Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1073: Divine Item Treasury

Chapter 1073: Divine Item Treasury


Chapter 1073: Divine Item Treasury

“Ancient Divine Item Treasury?”

Lin Dong narrowed his eyes. He was naturally quite familiar with ancient divine objects. After all, the Ancestral Stone in his body was ranked second on the Ancient Divine Object Ranking. Moreover, in order to deal with that Yimo King Tianming, Qing Zhi had to use the sixth ranked item on the Ancient Divine Object Ranking, the “King Destroying Heavenly Plate”, before he was able to to kill him.

These ancient divine objects all possessed great powers and in the hands of a formidable person, they were able to unleash a frightening strength. At times, it was even possible to kill an opponent at a higher level.

Therefore, every ancient divine object would cause countless experts’ eyes to turn red, as they fought over it. Yet, what was going on with this Ancient Divine Item Treasury?

“Based on what I know, there is an Ancient Divine Item Treasury in the Beast War Region that was left behind from the ancient times…”

“There are many ancient divine objects in that treasury and every one of them is extremely powerful.”

Little Flame parted his mouth and laughed, “However, this Ancient Divine Item Treasury is jointly guarded by the eight great Demon Commander’s factions and it will only open once every three years. That period of time is also when the atmosphere in the Beast War Region becomes the most heated. Even some factions that do not belong here, will come and intervene in an attempt to gain a share.”


Little Flame paused before continuing, “It seems like not everyone will successfully obtain an ancient divine object. Rumour has it that only a few factions managed to obtain an ancient divine object the last time the treasury opened…”

“Moreover, amongst those divine objects, it seems like the most powerful one was a divine object called the ‘Nine Sky Heavy Mountain’. It is rumoured to be ranked thirty-second on the Ancient Divine Object Ranking.”

“Nine Sky Heavy Mountain…” Lin Dong muttered to himself. He was quite interested in these ancient divine items. Although the Ancestral Stone in his hand was ranked ridiculously high, it was currently unable to provide much of a boost to his fighting strength, because it suffered severe injuries during the great war in the ancient times. At the very most, he was able to rely on its unique and gentle properties to maintain the equilibrium between the two great Ancestral Symbols in his body.

“Will everyone be able to obtain an ancient divine object when that treasury opens?” Lin Dong asked.

“How is that be possible…”

Little Flame shook his head. After which, he waved the ancient green coloured bronze tablet in his hand and said, “If I am not mistaken, this should be the object that is the subject of the rumours spreading wildly amongst the big factions in the Beast War Region… the Ancient Divine Tablet.”

“Ancient Divine Tablet?” Lin Dong frowned.

“The Ancient Divine Item Treasury is quite mysterious and it seems to possess an extremely mysterious energy. One can only rely on the ‘Ancient Divine Tablet’ in order to pass through that energy barrier and obtain an ancient divine objects.”

“Everytime the Ancient Divine Item Treasury opens up, one ‘Ancient Divine Tablet’ will allow one to obtain one ancient divine object.”

“One actually needs to rely on this thing to obtain a divine object…” Lin Dong was a little startled. He took the triangular bronze piece from Little Flame’s hand and gently estimated its weight. A strange heavy feeling was being felt on his hand.

“What did Xu Zhong obtain the previous time the Ancient Divine Item Treasury opened up? Why didn’t he use it?” Lin Dong asked in a somewhat puzzled manner. If Xu Zhong possessed such a powerful divine object, it was likely that Lin Dong would have a much more difficult time defeating him.

Little Flame’s expression was a little strange as he replied, “This was because he had to turn it over to his superiors…”

“Turned over to his superiors?”

Lin Dong was startled. Xu Zhong was one of the eight great Demon Commanders. Yet, he had to hand over the divine objects he obtained to his superiors? Who did he hand it over to?

“Big brother, there are a total of eight great Demon Commanders in the Beast War Region… However, there is also a huge gap between the Demon Commanders. Xu Zhong is merely a Demon Commander who has risen in the past decade. Amongst the eight Demon Commanders… there are three who have dominated the Beast War Region for a few hundred years!”

“Strictly speaking, they are considered as the strongest beings in the Beast War Region … Up against those old monsters, even Xu Zhong had no choice but to submit to one of them.”Little Flame said.

“Back then, out of those three Demon Commanders, Xu Zhong chose to submit to the Sky Dragon Demon Commander. The divine object Xu Zhong that he obtained in the Ancient Divine Item Treasury was also gifted to the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander…”

“Heaven Dragon Demon Commander…”

Lin Dong muttered to himself. He frowned and said, “Could it be that this esteemed Demon Commander is a member of the dragon tribe?”

“Tsk. He is merely an eight winged dragon who possess bits of the dragon tribe’s bloodline… Calling himself a Heaven Dragon is sheer arrogance.” Little Flame curled his mouth and said.

“This time around, if I wasn’t the one who took over Xu Zhong as the Demon Commander and the Deep Lightning Mountain fell into the hands of an outsider, he might end up making a move. Nevertheless, I predict that it is only a matter of time before that Heaven Dragon Demon Commander comes knocking on our door.” A worry flashed across Little Flame’s eyes as he said.

“Is that Heaven Dragon Demon Commander very powerful?”

“Yes… Samsara Stage strength.” Little Flame nodded.

“Samsara Stage huh…”

Lin Dong curled his lips. Only then, did he feel a great pressure. Although Xu Zhong is known to be extremely close to the Samsara Stage, this one step was in reality an extremely huge gap. Otherwise, he would not have chosen to seek protection from the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander.

“Typically, one would have to pay a price in order to obtain protection from the Sky Dragon Demon Commander. Xu Zhong had to offer the divine object he obtained from the Ancient Divine Item Treasury to the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander for three times. Only after that, will he be able to keep the divine objects.”

“However, the Ancient Divine Item Treasury only opens every three years. In other words, Xu Zhong had to help the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander for nearly ten years… If we count the time, it seems like this exact amount of time has passed. Unfortunately, he is no longer able to enjoy those divine objects.” Little Flame spoke with a smile.

“How many ancient divine tablets are there?” Lin Dong waved the bronze piece in his hand and asked.

“Based on what I know, there are thirteen of them. The three great Demon Commanders amongst the eight Demon Commanders own two each. The remaining five Demon Commanders have one each. There are two other powerful factions in the Beast War Region who owns the remaining two. Although they are not as powerful as the Demon Commanders, one should not underestimate them either.” Little Flame replied.

“In other words, each time the Ancient Divine Item Treasury is opened, thirteen divine objects will appear in this world?” Lin Dong was slightly amazed. This treasury was actually this formidable? Just one divine object alone would incite countless individuals to fight over it. Even less needed to be said when thirteen of them appeared together…

“Ordinary divine objects are not overtly rare. They are not like those found on the Ancient Divine Object Ranking… Strictly speaking, they are not a lot stronger than your Lightning Emperor Scepter.” A voice suddenly sounded within Lin Dong’s heart while he was feeling secretly startled. It belonged to Yan. This fellow, who was ranked second on the Ancient Divine Object Ranking, clearly held great authority when it came to such matters.

Lin Dong choked because of Yan’s words. He spoke in his heart in a somewhat depressed manner, “I have no choice, since the second ranked divine object in my hand is of little use even up till now.”


Yan coughed dryly. It was aware that it could not provide much help to Lin Dong, in terms of his offensive capabilities. After all, the damage it suffered back then was far too severe.

“Of course… you can still make a trip to the Ancient Divine Item Treasury. However, other than an extremely small number of divine objects, most of them are hardly spectacular. However, the treasury itself is a decent divine object.”

“You mean… the Ancient Divine Item Treasury itself?” Lin Dong felt slightly startled. Was that also a divine object?

“Yes. If my guess is right, it should be the tenth ranked item on the Ancient Divine Object Ranking, the ‘Mysterious Heaven Hall’…” Yan replied.

“Mysterious Heaven Hall?” Lin Dong once again appeared extremely lost.

“It is also something made by my owner back then. You should know that we needed a lot of equipment in order to wage a full scale war with the Yimo. This Mysterious Heaven Hall is an ultimate divine object that can manufacture divine objects on its own… All one had to do is to throw the required ingredients inside and the Mysterious Heaven Hall will naturally refine it. After which, one can equip one’s army and assemble a powerful fighting force.”

“Of course, these mass produced items naturally cannot be compared with those on the Ancient Divine Object Ranking. However, they cannot be underestimated as well because of their large numbers. Moreover, other than its ability to refine, this Mysterious Heaven Hall also possess a sealing ability. If its full strength is activated, even an Yimo king will have difficulties escaping after being caught in it. It must be said that the ‘Mysterious Heaven Hall’ played an important role during the great world war.”

“It is actually able to refine and create divine objects on its own…” Lin Dong involuntarily nodded in a stunned fashion. This Ancient Divine Item Treasury or rather Mysterious Heaven Hall was truly formidable.

“Her hee. You can give it a go. If you manage to obtain the Mysterious Heaven Hall, it will definitely be of a great help to you.”

An excited glint flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes. Disregarding its ability to create divine objects, just the ability to seal an Yimo king was sufficient to rouse Lin Dong’s desire. After all, this was an extremely difficult step for him to accomplish with his current strength.

“How long before the Ancient Divine Item Treasury opens again?” Lin Dong lifted his head, looked at Little Flame and asked.

“Let me see, the Ancient Divine Item Treasury should open again in approximately two to three months’ time…”

“I finally realised why Qin Shi wanted Xu Zhong’s corpse. He is actually after the Ancient Divine Tablet in Xu Zhong’s body. By doing so, he would be able to obtain two divine objects the next time the Ancient Divine Item Treasury opens. One of them will be surrendered to those above him, while the other will be kept by him…” Little Flame smacked his lips together and commented.

Lin Dong nodded. He felt that Qin Shi was acting strangely that day. It turns out the latter was after this.

“Big brother, are you also interested in the Ancient Divine Item Treasury?” Little Flame asked.

“It will be quite beneficial for us if we are able to obtain one to two divine items.”

Lin Dong smiled. He waved his hand downwards and said, “Before this however, you must refine this essence blood inheritance. Otherwise, we will be unable to compete with those vicious fellows.”


Little Flame nodded heavily. He also knew that there were many powerful individuals eyeing the Ancient Divine Item Treasury. Hence, it was no easy task for them to obtain a share of the loot.

With a wave of his sleeve, both of them shot out from the Burning Sky Cauldron. Little Flame did not linger on after having obtained the essence blood inheritance. They chatted for a short while before he hurriedly returned to undertake a retreat and refine it. Lin Dong smiled upon seeing Little Flame’s anxious demeanor. Meanwhile, his palms gently rubbed the ancient divine tablet in his hand.

“Ancient Divine Item Treasury huh… I am quite interested in you…”