Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1084: Taking Treasures

Chapter 1084: Taking Treasures


Chapter 1084: Taking Treasures


The entire Divine Item Mountain Range violently trembled at this moment as golden light spluttered out from deep within the mountain range. An ancient palace slowly appeareding in front of the countless pairs of unusually greedy and excited eyes at the spot where the golden light was densest.

Divine Item Treasury!

“Is that the divine object… Mysterious Divine Palace?”

Lin Dong looked at the ancient palace within the golden light. There was a trace of shock within his eyes. He could sense an extremely ancient ripple from the ancient palace. The ripple was so old that it appeared as if it originated from ancient times.

Bright golden light flowed outside of the ancient palace like liquid. The golden light appeared weak, but Lin Dong could sense an indestructible feeling from it.

“The Divine Item Treasury has finally appeared!”

At this moment, countless figures all over the mountain rushed into the air like locusts. Their eyes were searing hot as they gazed at the ancient palace while the various bustling noises from all around reached the peak.

Lin Dong scanned his surroundings and discovered that the various groups were already growing restless. Even the Blood Dragon Hall, Golden Ape Mountain and Ghost Condor Stream were beginning to stir.

Evidently, even the three great Demon Commanders were unable to remain calm in the face of the Divine Item Treasury.

“Big brother, no one can enter the Divine Item Treasury. However, several divine objects will fly out each time it opens. If we find something good, we can use the Ancient Divine Tablet’s energy to seize it.” Little Flame explained from the side.

“However… because these divine objects can only be snatched using the Ancient Divine Tablet, we will have to be careful once we successfully obtain them.”

Lin Dong’s eyes flickered a little. Soon after, he quickly nodded. There were currently many people eyeing the divine objects. However, there were only thirteen Ancient Divine Tablets. People would surely be envious once a divine object was removed from the treasury.

“Has no one tried to forcefully break open this Divine Item Treasury?”

Lin Dong looked at the experts with red eyes that covered the mountain range before suddenly asking. Although he was aware that the Mysterious Divine Palace was quite powerful, the combined power of the numerous experts present was likely also rather terrifying.

“They have tried before. During the period of time when the Divine Item Treasury appears, there were once some factions who cooperated and tried to break open the Divine Item Treasury. However, not only did they fail, a majority of them ended up being killed. Other than a few extremely powerful individuals, everyone else died.” Chen Tong continued from behind them.

“Therefore, there is now basically no one who dares to break open this Divine Item Treasury, including the three great Demon Commanders.”

Surprise involuntarily flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes when he heard this. Although he was already aware that this Mysterious Divine Palace was definitely powerful, he did not expect that it would be so abnormally strong… this caused his heart to become even more excited. Such a divine object absolutely could not land in the hands of the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander.

The golden light deep within the mountain range had reached its peak while Lin Dong and the rest were conversing. The ancient palace had also completely stabilized its existence on this land. Its ancient aura seemed to have originated from ancient times, making one’s heart feel both fear and respect.

The quivering of the land had already gradually calmed down while the ancient palace quietly stood, causing the Divine Item Mountain Range to become silent. However, heavy breathing sounds exposed the terrifying undercurrent hidden within this silence.

Lin Dong’s black eyes looked at the ancient palace. His pupils suddenly shrunk a moment later when he saw the golden light around it suddenly blossom. It was as if a golden sun had risen from within the mountain range.


A golden river of light suddenly shot out from the ancient palace. After which, it bent and twisted, appearing like a golden circle above the ancient palace.

Golden light rapidly flowed. In the next moment, countless different coloured clusters of light appeared from the circle of light while waves of powerful ripples erupted from within.

“The divine objects have appeared!”

Theis entire mountain range quickly became noisy as those clusters of light appeared. Countless eyes reddened and some even showed signs of turning into wild beasts.

Humm humm!

The golden light circle rotated at high speeds while countless clusters of light spun within the circle. As it the circle rotated, one could see beams of light suddenly erupt from it one after another.


The entire Divine Item Mountain Range fell into a complete uproar as the many light beams shot out from the golden circle of light. Those who had suppressed themselves earlier also lost control at this moment as their locuost like figures seemed to blot out even the sun itself.

Thump thump!

It was vaguely possible to see objects of various shapes within the beams of light. Each beam of light would quickly be buried by a black masses of people before it could even travel a three thousand feet. Crazed fightings swiftly erupted. Yuan Power spluttered as force overflowed in all directions. Miserable cries also sounded within the mountain range at this moment.

Attempting to snatch a treasure from under so many watching eyes was clearly not an easy task.

Lin Dong’s eyes were cold as hethey watched at the crazy fights break out on thea mountain before him. He did not have any intentions of intervening. Those objects that had escaped from the golden circle were not even considered divine objects. However, even the worst of them wereas comparable to an ordinary Heaven Rank Soul Treasure. This was still considered a treasure to many. Hence, it was not surprising for such bloody fights to erupt.

“The true treasures are still inside.”

Lin Dong’s eyes stared intently at the huge golden light circle rotating above the ancient palace. Exceptionally dazzling clusters of light would occasionally be seen. However, it seemed as though they were unable to break free from the restraints of the golden light circle. Thus, they could only zip about within it.

The chaos that had enveloped Divine Item Mountain Range continued. Moreover, it grew more and more chaotic as an increasing number of light beams shot out while a thick bloody scent unknowingly covered the entire mountain range.

Lin Dong and the group from the Deep Lightning Mountain quietly stood on their mountain in the face of this chaos. Likewise, the other Demon Commander factions and some of the more highly ranked factions within the Beast War Region also remained calm. The eyes of these groups were experienced and sharp. Therefore, ordinary Soul Treasures were unable to draw their attention.

This wait continued for over a dozen minutes when a figure suddenly shot out from one of the mountains nearby. This person was relatively well built. The muscles all over his body made him akin to a metal tower and an explosive force would erupt each time his muscles moved.

“That is the Bull Demon Commander… he is not weaker than Xu Zhong.” Little Flame looked at the figure and remarked.

Lin Dong nodded. His gaze was fixed on the Bull Demon Commander. At this moment, the latter was hovering in the air. With a clench of his giant hand, an Ancient Divine Tablet flashed and appeared. His hand jerked and the Ancient Divine Tablet turned into a dark golden band of light that quickly shot into the golden light circle like a bolt of lightning.


The band of dark golden light suddenly tightened after it shot into the golden light circle. Everyone could clearly detect an extremely fierce and uncontrollable energy charge out from the golden light circle through the band of light. Subsequently, it ruthlessly blasted the Bull Demon Commander.


Theat Bull Demon Commander let out a cold snort upon seeing this. Dense dark gray light whizzed out from his body as his already huge body swelled to almost twice its original size. Immediately, he grabbed with his hand. With a jerk, the golden band of light seemed to twist and turn as it returned. When the band of light exited the golden light circle, it was already entwined around a giant black axe. Many ancient symbols covered the giant axe and a powerful ripple spread from it.


Countless pairs of eyes looked towards the black giant axe which was emitting extraordinary fluctuations while an uproar filled with greed erupted. All of them could sense the huge difference between the Soul Treasures within the light beams that had shot out and this black giant axe.

The Bull Demon Commander rejoiced upon seeing this. His body shot forward and grabbed the black giant axe. Soon after, boundless Yuan Power surged out. An ominous glint flashed in his eyes as he looked at the surrounding people who were eyeing him with malicious intent. Those subordinates of his hurried over, forming a defensive perimeter around him. This deterred those greed filled individuals. After all, trying to snatch something from a Demon Commander was not an easy task.

“That fellow is quite lucky. He has actually successfully managed to obtain a divine object.” Little Flame withdrew his eyes and said with some surprise.

Lin Dong nodded. An unusual wild and violent energy filled the interior of the golden light circle. Even though the a band of light formed by the Ancient Divine Tablet could penetrate it, the divine object obtained would largely depend on one’s luck. After all, practically no one could choose what they wanted within the fierce and uncontrolled energy that filled the light circle. Everything depended on luck.

After the Bull Demon Commander succeeded, the other Demon Commanders were no longer able to sit still and could not help but take action. The Demon Commander Qin Shi from the Hundred Beast Ridge, who had once exchanged blows with Lin Dong, also tried to grab a divine object. However, his luck was clearly not as good as the Bull Demon Commander. The band of light caused a stir when it shot into golden light circle. However, it was empty when he pulled it back. This caused his face to turn unusually green with fury.

Lin Dong secretly laughed upon seeing this. Soon after he glanced at the other three great Demon Commanders. They were staring intently at the rotating golden circle of light while strange fluctuations rippled around them. It was obvious that they were utilising various methods to check if there were any treasures worthy of their efforts within the golden circle.

Lin Dong’s eyes narrowed and he also shifted his gaze towards the golden light circle. A thought passed through his mind and Mental Energy suddenly surged out in a stealthy manner. Finally, it charged forward. However, the Mental Energy was shattered upon contact with the golden light circle.

However, this did not disappoint Lin Dong. Instead, the latter smiled faintly. The shattered Mental Energy surged towards the golden light circle like a swarm of locusts. The tough Mental Energy training over this period of time had clearly allowed Lin Dong’s control of Mental Energy to grow far beyond the level he was previously at.

Mental Energy attempted to enter from every gap. Although it experienced numerous failures, a small sliver of Mental Energy ultimately managed to invade the golden light circle. Subsequently, the activity inside was rapidly being fed back to Lin Dong’s mind.


Lin Dong’s narrowed eyes widened at this moment as some interest finally rose from the depths of his eyes.