Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1089: Last Stand

Chapter 1089: Last Stand


Chapter 1089: Last Stand

Divine Item Mountain Range.

The golden light circle continued to slowly revolve above the ancient palace. Waves of mysterious fluctuations swept out like floodwaters, causing the eyes of many to be filled with excitement.

At this moment, both the sky and land surrounding the ancient palace were covered with a densely packed black sea of people. Their eyes were completely focused on the golden light circle, observing everything that happened within it.

The atmosphere here had become extremely strange ever since Lin Dong entered the light circle.

Everyone was well aware of the frightening number of divine objects present in the Divine Item Treasury. If these divine objects were used to build an army, the might of this army would definitely be able to dominate the entire Beast War Region.

Of course, hardly anyone possessed such a wild ambition after countless failures over the years. However, a scene that no one had ever witnessed before had appeared today. This scene made their hearts tremble. If Lin Dong was able to exit the palace, he would definitely return with a bountiful harvest that would cause countless people’s eyes to redden with envy…

Power was king in the Beast War Region. If Lin Dong really managed to obtain such a terrifying harvest, it would not be easy for him to escape. Deep Lightning Mountain might be a faction that belonged to one of the eight great Demon Commanders, however… there were also three other great Demon Commanders covetously watching from the side.

Hence, everyone present clearly understood that it would still be alright if Lin Dong did not appear. However, if he did… he would likely end up personally experiencing what it meant by the crime of owning valuables.

At that time, even Deep Lightning Mountain would not be able to protect him.

Little Flame and the others were also watching the golden light circle with grave expressions from one of the mountains. The former was still fine and he completely ignored the many pairs of eyes around him. However, the bodies of Chen Tong’s group were tensed and their eyes were filled with caution.

All of them were similarly aware of what this atmosphere meant.

Their eyes occasionally glanced at the three mountains to their front where the three great Demon Commanders were currently located. At this moment, the three Demon Commanders’ eyes were partially shut while their hands hung by their sides, giving them the appearance of a meditating old monk. All of them ignored the whispers that emerged around them from time to time.

However, the more perceptive individuals were able to sense the traces of dangerous fluctuations around the bodies of the three. Clearly, they were extremely concerned that Lin Dong was able to enter the Divine Item Treasury.

Time slowly passed amidst this strange atmosphere. In the blink of an eye, a couple of hours had passed and the hot sun in the sky also gradually descended while dark red light sprinkled over the tremendous mountain range.

The lingering sunlight was blood red.


While the land became dark red due to the setting sun, ripples finally emerged on the golden light circle which had been totally devoid of activity before.

Swish swish!

All the eyes on the mountain range suddenly shifted over at this moment while several of the powerful seated individuals suddenly stood up. Their gazes were searing hot.

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander trio also slowly opened their eyes. There was an unusual sharpness and graveness within them.

The ripples on the golden light circle grew more and more intense. In the end, a light figure finally appeared in front of the many eyes amidst the chaotic energy and landed on the ground.

“Lin Dong? He is still alive!”

“It’s been so many years… there is finally someone who has broken into the Divine Item Treasury!”

The atmosphere of the place seemed to have been ignited after the light figure appeared. The eyes of countless people were filled with intense emotions. There was a rich surprise and greed in their eyes as they looked at Lin Dong.

All of them were well aware of the frightening amount of divine objects within the treasury, and Lin Dong had been able to enter and withdraw unharmed. It was likely that no one would easily believe that Lin Dong had returned empty handed.

Compared to trying one’s best to obtain divine objects from within the Divine Item Treasury, it was obviously much easier to snatch them from Lin Dong’s hands.

Lin Dong’s body flashed and appeared. He lifted his head and looked at the eyes all over the mountain which were staring at him. It felt as though he was surrounded by a pack of wolves. The oily greenness in their eyes was able to best display their greed.

“Big brother!”

Little Flame revealed a joyful expression when he saw Lin Dong appear. He waved his large hand and led the experts from Deep Lightning Mountain over. They surrounded and guarded Lin Dong while Little Flame also lifted his head and looked around them with ferocious eyes.

Lin Dong nodded. Although Little Flame did not explain in detail, Lin Dong was naturally able to detect that something was wrong. Clearly, this atmosphere had appeared because of him.

The almost frozen atmosphere continued for a long time before everyone saw the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander slowly walk forward. The other two great Demon Commanders nearby also revealed a strange expressions on their faces.

“You are truly a person who constantly surprises others…” The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander stared at Lin Dong and smiled faintly. It was impossible to tell if this was mockery or that he was truly surprised

Lin Dong did not comment. Soon after, he laughed, “What is everyone planning to do? The Ancient Divine Treasury is still here. What is the point of staring at me?”

“I am quite curious about how you managed to enter this Divine Item Treasury.” The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander ignored Lin Dong’s words and calmly asked.

“It might be… luck.” Lin Dong smiled.

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander’s eyebrows raised upon hearing this.

“The undulations from within the Ancient Divine Treasury have greatly diminished…” The Ghost Condor Demon Commander, who had yet to speak, remarked in a low voice as his eyes flashed.

The entire area burst into an uproar after his words sounded amd even Lin Dong’s pupils contracted in a manner that was undetectable by others. These Samsara stage super experts were indeed extraordinary.

“Could the current Divine Item Treasury… be an empty shell?” The Ghost Condor Demon Commander tilted his head slightly. His unusually sharp eyes took a look at the calm looking Lin Dong as he grinned and inquired. His words contained a deeper meaning to them.

“Won’t we know if we test it?”

The Golden Ape Demon Commander spoke in a faint voice. He clenched his hand and the large black rod turned into an enormous black shadow that was a thousand feet long. As the land crumbled, the shadow whistled forward and ruthlessly smashed onto the ancient palace.


The ground shook and everyone hurriedly glanced over. Soon after, their pupils rapidly shrunk when they saw the ancient palace collapse under a single strike from the Golden Ape Demon Commander. However, not even the slightest ripple was emitted when the ancient palace collapsed and not a single one of the many divine objects could be found…

The divine objects within the Divine Item Treasury had actually completely vanished!

Countless people were stunned. Soon after, their eyes suddenly turned entirely red. Many pairs of extremely greedy eyes turned towards the calm looking Lin Dong.

Little Flame and the others behind Lin Dong were stunned. The former was still fine, but the scalps of Chen Tong’s group had become numb. This person in front of them had really emptied out the Divine Item Treasury? Did he wish to make the others go crazy?

“Hee, this brat actually planned to mislead everyone? Your idea is not bad. Unfortunately, you are still a little too tender.” The Golden Ape Demon Commander’s pupils shrunk slightly as he looked at the collapsed Divine Item Treasury and laughed.

The eyes of the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander slowly withdrew from the collapsed ancient palace. He stared at Lin Dong and spoke slowly in a soft voice. “Lin Dong, hand over the divine objects you obtained from the Divine Item Treasury. One should after all be rational. Your Deep Lightning Mountain will be choked to death by those things.”

“You… will not be able to leave with the divine objects.” The Ghost Condor Demon Commander smiled slightly. That smile of his was burning with so much greed that it caused one to be afraid.

Lin Dong narrowed his eyes as he observed the countless greedy eyes around him. After a brief silence, he said, “I am aware of all this. I can hand over eighty percent of the divine objects to the Blood Dragon Hall while my Deep Lightning Mountain will take twenty percent. This is not overboard, is it?”

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander was taken aback upon hearing these words. A strange expression flashed across the eye of those factions around him and the two other great Demon Commanders.


The word had only just escaped from the mouth of the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander when it came to a sudden halt. This was because he had clearly sensed the slightly chilly gazes that shot over from the Ghost Condor Demon Commander and the Golden Ape Demon Commander. Only then did he suddenly wake up. His eyes quickly turned dark and cold as he released a strange laugh, “What a vicious little fellow… you intend to stir an internal conflict with mere empty words?”

“Ghost Condor, Golden Ape, don’t tell me that you have both fallen for this low level trick?” The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander looked at the Ghost Condor duo and laughed coldly.

“Ha ha, how is that possible? This brat is indeed cunning. We should first snatch away everything within the Divine Item Treasury before distributing them.” The Ghost Condor Demon Commander narrowed his eyes and chuckled.

The Golden Ape Demon Commander nodded, indicating his agreement.

“Brat, obediently hand the things over. Originally, I was planning to leave some leftovers for you. However, seeing that you are so dishonest…… I feel that you should not enjoy that twenty percent.” The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander’s eyes were ice-cold as he looked at Lin Dong and said.

Countless pairs of eyes in the surroundings also shot over. At this moment, Lin Dong had undoubtedly become the common enemy of everyone because of the Divine Item Treasury.

“It isn’t so easy to snatch away what belongs to my Deep Lightning Mountain!” Behind Lin Dong, Little Flame revealed a ferocious and brutal expression upon seeing this situation.

“Ha ha, what boldness.”

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander ridiculed. Soon after, he continued in a playful tone, “Regardless of what tricks you have, do you really think that you can escape from the three of us today?”

A monstrous aura swept out from the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander as he spoke. As if they had planned it in advance, both the Ghost Condor Demon Commander and the Golden Ape Demon Commander also urged their Samsara stage auras to the limit. Three powerful auras seemed to rumble like intimidating black clouds. It felt as if even the land itself was trembling at this moment.

Three great Samsara stage experts could exterminate Deep Lightning Mountain with a flip of their hands!

Countless pairs of eyes gathered on Lin Dong. These eyes were filled with pity. Everyone understood that it was basically impossible for Deep Lightning Mountain to withdraw unscathed in such a situation. Even if they were to hand over all the divine objects… escaping would likely still be difficult.

Lin Dong lifted his head in front of the countless pairs of eyes. He watched this scene as his originally calm looking face gradually darkened. Without realising it, they had once again fallen into a desperate situation

“Little Flame, are you afraid?” Lin Dong turned his head. The sharpness deep within his black eyes seemed to be like the nine lightning of the heavens that was about to erupt after being suppressed to the limit.

“We were not afraid back then in the Eastern Xuan Region. What more now?” Little Flame grinned and laughed. His rough looking face was covered with an ominous look, appearing even more cruel than he did back then.

“In that case… let’s fight.”

Lin Dong smiled. A bone deep craziness that was slowly climbing out on his young face. That madness caused the countless experts around him to be speechless. Was this fellow still unwilling to give in despite facing three great Samsara stage experts?

They did not know that back then in the Eastern Xuan Region, those three brothers had not given in to their powerful and seemingly undefeatable opponents even though they were as weak as ants.

It was so back then, and it was the same now.

Only the greats would choose to fight and make their last stand.