Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1091: Mysterious Divine Palace

Chapter 1091: Mysterious Divine Palace


Chapter 1091: Mysterious Divine Palace

Five color lights gathered together before a miniature five color ancient hall appeared on Lin Dong’s palm. At the same time, an extremely powerful ripple was quietly being emitted, causing the Yuan Power in the sky to become extremely violent.

“Is that…”

Countless pairs of eyes were focused on that object. After which, they were stunned when they saw that miniature ancient hall. A moment later, some sharp-eyed individuals managed to uncover some clues. Immediately, shocked exclamations sounded.

“Is that the Ancient Divine Item Treasury?!”

Many pairs of eyes suddenly widened. They were stunned when they saw the ancient hall in Lin Dong’s hands. None of them could understand why the originally huge Ancient Divine Item Treasury had turned into such a state and appeared in Lin Dong’s palm.

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander was also a little startled when he saw this scene. He suddenly frowned a moment later. Following which, there was an indescribable desire surging from deep within his eyes. “So… the Divine Item Treasury is also an Ancient Divine Item… If I guess correctly, the Divine Item Treasury should be the Mysterious Divine Palace, which is ranked tenth on the Ancient Divine Object Ranking, am I right? Only such an object possess such a frightening collection of divine objects!

“You seem to be quite knowledgeable.”

Lin Dong smiled faintly. Since he had taken out the Mysterious Divine Palace, it would definitely be recognised by others. After all, those who could reach the Samsara stage had relatively frightening strength and experience. Moreover, they were also fairly knowledgeable of what happened during the ancient times.

“Brat… you are truly my lucky star!”

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander smacked his lips. Other than the top ranked, seemingly illusory, divine object, all the remaining nine divine objects in the top ten of the Ancient Divine Object Ranking were created by the ultimate expert who had surpassed the world, the Symbol Ancestor. Although the other divine objects were powerful, they were ultimately a little lacking compared to these nine great divine objects. In fact, even a peak level Reincarnation stage expert would be involuntarily attracted if any of these nine great divine objects appeared. Hence, his heart was naturally filled with joy now that he was able to see one of them in person.

“It is a little too early to decide if I am your lucky star or your nightmare!”

Lin Dong smiled coldly. Yuan Power surged from within his body and poured continuously into the Mysterious Divine Palace in his palm. After which, the latter emitted ten thousand rays of light. The many light rays gushed out from the Mysterious Divine Palace in a locust like fashion.


The light rays were just like flowing rivers that floated in the air above Lin Dong. If one was to observe carefully, one would see countless number of flickering, glowing, sharp divine objects flowing in it. The entire river was actually formed by countless number of divine objects!

The Mysterious Divine Palace possess a refining ability and there were countless divine objects within. However, these divine objects were far from being able to enter the Ancient Divine Object Ranking. Nonetheless, with so many of them gathered together, it was still an extremely frightening sight…

“Ten Thousand Treasure Torrent Flow!”

With an icy cold face, Lin Dong suddenly emitted a cold cry. Immediately, one could see a surging five color torrent. It tore through the distant sky and ruthlessly smashed towards the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander in an extremely frightening fashion.

“Life and Death Shield!”

When the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander saw the five color torrent, he narrowed his eyes before a Life and Death force rapidly surged out from within his body. Subsequently, it transformed into a huge energy light shield. Black and white colors slowly rotated over the shield, appearing like the fusion of life and death.


The five color torrent ruthlessly smashed against the Life and Death Shield. Those energy ripples that erupted forth caused many surrounding mountains to collapse. Some experts, who were unfortunately drawn into the fight, had pale faces as they vomited blood and hurriedly fled.

The five color torrent was reflected. However, it suddenly charged forward once again, appearing like a huge dragon swinging its tail, as it ruthlessly smashed against the Life and Death Shield again and again.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A deep and heart pounding noise was continuously emitted. In fact, the land itself had collapsed at this moment and the space itself had also became greatly distorted. Everyone was shocked as they stared at the five color torrent launching a wild assault. Even a perfect Profound Death stage expert would wound up dead in the face of a continuous barrage of attacks from countless divine objects.


In the face of the violent attacks from the five color torrent, it was possible to see some cracks appearing on the incomparably solid Life and Death shield. Soon after, an opening finally appeared on the light shield formed from the life and death force!

Lin Dong’s eyes were cold. He clenched his hand before the five color light once again swung down violently. After which, everyone could see the Life and Death shield suddenly breaking apart. The attack engulfed it and a figure flew backwards.

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander’s feet rubbed the ground, leaving a ten thousand feet scar. Only then, did he manage to gradually stabilize his body. His clothes were somewhat tattered and his expression was exceptionally gloomy. After all, he never expected that he would be pushed back by Lin Dong’s attack.

“It is indeed worthy of being an ultimate divine object ranked tenth on the Ancient Divine Object Ranking. Allowing a brat like you to use it is simply a waste.”

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander suddenly smiled before he took a step forward. Black and white life and death force erupted from within his body like a volcano. Following which, both his hands swelled before they directly turned into two exceptionally ferocious huge blood dragon arms, that were entangled with life and death force. Soon after, he clenched his dragon arms before he ruthlessly punched the five color torrent that was whistling over.

A frightening loud sound spread and energy waves, that were visible to the naked eye, spread apart. However, this time around, the huge five color light torrent was pushed back.


Lin Dong’s expression was icy cold. A thought passed through his mind and the light, which was formed by countless number of divine objects, once again whistled forward and ruthlessly smashed against his opponent.

Boom boom!

The light whistled forward while the dragon fist danced. Violent energy came sweeping forth like a storm. The many surrounding mountains were all reduced into dust from the shockwaves that were being emitted.

Countless powerful individuals on the Divine Item Mountain Range wore frightened expressions as they hurriedly pulled back. Then, they stared that young figure, who was actually bold enough to oppose the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander, before an exceptionally solemn expression filled their eyes.


A terrifying fluctuation was suddenly emitted from another direction, while many pairs of eyes were focusing on the intense fight between Lin Dong and the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander. Everyone turned their heads and saw a monstrous Yuan Power permeating over that place. A large army below was emitting an extremely fearsome aura.

Hovering above his Devouring Tiger Army, Little Flame was holding the Nine Cauldron Divine Hammer. His body had already transformed into a half-man-half-tiger state. Green veins wiggled like dragons, emitting waves of extremely frightening energy ripples

There was a ferocious aura continuously surging out from the Tiger Devouring Army. Finally, they entered Little Flame’s body. With the gathering of this ferocious aura, Little Flame’s skin faintly turned slightly red.

At this moment, he had actually gathered the strength of the entire Tiger Devouring Army!

“He is actually able to temporarily absorb the strength of this army…”

The brow of the Golden Ape Demon Commander twitched upon seeing this scene. He was a little shocked. After all, it was possible for him to detect that the aura of the Tiger Devouring Army seemed to have merged with Little Flame.


Little Flame’s skin turned increasingly blood red. In the next moment, he suddenly roared towards the sky while metallic like fur grew from under his skin. The veins on his arm also turned blood red.


Little Flame stomped his foot after his tiger roared sounded. His body turned into a blood red ray of light and shot forward. The Nine Cauldron Divine Hammer was as heavy as a mountain as it furiously smashed against the Golden Ape Demon Commander. Even the air exploded as the hammer fell.


The Golden Ape Demon Commander’s expression did not change. Wielding the black metal rod in his hand, he met the attack head on. A hammer and rod clashed and sparks flew. That frightening energy ripple caused even the space itself to shake until it was distorted.

“Clang clang clang!”

Little Flame roared furiously after his attack was blocked. He swung his hammer wildly, filling the sky with its shadows. Then, they smashed towards the Golden Ape Demon Commander continuously. However, the latter did not give in either. He unleashed the strength of the Samsara stage. Two powerful forces collided, shaking the world with their might.


The third battleground was the least intense compared to the other two. The Sky Devouring Corpse continuously charged towards the Ghost Condor Demon Commander. However, it was pushed back by the latter each time. The surprising thing was that despite suffering powerful attacks from the Ghost Condor Demon Commander, the Sky Devouring Corpse remained intact. Its endurance even surprised the Ghost Condor Demon Commander.

Fortunately, the offensive abilities of this Sky Devouring Corpse had yet to reach the level of a Samsara stage expert. Hence, it was difficult for it to pose a threat towards the Ghost Condor Demon Commander. The fight between the two could only be said to be an entanglement. Despite this being the case, it was still very shocking. After all, a puppet that could tie down a Samsara stage expert, was no ordinary item.

Everyone stared at the three shocking battles in the sky. They gradually began to realize why Lin Dong actually dared to utter those words to the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander previously. After all, his Deep Lightning Mountain actually possessed such terrifying strength. If it was not because of the fact that three great Demon Commanders had attacked together, just the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander alone might not be able to defeat the Deep Lightning Mountain…

Nonetheless, everyone also knew that it was only a matter of time before the Deep Lightning Mountain was defeated despite its intense retaliation. Three Samsara Stage powerful individuals could not be beaten by simply using such tricks…

The space in an extremely distant place showed signs of distortion when the Divine Item Mountain Range had entered into an extremely intense fight. After which, a spatial swirl was formed. Four figures rushed out from within.

An extremely powerful pressure covered the place after the four figures appeared. It caused the surrounding Yuan Power to become a little chaotic.

All their auras had actually reached the Samsara stage!

Four Samsara stage experts. This lineup could easily turn the entire Beast War Region upside down.

“Is there any news?”

There was a black clothed man in front of three figures. His face was covered by a black robe while his eyes looked into the distance. Suddenly, he asked.

“Ah Diao, the person you are looking for should have headed to the Divine Item Mountain Range. Moreover, based on the information that we received, it seems like they have ran into some problems. ” A large built middle-aged man smilingly said.


The black clothed man’s body shook slightly. A moment later, the other three could detect a ferocity rising from him.

“They have offended the Blood Dragon Hall in the Beast War Region. That Heaven Dragon Demon Commander seems to be at the Samsara stage. Based on the information that I have received previously, it seems like even the other two great Demon Commanders have also became enemies with them.”

“Haha, these two friends of yours are really a little hot-blooded. Offending three great Demon Commanders at the same time…” The other middle-aged man laughed upon hearing this.

“Three great Demon Commanders?”

The black clothed young man lifted his head upon seeing this, revealing his smooth and handsome outline of his chin. There was a harsh ridicule appearing on the corner of his mouth. Soon after, he extended his long and fair hand and removed the black hood above his head. Long dark purple hair fell from it before an extremely handsome, devil like face was exposed under the sunlight.

He lifted his head and looked towards the direction of the Divine Item Mountain Range. There was a faint purple luster in his eyes, which had an endless cold glint and brutalness surging out like floodwater. A domineering and proud cold voice spread in the air.

“If they dare to touch Grandpa Marten’s brothers, I will tear their skin off while they are still alive!”