Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1078: Heaven Dragon Demon Commander

Chapter 1078: Heaven Dragon Demon Commander


Chapter 1078: Heaven Dragon Demon Commander

The space in the sky has split apart, before a large blood red palm extended forth, and shattered the spear. A furious cry resounded over the place. That voice contained an icy cold murderous desire, causing the temperature of the area to fall.

“Heaven Dragon Demon Commander?”

Chen Tong’s group were a little pale when they saw that large hand. Promptly, they clenched their teeth. None of them had expected that the extremely famous, great Demon Commander of the Beast War Region, would actually attack.

This was a frightening existence whom even Xu Zhong was extremely terrified of!

Although the peak of the perfect Profound Death Stage was only one step away from the Samsara Stage, the gap between the two was huge and it was difficult to breach.

However, Lin Dong’s face appeared relatively calm, compared to their drastic change in expressions. He lifted his head to look at the space, which had split apart. With a smile, he said, “Are you finally going to show yourself?”

From his tone, it seems like Lin Dong was already aware that the Blood Dragon Demon Commander was observing this place.

Dark red light gathered within the spatial crack. The huge hand disappeared and a dark red light figure slowly appeared. Finally, it appeared in front of the countless people in this Deep Lightning Mountain.

This figure had dark red long hair and his body was tall and strong. There was an authoritative aura that could not be hidden in his eyebrows. A dragon symbol lingered over his brow, giving him a domineering look.

This person was clearly one of the three renowned great Demon Commanders in Beast War Region, the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander!

The Yuan Power in the surroundings churned intensely the moment the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander appeared. There was an extremely mysterious and indescribable aura vaguely lingering over it. That aura gave off the smell of the Samsara Stage, causing one to feel terrified.

“He is indeed at the Samsara Stage.” Lin Dong narrowed his eyes and muttered to himself.

Even Lin Dong felt that an opponent of this level was extremely troublesome to deal with. The reason why he could seal the Yimo general back at the Flame Divine Hall, was because there were many experts from the Flame Divine Hall and Tang Xinlian supporting him. However, he was all by himself now. Although his strength had increased greatly, it was still an extremely difficult feat for him to beat a Samsara Stage super expert all by himself.

The entire Deep Lightning Mountain become completely silent under the pressure from that dark red light. In fact, many experts from the Deep Lightning Mountain had pale faces. Clearly, they were quite afraid of this Heaven Dragon Demon Commander.

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander completely ignored their many pair of frightened eyes. He merely lowered his head slowly. Then, his ferocious beast like eyes contained an icy cold evil aura, as he stared at the skinny figure below.

Lin Dong also lifted his head and stared back at him. That young man’s face contained an extremely calm expression that seemed at odds with his age. Following the increase in his strength, Lin Dong was no longer as frightened and helpless when facing an expert of this level, like he did back at the Unique Devil City.

Two pairs of eyes exchanged glances in the midair. It seemed as though the air itself had stilled. The atmosphere was so pressurising and frightening.


The mountain below suddenly cracked while the atmosphere became tense. Then, two figures flew out miserably. After which, they appeared in midair. They were the two commanders from the Blood Dragon Hall, who were sent flying by Lin Dong earlier.

Fury and embarrassment flashed across their eyes when they appeared and saw the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander. They, two perfect Profound Death Stage experts, were reduced into such a miserable state in the hands of this initial Profound Death Stage young man. This caused them to feel ashamed.

“What an interesting little fellow. Other than the other two great Demon Commander, you are the first person in the Beast War Region who dares to disrespect my Blood Dragon Hall.” The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander spoke in a faint voice, which finally broke the pressuring atmosphere.

“Sir Demon Commander, you are too kind.” Lin Dong smiled.

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander’s sharp eyes stared at Lin Dong. His eyes rippled slightly as he said, “You do not wish to give my Blood Dragon Hall the yearly tribute? I did not impose additional conditions on you. Back then, Xu Zhong was als offered the same deal.”

“Xu Zhong is Xu Zhong.”

Lin Dong cupped his hands together towards the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander. He was nether afraid nor was he arrogant. “I have already said that the Blood Dragon Hall is still the overlord of this region. My Deep Thunder Mountain will not compete with you. However, with regards to the tributes…”

“It is not within my acceptable limits.”

Lin Dong had walked step by step to this point after so many years. The opponents whom he had met were becoming increasingly strong. However, someone who could get him to submit and pay tribute has yet to appear. The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander might be powerful, but he was far from reaching this level!

As Chen Tong and the rest stared at Lin Dong, who actually dared to provoke the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander, cold sweat appeared over their hearts. There was not a single person present who could remain fearless in the face of a Samsara Stage super expert. However, deep inside this young man, it seems like he did not know what fear was…

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander narrowed his eyes as the space around him fluctuated. There seemed to be a faint dragon roar spreading from him, causing the skin of many surrounding experts to turn numb.

The silence continued in the midair for a moment. Finally, the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander smiled faintly. He said, “It is fine if you do not wish to pay tributes or hand over the divine object…”

The two commanders from the Blood Dragon Hall were startled upon saying this. He was about to speak when he saw the playful expression in the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander’s eyes. He quickly ceased speaking.

Chen Tong and the rest were startled. It was likely that they were surprised that it was so easy to negotiate with the overbearing Heaven Dragon Demon Commander in the Beast War Region.

However, Lin Dong lifted his brow instead of feeling joyous like they did. His eyes looked towards the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander and laughed, “May I know what Sir Demon Commander wants?”

“Haha, how smart.”

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander laughed. There was some heat surging from deep within his eyes. He pointed towards Lin Dong. “I want that top dragon tribe martial arts that you practice!:

“If you hand that martial arts over to me, I will use two divine objects to exchange for it. What do you say?”

This Heaven Dragon Demon Commander actually had his eyes on Lin Dong’s Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill. This was not surprising. The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander was related to the dragon tribe and there was dragon blood in his body. Hence, it was naturally possible for him to comprehend some of the mysteries of the Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill. The pure dragon might from Lin Dong’s body was clearly a result of this martial arts. If he could obtain it, not only would he be able to temper his body, but even his bloodline would gradually become purer.

This object was clearly extremely alluring to him.

Lin Dong narrowed his eyes before a smile quickly appeared on the corner of his lips. However, this smile was chilly. He was aware that this Heaven Dragon Demon Commander was after something else, but he did not expect that the latter to have such wild ambitions. To think that he was actually after the Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill!

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander in the sky wore a faint smile as he looked at Lin Dong. Greed and ferocity gathered deep within his eyes. There seemed to be a monstrous like Yuan Power fluctuation being formed behind him. It appeared like an ocean when looked from afar. An extremely pressurising assault spread over the Deep Lightning Mountain.

“If you want to obtain this martial arts…”

Lin Dong looked at the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander. He smiled, “I’m afraid that you are unqualified to receive it.”

“I can agree to any conditions of yours as long as you hand me that martial arts!” The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander lowered his head to look at the young man below. The space behind him was extremely distorted and appeared unusually frightening.

“I am aware that you are quite skilled. Having such combat ability when you are only at the initial Profound Death Stage, it seems like even the word ‘genius’ cannot adequately describe you… However, I have killed many geniuses over the years.”

“Trust me, the current you lacks the qualifications to oppose me! I can give you an opportunity to keep growing. The only condition is that you must hand me that martial art!”

Majestic Yuan Power gathered behind the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander. It seemed to have turned into a huge dragon, which stretched on endlessly. The dragon had six wings and it blotted out the sun, causing the sky to turn dim.

The entire sky trembled as it was being enveloped by this terrifying pressure.

Lin Dong lifted his head. His dark black eyes looked at the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander, who had a frightening aura. The robes over his body flapped. A long while later, he finally parted his mouth and smiled. “It is indeed extremely difficult to deal with a Samsara Stage expert. However… if you really wish to deal with me, you should use your actual body. Such tricks are useless against me.”

The eyes of the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander in the sky quickly became sharp.

“That is not his actual body?”

Chen Tong and the rest were startled. Immediately, he looked towards the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander in the sky, who had a frightening aura. Their hearts quivered slightly. Just a mere Demonic Spirit Avatar was already this powerful. Wouldn’t his actual body be even stronger? Was an expert at the Samsara Stage really this strong?

“What a sharp-eyed little fellow.”

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander stared at Lin Dong with sharp eyes. A moment later, he smiled faintly. “However, once you end up meeting my true body, it is likely that you will not even have the opportunity to regret. I do not wish for today’s situation to develop until that stage. Killing a genius is ultimately an extremely regretful deed.”

“Sir Demon Commander, you should leave as soon as possible. I have already given you my answer…”

Lin Dong turned around. His feet paused as he turned his head. Both his eyes were like a pair of deep abyss as he stared at the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander. “Believe me… you cannot handle this martial arts. Hence… you should stop finding trouble for yourself.”

The Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill was passed to him by Qing Zhi. Even within the Dragon tribe, there was hardly anyone who possessed the qualifications to practice it. This Heaven Dragon Demon Commander was not considered as a pure member of the dragon tribe. Hence, he was indeed extremely far from being qualified from practicing the Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill…

Chen Tong’s group and the two commanders from the Blood Dragon Hall were momentarily stunned. Their expressions were a little strange. The former secretly thought that their great lord was indeed as overbearing as he always was. The latter smiled coldly as he secretly thought that this brat really did not know what was good for him. There has never been a person from the Beast War Region, who managed to survive after provoking the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander.

“A rash individual who don’t listen to kind words…”

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander was also startled. He involuntarily laughed. However, his laughter appeared quite ferocious. Subsequently, he extended his large hand and suddenly clenched it.

“Since this is the case, I can only use another method…”


The huge six wings flying dragon, which stretched on endlessly in the sky suddenly opened its blood red large eyes at this moment. A monstrous and ferocious aura spread across the place.