Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1094: Overbearing Celestial Demon Marten

Chapter 1094: Overbearing Celestial Demon Marten


Chapter 1094: Overbearing Celestial Demon Marten

“Big brother.”

The atmosphere of the entire place stiffened for a moment after these two words escaped from the mouth of the handsome man, in a free and easy manner.

Countless experts stared at this scene in a startled fashion before they parted their lips. There was shock that they could not concealed, present in their eyes. Ever since that handsome young man showed up, he displayed pride and haughtiness that was inborn. However, no one felt upset at his overbearing actions. Instead, everyone thought that this was only natural. After all, he was from the Celestial Demon Marten tribe, one of the four renowned overlord tribes in the Demonic Beast World…

Even though they did not understand that handsome young man well, they were still able to sense the pride in his heart. His pride meant that he refused to submit to anyone in the world. In fact, even peak experts, who have stepped into the Reincarnation stage, would not be able to subdue this extremely arrogant fellow.

However… this overbearing and extremely haughty Celestial Demon Marten, who gave everyone a headache, stood in front of the young man of similar age, whose strength was even inferior to him, and called out this address. This immediately stirred a storm in their hearts.

Those simple two words did not appear stiff. Everyone could hear that it came from deep within his heart…

However, all of them were unable to comprehend the reason behind it. Hence, those gazes contained differing emotions, as they were directed towards that skinny young man called Lin Dong. This man had once again allowed them to sense a different kind of shock.

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander trio’s eyes shrunk slightly at this moment, as they stood in the sky. Both the Golden Ape Demon Commander and the Ghost Condor Demon Commander had grave expressions. This was the first moment that they felt that their decision to attack that young man named Lin Dong was a mistake.

This was because it was also the first time that they ever heard a haughty Celestial Demon Marten member, actually address someone from outside their tribe, and especially a human, as their ‘big brother’… They were not naive. As Samsara stage experts, they naturally knew how exceptionally proud the Celestial Demon Marten was. Therefore, they also understood just how frighteningly difficult it was for him to address him as ‘big brother’ in such a natural and easy manner.

“Haha, this is the first time I saw Ah Diao acting like this…” The middle-aged man, who had also come from the Celestial Demon Marten, looked at this scene. He was also startled for a moment before he laughed.

The two Samsara stage experts by the side nodded in surprise. Their eyes appeared strange as they stared at Lin Dong. They were aware that the objective of this trip was to search for Little Marten’s important friends. However, they did not expect that the relationship between them would actually be this deep.

As members of the same tribe, they were well aware of Little Marten’s character. Furthermore, considering the latter’s status in the Celestial Demon Marten tribe, it was likely that Little Marten would still retain that overbearing attitude, which suggested that the world revolved around him, even when facing elders in the tribe. After all, he had an overbearing demeanor and he frequently angered those old fellows greatly. If they were aware that this Little Marten, who usually looked down on everyone, acted in such a manner in this place, their expressions, which would not change even if the sky was to collapse, would likely become completely stunned…

“It’s really…”

Lin Dong was also a little absent minded after being called ‘big brother’ by Little Marten in front of the countless pairs of eyes. He laughed softly, “This was really difficult… However, I thought that you were only going to address me as your big brother, after my strength surpass yours? ”

“Hey hey, stop boasting. I have barely agreed to it after witnessing your good performance back at the Unique Devil City.” Little Marten curled his lips. However, his handsome face had an extremely rare redness on it. It was likely no easy task for someone as prideful as him to use that address.

Lin Dong smiled. After which, he shut his eyes and inhaled a breath of air. Soon after, he exhaled heavily. At this moment, it seemed as though he had spat out the heavy burden that had been pressing on his heart for a long time.

“I have finally found the both of you…”

Lin Dong said softly. The slight quiver in his voice had disappeared. His heart had been in a state of constant worry ever since he appeared in the Chaotic Demon Sea. That was because he was worried that the three of them would never meet again after that separation…

When he was in the Chaotic Demon Sea, he tried his best to gather information about the two of them. However, he ended up returning empty handed. Fortunately, they had finally been reunited.

This heavy burden that he held for over a year has finally been completely put down.

Little Marten looked at Lin Dong’s skinny face and smiled. Even the smile on his handsome face appeared somewhat demonic. He extended his arms and gave Lin Dong a big hug. Lin Dong was not the only one who was hoping for this day to arrive. He too felt the same way… However, the injuries he sustained back then was far too severe. Therefore, all he could do was to return to his tribe to recuperate and he was unable to search for the Lin Dong duo.

He did not have much thoughts. All he knew was that he would definitely fill that Yuan Gate with corpses if any accidents were to occur to Lin Dong and Little Flame. To do so, he was willing to pay any price for it.

“However, it seems like trouble really follows you no matter where you go…” Little Marten released his arms and laughed.

“In order to gain sufficient strength to return to the Eastern Xuan Region, I have no other choice.” Lin Dong shook his head. He really did not wish to offend these three great Demon Commanders too. However, he could not give up on the Mysterious Divine Palace either.

“Eastern Xuan Region…”

Little Marten’s long eyes narrowed. A fierceness once again surged within his eyes. He quickly parted his lips and laughed: “I still remember those three old dogs…”

“All of us still remember.” Lin Dong smiled. However, his smile was as cold as a blade.

“However, it is fine since you have offended them…” Little Marten smiled. He lifted his head and looked at the three great Demon Commanders. A prideful expression once again slowly surged onto his handsome face.

“Grandpa Marten is unable to protect you in the Eastern Xuan Region. However, Grandpa Marten will destroy anyone who dares to touch you in the Demonic Region!”

“Allow me to settle the issues here. I cannot allow the both of you to stand out all the time.”

Lin Dong involuntarily smiled upon hearing Little Martern’s words. He nodded slowly. This was the overbearing Grandpa Marten whom he knew…

Little Marten turned around in front of the countless pairs of eyes, before he walked forward one step at a time. A frightening ferocity once again swept forth like a storm , causing one’s heart to quiver.

The expressions of the three great Demon Commanders in the sky became a little unnatural at this moment.

“Although my Celestial Demon Marten tribe is overbearing, we also follow the rules. This big mongrel bird will not be able to leave today. If the both of you are loyal to him, you can stay behind as well and Grandpa Marten will deal with you.” Little Marten lifted his head. His eyes were filled with brutalness as he stared at the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander trio and slowly said.

The expression of the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander changed the moment his words sounded. Clearly, Little Marten was targeting him.

“You better not be too arrogant. This Beast War Region is not the territory of your Celestial Demon Marten tribe!”

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander cried out furiously. He quickly looked towards the Golden Ape Demon Commander duo and said, “The two of you, I’m afraid that it isn’t going to be beneficial for us, if news spread that we allowed them to act as they please in our Beast War Region, am I right?”

At this moment, the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander was clearly planning on dragging both the Golden Ape Demon Commander duo into the fight. Otherwise, the other party’s fighting strength would easily suppress him. After all, he did not have the confidence that he could deal with four Samsara stage experts. This was especially the case since the other party was from the Celestial Demon Marten tribe…

The Golden Ape Demon Commander duo had a change in expression when they heard the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander’s words. They clenched their teeth before their bodies rapidly withdrew under the ugly expression of the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander.

“Friend, we will not participate in this matter today. We will apologise to you if we have offended your two friends.

The Golden Ape Demon Commander duo cupped their hands together towards Little Marten from a great distance. They were no fools and offending the Celestial Demon Marten tribe was something that only a fool would do. Moreover, even if they did not retreat, the four Samsara stage experts in the other party was not something that they could deal with. Since Little Marten had given them a way to back off, they were naturally willing to leave. Staying loyal to the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander was a joke. If it was not because they were after the Divine Item Treasury, they wouldn’t have joined the fight between the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander and Deep Lightning Mountain.

The many experts on Divine Item Mountain Range parted their mouths upon seeing this scene. Their eyes contained respect and fear as they looked at Little Marten. What was deterrence? This was deterrence. Just a sentence alone left these two great Demon Commanders with no choice, but to retreat.

“How amazing.”

Chen Tong’s group also smacked their lips together while feeling a great respect in their hearts. The Golden Ape Demon Commander and the Ghost Condor Demon Commander were the rulers of this Beast War Region. Yet, these two extremely well known and powerful individuals were forced to retreat because of his words.

Their eyes stealthily glanced towards Little Marten, who was at a short distance away. Subsequently, his eyes appeared complicated as he looked at Lin Dong in front of him. This young man was really increasingly unfathomable…

“You all! Very well! Do you really think that I, the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander, am afraid?”

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander looked at the Golden Ape Demon Commander duo who chose to withdraw, before his face turned green with fury. His eyes were dark and solemn. He clenched his hand under his sleeve and a red light seemed to have shattered.

“I will see just what can you do to me in an one on one fight!”

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander cried out in a cold voice. This fellow was quite intelligent and he had insisted on an one-on-one fight. Clearly, he was afraid that Little Marten and the three other Samsara stage experts would gang up on him. At that time, regardless of how many tricks he had, he could only choose to flee miserably.

“You are actually playing such tricks in front of Grandpa Marten?”

Little Marten stared at the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander with a teasing expression. He had naturally seen through his little trick. Monstrous brutality slowly gathered within those purple-golden eyes.

“However… aren’t you thinking too highly of yourself if you think that we will need to attack together to deal with a big mongrel bird like you?”

A pair of ten thousand feet bat wings once again extended out from his back as Little Marten’s final word sounded. Overbearing purple-black energy shot towards the clouds like a bright light pillar. A frightening pressure enveloped the land.

The current Little Marten had finally completely recovered his full strength!