Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1072: Essence Blood Inheritance

Chapter 1072: Essence Blood Inheritance


Chapter 1072: Essence Blood Inheritance

The incident which took place on Deep Lightning Mountain spread across the entire Beast War Region at an extremely frightening speed within three short days.

The shock and awe caused by this news exceeded everyone’s expectations. The entire Beast War Region also erupted into an uproar as a result. After all, the death of a Demon Commander was no frequent occurrence in the Beast War Region.

Although Xu Zhong was not considered outstanding amongst the eight great Demon Commanders, he was still a Demon Commander. Moreover, there were countless number of powerful individuals who attempted to challenge him over the years. However, they merely became a glowing dot in the halo above his head, allowing his reputation to grow and his strength to increase…

However, this Demon Commander, who had held that title for over a decade, was suddenly killed.

Moreover, it was not a powerful warrior from the Beast War Region that killed him. Instead, it was a human… Hence, this news naturally caused quite a huge commotion as it spread. In fact, many powerful warriors felt bitter. A human actually dared to act so arrogantly in their Beast War Region. However, this time around, no one tried to find trouble with Lin Dong like they did back when Lin Dong defeated Cao Ying. After all, powerful individuals who could kill a Demon Commander, were rarefied existences in the Beast War Region…

Of course, this huge uproar naturally attracted the attention of those powerful factions in Beast War Region, many of which were not inferior to Deep Lightning Mountain. Some people were eager to act, but they ultimately suppressed their desire. That was because the current Demon Commander of Deep Lightning Mountain was not a human. Instead, it was also a powerful Demonic Beast.

It was clearly a wise decision for Lin Dong to ask Little Flame to take the position of Demon Commander. Although he was quite powerful, he had yet to reach the level whereby he could tower over everyone else. Therefore, he had to tone down a little in a place like this. After all, he was well aware that if he took the position of Demon Commander, not only will most powerful experts in Deep Lightning Mountain refuse to submit, but it was also likely that other Demon Commanders would lead their armies and invade Deep Lightning Mountain the next day.

Nevertheless, Deep Lightning Mountain was clearly in the limelight during this period of time. Fortunately, there were no abrupt changes to Deep Lightning Mountain after its owner changed. Other than the fact that the Demon Commander changed, the serene mountain remained as peaceful as before…

Following the flow of time, those pairs of eyes which were closely observing Deep Lightning Mountain, began to withdraw due to this usual silence. However, only those who had access to privileged information knew that a storm was stealthily brewing.

In the Demon Region, especially this extremely chaotic Beast War Region, it was not an easy task to seek peace…


Deep Lightning Mountain.

Lin Dong sat on a rock on a quiet mountain behind. Majestic Yuan Power roamed around his body. It followed his breath, transforming into many Qi dragons before they tunneled into his nostrils.

Lin Dong’s aura became increasingly calm as the Yuan Power poured into him. There seemed to be an endless ocean like aura under this calmness.


A rushing wind sound appeared some distance away. Subsequently, a familiar stocky body landed. Lin Dong opened his eyes before he saw Little Flame appearing beside him. During this period of time, Little Flame had managed to gradually gain control of Deep Lightning Mountain. In addition to his originally fearsome face, there was now a slightly authoritative aura.

“You should have settled all the issues within Deep Lightning Mountain, am I right?” Lin Dong looked at Little Flame and smilingly asked.

Although most of the great generals in Deep Lightning Mountain chose to submit after Xu Zhong’s death, there were still some powerful individuals who remained loyal to Xu Zhong. Therefore, some chaos did break out during these ten days. However, Little Flame completely eliminated these troublemakers swiftly and hardly any rumours emerged.

With the help of Chen Tong’s group, it was obvious that Deep Lightning Mountain was gradually falling under Little Flame’s control. After all, the latter’s reputation in Deep Lightning Mountain was only inferior to that of Xu Zhong. Now that Xu Zhong was dead, it was natural that Little Flame succeeded him. This was completely justified. After all, trying to snatch the position of another was not considered an overly repulsing deed in the Demon Region.

This place worshiped strength above all else. If a commander’s strength was inferior to that of his subordinate, it was only natural for him to be replaced by him.

“Aye.” Little Flame nodded. He parted his lips and smiled, “Meng Shan and General Tian E likely have some rebellious desires in their hearts. However, they will not dare to do anything for now. I will get Chen Tong’s group to keep an eye on them. If they dare to show even the slightest hint of disloyalty, I will be able to eliminate them.”

Lin Dong nodded slowly. The Meng Shan duo were just some rat shit. It was troublesome to keep them, but it was also impossible to get rid of them openly. Hence, their best solution was to wait for the two of them to lose their patience.

Of course, Lin Dong was not afraid of what they could do. After all, without Xu Zhong backing them, it was difficult for those two to pose much of a threat to them.

“Big brother, how are your injuries?” Little Flame looked at Lin Dong. The latter’s condition had already completely recovered during this period of recuperation and he no longer appeared as frail as before.

“I’m fine.”

Lin Dong shook his head before he lowered his head to look at his fingers. It was only after he advanced to Profound Death stage, that it became possible for him to use his body’s essence blood and the Ancestral Stone, to balance the powers between the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol and the Devouring Ancestral Symbol. Clearly, the strength of such an attack was exceptionally terrifying. However, combining the strength of the two great Ancestral Symbols was no joke.

Unfortunately, this exhausted one’s body far too greatly.

“On the other hand, you… you might be quite powerful, but you are likely the weakest amongst the current eight great Demon Commanders.”Lin Dong looked at Little Flame and remarked.

Little Flame nodded. He might possess a mutated body, but he was still lacking in terms of development time when compared with those old monsters. Hence, he could only use some other methods to catch up. One example was the essence blood inheritance…

Lin Dong looked at Little Flame’s eyes, which were focused on him. He smiled and waved his sleeve. A Burning Sky Furnace shot out and swelled rapidly. Subsequently, he moved and headed into the furnace.

“Follow me. It is time to retrieve the essence blood inheritance…”

An enormous dark grayish tiger corpse was floating in the Burning Sky Furnace while a rich bloody smell spread from it. After Xu Zhong died, his body once again returned to its original form.

Lin Dong appeared in the air. Both his eyes narrowed as he stared at the dark grayish tiger corpse.

“Big brother, that inheritance essence blood has already been refined by Xu Zhong. Can it still be retrieved?” Little Flame followed Lin Dong. Then, he glanced at the huge tiger corpse and asked.

“It might be too difficult for others…”

Lin Dong smiled. He clenched his hand and a black swirl appeared. A mighty Devouring Power spread. “Have you forgotten about my Devouring Ancestral Symbol?”

Lin Dong flicked his finger as he spoke. The black swirl rushed out and appeared on the huge dark grayish tiger’s body. A devouring power was emitted. It was like a huge mouth that swallowed the dark grayish tiger a bit at a time.

The large dark grayish tiger gradually disappeared into the black hole. Around half an hour or so, it completely disappeared and not even a trace of flesh or bone remained.


A black hole suddenly moved just as the dark grayish large tiger had vanished. Many extremely majestic and pure energy light pillars shot out from it. Looking from a distance away, it appeared like a resplendent, rising hot sun.

When Lin Dong saw this sight, he clenched his hand before that black swirl turned into a black light and returned into his body. A human head sized blood coloured ball appeared in midair.

Currently, it was possible for Lin Dong to detect an extremely pure energy ripple within the blood coloured light ball. Blood lines lingered on the surface of the light ball and it looked like a bloody tiger that was roaring at the sky.

“It is indeed the other half of the essence blood inheritance!” When Little Flame saw the blood coloured light ball, joy appeared on his face.

Lin Dong gave a slight smile. Although this essence blood inheritance was completely refined by Xu Zhong, it had only seeped into his flesh. Presently, Lin Dong had even refined his flesh. Hence, the essence blood inheritance was naturally squeezed out again. By relying on the strength of his Devouring Ancestral Symbol, Lin Dong was able to extract the essence blood, unless it had completely merged with his actual body.

“Absorb the other half of the essence blood inheritance. There is a good chance that you can reach the perfect Profound Death Stage…”

Lin Dong smacked his lips after he mentioned this point. He had trained bitterly, yet, he was only at the initial Profound Death Stage. However, Little Flame had already soared to the perfect Profound Death Stage. Although this was partly due to his mutated body, it still made him feel unbalanced. However, Lin Dong quickly thought of his superior combat strength, which far outclassed his level, and felt a little pleased. It at least covered a bit of the gap…

Lin Dong waved his hand after his voice sounded. The ball of blood light immediately fell before it was subsequently grabbed by Little Flame. However, a gasp of surprise was emitted from Little Flame’s mouth just as he was about to refine it.


Lin Dong lifted his head and looked at Little Flame.

Little Flame grabbed the blood coloured light ball. He clenched it gently and it was possible to see a blood light rising from the blood coloured light ball. The light scattered a little at a time before it shrunk into the size of a palm, and a triangular ancient bronze piece appeared.

The bronze piece was covered with a dark green colour. It appeared like dirt left behind after the passage of time. It was vaguely possible to see two ancient words at the corner of the bronze piece.

“Item… treasure?”

Lin Dong glanced at it before he frowned. What was that?

Little Flame rubbed this ancient bronze piece. He fondled his chin while appearing to be deep in thought. A long while later, his hand finally slammed heavily on the bronze piece. His tiger eyes contained an excited glow as he stared at Lin Dong.

“Big brother… I know what this is!”

“Oh?” Lin Dong lifted his brow.

Little Flame parted his lips into a smile. “Has big brother heard of the Ancient Divine Item Treasury?”