Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1087: Ten Thousand Demon Eroding Array

Chapter 1087: Ten Thousand Demon Eroding Array


Chapter 1087: Ten Thousand Demon Eroding Array

The area behind the stone door was a pitch-black world, that was devoid of light. This deep darkness looked somewhat frightening.

Lin Dong stared at the pitch-black world before he exchanged glances with Yan. Both of them frowned slightly. Clearly, they realized that there was something amiss.

“Let’s enter.” Yan softly said. He took the lead and went in first. When he saw this sight, Lin Dong promptly followed behind him. At this juncture, it was clear that they could not turn back regardless of what problems they would face.

The both of them rushed into that pitch-black world. Subsequently, they shuttled through its interior aimlessly. A faint glow was emitted from within their bodies and it expelled the somewhat cold and bitter darkness.



The both of them advanced forward. Yan’s footstep paused. He turned his eyes around and looked at this seemingly endless dark world. A cold stern expression immediately flashed across the sky.

“This method… After all these years, all of you have not changed, huh? ”

Yan’s icy cold cry spread throughout this pitch black world. A brilliant and warm white glow appeared when his voice sounded and gushed out from within his body in all directions. After the white light spread, the darkness throughout the entire world was just like snow meeting the bright sun, as it disappeared at a frightening speed.

Lin Dong’s eyes looked downwards when that darkness disappeared. Soon after, his eyes shrunk, “This…”

The darkness below disappeared and a surprising scene appeared in Lin Dong’s sight. It was a viscous sea of darkness. Meanwhile, the sea was filled with a frightening and shocking evil aura.

There were many huge stone pillars on the sea of darkness and there were various shaped divine objects floating on top of the stone pillars. However, these divine objects were completely dark and drops of viscous black liquid continued to drip down, before they slid down the pillar and flowed into the sea of darkness blow.

This scene was indeed extremely strange.

Lin Dong’s eyes shrunk as he stared at this sea of darkness. He could sense a frightening evil aura from within. Moreover, this kind of evil was quite mottled. It didn’t seem to be something that a Yimo king was capable of creating.

“What is this? Where is the Mysterious Divine Palace?” Lin Dong softly asked.

Yan’s face also turned quite ugly at this moment. He inhaled a deep breath of air and extended his finger to point towards the spot at the middle of the countless black stone pillars. Lin Dong looked over and saw that there were actually many black chains spreading from the bottom of the pillar.

Lin Dong’s eyes followed those many black chains. Finally, he saw a faint light figure at the middle of the sea of darkness. That light figure was only the size of a baby and many black chains were entangled around it, until it could no longer move. Traces of black Qi also continuously eroded it.

“That is… the weapon spirit of the Mysterious Divine Palace?”

Lin Dong’s eyes hardened. That light figure appeared just like a baby. However, both of his eyes were lowered. Those originally pure white eyebrows have also been contaminated by the black Qi.

“Why has it become like this?” Lin Dong’s eyes were solemn. From the looks of it, it seems like the Mysterious Divine Palace has already been eroded by the Yimo Qi…

“This is the Ten Thousand Demon Eroding Array… A large formation created from the Qi of ten thousand Yimo. It is extremely difficult to deal with.” Yan slowly said.

“Ten Thousand Demon Eroding Array?”

Lin Dong frowned. His eyes looked below. “This place… why are there so many Yimo? That’s right…” Lin Dong paused after speaking until this point. His eyes stared at the many black divine objects above the stone pillar. “From them?”

“These are all divine objects that have once killed Yimo…” Yan softly said. “However, while killing the Yimo, they also ended up being contaminated with a trace of Yimo aura. The Mysterious Divine Palace is likely planning on purifying these divine objects. However, it is unexpected that the Yimo Qi had gathered together into such a size.”

“Moreover… it has already forgotten. Other divine objects have been contaminated by Yimo aura because they killed Yimo before. However, it also shares the same fate… Moreover, the Mysterious Divine Palace possess a sealing strength and it has sealed Yimo kings before. Those Yimo kings ultimately disappeared because of the erosion from the seal. Nevertheless, bits of their consciousness remain hidden deep within. You have fought with the Yimo before and should be aware just how abnormal and powerful the lifeforce of those hateful creatures are…”

Lin Dong nodded with a solemn expression. Even Qing Zhi was unable to completely kill that King Tian Ming despite having activated the King Destroying Heavenly Plate with his Reincarnation Stage strength. Their lifeforce was indeed terrifying.

“Are you saying that when the Mysterious Divine Palace tried to purify the divine objects that have been contaminated by Yimo Qi, the Yimo king’s consciousness hidden within its body also showed up to cause trouble, resulting in it finally landing into this state?”

Yan nodded. He gently sighed, “Originally, it could have abandoned these contaminated divine objects and allowed them to disappear over time… However, this stubborn fellow is unwilling to do so.”

A tinge of shock flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes. This Mysterious Divine Palace actually possessed such human like emotions. It seems like despite the fact that its intelligence is inferior to Yan, their difference was likely not significant.

“What should we do now?”

“Of course, we will help it to purify the Yimo Qi.” Yan spoke in a faint voice. His sharp eyes stared at the sea of darkness below. Finally, he laughed coldly and said, “These Yimo are still causing trouble even after they die.”

“Come out!”

His words were like thunder that suddenly resounded explosively from Yan’s mouth. Soon after, he grabbed with his hand before bright light gathered on his palm. It directly turned into a white light that ruthlessly shot into the sea of blackness below.

Bang bang!

White light shot into the sea of darkness before a warm white glow scattered in a circular fashion. The viscous Yimo Qi within began to disappear at a shocking pace.


The black coloured sea churned wildly at this moment. A moment later, a furious roar was sudden emitted. One could see black waves churning. The black liquid gathered before transforming into a huge liquid demon shadow. There was a pair of evil eyes from within the demon shadow, that was staring towards the sky. Subsequently, a furious roar was emitted, “Ancestral Stone? It is indeed you, you bastard!”

The Ancestral Stone had killed countless Yimo kings during the ancient world war. Currently, this creature below was clearly somewhat conscious. Hence, it was not surprising that it could recognise the Ancestral Stone.

“A mixed trash made up of countless Yimo. What is the point of your existence?”

Yan’s icy cold eyes stared at the demon shadow below. He flicked his finger and a white light swept downwards. The demon shadow immediately let out a screech wherever the white light passed. It hurriedly hid inside the demonic sea while roaring continuously.

“Ancestral Stone, aren’t you afraid that I will kill this fellow if you attack?”

Yan laughed coldly. He looked towards the baby like light figure that was being trapped by many black chains and cried out, “Mysterious Divine Palace, how much longer are you going to keep hiding like a turtle?”

After Yan’s cry sounded, Lin Dong saw that the baby light figure shook slightly. Following which, his tightly shut eyes slowly opened up. His eyes were lost for a moment before he finally sighed in relief upon seeing Yan.

“I never expected that you will be the one who shows up…”

The voice of the Mysterious Divine Palace was quite tender. However, there was also an extremely old and experienced tone under this tenderness. Two conflicting feelings were mixed together, giving it a strange note.

“To think that you went and got yourself into such a state.” Yan helplessly shook his head. “We are going to attack. You should be able to protect yourself, am I right?”

The weapon spirit of the Mysterious Divine Palace stretched itself. Its eyes glanced at the demon shadow under the sea of darkness and said, “Just attack. This fellow is unable to do anything to me. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have waited for such a long time. However, if you wish to break this array, you must eliminate the Demon Qi from the divine objects at its root.”

“Leave the demon shadow to me.”

Yan nodded. He turned to Lin Dong. “I will leave the removal of the demonic aura from those divine objects to you.”

Lin Dong smiled. A thought passed through his mind and a bright lightning glow and black light swept out from within his body in all directions. The two great Ancestral Symbols flashed and appeared simultaneously.

“Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol? Devouring Ancestral Symbol?”

The weapon spirit of the Mysterious Divine Palace was startled upon seeing this scene. His eyes glanced strangely at Lin Dong. This young man actually had two great Ancestral Symbols… what a nostalgic sight.


Yan let out a loud cry before a white light came whistling out from his body. Soon after, it turned into an ancient Symbol Stone. The symbol stone swelled. At this moment, Lin Dong finally realized that there were eight unusual ancient drawings located on the surface of the symbol stone. Moreover, some of them even gave off an extremely familiar feeling.

“They are actually the eight ancestral symbols?” Lin Dong was startled. These eight types of ancient symbols fluctuations were the same as that of the Ancestral Symbols. In other words, the Ancestral Stone actually possessed the powers of the eight different Ancestral Symbols. However… they were a weakened version. Nonetheless, it was still extremely terrifying. After all, Lin Dong only possessed the strength of two Ancestral Symbols.

At this moment, he finally understood why the Ancestor Stone is ranked second on the Ancient Divine Object Ranking. It actually possessed the weakened version of the eight great Ancestral Symbol’s powers!

“Then, the one ranked first… just how terrifying is it?”

The corner of Lin Dong’s mouth twitched involuntarily. The Ancestral Stone was already this frightening. Hence, he was truly unable to imagine just how unbelievably strong the top ranked Ancient Divine Object was.

“Bang bang!”

Yan had already appeared above the Ancestral Stone while Lin Dong was slightly absent-minded. Subsequently, he and the stone merged together. It turned into a bright white light that charged towards the demon sea with lightning like speed. The demon wave surged and a shocking ripple spread apart.

“It is time for me to act too.”

Lin Dong immediately recovered his senses upon seeing this. He clenched his hands before ten thousand thunderbolts came crashing down from above his head. Many black hole like swirls were also crazily formed.


Lin Dong’s hand seals changed and suddenly stilled. Ten thousand thunderbolts and black swirls appeared in the sky before they whistled downwards from all directions. Their momentum was extremely shocking.

The powers of the two great Ancestral Symbols have been fully activated at this moment!