Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1077: The Two Great Commanders

Chapter 1077: The Two Great Commanders


Chapter 1077: The Two Great Commanders

Lin Dong’s faint voice drifted in the sky while the expressions of the two commanders from Blood Dragon Hall slowly became dark and solemn.

“Ha ha, what boldness. Do you understand the implications of your words?” The green robed man stared at Lin Dong darkly and laughed in a cold voice.

“Do not believe that you have the qualifications to do as you please in the Beast War Region just because you have defeated Xu Zhong. The water here is much deeper than you think!” The other Blood Dragon Hall commander also spoke. His voice contained ridicule that could not be hidden.

Lin Dong smiled faintly. He crossed his fingers and stared at the both of them with a calm gaze. “I am well aware of what I am saying. If you have any complaints, you can simply report it to that Heaven Dragon Demon Commander. I have no objections with regards to him continuing to be the big boss in this region. However, I’m afraid that there is nothing to discuss if he wishes to have a slice of Deep Lightning Mountain’s pie.”

Lin Dong was unwilling to fight for the big boss position, but given his character he would never allow Blood Dragon Hall to oppress and exploit him. Moreover, it involved divine objects. Even if the divine object obtained was not something he desired, it would still be able to greatly increase the battle potential of Deep Lightning Mountain. How could he possibly hand such items over?

“What arrogance!”

The two commanders of Blood Dragon Hall cried out in anger. Soon after, their eyes became dark and cold. “However, I wonder if you have qualifications to make such a decision? I’m afraid that you will not be able to endure the fury of my Blood Dragon Hall when the time comes!”

Both of them looked towards Chen Tong’s group after their voices sounded, but latter avoided their eyes. All of them were well aware of the relationship between Lin Dong and Little Flame. The latter would definitely not object to whatever Lin Dong wished to do. Moreover, they might not dare to openly comment about the attitude of Blood Dragon Hall, but they felt a great dissatisfaction in their hearts. They had witnessed many miracles from Lin Dong and were well aware that regardless of what this young man did, he would have definitely have evaluated the matter first. Since he dared to offend Blood Dragon Hall with his words, it was likely that he had the confidence to deal with Blood Dragon Hall and was not afraid of them.

“It seems that your reputation in this Deep Lightning Mountain is quite high. However, since the both of us are here today, we do not have any intentions of returning empty handed. Since the new Demon Commander is still in cultivation seclusion, we will bring you back to Blood Dragon Hall. He can come retrieve you once he leaves!”

The expressions of the two Blood Dragon Hall commanders became completely cold after witnessing the reaction of Chen Tong’s group. Their eyes contained some killing intent as they looked at Lin Dong and slowly said.


Yuan Power surged as their voices sounded, sweeping out like a monstrous wave as a powerful pressure enveloped the entire Deep Lightning Mountain.

“Sirs, this is Deep Lightning Mountain. You are not allowed to act as you please!”

Chen Tong became furious upon seeing this. He waved his large hand and countless light figures shot out from below. Their eyes were alert as they stared at the two individuals.


However, the two commanders from Blood Dragon Hall completely ignored Chen Tong. Their sinister eyes were fixed on Lin Dong. Subsequently, they moved, turning into two rays of black light that shot out at lightning speed. Gray light simultaneously gathered in their hands before turning into two unusually sharp black thorns.

With a gentle wave of his hand, Lin Dong stopped Chen Tong’s group, which was hurrying over to his aid, while his pitch-black eyes looked at the two extremely swift and fierce figures.


The two figures appeared in front of Lin Dong in a split second as sharp black thorns shot out. They directly tore through space and came piercing towards Lin Dong while accompanied by a sharp bone-chilling iciness.


The two black thorns were aimed at Lin Dong’s throat. However, they suddenly stopped when they were around half an inch from their target.

Four slender fingers had unknowingly extended and grabbed the sharp black thorns like a metal pincers. Green scales had emerged on the fingers, causing the sharp black thorns, which could tear apart an advance Profound Death stage expert, to be unable to cause Lin Dong any damage.

“You have actually come looking for others to act mightily with such meagre ability? Aren’t you a little too overconfident ?” Lin Dong lifted his head. He gazed at the two commanders from Blood Dragon Hall, whose expressions had altered, as he remarked with a faint smile.

Chen Tong and the others felt their hearts tremble when they saw that Lin Dong’s four fingers had managed to block the sharp attacks from the two commanders.


The expressions on the faces of the two commanders of Blood Dragon Hall stiffened. It was likely that they rarely encountered situations where someone was able to receive their attacks barehanded. Moreover, this young man before them was only at the initial Profound Death stage.

“Looks like the rumours that the one who killed Xu Zhong is a human and not the new Demon Commander are true!”

The two commanders from Blood Dragon Hall stared at the young man before their eyes. Only then did they realise that this seemingly ordinary looking fellow was actually a raging asura.

“However, it isn’t as easy to get rid of the two of us!”

Dark gray Yuan Power suddenly swept out from both of their bodies. Soon after, their bodies swiftly swelled at a shocking rate. Layers after layers of sharp scales grew from under their skin as a baleful aura gradually surged.

Within a couple of breaths, the two great commanders had already turned into a half lizard form. Sharp scale blades made from groups of scales grew on their backs. From a distance, they looked like cold killing machines.

“Be careful Lord Lin Dong. The both of them are from the Demon Lizard tribe and their bodies even contain an extremely diluted dragon tribe bloodline. Hence, their physical bodies are extremely strong!” The Chen Tong duo hurriedly cautioned upon seeing the changes of these two fellows.


Majestic ferocious lights swept out from within the bodies of the two. Their eyes were ferocious and cruel as they stared at Lin Dong. Wrapped in mighty Yuan Power, those incomparably sharp claws penetrated through the space and ruthlessly clawed at Lin Dong’s head.


Lin Dong lifted his brow. However, he did not choose to dodge. Green light surged on his arms and green scales appeared. However, these green scales appeared to have an additional trace of majestic and solemn aura in comparison to the gray scales on the bodies of the two.


A deafening metallic sound spread. Sparks flew and a circular energy ripple that was visible to the naked eye swept out from the point of contact. Even space itself rippled and became distorted due to the force.

“What a powerful physical body!”

The two commanders of Blood Dragon Hall were forced a couple of steps back. Their eyes were shocked as they looked at Lin Dong’s green scaled fists. A faint ripple from the latter’s body gave them a feeling of oppression.

“I’ll let the both of you see the power of a true dragon!”

Lin Dong grinned at them. In the depths of his eyes, green light gathered into a dragon. Meanwhile, the green light around Lin Dong’s body flared as numerous green dragon light tattoos appeared and tunneled into his skin.

Ch ch!

Lin Dong’s skin pulsed as his body rapidly expanded. Green scales flickered and appeared while his arms and legs turned into dragon limbs. The scales seemed to conceal a sharpness within them while a frightening strength spluttered out.

“Half dragon form?”

The expression of the two great commanders of Blood Dragon Hall immediately changed upon seeing Lin Dong’s transformation. They could feel an immense pressure from the latter’s body. This pressure was even stronger than the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander.

This did not mean that Lin Dong’s strength had surpassed the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander. Instead, it was the purity of his pressure that surpassed the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander.

At this moment however, Lin Dong did not give them any time to be shocked. He revealed an ice-cold smile towards the two as his body jerked.

“Quickly retreat!”

The pupils of the two suddenly shrunk as they withdrew together.

“Too slow.”

Laughter sounded behind them, causing both of them to be filled with terror as they tried to retreat. From the corner of their eyes, the commanders saw two huge dragon fists that seemed to contain a dragon roar as they soared towards them.

However, the two were no pushovers. Even at this moment, they still managed to twist their bodies in a strange manner while crossing their arms as majestic Yuan Power swept out.

“Iron Lizard Wall!”

The space in front of the two seemed to have solidified as gray Yuan Power turned into a metallic wall while strange patterns swiftly emerged on it.

A frosty expression surged within Lin Dong’s eyes. Lightning suddenly surged in a stealthy manner and gathered on the dragon fists.


Lin Dong’s fists finally smashed ruthlessly onto the solid defence and a loud noise quickly sounded.

At this moment, an indescribable power suddenly erupted like a volcano that had been suppressed for a long time.


Cracks spread on the strong metallic wall in an instant. Soon after, it directly exploded apart in front of the shocked eyes of the two commanders from Blood Dragon Hall!

The two figures catapulted backwards in a miserable fashion. After which, they violently shot into a mountain under the stunned eyes of Chen Tong’s group. Their bodies were deeply embedded in the mountain wall.

Lin Dong’s expression was indifferent. Clearly, he had no intention of showing any mercy. He clenched his hand and green light gathered to form a spear. Slivers of lightning seemed to be gathering at the tip of the spear.

“Since you wish for an answer, this is the answer that I shall give you.”

A cold glint flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes. The spear in his hand, which contained a frightening destructive force, shot towards the cracked mountain wall.

Buzz buzz!

The spear pierced through the sky at a shocking speed. In the next moment, it had reached the mountain wall. However, the space above the mountain suddenly cracked open just as the spear was about to ruthlessly penetrate the bodies of the two commanders. A huge blood colored fist reached out and grabbed the spear. With a violent clench of its fist, the spear was shattered.

“Brat, you are really bold. How dare you touch the men of my Blood Dragon Hall!”

A furious roar containing dense murderous intent was also emitted from the crack in space when the huge hand appeared.

“Heaven Dragon Demon Commander!”

The complexions of Chen Tong and the rest paled upon hearing this cry. At the same time, Lin Dong slowly narrowed his eyes as he stared at the crack in space