Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1080: Calm Before the Storm

Chapter 1080: Calm Before the Storm


Deep Lightning Mountain’s crisis was finally dispelled after the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander weighed his options and chose to temporarily withdraw in the face of Lin Dong’s and Little Flame’s powerful resistance. However, the both of them were clearly aware that this matter was not over. The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander had only chosen to withdrew because his true body was unable to come. However, once he had the time, his fury would definitely sweep over in a frightening manner like heavenly lightning.

However, the Lin Dong duo did not have any good solutions to this problem. They were unwilling to submit to the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander, and this would definitely result in a conflict between both parties. Moreover, the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander actually dared to try and snatch Lin Dong’s Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill. This made it impossible to resolve the friction between them.

Since it was impossible to resolve, they could only rely on the most primitive method to settle the matter…

The fist was king!

A Samsara stage expert was a peak existence in this world, and anyone with such strength would definitely be a titan no matter the location. In the Eastern Xuan Region, the sect master of a super sect only had such strength…

Even though Lin Dong and Little Flame were much stronger than before, it was still rather troublesome for them to fight such an existence. Although they no longer felt as afraid as back then, it was still a considerably huge problem.

Of course, given the Lin Dong duo’s characters, they would not even think of hiding when trouble came looking for them. A Samsara stage expert was indeed troublesome. However, it had not reached the level where the both of them would be forced to flee miserably. All they could do now was to see what kind of tricks the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander was going to pull...


Peace gradually returned to Deep Lightning Mountain. However, there was a tenseness under its relaxed surface. After all, everyone knew that there was conflict between Deep Lightning Mountain and Blood Dragon Hall. The latter was clearly a titan that was far stronger than the former. Hence, many people believed that this conflict was irrational.

After all, even Xu Zhong from back then could only choose to submit in the face of the powerful Blood Dragon Hall. Yet, the new Demon Commander of Deep Lightning Mountain had offended Blood Dragon Hall before his position had even been stabilized. Such actions were unbelievably foolish in many people’s eyes.

However, regardless of the rumours that spread in the outside world, Deep Lightning Mountain continued to remain calm. Surprisingly, the Blood Dragon Hall that had suffered a loss and retreated made no attempts to retaliate during the subsequent period of time. This unusual silence caused many to be stunned. Only those with strong information networks were aware that the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander of Blood Dragon Hall was in seclusion. Hence, he did not have the time to find trouble with Deep Lightning Mountain…

Some of those gloating individuals felt rather regretful towards this, however, they quickly laughed coldly. Everyone was clearly aware that this so called peace would not last for long. In another month, the Ancient Divine Item Treasury would open. At that time, the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander will definitely leave his seclusion and Deep Lightning Mountain’s luck will also run out…

What that time came, the owner of Deep Lightning Mountain would perhaps be changed again.

“It is rumoured that the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander is in seclusion… no wonder only a demon spiritual body came that day.” Little Flame looked towards Lin Dong and spoke with a frown after hearing the report by his subordinate in a hall within Deep Lightning Mountain.

Lin Dong nodded. He looked towards the worried faces of Chen Tong’s group below and smiled. “Everyone, just do what you usually do. The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander might be troublesome to deal with but destroying our Deep Lightning Mountain is not an easy task either.”

The many experts from Deep Lightning Mountain looked at the smiling young face of Lin Dong. It seemed that the latter did not understand the meaning of fear even in the face of such a frightening opponent like the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander.

“Ha ha, since Lord Lin Dong has put it this way, there is nothing for us to worry about. Lord Lin Dong’s ability far exceeds the estimations of people like us.” Chen Tong glanced at the others and smilingly said.

The others nodded after hearing this. In their eyes, this ever smiling young man was unfathomable. Perhaps, he did possess the confidence to deal with the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander…

Everyone in the hall made their reports before cupping their hands together and withdrawing.

“Big brother, what should we do? The reason that Heaven Dragon Demon Commander is in seclusion is likely related to the Divine Item Treasury. Will we still be going there?” Little Flame looked towards Lin Dong and inquired after the hall became empty.

“Why not?”

Lin Dong chuckled. Although he was not too interested in those ordinary divine objects within the Divine Item Treasury, he was extremely interested in the treasury itself. It was named ‘Mysterious Divine Palace’. This divine item was ranked tenth on the Ancient Divine Object Ranking and was clearly an extraordinary item. It would definitely become the divine object with the highest battle power in Lin Dong’s hands if he could get hold of it…

“There are three great Demon Commanders in this Beast War Region. Each of them has some grudges with the other two, hence when we assemble in front of the Divine Item Treasury, that Heaven Dragon Demon Commander will not dare to really fight it out with us. Otherwise, the other two great Demon Commander will take advantage of the situation.”

Lin Dong paused at this point. “Moreover, even if he really fights us, the Sky Devouring Corpse should be able to hold him back.”

The Sky Devouring Corpse had already recovered a substantial amount if power after being repaired by the Nine-tail spirit fox. Although it would be difficult for it to defeat a Samsara stage expert, that Heaven Dragon Demon Commander will also be unable to completely defeat the Sky Devouring Corpse given its unique properties.

“Big brother is indeed amazing.”

Little Flame grinned. His grin contained a simple and honest feeling from years ago.

“We could save ourselves such trouble if Little Marten was here… I wonder how that fellow is doing now.” Lin Dong stretched his waist and said.

“It is most difficult to take advantage of second brother. He is likely better off than us.”

Little Flame scratched his head. Even though he was now a commander, he was still a little afraid of Little Marten. This was not actual fear. Rather, it was because Little Marten was the one who guided Little Flame’s training back then and it was likely that there had been many embarrassing black face moments and reprimanding involved.

Little Flame glanced at the smiling Lin Dong when he thought of this. He still felt that big brother was still the strongest. This was because even second brother, who was the most difficult to take advantage off, frequently appeared quite helpless in front of Lin Dong.

“You should take care of Deep Lightning Mountain during this period of time.” Lin Dong stood up and directly walked out of the hall.

Little Flame nodded. He was aware that Lin Dong had been bitterly training his Mental Energy during this period of time. Hence, Lin Dong should not be troubled by the matters of Deep Lightning Mountain. The Ancient Divine Item Treasury would open soon, and at that time, the Beast War Region would turn crazy because of it. Lin Dong clearly needed to try his best to raise his strength during this period of time. Otherwise, the pressure he will face will be even greater.

If one was careless in this Beast War Region, one would be devoured until nothing remained. All of one’s previous accomplishments would vanish in an instant.


Four rays of light crossed each other in the vast hall while formidable Mental Energy swept apart like a storm as four figures flashed past.

A skinny figure landed on the ground as three cracks appeared on his shoulder. Evidently, they were three rather large wounds. However, such pain was no longer felt by the current him. All he did was turn his head slightly. Three light figures were behind him. They suddenly jolted before exploding into specks of light that filled the sky with a ‘bang’.

“Not bad…”

Yan’s voice transmitted over through the air as he looked at Lin Dong below. Finally, he smiled and said, “You are already able to defeat three Human Rank doppelgangers. This is much stronger than when you first stepped into this place.”

“Only three huh.” Lin Dong’s eyes looked at the tightly shut stone door located at the end of the hall as he helplessly shook his head.

Lin Dong had been training in the Endless Divine Prison during this period of time and his Mental Energy continuously improved. According to what Yan had said, once he was able to defeat an Earth Rank doppelganger, his Mental Energy would be equivalent to the peak advance Divine Symbol Master…

However, in order to obtain the qualifications to challenge an Earth Rank doppelganger, one must defeat ten Human Rank doppelgangers together. Clearly, Lin Dong was still rather far from that level.

“Do not be over ambitious. This is already quite fast…” Yan laughed.

“How long did the Ice Master take to beat ten Human Rank doppelgangers together back then?” Lin Dong asked.

“About a month.” Yan thought for a moment and said.

Lin Dong was speechless. He had only reached the level of beating three doppelgangers after one month. That Ice Master… she was indeed abnormally strong.

“Why must you insist on comparing yourself with the Ice Master?” Yan suddenly asked.

Lin Dong’s expression froze but he did not reply.

“Is it because that little girlfriend of yours is the Ice Master’s reincarnation? You seem to be a little afraid of this?” Yan’s eyes seemed to be able to penetrate one’s heart.

Lin Dong lifted his head and deeply inhaled a breath of air, before he spoke in a faint voice, “I’m afraid that she will turn into someone I do not wish to see because she has to carry such a heavy burden… if it is possible, I will carry that burden.”

He did not want that lovely and cute young lady from back then to lose the smile which he liked to see because of this so called reincarnation. He also did not wish for those around him to change. If it was possible, he did not mind standing in front of that young lady and protect her from all the troubles of the outside world, just like how his skinny back that could seemingly support the sky had stood in front of her when the young lady was trying to stop those powerful enemies back then.

Yan looked at Lin Dong. He pursed his lips and softly said, “Therefore, you wish to surpass the previous Ice Master in all aspects huh… you should be aware that this is quite difficult. Moreover, due to reincarnation, no one can truly know how that little girlfriend of yours will turn out.”

Lin Dong slowly nodded. Soon after, he lifted his head and smiled. “Hence, I wish to surpass her… although it is difficult, you should also know that… I am extremely stubborn.”

“Let’s continue training.”

Lin Dong stood up once again after speaking. His calm eyes looked towards Yan.

Yan could only helplessly nod his head and wave his sleeve upon seeing this. This time around, four Human Rank doppelgangers slowly appeared and a cruel fight started once again in the hall.

While Lin Dong was training in this crazy fashion, one month stealthily passed by in a flash…