Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1074: Endless Divine Prison

Chapter 1074: Endless Divine Prison


Chapter 1074: Endless Divine Prison

After Little Flame obtained the other half of the essence blood inheritance, he chose to immediately undertake a retreat and refine it. The management of Deep Lightning Mountain was left to Lin Dong. This gave the latter a headache. After all, he did not have Tang Xinlian’s abilities and could not manage a huge faction well. Fortunately, he was pleased to find that despite the fact that Deep Lightning Mountain was still suffering some ripple effects due to the change in ownership, there were no major problems.

Lin Dong began his own own training after he saw that Deep Lightning Mountain was stable. Although he had advanced into the initial Profound Death Stage, this cultivation level was still a little lacking, considering the strength of his opponents. Though he might be able to use many tricks to breach the gap between them when it came to a fight, regardless of how many techniques one had, one’s fundamental strength was still an extremely critical factor.

However, when it came to raising his strength, Lin Dong could only train in a slow but steady manner when it came to Yuan Power cultivation. Hence, after thinking about it carefully, Lin Dong decided to focus his attention on his Mental Energy.

In terms of Mental Energy, Lin Dong did indeed possess frightening talent that even shocked Little Marten. However, Lin Dong focused most of his time on Yuan Power training. This resulted in his Mental Energy cultivation frequently lagging behind. Although it would occasionally soar because of some unexpected factors, it undoubtedly lacked the stability of his Yuan Power, which had progressed in an extremely natural fashion.

Lin Dong’s current Mental Energy was at the peak of the initial Divine Symbol Master. If he could progress by another step, he would reach the advance Divine Symbol Master level. At that time, his Mental Energy would possess strength similar to a Profound Death Stage expert. The combination of the two would allow him to unleash quite a powerful strength.

However… trying to advance his Mental Energy was no easy task. Just as Lin Dong was racking his brains over this matter, Yan, who was always nowhere to be found, unexpectedly decided to provide him with some assistance out of the kindness of his heart.


Lin Dong sat on a stone platform in a huge hall of Deep Lightning Mountain, which was used specifically for training. Below the stone platform, Chen Tong respectfully handed him ten Qiankun bags.

“Sir Lin Dong, each Qiankun bag contains ten million Xuan Yuan Pills. This subordinate can go to the treasury to retrieve more if this is insufficient.”

Chen Tong felt a throbbing pain when he spoke those words. One hundred million Xuan Yuan Pills. Even though their Deep Lightning Mountain was quite wealthy, it still caused him, the person managing the wealth of Deep Lightning Mountain, to feel a heartache from spending so much at once.

“Haha, I am good for now. I have troubled brother Chen Tong.” Lin Dong smilingly said. He waved his hand before the Qiankun bags landed in his hand. Little Flame was in control of Deep Lightning Mountain and had inherited the tremendous resources of this huge faction. Otherwise, it would be quite tiring for Lin Dong, if he had to earn one hundred million Xuan Yuan Pills by himself.

Chen Tong quietly sighed in relief upon hearing Lin Dong’s words. He bid Lin Dong goodbye and left. In his heart, he was thinking that perhaps it was time for the army of Deep Lightning Mountain to head out again. Otherwise, their current reserves in the treasury would not be able to sustain Lin Dong’s expenditure.

Lin Dong watched Chen Tong left. Only then did he smilingly asked. “I have already obtained the Xuan Yuan Pills that you need. What should I do next?”

A white light flew out from within Lin Dong’s body. After which, it turned into a light figure. Yan sucked the ten Qiankun bags into his hands before nodding. He said, “Do you remember how you had used the Ancestral Stone to train your Mental Energy a long time ago?”

Lin Dong was startled upon hearing this. He sighed and nodded. At that time, he was still training back in the Great Yan Empire. It was truly a long time ago…

“The Ancestral Stone indeed possess the ability to temper your Mental Energy. However, you did not know how to use it in the past. Moreover, your feeble Mental Energy back then could not endure such a tempering. Therefore, I never mentioned it to you. Now, however… you should be able to barely endure it.” Yan said. Although he was in a slumber back then, he was still able to detect some ways in which Lin Dong had used the Ancestral Stone. At that time, Lin Dong had used the Ancestral Stone in a manner that was extremely painful for him to look at.

“My owner also practices both Yuan Power and Mental Energy. In fact, he reached the peak level in both of these cultivations.”

“Practicing both type of strengths huh…”

Lin Dong was a little surprised. It was likely that he did not expect that the strongest being ever had actually chosen to train both types of strength as well. Though this was not a rare path, many who touched these two types of strength had one which they focused on, and the other as an assistant. In fact, even Lin Dong would tilt more towards his Yuan Power and he ended up neglecting his Mental Energy cultivation as a result.

“These two strengths are both extremely powerful. However, it is inevitable that one of them will be stronger, if both strengths coexist in the same body. In the past, the reason for my existence was to maintain the equilibrium of these two powerful strengths within my owner’s body.

“Although my owner subsequently managed to reach a level, which surpassed this world, and no longer needed me to maintain the equilibrium, I was extremely important before he managed to do so.”

“Now that the Yimo has once again appeared in this world, no one knows when the next world war will break out. Hence… you should try to improve your strength. In order to truly resist the Yimo tribe’s attack… we need a second Symbol Ancestor.” Yan looked at Lin Dong, while his eyes became extremely grave.

It was also the first time Lin Dong saw such a grave expression in Yan’s eyes. He quickly laughed bitterly and said, “You are really overestimating me… Although I have always been extremely confident in myself, if we are to talk about this… Ying… the Ice Master should have a better chance than me, am I right?”

“I am aware that your little girlfriend is the Ice Master’s reincarnation.” Yan looked at Lin Dong.

“I also know… that even though my master said that the Ice Master is the most probable person to reach his level… However, the Ancestral Symbols chose you!”

“What do you mean?” Lin Dong frowned.

“The Ancestral Symbols are the most powerful divine objects in this world and they possess intelligence. From a certain point of view, they are unable to coexist in a single body.”

“The Devouring Ancestral Symbol can do so.” Lin Dong reminded.

“Indeed, the Devouring Ancestral Symbol has the largest acceptance capacity amongst the Ancestral Symbols… However, you should also know that even the Devouring Master failed to successfully refine a second Ancestral Symbol.”

“The Devouring Ancestral Symbol also had other owners after the Devouring Master. However… they never possessed a second Ancestral Symbol like you do. Given their abilities, it is not because they could not find a second Ancestral Symbol…”

“Do you mean…” Lin Dong narrowed his eyes and said, “The reason why I am able to refine the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol is not related to the Devouring Ancestral Symbol?”

This caused Lin Dong to feel a little lost. He had never felt this kind of so-called affinity with the Ancestral Symbols. In fact, when refining the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol back then, he was nearly killed by those lightning strikes…

“It is related. However, it is not the most important factor… The most important factor is that there is an affinity between you and the Ancestral Symbols. Therefore, the Ancestral Symbols chose you.” Yan stared at Lin Dong. “This affinity only appeared to my owner ever since the ancient times.”

Lin Dong was stunned. He immediately felt his skin turn numb. “You’d better not tell me that I am the reincarnation of the Symbol Ancestor.”

This was something that he was completely unable to accept. He was Lin Dong and had a consciousness that completely belonged to him. He did not wish for something to be mixed into it.

“It would have been best if that was the case…”

Yan smiled bitterly. “My owner incinerated his reincarnation to seal the crack between the planes. He has already completely disappeared from this world and will not have the opportunity to reincarnate.”

Lin Dong sighed in relief. He felt that his back had became wet from cold sweat. However, he did not feel anything like having an affinity. All he knew was that he had lingered between life and death for countless number of times in order to get to where he was today.

“Nonetheless, this means that you have the potential to become the second Symbol Ancestor. The Ancestral Symbols do not make random choices.” Yan’s eyes were a little strange as he looked at Lin Dong and said.

“Isn’t that a little too farfetch for me now?” Lin Dong was helpless. This discussion was a little too farfetch for him right now.

Yan was non-committal. He shrugged his shoulders and said, “Forget about it. It might indeed be a little too early for me to be telling you this now… We should first resolve the problem of your Mental Energy cultivation.”

He waved his hand as he spoke. Promptly, ten Qiankun bags flew out. Soon after, ten huge pill rivers formed by Xuan Yuan pills came whistling forward. They looked just like huge dragons crouching in this large hall.

Bang bang!

When a hundred million Xuan Yuan Pills gathered together, the energy contained had naturally reached quite a frightening extent. Due to the gathering of energy, there was actually a splashing water sound being emitted. Waves of majestic Yuan Power ripple spread.

Hovering in mid-air, Yan’s hand seals changed at lightning speed. Following which, with a deep roar, the ten pill rivers suddenly slammed into each other. Then, a frightening energy shockwave spread. As the waves spread, faintly, there was a massive thousand feet object slowly being formed.

It was an extremely gigantic mysterious light plate. A heavy atmosphere lingered within it. Light permeated the light plate appearing as though it had formed its own world.

Yan stood in the sky. He watched the huge light plate and smilingly looked towards Lin Dong. However, Lin Dong could detect a mischievous intent in his eyes. Subsequently, Yan bowed his body and gestured for Lin Dong to enter.

“This is something that my owner gave to his disciples back then to train their Mental Energy… Welcome. You are the ninth person to enter.”

“What is it?” Lin Dong watched this huge light plate. He could detect some dangerous ripple from it as he asked uneasily.

Yan laughed. His casual voice caused the pores all over Lin Dong’s body to stand.

“Endless Divine Prison.”