Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1083: The Treasury appears

Chapter 1083: The Treasury appears


Chapter 1083: The Treasury appears

The Yuan Power in the area became a little violent after the other two great Demon Commanders appeared. Three majestic auras began to spread, causing many people to feel as though their bodies had become a little heavier.

Three ultimate Samsara stage experts!

Many pairs of eyes looked at the three powerful experts standing proudly in the sky, before great fear flashed across their eyes. They were truly the top rulers of the Beast War Region.

“Three Samsara stage experts…”

Lin Dong’s eyes were gathered onto the three auras, which seemed to cover the entire sky. His expression was a little grave. Although the Yimo lineup back at the Flame Divine Hall was even more terrifying, there was still Qing Zhi, Mo Luo and the others present. However, if any conflict broke out now, all they could do was to face these people by themselves…

Lin Dong had once sealed an Yimo General, which had strength equivalent to a Samsara stage expert. This was however with the help of Tang Xinlian’s group and thus did not indicate that he possessed the ability to fight with an expert of this level. The current Lin Dong still had to be extremely cautious and wary when facing such existences.

However… compared to the helpless feeling he experienced when facing the three giant heads of the Yuan Gate back then, he was undoubtedly in a much better state now.

This was because the present Lin Dong also had some skills that would force a Samsara stage expert to take him seriously!

“Humph, all of you are quick to get here.” The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander frowned as he glanced at the Golden Ape Demon Commander and the Ghost Condor Demon Commander.

“Hehe, this is a grand event that only occurs once every three years. If we came late, your Blood Dragon Hall might end up grabbing all the benefits again.

The Golden Ape Demon Commander smiled. His body appeared quite sturdy and he was wearing a brilliant golden armour. Many strange golden lines covered the armour and a vague, powerful ripple seemed to radiate from it.

“However, it seems like we got to witness an interesting event the moment we arrived. Heaven Dragon, it is unexpected that you are actually being forced by the Deep Lightning Mountain to such a miserable state.” The Ghost Condor Demon Commander looked at the mountain where the group from the Deep Lightning Mountain was. His eyes paused on the Sky Devouring Corpse beside Lin Dong, before he laughed in a strange manner.

“I recalled that the Deep Lightning Mountain used to be your subordinate faction, am I right? Hmm? Why are they actually ignoring you now?”

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander had a dark face, while murderous intent surged in his eyes.

Lin Dong frowned. This Ghost Condor Demon Commander was clearly going to be pleased if an all out fight occured between the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander and them. In that way, it would end up exhausting some of the Blood Dragon Hall’s fighting strength.

“Ghost Condor, you should stop mocking. That brat is no simple individual. It is likely that even you will not be able to gain any advantage in a fight against him.” The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander chuckled and said.

“Is that so?”

The Ghost Condor Demon Commander laughed. He glanced at Lin Dong with a half-smile and shook his head. “I do not have a grudge with them. Hence, there is no reason for me to give it a try. Heaven Dragon, your provocation is useless.”

He was clearly not a fool. It was possible for him to detect an unusual sensation from the Sky Devouring Corpse standing beside Lin Dong. Naturally, he would not allow himself to get roped into such a troublesome matter. Otherwise, he would end up being manipulated by the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander.

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander chuckled. He naturally did not expect that the Ghost Condor Demon Commander would be foolish enough to attack. Hence, all he could do was to stare at Lin Dong with dark chilly eyes before he said, “I will allow all of you to hop around a little longer. Once the Divine Item Treasury is closed, I will get all of you to pay the price of your actions!”

Little Flame’s eyes became even more brutal upon hearing this. On the other hand, standing beside him, Lin Dong’s expression did not change. Instead, he merely smilingly cupped his hands together, “If the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander is interested, my Deep Lightning Mountain will fight with you all the way till the end.”

Lin Dong continued to display an impassive calmness that caused one to be furious. Upon witnessing this, the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander involuntarily inhaled a deep breath of air as he violently suppressed the churning fury in his heart. Secretly, he swore that if it was not because he was a little wary of the Sky Devouring Corpse standing beside Lin Dong, he would definitely attack him with lightning like speed!

A surprise flashed across the Ghost Condor Demon Commander and the Golden Ape Demon Commander’s eyes. Lin Dong was indeed extraordinary. Even the usually overbearing Heaven Dragon Demon Commander was forced into an impasse, whereby neither attacking nor withdrawing was a good option. However, was he really prepared to receive the fury of the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander after the Ancient Divine Item Treasury closed?

“Looking at the time, it seems like the Ancient Divine Item Treasury will open soon…” The Golden Ape Demon Commander glanced at the deepest parts of the Divine Item Mountain Range and said.

“Aye. Let’s wait. I wonder if a divine object ranked on the Ancient Divine Object Ranking will appear this time around.” Ghost Condor licked his lips. There was intense greed in his eyes. At their level, a Soul Treasure could hardly pique their interest. Only those divine objects left behind from the ancient times, could stir their interest and greed.

The Golden Ape Demon Commander nodded. An excited and heated expression flashed across his eyes.

The three most eye-catching large factions gradually appeared in the sky. They high handedly occupied the spot with the best view. Yet, no one dared to say anything.

Lin Dong’s body relaxed after he saw the tense imminent battle like atmosphere disappear.

“Big brother, it seems that we have definitely became enemies with the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander…” Little Flame glanced at the direction where the Blood Dragon Hall was located and said.

Lin Dong nodded. He softly said, “It will be extremely chaotic when the treasury opens. Instruct everyone to be careful. We will deal with the subsequent matters when the time comes. Although a Samsara stage expert is powerful, the both of us aren’t weak either. If he wants a fight, we will accompany him.”

With Lin Dong’s current fighting strength, he was not afraid of anyone in the Profound Death stage. Although it was impossible for him to defeat a Samsara stage expert, the other party would definitely have a headache if he became ruthless and fought with all his strength.

“If he dares to attack, I will ensure that he suffers serious damage even at the cost of my life!” Little Flame nodded violently. His rough face revealed a murderous intent.

Standing behind him, Chen Tong and the rest could only laugh in a bitter and helpless manner. With these two ferocious individuals in charge, they realized that they did not have a moment to relax.

With the end of the face-off between the Deep Lightning Mountain and the Blood Dragon Hall, the atmosphere in the Divine Item Mountain Range was no longer as tense as before. Soon after, various noises were once again emitted before spreading far into the distance.

During the subsequent period of time, an increasing number of powerful individuals and factions began to swarm over. The four other Demon Commanders also led a large contingent and appeared. However, their auras were clearly inferior to that of the three great Demon Commanders. All of them maintained a certain degree of respect and fear towards those three. After all, not everyone had Lin Dong and Little Flame’s guts and they did not dare to challenge a Samsara stage super expert…

Lin Dong sat on the top of the mountain. His eyes glanced over the black mass of people all over the mountain. Both his eyes narrowed as he gazed at the deepest parts of the mountain range. After he arrived at this place, Lin Dong could detect that the activity of the Ancestral Stone in his body, had become even more intense.

“Yan, that Mysterious Divine Palace can only refine divine objects on its own, but why are there divine objects, which are ranked on the Ancient Divine Object Ranking, in it?” Lin Dong suddenly asked in his heart while he waited. He recalled that when the Ancient Divine Item Treasury was opened the previous time, a thirty-second ranked ancient divine object had appeared.

“Many owners of these ancient divine objects died during the world war back then. With no owners, the divine objects ended up being kept by the Mysterious Divine Palace… After all, by staying within, these divine objects would be able to receive the best protection and reinforcement.” Yan replied in a faint voice.

“The Mysterious Divine Palace also possess consciousness? It even knows how to collect those divine objects that do not have a owner?” Lin Dong was slightly startled.

“The Mysterious Divine Palace was also personally created by my owner. It is naturally no ordinary object. What are you so surprised about the fact that it possess a consciousness?” Yan paused. “However, its intelligence has yet to reach my level…”

“You are considered an old demon…” Lin Dong curled his lips. It would really be a headache if all divine objects possess an intelligence like Yan.

“Tell me… what are my chances of obtaining the Mysterious Divine Palace?” Lin Dong fondled his chin. This Mysterious Divine Palace was ranked tenth on the Ancient Divine Object Ranking and it was not going to be easy to obtain it. Otherwise, it would be impossible for it to remain here after so many years.

“Hee, even a Samsara stage individual would have difficulties forcefully subduing the Mysterious Divine Palace.”

“You have a way, am I right?” Lin Dong blinked and laughed. “You are a divine object ranked second on the Divine Object Ranking…”

“Relax, I will help you when the time comes.” Yan’s lazy voice allowed Lin Dong to sigh in relief. If this fellow chose to do nothing, Lin Dong would really be in for a big headache.

“That’s right… you are ranked second on the Ancient Divine Object Ranking… What is ranked first?” Lin Dong suddenly recalled a question that he had always wanted to ask. He hesitated for a moment before voicing it.

He felt Yan becoming quiet after his question was asked. It was a long while later before he replied. “You will naturally come to learn of it in the future.”

This vague reply startled Lin Dong. All he could do was shake his head helplessly. He felt curious about it in his heart. From a certain point of view, the Ancestral Stone did not appear to possess an overly terrifying combat strength. Instead, it was like a support item. An example was how Yan could set-up the so called “Endless Divine Prison”, which allowed Lin Dong to temper his Mental Energy.

Of course, one must admit that this support item was relatively frightening. After all, regardless of how powerful a divine object was, one’s body was ultimately the most reliable thing…

Lin Dong stopped talking to it after Yan became quiet. His eyes narrowed as he looked at the deepest parts of the mountain. Then, both his pupils hardened abruptly. He could sense that the land itself had trembled slightly.

“Everyone, be careful.” Lin Dong immediately cried out in a deep voice upon detecting this slight change.

The surrounding Tiger Devouring Army also tensed their bodies at this moment. Little Flame also stood up. His face was grave as he looked at the mountain.


A wild exclamation suddenly sounded over the entire area soon after the tremor. After which, everyone saw a golden light shooting towards the sky from deep within the mountain range.


The land shook violently. Lin Dong saw that the two distant mountains seemed to have moved simultaneously. Meanwhile, a golden light erupted from the spot where they had shifted away from.

Golden light crossed each other. Countless number of people suddenly stood up. Their eyes gathered on the golden light. Finally, they saw an extremely ancient hall slowly tearing apart the ground in a slow and shocking fashion, before it stood proudly in this land.

The Divine Item Treasury had finally appeared!