Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1075: Tempering Mental Energy

Chapter 1075: Tempering Mental Energy


Chapter 1075: Tempering Mental Energy

This was an extremely large and vast hall. One’s sight turned blurry when one tried to look at the edge of its borders. The entire hall seemed to be in a state before the birth of chaos.


At this moment, two figures were dashing in this hall. In the next moment, they suddenly crossed blows with each other. A punch and a kick clashed as a powerful force erupted like a volcano.

However, upon closer inspection, one would realize that the appearance of the two figures were actually that of Lin Dong. Moreover, the most strange thing was that both of them were exactly the same. However, one appeared full of life, while the other appeared indifferent. In fact, the latter’s jet black eyes did not even hold the slightest emotion.

However, it was clear that the both of them looked similar. However, that indifferent looking ‘Lin Dong’ was clearly even stronger. Both parties exchanged sharp blows. That punch quickly broke through Lin Dong’s defences before that ferocious fist mercilessly smashed heavily on Lin Dong’s chest. A force spluttered out from it and the fist penetrated through the latter’s heart like a blade.


Wild and violent strength exploded from Lin Dong’s body as his entire body was torn apart. Waves of terrifying pain spread within his body.

Although Lin Dong’s body was being ripped apart in this cruel fashion, he did not die. Instead, he sensed his consciousness floating upwards. The ‘Lin Dong’ in front, who had torn him apart, did not move.

“The doppelgangers within the Endless Divine Prison is divided into the Heaven, Earth and Man stages. You are currently unable to defeat even the weakest Man Stage doppelganger… It seems like you have indeed neglected your Mental Energy cultivation for far too long.” A light figure appeared in the midair. Yan looked at Lin Dong’s gathering consciousness and commented in a faint voice.

Lin Dong parted his lips and laughed bitterly, “This Mental doppelganger has full knowledge of my attacks. Moreover, it is even stronger than me. It isn’t easy to defeat it…”

“Additionally… that fellow’s attacks are far too vicious!”

“This Endless Divine Prison is a place where my owner trained his Mental Energy back then. Although you will not end up truly dying if you are torn apart here, that pain will be magnified many times over before it is transmitted back to your mind.”

“As long as your Mental Energy body is able to endure it, you will be able to continuously revive in this place.” Yan said. He looked towards Lin Dong’s consciousness, which had gathered together. “If you are unable to even endure this little amount of pain, there is no need to continue this Mental Energy training. This is because the future sessions will be even more painful.”

“You should be aware that no strength in this world comes for free.”

Lin Dong’s consciousness inhaled a breath of air and said, “There is no need for you to tell me this.”

“Please continue.”

A ripple spread over Lin Dong’s consciousness. After which, light gathered and a Mental Energy body was once again formed. Slowly clenching both of his palms, soon after, he lifted his head to look at the mirror imagine, which had rushed over again. This time around, he did not say anything unnecessary. His foot stomped on the ground and his body rushed forward.

“Bang bang!”

The two figures clashed violently again. However, Lin Dong merely managed to endure over a dozen exchange this time around, before the mirror imagine blasted his head apart with a punch.

“Woosh woosh.”

Lin Dong’s consciousness continued to float around. Meanwhile, a vague intense panting noise was emitted. Contained within that voice, was pain, which could not be hidden.


Lin Dong clenched his teeth. His body took shape once again as he charged forward.


Low and deep noises continuously sounded in the hall. Those two figures, were like tireless wild beast, as they collided with each other again and again. Sharp fist wind erupted and a deafening rushing wind sound appeared.

Lin Dong’s Mental Energy body was continuously blasted apart by that indifferent doppelganger. However, he did not feel defeated because of this seemingly meaningless attack. His consciousness churned and many Mental Energy bodies were continuously formed. After which, he charged forward like a ferocious man with murderous red eyes.

Perhaps it was because of this intense pain, which caused Lin Dong’s consciousness to become a lot dimmer, Lin Dong did not detect the light over his body sinking deeper within each time his Mental Energy body was reformed. The time that the doppelganger took to defeat him was also quietly growing…

This place did not contain any Yuan Power. There was only the mountain like tough determination.


“Four hundred and thirty-five…”

Yan calmly watched the Mental Energy body, which was formed again and again. It could feel that Lin Dong’s consciousness was already becoming quite blurry. However, the Mental Energy body that he formed had unknowingly became as sturdy as steel. The reason why Lin Dong was able to endure was entirely because of his tenacity.

His tenacious nature also caused Yan’s usually picky eyes to reveal some admiration. A person’s physical body can be weak, but if his mind was weak as well, this person was destined to never become a truly strong person.

Clearly, Lin Dong did not belong in this category.

Yan might have been in a slumber in the past, but he still saw how this tender youth back then, walk out from the small Great Yan Empire and reached his current level step by step. Moreover, this was not his final destination.

Yan was able to sense that this young man, who was not considered exceptionally powerful now, would ultimately become so powerful that even it would choose to submit to him in the future.

Another low and deep noise spread from below. Yan glanced over before both of his eyes narrowed. He could see that the hand of the mirror imagine below had once again penetrated Lin Dong’s heart. However, Lin Dong’s fist had also blasted apart the mirror imagine’s head at that same instant…

A miserable act of perishing together.

The mirror imagine fluctuated. After which, it slowly disappeared. Lin Dong’s body also fell. It shattered upon smashing onto the ground, and turned into a consciousness that drifted upwards.

The scene returned to the training hall within Deep Lightning Mountain. Lin Dong suddenly opened his tightly shut eyes. A frighteningly ashen expression was revealed as cold sweat continuously seeped out from his forehead. Both his hands were tightly clenched and the veins on his hands were exposed.

Although his body did not suffer even the slightest damage, a frighteningly and intense pain surged over like floodwater, following the return of his Mental Energy back into his body.

Lin Dong trembled as he forcefully endured the intense pain that had invaded his body. This continued on for half an hour before he finally relaxed in a limped fashion.

“The eight masters back then also went through the same training.” Yan appeared and said.

“In that case, where am I ranked based on my result?” Lin Dong wiped off the cold sweat and casually asked.

“Ninth.” The corner of Yan’s mouth twitched.

“That is the last place…” Lin Dong smilingly said.

“Aye… back then, the Devouring Master failed a hundred times before defeating the first Man Rank doppelganger and is ranked second.” Yan paused before continuing. “The top rank belongs to the Ice Master. She failed… eleven times.”

Lin Dong’s body stiffened. He involuntarily nodded. “Amazing!”

Only after having fought with the mirror imagine, would one understand just how powerful it was. Yet, that Ice Master only failed for merely eleven times before she was able to defeat it. Her talents could not be described by the phrase ultimate talent. It’s no wonder she was regarded as the person who will most likely reach the level of the Symbol Ancestor…

Yet, Lin Dong failed over eight hundred times before he managed to defeat that doppelganger. The difference between them caused Lin Dong to feel ashamed.

“However, this is hardly representative. Your foundation is much weaker than them. Furthermore, they were taught personally by my owner… On the other hand… you are mostly self-taught over the years. If you receive the same instruction and training condition, it is likely that your results will be much better.” Yan said.


Lin Dong parted his lips. However, there was not the least amount of defeat in his eyes. He lifted his head to look at the huge light plate in the sky. A fiery heat rose into those dark black eyes of his.

“However… I am stubborn down to my bones since I was born. Hence… I do not wish to lose anyone!”

“I will continue training tomorrow.”

Yan was clearly startled upon hearing Lin Dong’s words. After all, this training was extremely tortuous and one would typically require a few days to recuperate after each session. However, it did not stop Lin Dong, after witnessing the latter’s excited eyes. It merely shook his head slightly. A pleased expression flashed deep within its eyes.

During the subsequent month, Lin Dong did not even take a step out of this training hall. He would enter the Endless Divine Prison everyday and receive that death like tempering.

He was aware that he had to make up for his negligence towards Mental Energy. In order to do so, he had to put in a great effort. Thankfully, following the intense and painful training, he was also able to gradually sense that the Mental Energy in his Niwan Palace was surging and solidifying at quite a pleasing speed…

According to this speed, it was only a matter of time before he broke through to the advance Divine Symbol Master…

During this one month, Little Flame was still undertaking a retreat. Moreover, Lin Dong hardly had the time to manage Deep Lightning Mountain as he was training his Mental Energy. Fortunately, Chen Tong and Huo Miao were much more reliable than the both of them. Hence, no overly major problems occurred under their management.

During this past month, although they thought about calling Lin Dong, they chose to abandon their plans after sensing the frightening energy ripple being emitted from within the large hall. They could detect that Lin Dong was currently at a critical stage in his training. Therefore, they could only leave helplessly.

One month swiftly passed amidst this training. Gradually, experts with Chen Tong’s strength could vaguely feel that there was a frightening Mental Energy fluctuation slowly being emitted from within the training hall…

However, while the energy that was being emitted from the training hall was becoming increasingly dense, rushing wind sound suddenly appeared in the sky outside of Deep Lightning Mountain. Subsequently, two figures arrived while walking on air. They were wearing green robes and those robes had a blood dragon symbol over it. A pressure was quietly radidated from them.

“Someone from Blood Dragon Hall has arrived. Demon Commander of Deep Lightning Mountain, why haven’t you came out to receive us?”

Two figures appeared outside of Deep Lightning Mountain. Their eyes turned downwards before an icy cold cry reverberated across this mountain range like a thunderous roar.