Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1092: I’ll Say this Again

Chapter 1092: I’ll Say this Again


Chapter 1092: I’ll Say this Again


The five color torrent was like a river that cut across the sky. It was accompanied by a matchless force as it ruthlessly collided with the dragon fist that was flying towards it, causing an astonishing shock wave to spread like a tsunami.

During this head on clash, divine objects were destroyed by the frightening power from time to time. However, a larger number of divine objects quickly replaced them. The Mysterious Divine Palace possessed a relatively terrifying number of divine objects. Destroying all of them was clearly beyond the ability of a Samsara stage expert.

“Activating the Mysterious Divine Palace requires an extremely vast amount of Yuan Power. Let me see just how long an initial Profound Death stage brat like you can endure!” The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander forced back the five color torrent with a punch as his cold cry resounded across the sky.

The Mysterious Divine Palace was indeed powerful and even the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander had no choice but to admit it. The power contained within the torrent made from the gathering of countless divine objects was something that even a Samsara stage expert could not ignore. However, the Yuan Power consumption was relatively frightening. It was already extremely difficult for Lin Dong to endure until now with his initial Profound Death stage strength, hence, it was a little unrealistic for him to persevere for too long.

This point was something that the many experts observing the battleground clearly understood. Hence, even though Lin Dong had revealed an ultimate ancient divine object like the Mysterious Divine Palace right from the start, there was still no one who believed that he could truly beat the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander.

The gap between the Profound Death stage and the Samsara stage was not something that one could easily make up for by relying on a divine object. The fact that Lin Dong could hold out against the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander for such a long time already caused countless people to feel shocked…

“In that case, I will need to finish this as soon as possible!”

Lin Dong laughed coldly. He was naturally aware of his weakness. If it was not because he possessed great attainments in both Yuan Power and Mental Energy as well as the Devouring Ancestral Symbol which was continuously devouring natural Yuan Power to replenish his strength, he would not have been able to last for such a long time. Hence, he must end the fight as soon as possible against opponents whose strength far surpassed his own.

His eyes suddenly turned ice-cold after his words sounded. The seals formed by his hands altered and the speed of the five color torrent soared. It tore through the sky, dodged the overbearing punch of the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander and got behind him. The torrent whizzed and wrapped around the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander like a huge python.

“Are you planning on trapping me with this?”

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander mocked. Black white life death power spluttered from his body. The terrifying ripples caused even space itself to be distorted, while cracking sounds could be heard from the five color torrent.

Lin Dong’s eyes were cold and indifferent as he watched the imposing Heaven Dragon Demon Commander. A ruthlessness that could not be detected flashed across his black eyes as he suddenly clenched his hand. “Explode!”

A low voice was emitted from Lin Dong’s mouth as the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander’s pupils abruptly shrunk. He could feel the five color torrent entwined around him suddenly begin to emit extremely chaotic fluctuations while the surface of the divine objects started to show signs of bursting apart.

“This fellow actually plans to have these divine objects self-destruct!”

The expression of the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander changed. He did not expect that Lin Dong would be so decisive. After all, these divine objects were extraordinary. If so many of them self-destructed together, it would truly be too great of a loss!

This thought flashed across the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander’s heart like lightning. However, he was after all an overlord of a region. Although Lin Dong’s skills had caused him to be momentarily distracted, he quickly recovered. His body suddenly swelled as densely packed scales grew on the surface of his skin.


However, the five color torrent completely exploded while the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander hurriedly activated his defenses. A five color pillar shot towards the clouds followed by an earth shaking loud sound, scattering the clouds in the sky.

Everyone was dazed as they looked at the five color light pillar while their scalps turned numb. It was likely that they had felt the terrifying destructive force from the explosion. A shock wave with such power would likely be able to kill even a perfect Profound Death stage expert.

“This brat is really ruthless.”

Some experts were quietly speechless. They naturally understood that Lin Dong had actually made the many divine objects self-destruct earlier. This was really bold.

“However… even if this is the case, it will still be difficult to defeat the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander.”

All eyes looked over as the tremendous five color light pillar gradually faded. A figure surfaced from within it. The body of the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander was covered by thick blood red scales. Deep cracks were present on these scales. Evidently, this damage had been done by Lin Dong’s ferocious attack from earlier…

“What a unlikable fellow…”

The light finally disappeared while the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander lowered his head and looked at the sorry state of his body as monstrous murderous desire surged within his eyes. Although his injuries were not terrible, it was enough to infuriate him. A little Profound Death stage brat… had actually caused him to fall into such a miserable state…

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander deeply inhaled a breath of air before he lifted his head. Those dark and malicious eyes looked at the far away Lin Dong. Blood light gathered at his back as six blood wings slowly unfurled.

It was possible to see the rotating life death Qi on the blood wings. With the appearance of the blood wings, the ripples around the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander grew even more terrifying. In the next moment, the blood wings on his back suddenly flapped.


All everyone could hear was the sound of air breaking. Lin Dong’s pupils shrunk. The dragon wings on his back instantly extended while his body moved and an afterimage appeared.


A blood red dragon fist, which was covered in scales, strangely broke out from space itself. The fist shattered the afterimage into nothingness. Blood red light flashed again as another blood red dragon fist penetrated through the space in front of the rapidly withdrawing Lin Dong.

Lin Dong’s arms were crossed as green dragon scales rapidly wrapped around them.


The blood red dragon fist smashed onto Lin Dong’s arms as frightening power spluttered out. Lin Dong’s body flew backwards, directly shattering a mountain behind him.

Lin Dong stabilized his body. His complexion was rather pale and there was even a trace of blood had appeared at the corner of his mouth. It was obviously that the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander had completely unleash his full power.

It was indeed extremely troublesome for Lin Dong to face an expert of this level.

Lin Dong wiped the blood at the corner of his mouth as he glanced at the battleground of Little Flame and the Golden Ape Demon Commander. Little Flame was gradually falling into a disadvantageous position. His offence and defence were controlled by the Golden Ape Demon Commander. The overwhelming difference in power was gradually revealing itself with the flow of time.

“Little fellow, your body is quite tough. However, I wonder just how many times you can endure?” The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander laughed coldly. The murderous intent in his eyes was so dense that it seemed to have substance.


The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander’s voice faded as his body once again strangely disappeared. Clearly, he did not intend to give Lin Dong any time to recuperate.

Lin Dong’s eyes turned grave when he saw this. His eyes flickered a little. This time, his body did not show any intentions of dodging. This was because he was slower than the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander that had brought out his blood wings.

The space behind Lin Dong suddenly ruptured as red light shot out. The evil laughter of the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander was transmitted into his ear. A dragon fist wrapped in life death Qi ruthlessly smashed towards the fatal spot on Lin Dong’s back while accompanied by a ripple that was almost able to tear apart the sky. Evidently, the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander planned to deal the fatal blow!

The land around Lin Dong collapsed due to the punch from the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander. Lin Dong immediately turned around. However, the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander was stunned to find that there was little panic and despair on Lin Dong’s young face. Instead, a craziness was gathering within those black eyes.


The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander let out a stern cry as the power of his fist rose once again. If this punch connected, Lin Dong would definitely die regardless of how powerful his physical body was!

Lin Dong’s black eyes frantically flickered. In the next instant, his hand whirled and the Mysterious Divine Palace appeared. Five color light exploded and directly clashed with the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander’s punch.

Two fingers within his sleeve suddenly curled when the Mysterious Divine Palace appeared. Black light and a lightning glow condensed at his fingertips and two ancient symbols seemed to float within the lights.

The Mysterious Divine Palace and the fist of the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander ruthlessly clashed. There was no noise in that moment. Everyone could only see that the land around them collapse at a shocking speed and a hundred thousand feet crack spread under their feet like the deep abyss…


Fresh blood suddenly poured from Lin Dong’s arm while the sound of bone cracking was heard. His body was also sent flying by that extremely formidable force.

However, Lin Dong’s other hand suddenly extended from his sleeve just as his body was about to be sent flying. An inconspicuous black lighting beam suddenly shot out from between his fingers.

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander’s eyes widened when the ray of black lightning shot out as an indescribable feeling of danger rose within his heart.

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander was not an ordinary expert. Even at this moment, he was still able to grasp that momentary opening. His originally strong and sturdy body shrunk somewhat. As a result, that black lightning, which was aimed at the fatal spot on his heart, shifted slightly and shot his shoulder.


The hard blood red scales did not create the slightest obstruction as the black lightning penetrated the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander’s shoulder. Hot blood spluttered out and the body of the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander was finally sent flying. Finally, he smashed into a mountain wall, causing the entire mountain wall to be shattered into dust.

Lin Dong’s body also landed on the ground. His arm was covered in blood, giving him a somewhat miserable appearance. However, no one dared to mock him at this moment. Countless powerful individuals were startled as they looked at the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander in the distance who was holding his shoulder while half of his body was drenched in blood. All of them their scalps turn numb at that instant. No one could have imagined that Lin Dong had not only managed to survive the fatal blow of the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander, but had even risked his life to deliver an attack that ended up injuring the latter.

“It’s a pity…”

Lin Dong looked at the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander, whose face still contained a trace of lingering fear, as he quietly shook his head. He ought to have been able to severely injure the latter with the previous opportunity. Who could have expected that this fellow would have such quick reflexes. He was indeed worthy of being a Samsara stage expert.

Given the cautious character of the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander, it would be very hard to find a second chance.

Lin Dong quietly sighed in his heart. A deep muffled sound appeared in the distance as a miserable figure landed on the ground. He barely managed to stabilize himself after taking over a dozen steps on the ground.

“Big brother.”

Little Flame wiped the blood at the corner of his mouth and looked at the Lin Dong’s bloody arm with some worry. However, his present condition was also rather terrible. Many bloody wounds covered his body, evidence of the relatively intense bloody battle he had experienced earlier.

“I’m fine.” Lin Dong waved his hand. His face was rather pale, but the ferocious and ruthless attack of the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander earlier had been blocked by the Mysterious Divine Palace.

“That fellow is very strong. My current self cannot beat him.” Little Flame spoke in an ashamed voice. He had used all of his strength to fight the Golden Ape Demon Commander earlier. However, the latter was no ordinary individual. The huge gap between the Profound Death stage and the Samsara stage was something that Little Flame could not make up for.

“You are already extremely strong to have forced a Samsara stage expert to use his full power with just your strength alone.” Lin Dong smiled. They had already improved greatly compared to back then.

“What should we do now?” Little Flame asked.

Lin Dong glanced at the Sky Devouring Corpse, which was still holding back the Ghost Condor Demon Commander. Although it had succeeded in its task, the Sky Devouring Corpse was clearly unable to defeat the latter.

“It is a little troublesome. Perhaps we will need to leave.” Lin Dong frowned slightly. He had ultimately underestimated the strength of three Samsara stage experts. If the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander was alone, he would definitely make sure the latter would end up worse off from trying to kill him in a single strike. Unfortunately, three Samsara stage experts had exceeded his expectations.

“They will not be able to stop us if I wish to escape with you. However… we will have

to temporarily abandon Deep Lightning Mountain.”

Lin Dong spoke in a soft voice. He felt somewhat regretful. Deep Lightning Mountain was quite a good faction. If properly groomed, it could even become a great support to them when they returned to the Eastern Xuan Region in future. However, in the face of the current situation, they would likely no longer be able to retain this faction.

“As long as big brother is fine, it doesn’t matter if we have to abandon Deep Lightning Mountain.” Little Flame was unconcerned. In his eyes, Deep Lightning Mountain was merely a tool. Lin Dong could do as he pleased and Little Flame would not have the slightest objection.


“General Yan… you are pretty good. You are the first person to have pushed me to such an extent with only the strength of the perfect Profound Death stage. No wonder you were able to finish off that Xu Zhong. You are much stronger than him.”

The Golden Ape Demon Commander carried a black metal rod. The golden armour on his body had some deep hammer dents. Clearly, Little Flame’s earlier attacks had given him quite a lot of trouble.

Therefore, the eyes which the Golden Ape Demon Commander used to look at Little Flame were somewhat grave. He was aware that if Little Flame was a little stronger, even if it was only the half step to Samsara stage, it would be difficult for them to determine a victor in their fight today.

Little Flame grasped the Nine Cauldron Divine Hammer in his hand. His eyes were fierce as he stared at the Golden Ape Demon Commander. A large part of his huge body was protecting Lin Dong behind him.

A miserable figure flew over from afar. The face of the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander was currently also relatively twisted. His eyes were so ferocious that it caused one to shiver. Never did he imagine that he would be forced into such a miserable state by Lin Dong, and had even narrowly avoided being seriously injured!

To him, this was undoubtedly a disgrace. This was especially the case since it had occurred in front of so many people!

The Golden Ape Demon Commander’s eyelids involuntarily twitched as he glanced at the injuries of the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander. Their strengths were equal and even he would not have an easy time dealing such injuries to the latter. Unexpectedly… these two fellows before them were really extraordinary.

Lin Dong’s eyes were indifferent as he looked at the ferocious face of the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander. A light array gathered in his palm. It was indeed difficult for them to defeat their opponents today. However, the three great Demon Commanders would not be able to stop him if he wished to escape!

“Lin Dong, if I do not tear you into tens of thousands of pieces today, how can I have the face to be the chief of the Blood Dragon Hall?”

The furious roar of the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander thundered as monstrous life death Qi gathered behind him and he transformed into an incomparably huge six-winged flying dragon. His aura was earthshaking. Everyone could tell that this Heaven Dragon Demon Commander had become completely mad.

Lin Dong’s eyes were cold as he stared at the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander. He put his hand on Little Flame’s shoulder, prepared to leave at any time.

“Let’s go.”

However, Lin Dong’s pupils shrunk just as a low cry was emitted from his mouth. In the next moment, a familiar voice, which caused even someone like Lin Dong’s heartbeat increase, suddenly resounded over the mountain range.

“Big mongrel bird, you actually still believe you can continue being the chief of a faction after hurting the brothers of grandpa Marten? Are you dreaming?!”