Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1082: Afraid to Make A Move Due to Potential Losses

Chapter 1082: Afraid to Make A Move Due to Potential Losses


Chapter 1082: Afraid to Make A Move Due to Potential Losses

Blood light swept over from the horizon as an exceptionally powerful aura came sweeping forth. That pressurising aura caused the expressions of countless number of experts in the mountain range to change drastically.

The might of a Samsara stage expert was actually this fearsome.

Lin Dong lifted his head. His eyes stared at the sky, which was filled with a bloody light. Promptly, he frowned slightly. Standing behind him, Little Flame had a fearsome glint flashing across his eyes. There seemed to be a low and deep tiger roar spreading from his metal tower like body.

Chen Tong’s group and the Tiger Devouring Army immediately went on high alert, as they prepared to deal with any unexpected changes.

The bright red blood light became even denser. After which, everyone saw a black mass of humans rushing over. It was a blood red army. Right in front of this army, were two figures walking on air. They were familiar faces. The both of them were the two commanders of the Blood Dragon Hall who fought with Lin Dong one month ago.

There were four large blood red pythons in the middle of the blood red army. The huge pythons were entangled around each other as they carried a large blood red throne. A figure sat while leaning on the throne. There was an oppressive aura seeping out from his body and enveloping the sky.

One of the three great Demon Commanders of the Beast War Region, the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander!

The air in the sky above the Divine Item Mountain Range seemed to have solidified. Although there were eight Demon Commanders in the Beast War Region, everyone knew that the true rulers were these three great Demon Commanders.

The overwhelming strength of a Samsara stage expert was such that all experts below this level would feel completely inferior.

The blood red army finally came to a slow stop in the sky. After which, many pairs of ferocious eyes were thrown downwards. They looked towards the mountain, which the Deep Lightning Mountain had occupied, from a distance away.

Seated on his blood colored throne, the eyes of that figure turned downwards. There seemed to be a playful smile on his face as he said: “We meet again.”

Lin Dong had a calm expression. “This is no coincidence.”

He lifted his head to stare at the figure on the throne. The current Heaven Dragon Demon Commander was undoubtedly many times stronger compared to a month ago. Vast and mighty Yuan Power lingered around his body like an ocean. The Yuan Power was filled with Life and Death Qi. Both were very different types of energy. However, they were perfectly merged together at this moment.

The merger of Life and Death formed the cycle of rebirth.

A Profound Life Stage expert has surging Life Qi within one’s body. Subsequently, the Life Qi became so rich that it turned into Death Qi. Two different types of strength, one will strengthen one’s body, while the other had lethal killing force. Only with the perfect merger of these two types of energy, would one be able to display its true might.

This was also why a Samsara stage expert was able to look down on a perfect Profound Death Stage expert.

Any of the energies alone had difficulties dealing with an opponent, who had merged both Life and Death Qi. This was a true difference. Unless one had some unique techniques, it was very difficult to breach this gap.

“Are you regretting your decision to act so arrogantly back then, now that you have seen my actual body?” The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander mocked as he looked at the Lin Dong duo. His eyes had an expression like a cat playing with a mouse.

Those eyes across the mountain looked towards the group from the Deep Lightning Mountain. They were aware that many people here were simply after a good show. The Deep Lightning Mountain was finally going to pay a price for their recklessness and arrogance from a month ago.

Lin Dong faced the eyes of the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander. A smile was revealed on it as he softly said, “Even if we go back in time, the words I said will not change.”

The smile on the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander’s face in the sky slowly disappeared. He stood up. A red cape fluttered behind him, appearing like a pair of bloody wings. An icy chill and dense killing desire rose within his eyes. “You actually dare to act tough even at this juncture?”


Upon detecting the murderous desire in the eyes of the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander, the Tiger Devouring Army was akin to a provoked ferocious tiger, as they suddenly shifted their scarlet eyes towards the former. There was not the least bit of fear in their eyes. Instead, only a wild beast like bloodthirsty ferocity was present.

“Heaven Dragon Demon Commander, I’m afraid that your teeth aren’t hard enough to crack my Deep Lightning Mountain!” Little Flame cried out coldly.

The eyes of the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander was gloomy. Everyone could feel a monstrous ripple sweeping out from him. The Blood Dragon Hall’s army also revealed a ferocity within their eyes.

No one had expected that the Deep Lightning Mountain would still dare to be this disrespectful even after the actual body of the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander had arrived.

“I shall let all of you know that you are not qualified to threaten me with your puny strength!”

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander took a stride forward and appeared outside of the army. He clenched his hand as a blood red ball of light frantically gathered in his hand. Black and white energy twisted and churned within. A terrifying destructive force spread from it.

This Heaven Dragon Demon Commander had used a strength that exclusively belonged to a Samsara stage expert for his first attack. Clearly, he intended to kill them!

Chen Tong’s group had a change in expression. They could detect a terrifying ripple from the blood red cluster of light in the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander’s hand. This current Heaven Dragon Demon Commander was several times stronger compared to the demon spirit avatar back then…

“Regret in hell!”

A ferocity flashed across the eyes of the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander. He flicked his finger and the blood red ball of light swelled to the size of a thousand feet. After which, it turned into a blood red meteorite in front of many terrified pairs of eyes as it whistled past the sky and mercilessly smashed towards the mountain, where the Deep Lightning Mountain was located.

The blood red meteorite descended in the blink of an eye. However, before it could smash the entire mountain into dust, a black shadow suddenly shot out from the mountain. Subsequently, it collided head on with this blood red ball of light, which contained a frightening destructive force.


A loud sound reverberated in the sky. An energy assault ripple spread in a wave like manner, causing the entire mountain range to tremble.

Countless pairs of eyes looked towards the source off the assault wave. After which, their eyes suddenly shrunk. They could see a figure floating. That shocking assault from the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander had actually been blocked.

“Who is it? He is actually able to receive the attack of a Samsara stage expert?”

“Could it be that there is a hidden expert in the Deep Lightning Mountain?”

Buzzing like noise erupted at this moment. Many surprised eyes looked towards the sky above the mountain. This Deep Lightning Mountain actually had some techniques hidden up its sleeves?

“Is that… a puppet?” The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander also had a change in expression because of this scene. He looked towards the dark black figure before his pupils hardened.

“Heaven Dragon Demon Commander, I told you before that you will have to be prepared to pay a terrible price if you wish to swallow my Deep Lightning Mountain!” Lin Dong waved his sleeve before the Sky Devouring Corpse in midair slowly landed beside him. Finally, he stared at the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander and slowly said.

“So this is the reason behind your confidence?” The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander stared intently at the Devouring Sky Corpse. A moment later, his eyes became dark and gloomy as he remarked.

Lin Dong was non-committal. He said, “Heaven Dragon Demon Commander, our aim is the Divine Item Treasury. The strength of your Blood Dragon Hall might surpass my Deep Lightning Mountain, but are you certain that you will have the strength to compete for the divine objects with the other two great Demon Commanders, after fighting with us?”

“Are you threatening me?” The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander laughed coldly.

“I am merely stating the truth.”

Lin Dong smiled. His eyes overlooked this mountain range. Some of those powerful auras present caused him to be surprised. “It is likely that you are aware that many people here are eyeing the Ancient Divine Item Treasury. Starting a fight before the treasury opens means wasting your precious troops on my Deep Lightning Mountain. I’m afraid that this isn’t a wise decision. Am I right?”

Countless number of experts in the Divine Item Mountain Range let out a quiet praise as they looked at Lin Dong. This little fellow was also quite intelligent. He understood that in a head on clash, the Deep Lightning Mountain will definitely be unable to defeat the Blood Dragon Hall. However, they were able to use such a method to intimidate the Blood Dragon Hall into doing nothing, due to the fear of losing something even more precious. After all, the Deep Lightning Mountain let everyone, including the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander, know that their Deep Lightning Mountain was not a softie after displaying their physical strength…

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander had a dark expression. Originally, he thought that with the appearance of his actual body, he would be able to quickly shatter the confidence of the Deep Lightning Mountain. However, he did not expect Lin Dong to possess such a powerful puppet, which was able to receive his attack head on. In this way, the intimidation effect he had hoped to achieve was completely gone.

Even though he did not wish to admit it, he understood that he had no choice but to be wary of what Lin Dong had mentioned.

There were countless powerful individuals eyeing the Ancient Divine Item Treasury. Although their Blood Dragon Hall was considered as a tyrant in this area, there would definitely be many people who would not hesitate to kick them when they were down…

Logically speaking, one should not exhaust too much fighting strength before one manages to obtain the divine objects within the Ancient Divine Item Treasury.

However, wouldn’t that mean his Blood Dragon Hall will have no choice but to retreat for now?

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander stared at Lin Dong’s smiling face, before he involuntarily felt a little stuffy in his heart. Even though he was a great Demon Commander in the Beast War Region and a powerful Samsara stage expert, he still ended up suffering in the hands of this initial Profound Death Stage brat. Just thinking about this made him furious.

The many experts within the Divine Item Mountain Range were startled as they watched the sky. The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander had a rapidly changing expression. His mouth was parted and his eyes were strange as he looked at Lin Dong on the mountain. This fellow… he was actually able to force the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander until such an extent. He was indeed quite formidable.

“Haha, Heaven Dragon Demon Commander, it seems that you are going to throw away your face this time around…”

A loud laughter was suddenly transmitted over from a great distance while fury rose within the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander’s heart. Suddenly, a loud laughter transmitted over. Wind and lightning rolled. Many figures rushed forward. There was a muscular looking man in golden armour, holding onto a large black rod. He had an ugly face, but his aura was not weaker than the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander.

“Golden Ape Mountain’s Golden Ape Demon Commander!”

The appearance of this large man caused some exclamations. A tinge of shock flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes. The person who had arrived, was none other than one of the three great Demon Commanders of the Beast War Region, the Golden Ape Demon Commander from the Golden Ape Mountain.

“Tsk, Heaven Dragon, if I was in your shoes, I would have directly attacked and finished them off. In any case, you obtained the Nine Sky Heavy Mountain the previous time. Don’t tell me that you are intending to compete with us again?”

Another sharp laughter was transmitted from far away soon after the huge man appeared. Lin Dong turned his head and saw black clouds surging over from afar. Finally, he could see that the black clouds were actually formed by many winged figures. There was a skinny person right at the front of the black cloud. The wings on his back were a thousand feet in size.

“The Ghost Condor Demon Commander from the Ghost Condor Stream huh…”

Lin Dong softly muttered to himself. In this way… the Beast War Region’s three great Demon Commander have all arrived…