Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1081: Divine Item Mountain Range

Chapter 1081: Divine Item Mountain Range


Chapter 1081: Divine Item Mountain Range

One month stealthily passed. Meanwhile, the atmosphere of the entire Beast War Region gradually became fiery hot following the flow of time. Various rumours spread all over the region. Nonetheless, regardless of how the news spread, they were most centered around a main topic.

Ancient Divine Item Treasury.

When anyone mentioned these four words, rich greed would undoubtedly surge from deep within their eyes. Anyone who has lived for a period of time in the Beast War Region was clearly aware just how crazy this Beast War Region would become, every three years.

Almost every faction would stop fighting during this period of time. After which, they would turn their searing hot eyes towards the Ancient Divine Item Treasury.

Divine Objects. To the eyes of many people, these two simple words were a synonym for the world powerful. Even the most ordinary Divine Object possessed might that was comparable to a Heavenly Soul Treasure. If one was truly fortunate and obtained an ancient divine object, which was ranked on the Ancient Divine Object Ranking, it would cause countless people to become envious immediately.

Although one would require the strength of an Ancient Divine Tablet in order to obtain a Divine Object inside the Divine Item Treasury, it seems like there was a large number of treasures within. Few people might be able to obtain a divine object each time the treasury was opened, but there would be many powerful Soul Treasures flowing out from the Ancient Divine Item Treasury too. In fact, it seemed like the Ancient Divine Item Treasury did not impose a limit on the number of Soul Treasures at this level. Hence, everyone was qualified to obtain one. As long as one was able to obtain a Soul Treasure, one’s trip would not have been in vain.

This was also the reason why the opening of the Ancient Divine Item Treasury became the grandest event in the Beast War Region every three years!

In preparation to obtain powerful Soul Treasures from within the Ancient Divine Item Treasury, many factions rubbed their hands together and prepared for a big fight…


Deep Lightning Mountain.

A black army stood orderly in front of a large hall. Murderous aura spread over and covered the entire place.

The eight generals of the Deep Lightning Armour were fully armoured as they stood in front of this stern army. Their aura was frightening.

“Sir Flame Commander, we have completed our preparations. We can leave upon your command!”

Chen Tong looked towards the towering stone stage in front. There was a metal tower like figure there. He stood proudly as a shockingly fierce aura spread out from within his body in a wave like fashion.

Little Flame’s tiger eyes swept over the Tiger Devouring Army, which had a ferocious and frightening aura, before a satisfied expression appeared in his eyes. Immediately, he nodded slowly. A low and deep voice spread. “Mo Hou, Ji Ya, the both of you will guard the Deep Lightning Mountain. Everyone else including the Tiger Devouring Army will follow me to the Divine Item Mountain Range!”


The Mo Hou duo below responded in a deep voice.

“Sir Demon Commander, when shall we leave?” Chen Tong inquired.

“Once big brother exits his secluded cultivation.” Little Flame turned around. His eyes looked towards a training hall in the Deep Lightning Mountain. Lin Dong had been training bitterly in a retreat and he did not show any signs of appearing even until now.

Chen Tong and the others nodded upon hearing this. Promptly, they ceased speaking. The entire area in front of the hall had once again become completely quiet. Only a dense ferocity lingered in the sky.

This wait continued for a couple of hours. When the sun in the sky became extremely hot, everyone suddenly sensed a sudden, shocking invisible wave spreading from the distant hall…

That ripple might appear invisible, but it was filled with a terrifying pressuring force.


The ripple spread while an earthshaking dragon roar was suddenly emitted from the large hall. A light ray formed from Mental Energy, suddenly rose from within the hall.

The ray of light gradually disappeared. A skinny figure walked over through the sky. There was not the least bit of Yuan Power ripples around him. Instead, it was filled with majestic Mental Energy. The Mental Energy seemed to have turned into thunder, that continuously rumbled as his footsteps landed.

Chen Tong and the rest wore shocked gazes as they looked at the young man, who appeared in the air above this hall in a flash. Their minds felt a little lost when they looked at his jet black eyes. They seemed like black holes, which caused one’s soul to involuntarily sink within it.

“Such shocking Mental Energy!”

Chen Tong’s group quickly recovered. Their hearts were shocked. All of them hurriedly lowered their heads. The strength of Lin Dong’s Mental Energy had actually reached a stage whereby it could actually affect their minds…

Lin Dong stared at the large army waiting below, before he gave a faint smile. The majestic Mental Energy floating around him was gradually withdrawn. His finger subsequently touched a black eye. There seemed to be a unique ripple flashing over his eye.

It seemed like the bitter training during this period of time had also allowed him to reap some benefits, in terms of his Mental Energy probing.

“Let’s get moving.”

Lin Dong waved his hand. Without further ado, his body moved and transformed into a wisp of green smoke that floated into the distance.


Little Flame let out a low and cold cry upon seeing this. He stomped his feet and his body turned into a ray of black light that followed behind Lin Dong with lightning like speed.

Swoosh swoosh swoosh!

Chen Tong and the Tiger Devouring Army also rose into the sky before exploding forward. The sound of air being split apart resounded in the sky, giving it an extremely spectacular appearance.

The Divine Item Mountain Range was located at the middle of the Beast War Region. This spot could be considered as the only place in the Beast War Region that was not dominated by any faction. It was not due to its lack of resources. On the contrary, it was because this place was far too tempting. As a result, no faction was bold enough to occupy this place for itself. Even the powerful factions of the three great Demon Commanders in the Beast War Region were no exception.

Countless pairs of blood red eyes were constantly staring at this place. Any strong individual or faction that intended to use various means to occupy this place would become the common enemy of the entire Beast War Region without exception.

Typically, this Divine Item Mountain Range was fairly deserted. However, within a short few days, this place had became the most lively place in the entire Beast War Region. Not only did various large armies from the large factions of the Beast War Region came rushing over, but even factions outside of the Beast War Region had also travelled great distances to reach this place because of the Ancient Divine Item Treasury’s reputation.

Currently, the entire mountain range was densely packed with people. Countless rushing wind sounds continued to reverberate across the sky. Numerous individuals rushed over from the distance like locust. After which, they landed in this mountain range.

“The Divine Item Treasury has finally opened up again…”

“I wonder if there any powerful Divine Objects will appear this time around. The Nine Sky Heavy Mountain from before was ranked thirty-second on the Ancient Divine Item Ranking. Heh, the scene back then was really lively. Countless number of people died in a bid to fight for that treasure. Finally, that treasure landed in the hands of the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander…”

“Regardless of how the fight proceeds, these items will simply fall into the hands of those Demon Commanders’ factions. Which other faction will dare to intervene?”

“That may not be true. When the time comes, everyone will lose their minds due to the excitement of seeing a divine object. Who cares what faction one belongs to. With so many people attacking together, it is likely that even a great Demon Commander will not dare to face the fury of everyone.”


Various noises reverberated across this huge mountain range. This buzzing sound could be clearly heard even from a great distance.


Suddenly, a large cluster of rushing wind came transmitted from the horizon amidst all the noise. Countless pairs of eyes glanced over. They could see a monstrous ferocity sweeping over. This ferocity was like a black torrent rolling over with a frightening dark aura

“That is… the Deep Lightning Mountain’s Tiger Devouring Army huh?”

“The Deep Lightning Mountain has came indeed. It is rumoured that the current Deep Lightning Mountain Demon Commander used to be its number one ferocious general, the Flame General…”

“The Deep Lightning Mountain had even clashed with the Blood Dragon Hall some time ago. They are truly bold. The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander will definitely appear today. Hee, at that time, we will definitely have a good show to watch.”

“He is indeed a little arrogant… Back then, even Xu Zhong did not dare to disrespect the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander. Yet, this new Demon Commander already dared to do so before he has even fully developed. How reckless.”

Private conversations spread across the mountain. The black torrent also whistled over from some distance away. Finally, it directly landed on a mountain in front of the countless pairs of eyes.

The entire place clearly became much quieter following the arrival of the group from the Deep Lightning Mountain. Various curious gazes were shot over. Clearly, the face-off between the Deep Lightning Mountain and the Blood Dragon Hall had caused many people to become interested in the new Demon Commander of the Deep Lightning Mountain.

Lin Dong completely ignored their gazes. He lifted his eyes and looked towards the deepest parts of the mountain range. He could detect an extremely faint ripple from that spot. This fluctuation was a little similar to that of the Ancestral Stone in his body.

“It is indeed a grand event.”

Lin Dong’s eyes swept around him. A surprise flashed across his face. Countless majestic aura were surging towards the sky. That grand manner was quite spectacular.

Little Flame nodded. His scarlet tiger eyes swept around him. Some of the onlookers that were staring at him quickly turned away. The reputation of the top ferocious general of the Deep Lightning Mountain was quite well known in the Beast War Region. Everyone was clearly aware how brutal this person was.

“Let’s rest.”

Lin Dong said. His brow was lifted slightly after his voice sounded. Turning his head, he looked towards the northern sky. A monstrous blood light suddenly shot over. At the same time, an extremely pressurising aura surged throughout the Divine Item Mountain Range from all directions.

This aura directly caused the conversations all over the mountain to halt. Soon after, some gloating eyes were cast towards the mountain, where the group from the Deep Lightning Mountain was located.


Lin Dong felt something. He crossed his ten long fingers and glanced at Chen Tong’s faces beside him, which had become a lot more tense. A faint smile appeared. “Is the Blood Dragon Hall about to arrive?”

Chen Tong’s group slowly nodded upon hearing this. Their eyes were filled with worry and cautiousness.

“Heaven Dragon Demon Commander huh…”

Lin Dong lifted his head. He looked at the direction that the pressurising aura had originated from. Those originally dark black eyes seemed to have become even deeper.

“Is his actual body about to arrive…”