Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1076: Blood Dragon Hall

Chapter 1076: Blood Dragon Hall


Chapter 1076: Blood Dragon Hall

An ice-cold cry wrapped in majestic Yuan Power reverberated endlessly across the sky above Deep Lightning Mountain like raging thunder.

The entire Deep Lightning Mountain had clearly been disturbed by it. Immediately, many rushing wind sounds appeared, as numerous figures rose into the air. Their eyes cautiously stared at the two figures standing in the sky.

“Who are you?” A powerful individual from Deep Lightning Mountain looked at the two green robed figures with a grave expression as he demanded.

“Ha… only the Demon Commander of Deep Lightning Mountain has changed. Don’t tell me that you are now unable to even identify your true backer?”

The two green robed figures laughed faintly. However, a chilling aura seeped out from their voices, causing the temperature of Deep Lightning Mountain to fall substantially.

“Ha ha, it is the two great commanders of Blood Dragon Hall. We are sorry that we have failed to receive you.”

Deep Lightning Mountain had become a little chaotic because of this commotion. Subsequently, a couple of figures flew out. Chen Tong’s eyes hardened when he saw the two figures in the sky, but quickly greeted them with a chuckle.

“Ah, it is Metal Lion General Chen Tong. Oh? You managed to safely remain while the Demon Commander changed. It seems that your contributions were not small.” The two green robed figures looked at Chen Tong and laughed faintly.

Chen Tong’s expression slightly altered upon hearing those words. He was naturally able to hear the mockery within them. However, he did not dare to burst out in anger this time. After all, these two were not ordinary characters. Hence, all he could do was reply, “May I ask why the two great commanders have come to our Deep Lightning Mountain? The Demon Commander is currently in cultivation seclusion…”

“Cultivation seclusion?”

The expression of the green robed man with a sharp and narrow chin sunk upon hearing this. He coldly cried out, “Call him out. We have come here to pass on a message from Lord Blood Dragon. I have heard that your new Demon Commander is the so called General Yan from before right?”

The eyes of Chen Tong and Huo Miao behind him changed upon hearing the words ‘Lord Blood Dragon’. It was likely that they were quite familiar with this great person whose name was known in this Beast War Region for over a hundred years.

They were all great generals of Deep Lightning Mountain in the past. Naturally, they were aware of the relationship between Xu Zhong and the Blood Dragon Hall…

Chen Tong and Huo Miao exchanged glances. After which, they looked towards a training hall deep within the mountains behind them where frightening Mental Energy ripples were currently present. The person within did not show the slightest signs of leaving his seclusion.

“Great commanders, this is a very crucial time for the Demon Commander. Would it be possible to let me know if there are any important matter instead? I will help pass on the message once the Demon Commander leaves his seclusion.” Chen Tong hesitated before recommending.

His words had only just sounded when he suddenly detected a terrifying pressure sweep out from the two figures in front of them. An icy cold voice quickly followed, “It seems that your new Demon Commander is really ignorant… asking my Blood Dragon Hall to wait for him? Ha ha, even Xu Zhong does not have that capability!”

“Since all of you have no intentions of calling him, it seems that the both of us will have to do so ourselves!” The two green robed men smiled coldly. Their bodies moved and they rushed towards the interior of Deep Lightning Mountain.

“Commanders, please stop!” Chen Tong’s expression changed drastically upon seeing this. A loud cry sounded as his body rushed forward.


However, a cold snort was transmitted over just as he was about to move. Soon after, a huge light seal came whistling over and ruthlessly smashed at them.


A terrifying ripple swept apart as Chen Tong and the rest were directly forced back. They appeared rather miserable as they staggered backwards. These two commanders of Blood Dragon Hall were experts who had long since made a name for themselves in the Beast War Region. Both of them possessed the strength of the perfect Profound Death stage. Even if Xu Zhong was present, it would not be easy for him to fight the two of them alone. Hence, it was naturally difficult for them to stop these two individuals.

The two commanders from Blood Dragon Hall barbarically charged into Deep Lightning Mountain. Their sharp eyes swept around them before pausing on the large hall that was giving off astonishing Mental Energy fluctuations.

“Lord Blood Dragon wishes to pass on a message. Why hasn’t the new Demon Commander of Deep Lightning Mountain come out to receive his words?” The two commanders’ sharp eyes stared at the huge hall as their cold voices thundered, wrapping around the large hall.

However, the training hall remained quiet in response to their shouting. Not the least amount of noise was emitted.

Fury rose within the eyes of the two commanders when they saw this. They did not say anything as each threw a punch. Majestic Yuan Power unfurled and ruthlessly struck the huge hall like a mountain.

Given the strength of these two individuals, they could easily shatter a mountain if they attacked together, let alone a mere hall.

However, just as the boundless Yuan Power was about to touch the huge hall, an extremely powerful Mental Energy shockwave swiftly swept out and clashed against the ferocious Yuan Power attack.

A loud sound reverberated as many huge cracks spread around the large hall. The land shook and the mountain swayed. It was as though an earthquake had occurred.


Surprise was revealed in the two commanders’ eyes when they saw their attacks dispelled. A cold laughter quickly sounded, “You do indeed have some ability. No wonder you were able to snatch the Demon Commander position from Xu Zhong!”

“However, let the both of us see whether you will show yourself today!”

As these words faded, majestic Yuan Power surged like floodwaters around the both of them. That momentum was quite shocking.


However, dark clouds suddenly rumbled and gathered in the sky as they were preparing to attack again. Silver snakes danced within the dark clouds as thunder boomed across the sky while accompanied by shocking ferocity.

“This is… the Wind Lightning Trial?” The two commanders looked the dark clouds gathering in the sky as they felt the frighteningly wild and violent strength within. Their eyes hardened as they spoke in astonishment.

“This Wind Lightning Trial is so powerful… it seems that his Mental Energy should be about to reach the advance Divine Symbol Master level…”

“The new Demon Commander of Deep Lightning Mountain actually possess such powerful Mental Energy?”

The two great commanders faced each other and frowned. Demonic Beasts mainly focused on training their physical bodies and Yuan Power. Other than certain special tribes, most Demonic Beasts were rather lacking in their Mental Energy cultivation.

At this moment, Chen Tong and the others had also hurried over. Surprise flashed across their eyes as they looked at the activity in the sky. They were clearly aware of Lin Dong’s strength. However, it was unexpected that the latter would have such accomplishments in Mental Energy cultivation.


Berserk thunderbolts gathered crazily within the thunder clouds while black clouds churned. In the next moment, a loud thunder was heard. A resplendent thunderbolt ferociously descended like a lightning dragon and struck the large hall below!

While the thunderbolt whistled downwards, everyone suddenly saw a figure appear above the large hall. He lifted his head and looked at the violent thunderbolt, however, he did not show any signs of avoiding it. Instead, both of his hands slowly parted.

Lightning finally came pouring down and the large hall had turned into ashes in an instant. A seemingly bottomless pit appeared within everyone’s sights.

However, everyone ignored this. Their eyes contained some surprise as they looked towards the skinny figure in the air. Lightning whizzed past, but he was completely unhurt. It was as though the violent thunderbolt from earlier was completely ineffective against him!

An uproar spread and the eyes of the two great commanders from Blood Dragon Hall hardened.

The figure completely ignored the uproar from the surroundings. He lifted his head to look at the churning black clouds. Lightning seemed to flash in his pitch-black eyes as he slowly lifted his head and frowned. In the end, he softly said, “Disappear.”

The wildly churning thunder clouds suddenly stilled. Subsequently, everyone was stunned to see the thunder clouds, that contained extremely berserk energies, start to recede little by little. Next, it slowly scattered in front of everyone’s eyes.

“It scattered?”

Chen Tong’s group were dazed as they watched this scene. Their expressions appeared quite strange. They were naturally well aware of the Wind Lightning Trial of a Symbol Master. Its power was terrifying. Yet… that overwhelming Wind Lightning Trial from earlier had simply disappeared because of a word from Lin Dong? This was the first time that they had witnessed someone with such ability…

The entire sky had become unusually quiet after the thunder clouds in the sky disappeared.

Lin Dong gently patted his hands as a smile surfaced on his young face. After which, he looked towards the two green robed figure, cupped his hands together and smilingly said, “Oh it’s friends from the Blood Dragon Hall. May I know why have you come to Deep Lightning Mountain?”

“Are you the new Demon Commander of Deep Lightning Mountain?” The two commanders looked at Lin Dong and asked with a frown.

“Ha ha, the new Demon Commander is my brother. However, he is currently in cultivation seclusion… you can tell me if there is anything you wish to say.” Lin Dong laughed.

The two great commanders exchanged glances upon seeing this. Perhaps it was because they had witnessed some of Lin Dong’s ability earlier but their attitude was no longer as unreasonable as before. They merely spoke in a faint voice, “Lord Blood Dragon is already aware of what has happened in Deep Lightning Mountain. However, he does not wish to comment about it.”

Lin Dong faintly smiled and nodded.

“Nevertheless… lord Blood Dragon has asked us to deliver a message. Is Deep Lightning Mountain still willing to regard Blood Dragon Hall as its leader?” The two commanders looked at Lin Dong with stern eyes.

Lin Dong lifted his brow slightly. He immediately laughed, “Deep Lightning Mountain has only changed its commander. Everything else will remain the same.”

He did not have any intentions of fighting with Blood Dragon Hall for the position of leader. As long as it did not hurt their interests, Lin Dong could not be bothered about such things.

The two great commanders nodded upon hearing this. There was an expression in their eyes that suggested that Lin Dong was at least aware of the situation.

“Since this is the case, hand over this year’s tribute. The conditions are the same. It will be a total of three million Xuan Yuan Pills. Additionally, the Divine Item Treasury will open again in slightly over a month. According to the rules, all the divine objects that Deep Lightning Mountain has obtained within ten years must be handed to Blood Dragon Hall…”

The two commanders spoke indifferently. However, their voices gradually weakened. This was because they saw that Lin Dong’s originally smiling face appeared to have become a little cold…

“With regards to the matter of Blood Dragon Hall being the leader… I have no objections…”

Lin Dong slowly lifted his head. His pitch-black eyes stared at the two great commanders of Blood Divine Hall.

“However… I do not have any Xuan Yuan Pills!”

“My Deep Lightning Mountain doesn’t even have enough divine objects. Hence, we will not be giving any away!”

Chen Tong’s group gazed at the indifferent looking Lin Dong and were immediately stunned. This person… was indeed as overbearing as before.