Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1079: Temporary Respite from the Storm

Chapter 1079: Temporary Respite from the Storm


Chapter 1079: Temporary Respite from the Storm

A monstrous evil aura swept over the sky. The huge, seemingly endless, six winged flying dragon flapped its large wings. Then, it tore through the sky, in front of many pairs of eyes, and ruthlessly shot towards Lin Dong below in a frightening manner.

The assault by the flying dragon pressured the air until it exploded. The mountain below emitted a ‘bang’ and turned into dust under this pressure.

The experts of Deep Lightning Mountain had a drastic change in expression. They looked as though they were about to face a great enemy.

Lin Dong lifted his head at this moment. His eyes were icy cold as he stared at that frightening attack. Soon after, bright green light swept out from within his body. A hundred green dragon light symbols whistled out from his body at the same time. Many dragon roars resounded in the sky in an earthshaking fashion.

“Such pure dragon might… I want that martial arts even more than before!” The greed in the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander’s eyes grew when he sensed the pressure contained within the dragon roar.

“I’m afraid that you don’t have the ability to do so!”

Lin Dong laughed coldly. A hundred green dragon light symbols roared towards the sky in usion. The roar was like thunder that appeared out from nowhere, causing the entire mountain forest to tremble.


Six Winged Flying Dragon roared. However, just as Lin Dong was about to attack, his heart was suddenly jolted. Following which, he heard an earthshaking tiger roar, that contained a rich brutal murderous intent, resounding in the sky above Deep Lightning Mountain like a furious thunder.

Chen Tong and the other experts hurriedly turned their heads, to look at the deepest part of Deep Lightning Mountain. One could see a dense black light spreading in the sky before it gathered with lightning like speed. An unusually large black tiger suddenly pounced forward. The tiger stepped forward and tore through the sky. In a flash, it ruthlessly collided against the enormous body of the Six Winged Flying Dragon.


A frightening loud sound spread across the sky. Waves of frightening assault wave swept over the sky like a storm, flattening the forest below.

“Commander Yan has left his secluded cultivation!” Those experts from Deep Lightning Mountain rejoiced upon seeing this scene.

“Where did this bastard come from? How dare you behave atrociously on my Deep Lightning Mountain!”

A violent roar was transmitted from deep within Deep Lightning Mountain. Subsequent, everyone saw a black light rapidly rushing over from afar. It appeared in the sky in the blink of an eye.

The person who appeared was Little Flame, who had been cultivating in seclusion for a month. At this moment, the latter’s original metal tower like body seemed even sturdier and there were many black tiger stripes on his face. In fact, the scars he had from before had all vanished. However, the brutal aura from his brow became even denser and it caused one to quiver.

Moreover, Little Flame’s current aura had also surged tremendously. Clearly, his aura had reached the perfect Profound Death stage. Meanwhile, his tiger eyes were filled with ferociousness as he surveyed his surroundings.

“What an extraordinary fearsome tiger!”

The two Blood Dragon Hall’s commander looked at Little Flame, who was covered by a violent aura, before their expressions changed. Although they were also at the perfect Profound Death stage, it was possible for them to detect a rich dangerous scent from the latter’s body.

“This aura… you are actually from the Heaven Devil Tiger tribe?” A surprise flashed across the eyes of the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander. He looked at the pressuring aura of Little Flame in the sky and asked.

Little Flame completely ignored him. There was a dense murderous desire flashing across his eyes as he stared at the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander. He spoke in a dark voice, “Heaven Dragon Demon Commander. I do not care about the fact that Xu Zhong used to submit to you. From today onwards, the chief of this Deep Lightning Mountain is no longer Xu Zhong!”

“Therefore, you should not try to bring up those things that belong to the past! ”

“Haha, what an impressive new Demon Commander.” The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander laughed. A fury was present in his laughter. He did not expect that these two in front of him would be so troublesome to deal with.

“However, do you really think that I cannot handle the both of you?”

The eyes of the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander suddenly turned ferocious. He was originally extremely overbearing to begin with. However, he was currently being rejected again and again. If his actual body had arrived today, it was likely that he would not have been able to contain the murderous intent in his heart, and would have exterminated the entire Deep Lightning Mountain.

“The both of us and our Deep Lightning Mountain will fight with you till the end if you insist on starting one. However, I’m afraid that you will have to be prepared to break some teeth!” Little Flame’s tone was ferocious. His ruthless aura was stronger than the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander.

“Sir Demon Commander… even if your Blood Dragon Hall can swallow my Deep Lightning Mountain, you will definitely suffer severe losses. At that time, perhaps you will have to be extra wary of the two other great Demon Commanders in the Beast War Region.”

Lin Dong crossed his hands in front of his chest. A hundred green dragon light images lingered around him. At the same time, a ripple that must not be underestimated was emitted. His dark black eyes were calm and indifferent as he stared at the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander.

The expression of the Heaven Demon Dragon Commander finally changed upon hearing those words. He was not afraid of the Lin Dong duo, but he was deeply wary of the two other great Demon Commanders in the Beast War Region. After all, they were as powerful as him. Moreover, they were eyeing his Blood Dragon Hall with malicious intent. If his Blood Dragon Hall was to suffer serious damage, they might indeed make a move on him.

Three sharp pairs of eyes crossed each other in the sky. Their bodies were tensed. A cautiousness was gathering under frightening hidden current.

When Chen Tong’s group saw this scene, they quietly laughed bitterly. Since Little Flame had said those words, all they could do was to obey him. The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander might be extremely troublesome to deal with, but these two esteemed lords from their Deep Lightning Mountain were also no pushovers. In fact, they typically acted in a valiant fashion and this bought them, their subordinates, some pride as well. Furthermore, they were also keenly aware that Lin Dong and Little Flame combined possessed a strong fighting strength. Though the Blood Dragon Hall might be powerful, it was likely not going to be an easy task for them to swallow their Deep Lightning Mountain.

The face-off in the sky continued for a long time. Finally, the ferocity flickering within the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander’s eyes gradually diminished.

“It’s no wonder Xu Zhong perished in your hands… The both of you are indeed quite capable…” The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander said.

“You are too kind.” Lin Dong smilingly replied.

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander stared at Lin Dong and Little Flame. A cold smile appeared on his face. “However, it is too early for you to be celebrating now. I, the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander, will not give up so easily.

“My actual body is in cultivation seclusion at the moment. The both of you can act as insolently as you want during this period of time. One month later, before the Ancient Divine Item Treasury opens, I will let the both of you know how terrifying a Samsara stage expert is.”

“Hopefully, when that time comes… you can still act so tough.”

Lin Dong and Little Flame narrowed their eyes after hearing the threat contained in the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander’s words. A fierce glow flashed deep in their eyes.

“Today, I will let your Deep Lightning Mountain off. Try your best to enjoy the benefits of being a Demon Commander for this one month…”

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander smiled faintly. He waved his sleeve before the space behind him was split apart. After which, he turned and left. The two commanders from the Blood Dragon Hall hurriedly followed.

“Both of you will definitely die one month later!”

A densely cold murderous voice slowly reverberated across the sky of Deep Lightning Mountain after the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander trio left.

“That bastard.”

Little Flame looked at the spot where the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander disappeared. He clenched both of his hands tightly while a murderous desire filled his eyes.

Lin Dong’s expression continued to remain calm, while his ten long fingers were crossed together. A moment later, he knitted his brow. It was indeed extremely troublesome to fight head on with a powerful Samsara stage expert.

However, at this point, there was no turning back…

Since they could not run from it, all they could do was fight it out with that fellow one month later…


This was a realm that was covered in black light. Everything was dark. However, there was an ocean like majestic energy surging within. A vague extremely frightening pressure was scattering from deep within the darkness.


This place remained quiet for a long time. Suddenly, it rippled slightly before an extremely weak golden light appeared. This golden light flashed. Subsequently, it shot towards the deep parts of the space. However, it appeared as though its energy was completely exhausted halfway through and it turned completely illusory.

A weak sonic wave was emitted as the golden light turned illusory.

After this sonic wave spread, some commotion seemed to appear deep within the dark space. A moment later, the monstrous energy that filled the space seemed to whizzed forth like an ocean. Two, ten thousand feet large bat wings, blotted out the sun and spread.

Those bat wings were covered with some extremely obscure and mysterious purple-golden light. A sharp cold glint that could tear through the space appeared at the edges of the bat wings. That stern and fierce aura, which could devour the world, spread across this place in an instant.

“This ripple…”

Deep in the darkness where a pair of bat wings were present, there were actually two somewhat dark golden large eyes that were slowly being opened. Those huge eyes were filled with frightening ferocity.

The pair of dark golden large eyes looked towards the spot where the sonic wave had disappeared. Those ten thousand feet large bat wings flapped and the scattered sonic wave actually turned into fragments, which returned a little at a time.

That giant creature in the darkness collected the fragmented sonic wave. A moment later, those huge dark golden eyes suddenly widened. Rarely seen emotions surged within those eyes, covering even the tyrannical aura that it had been borned with.

“They are still alive huh… I knew that the brothers of Grandpa Marten will not die so easily… After all, we agreed to charge back to the Eastern Xuan Region together!”

“Wait a little longer… I will come and look for you once I exit my cultivation seclusion…”

“That foolish tiger… and … big brother… us three brothers… will finally be reunited.”

The voice gradually weakened within the space. The originally violent energy also gradually calmed. Those dark golden large eyes were once again slowly shut. Finally, they disappeared deep into the realm.