Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1088: Joining Forces

Chapter 1088: Joining Forces


Chapter 1088: Joining Forces


Lightning and black vortexes came whistling down from all directions. After which, they ruthlessly smashed against the corrupted divine objects, hovering on top of the stone pillars.

Bang bang!

Yimo Qi was quite a troublesome energy to deal with, and it was extremely difficult to remove it using ordinary Yuan Power. However, the Ancestral Symbols had quite a great subduing effect on them. Hence, a deafening sharp roar resounded, when the lightning and black vortexes entwined onto the corrupted divine objects.

Wisps of white smoke continuously rose from the corrupted divine objects. The dense black Qi also began to disappear a little at a time.


At this moment, Yan had already transformed into a brilliant white light, before he charged into the sea of darkness. After which, he fought with the consciousness that was formed from the merger of many lingering Yimo. The sound from that fight was exceptionally terrifying.

Although the current Ancestral Stone had yet recover its full strength, its purification effect on the Yimo still existed. Hence, the dense Yimo aura would be rapidly defeated every time it clashed with the white light. Following which, furious roars were continuously emitted from within the demon shadow.

“After trapping me for so many years, it’s time to get lost, am I right?”

The Mysterious Divine Palace stared at the demon shadow, which was being continuously pushed back by Yan’s attack, before it chuckled. Then, it lifted its head to look at Lin Dong, who had activated his two great Ancestral Symbols and said, “Young brother, the strength of the demon shadow comes from these corrupted divine objects. If you remove the demonic aura, it will naturally lose control of these divine objects.”


Lin Dong nodded. Following which, his Yuan Power and Mental Energy whistled out, while the strength of his two great Ancestral Symbols were also completely unleashed. These two majestic energies continued to erode downwards. Then, one could see that the black undulations on the corrupted divine objects had begun to dim down. Meanwhile, the ancient color that originally belonged to those divine objects, was gradually being revealed.


The demon shadow clearly realized that its formation was becoming weaker. Immediately, it released a roar before the countless black chains entangled around the Mysterious Divine Palace, began to ruthlessly entwine and tighten like poisonous snakes. At this moment, all he could do was to try and attack the Mysterious Divine Palace, which was trapped in the array.

“Do you really think that I am a pushover?”

The Mysterious Divine Palace once again chuckled upon seeing this. Immediately, both his small hands suddenly formed a seal. Immediately, a faint five light ray was emitted from within his body. Following which, the black Qi mixed between his brows actually began to disappear at a speed, visible to the naked eye, under the glow of the five lights.

Swoosh swoosh!

The Mysterious Divine Palace suddenly spread its palms. Ten five light rays shot out and shattered the many chains formed by Yimo Qi, entwined around him.

The demonic Qi chains that were entwined around him were shattered and the Mysterious Divine Palace’s body shot upwards.


Lightning and black light surged wildly within Lin Dong’s eyes. Two terrifying ripples affected the array below. Many corrupted divine objects stiffened at this moment. The demonic aura on them stilled and turned into many black coatings, before they peeled off and fell onto the ground.

Buzz buzz!

With the removal of the Yimo Qi, piercing and sharp auras immediately erupted from those divine objects. All of them roared in unison and even the space itself seemed to have trembled at this moment.

The Mysterious Divine Palace was hovering in midair. He waved his hand before the many divine objects escaped the restrains of the stone pillars. Then, they gathered around his body like a sea of divine objects.

“This time around, I shall completely eliminate you dirty creatures!”

The Mysterious Divine Palace’s eyes were icy cold. He pressed his finger forward and countless divine objects crazily whizzed out from behind. After which, they came pouring down with an extremely terrifying momentum.

Bang bang bang!

The stone pillars on the sea of darkness completely exploded. The vast black sea was also being eroded at a terrifying speed at this moment.


The demon shadow, which was already being pushed back continuously by Yan, instantly released a miserable screech. Its body also turned pale rapidly. Clearly, he had received severe injuries.

The demon shadow was clearly completely helpless when up against the second and tenth ranked divine objects on the Ancient Divine Objects Ranking, as well as Lin Dong, who had two great Ancestral Symbols.

“It isn’t so easy to kill me!”

The demon shadow clearly detected danger. It let out a furious howl before its huge body swiftly shrunk. Finally, it turned into an unusually solid black light. Its body rotated before it charged towards Lin Dong, who was only at a short distance away.

Obviously, amongst the three of them, it seemed as if Lin Dong had a body that would be the most easily corrupted.

However, Lin Dong had always been in a state of high alert. Hence, he involuntarily chuckled when he saw that the demon shadow was rapidly charging towards him. With a wave of his sleeve, the bright lightning and black light turned into a lightning and black light shield that protected his body.


The demon shadow slammed heavily onto the light barrier. Although it manage to shake the light barrier and stir some ripples, it was ultimately unable to break it. Instead, the strength of the Ancestral Symbols coated on the barrier sent it flying backwards.

This demon shadow was not a genuine Yimo. Instead, it was merely created by gathering many lingering Yimo consciousness together. Nonetheless, it would indeed be extremely troublesome if it managed to invade one’s body. Unfortunately, up against Lin Dong, who had two great Ancestral Symbols guarding him, the extremely terrifying eroding properties of the Yimo did not have much of an effect.


After it was sent flying, before the demon shadow could react, a torrent formed by countless of divine objects came whistling over and smashed ruthlessly onto it. A low and deep sound reverberated over the place before the demon shadow immediately began to disintegrate.

“Purifying Divine Seal!”

Yan’s icy cold cry suddenly resounded over the entire place at this moment. Promptly, warm white light gathered together in the sky before they transformed into a huge white light handprint. That handprint was just like that of a giant, as it ruthlessly smashed against the demon shadow’s body.

White light spread across the place before the Yimo’s body began to disappear at a shocking rate. Its miserable screech continuously reverberated across the air. A moment later, the divine seal finally descended before the demon shadow was destroyed with a tight clench.

The miserable screech came to a sudden halt. All the evil demonic aura that permeated the place had completely vanished…

Yan’s body surfaced from within the white light. Standing on top of the Ancestral Stone, his sharp eyes scanned this place. A moment later, the sharpness in his eyes finally disappeared after he did not detect any escaping Yimo consciousness.

“You are truly asking for it. All you had to do is abandon these corrupted divine objects and this problem would not have occured.” Yan looked at the Mysterious Divine Palace before he remarked with a frown.

“If I were to abandon them and they ended up being obtained by an ordinary person, the person might be invaded by the Yimo Qi. This is also a potential threat.”

The Mysterious Divine Palace’s spirit was a little helpless. He laughed before his two long white eyebrows twitched. “However, I did not expect that you would actually be the one who would help me… After witnessing the serious damage that you took back then, I thought that you were finished.”

“Fortunately you are blessed.”

Yan shook his head snappily. He turned towards Lin Dong and said, “I have been following this fellow over all these years and my injuries are beginning to heal. However, there is no telling just how long it will take for me to make a complete recovery. Luckily, we have met you now. I will leave my injuries to you.”

The Mysterious Divine Palace’s spirit casually nodded. In terms of combat strength, he was likely below the Ancestral Stone. However, when it came to refining and healing, it was obvious that the Ancestral Stone was far inferior to him.

“This young brother does not appear to be a simple individual. He actually possesses two Ancestral Symbols. Other than our master back then, there has not been another person who could do so.” The Mysterious Divine Palace’s eyes glanced at Lin Dong curiously and laughed.

“This junior Lin Dong greets elder Mysterious Divine Palace.” Lin Dong cupped his hands together and smiled. This Mysterious Divine Palace was clearly a fossil like being that came from the ancient times. Meanwhile, Lin Dong had always maintained a degree of respect towards these people, who had participated in the ancient world war.

The Mysterious Divine Palace smilingly waved his hand. He truly appreciated Lin Dong’s attitude.

“Since we have found you, you should come along with us. If you have nothing else to do, you can acknowledge Lin Dong as your master. Otherwise, you might end up catching the eyes of the Yimo.” Yan rushed over and spoke casually. It was as though he was speaking of some extremely casual and ordinary matter and not asking the object ranked tenth on the Divine Object Ranking, which could stir a fight amongst those peak Reincarnation Stage experts, to select an master.

Lin Dong was also startled by Yan’s tone. He became a little anxious as he stared at the Mysterious Divine Palace’s soul. He was clearly aware that a treasure at that level already possessed intelligence that was not inferior to a human. They were proud to their core and it was no simple matter to get them to willingly acknowledge an master.

However, the Mysterious Divine Palace’s soul merely twitched its white eyebrows while Lin Dong was staring at him. Following which, a smile rose on its baby like face. Its pair of eyes swept over Lin Dong before it smilingly said, “Alright.”

Lin Dong was slightly stunned. He quietly smiled bitterly in a speechless fashion, not knowing if he ought to be happy. Since when did subduing a super divine object become such an easy task?

“There is no need to be overly surprised… Your unique properties is something that only we, divine objects which were created directly by our master, understands. Moreover, the Ancestral Stone is the divine object that has the closest connection with our master and he will not randomly select anyone…”

“The reason why we were created is because of the Yimo. Now, master has already died. Hence, you are our choice.”

The Mysterious Divine Palace seemed to be aware of Lin Dong’s thoughts. He smiled faintly and his white eyebrow twitched. A light symbol appeared and drifted towards Lin Dong.

“Carve your essence blood onto it. In the future, you will be able to control everything in the Mysterious Divine Palace, including all the divine objects within…”

Lin Dong held the light symbol. The words of the Mysterious Divine Palace caused him to be absent minded. Soon after, he smiled before an essence blood shot out from him and left a seal on the light symbol. Following the formation of the seal, Lin Dong could sense that there was now an additional layer of ties between him and the Mysterious Divine Palace.

The various mysteries of the Mysterious Divine Palace were also gradually revealed in front of him.

“You should not be in such a hurry to celebrate… It is more appropriate to think of how we are going to settle the upcoming problems. ” Yan’s faint voice swiftly woke Lin Dong up. The latter quickly frowned.

Right now, there were still three great Demon Commanders and many experts from the Beast War Region, waiting with malicious intent outside of the Mysterious Divine Palace…