immediately, the expression of the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander changed drastically. The blood scales on his arm were cracked while his entire body flew backwards in a miserable fashion.

Many pairs of eyes stared at the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander, who had fallen into a disadvantage after only a single exchange, before their eyelids twitched violently. He was indeed a member of the Celestial Demon Marten tribe. Amongst those at the same level, it was likely that even those experts belonging to the other three overlord tribe would have difficulties fighting against them.

“Is that all you got?”

Little Marten appeared in a flash. There was some ridicule and contempt on his handsome face. This was different from the murderous intent hidden under Lin Dong’s warm face. Instead, Little Marten constantly revealed his overbearing haughtiness and looked down on his opponent. However, that overbearing manner also hid a meticulousness that belonged exclusively to him.

“It is too early for you to be celebrating!”

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander’s face turned furiously green. Suddenly, he stomped his foot in the sky, before the space beneath his foot collapsed. Black and white Life Death Qi formed around him in a swirl like fashion. His dragon roar, which was filled with wild violence, resounded in the sky.

“Domineering Dragon Sky Shattering Fist!”

After the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander released a furious roar, one could see six ten thousand feet large wings forming behind him. A flying dragon roared before a fist was thrown forward.

A ten thousand feet large fist was thrown forward and a hurricane seemed to follow. Wild gales swept across the sky.

“You actually dare to call yourself a domineering dragon with your puny abilities? You are a disgrace to the dragon tribe!” Little Marten laughed coldly. He simply stared at the huge, ten thousand feet fist whistling forward, before he extended his hand, while purple-black lightning arcs danced over his long arm.


The huge fist smashed heavily onto Little Martens’ palm. However, this seeming incomparably ferocious attack came to a halt upon touching Little Marten’s palm. Moreover, the latter’s body did not even tremble at all.

It was as though the strength contained in this overbearing attack from the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander, was completely absorbed by Little Marten.

“Ah ah!”

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander’s face turned furiously green. He released some angry roars and swung his ten thousand feet dragon fist. Many afterimages were formed and the surrounding Yuan Power turned violent under his fist wind. Nonetheless, regardless of how fearsome the former’s attack was, Little Marten continued to stand in midair. Both his hands moved gently before he completely neutralized those wild and violent attacks. In fact, his body did not even budge at all.

“Second brother is amazing.” Little Flame looked at both parties in the sky, which were in completely different states, before he involuntarily praised.

Lin Dong nodded slightly. The current Little Marten was at the Samsara stage. However, he was clearly stronger than the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander, who was also at the same cultivation level. Considering the Celestial Demon Marten’s formidable physical body as well, it was obvious that this Heaven Dragon Demon Commander was no match for him.

“In the past, I have always heard this fellow bragging about how strong he was at his peak. From the looks of it now, it is a little believable.” Lin Dong laughed softly. He felt a little emotional. A long time ago, a Nirvana Stage expert was an unbeatable existence in his eyes, while Little Marten was merely a demonic spirit with little strength, which could disappear anytime…

At that time, Lin Dong had never expected that he would end up where he was today. It was likely that Little Marten also never expected that he would be able to return to his peak form.

Only the both of them knew in their hearts, the enormous price they had paid as they carefully faced various powerful enemies, in order to reach this stage today.

Regardless, they managed to obtain their desired reward for the price they had paid.

“The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander is no match for Little Marten.”Lin Dong stared at the wild and violent energy ripple, which was sweeping across the sky, before he commented with a smile.

In the sky, Little Marten once again threw a palm forward after Lin Dong uttered those words. His drifting palm was accompanied by wind and lightning. After which, his palm smashed onto the dragon fist, which came rushing over in a ferocious fashion.

However, after fist and palm collided, an icy chill suddenly flashed across Little Marten’s handsome face. He curled his hand and it turned into a claw. Purple-black light gathered over the tip of his fingers, forming a liquid like substance.

“Heaven Demon Hand!”

An icy cold voice was suddenly unleashed from Little Marten’s mouth. He swung his arm and a ‘puff’ sound could be heard. The ten thousand feet dragon fist collapsed in an instant. Little Marten’s body moved and his claw penetrated through the dragon fist and landed heavily onto the arm of the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander. His five fingers pierced downwards like poisonous snakes.


The sound of bone cracking was accompanied with splurts of fresh blood. A miserable screech erupted from the mouth of the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander. Immediately, everyone was shocked when they discovered that one of the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander’s arm was actually broken by him.

This scene caused the skin of many experts to turn numb. Even the corner of the Golden Ape Demon Commander’s mouth twitched as he pulled back. To begin with, the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander was a Six Winged Flying Dragon. Although his physical body was not as powerful as a true member of the dragon tribe, it cannot be understated. In fact, even someone like them was unable to easily break his arm with their full strength. Yet, his powerful physical body seemed as weak as paper in Little Marten’s hands.


The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander let out a miserable cry and withdrew. His hair was in a mess and his face had become unusually distorted. He stared viciously at a callous Little Marten and roared, “Do you really think that I do not dare to kill you?”

“If you have any other abilities, you should use them now. Otherwise, you might not have the chance to do so.” Little Marten lifted his hand. Blood flowed down his long finger and there was a frightening brutal aura rising on his handsome face at this moment.

The eyes of the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander turned blood red. This time around, he did not hesitate any longer. He widened his mouth before a golden light beam suddenly shot out. Immediately, it turned into a ten thousand feet large golden large mountain. There were countless ancient symbols lingering over this mountain, while a vast and mighty ripple was emitted from it.

“Ancient Divine Object, Nine Sky Heavy Mountain!” The Golden Ape Demon Commander duo had a change in expression upon seeing this item. Clearly, they recognised it.

“Oh? The thirty-second ranked item on the Ancient Divine Object Ranking, the Nine Sky Heavy Mountain huh? It is unexpected that the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander actually possess such a divine object.” When the three middle-aged men from the Celestial Demon Marten tribe saw this scene, a tinge of shock flashed across their faces.

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander formed some hand seals with a single hand. Majestic Life and Death Qi turned into a light pillar, which shot into the huge golden mountain. After which, the large mountain trembled and swelled up. In fact, it actually reached a hundred thousand feet in size. A gigantic shadow enveloped the place and seemed to cover the entire mountain range.

“Nine Sky Heaven Mountain, Suppress All Demons!” The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander had a ferocious expression, while his eyes were completely red.

The entire world seemed to have become much dimmer at this moment. Ten thousand golden light shot out from the huge golden mountain. After which, the huge mountain moved and tore through the space. It appeared in the air above Little Marten and finally came crashing downward.

Bang bang bang!

The mountain range below had collapsed as the large golden mountain descended. That destructive force was incomparably frightening.

Little Marten lifted his head and looked at the large golden mountain that was descending towards him. His handsome face had a densely cold expression surging from it as he slowly spread his hand. A purple-black bright sun erupted from within his body. At the same time, his cold and indifferent brutal cold cry also resounded across the sky.

“Celestial Demon Sun Devouring Technique!”