Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1071: Changing Owners

Chapter 1071: Changing Owners


Chapter 1071: Changing Owners


A thin ray of blood red light shot across the sky. Subsequently, it seemed to tear apart space and disappear within it in a flash.

At this moment, everyone’s eyes were glued to Xu Zhong’s gradually stiffening face. They could see life rapidly disappearing from the latter’s scarlet eyes and the lingering horror within them…

“How.. can it be…”

Blood flowed down Xu Zhong’s forehead as the world in front of him began to turn dark. His unsteady gaze saw the lifted hand of the young man in the distance. Even at this moment, he was unable to accept the truth. Lin Dong had actually tore apart the energy field that he was using to advance to the Samsara stage and forcibly delivered the fatal blow.

The energy field from earlier was something that even an expert at the peak of the Profound Death stage like himself would not be able to break into. Yet… Lin Dong’s attack had managed to shattered it with ease.

“That… what was that attack?”

“This fellow… was still holding back huh…”

The scene before Xu Zhong’s eyes rapidly turned to darkness. His body swaggered and finally collapsed onto the ground with a thud in front of those many pairs of extremely shocked eyes…

“I’m really… unresigned…”

After these last words sounded within his heart, Xu Zhong’s consciousness completely disappeared.

A mighty Demon Commander had died!

The entire Deep Lightning Mountain had become completely quiet at this moment. A breeze blew over, but it was unable to blow away the frozen atmosphere on the messy mountain.

Xu Zhong was dead…

Many pairs of eyes gazed at the figure that had collapsed as their pupils expanded slightly. This was the Demon Commander of Deep Lightning Mountain. Has he really been finished off by that human young man called Lin Dong in such a fashion?

“How did this happen…”

Several people mumbled. This was after all one of the eight great Demon Commanders of the Beast War Region. Although Xue Zhong’s strength was not outstanding amongst the eight great Demon Commanders, he was still a Demon Commander who ruled a great territory. There were hardly anyone in the Beast War Region who could defeat him. Everyone could imagine just how frightening a commotion this matter would stir within the Beast War Region when the news spread.

The entire mountain was completely quiet. Fresh blood was still dripping from Lin Dong’s fingertips as he slowly lowered his hands. His face appeared exceptionally pale. The earlier attack had was the fusion of the power of two Ancestral Symbols in his body and a tremendous amount of essence blood. Hence, it was terrifying exhausting for him. However, Lin Dong had no choice. Although Lin Dong was aware that allowing Xu Zhong to devour his brother would only give him a thirty percent chance of successfully advancing into the Samsara stage, Lin Dong did not dare to take such a risk.

Once Xu Zhong successfully advanced, the situation would be completely different. Although the Lin Dong duo would not die, it would be extremely difficult for them to achieve their objective.

“Big brother, are you alright?” Little Flame was alarmed when he saw Lin Dong’s complexion and hurriedly asked.

Lin Dong gently shook his head. He was just about to speak when his face suddenly turned cold. He abruptly lifted his head and saw a light figure rushing over from far away. The latter was extending his hand in an attempt to grab Xu Zhong’s body.

“You are courting death!”

Lin Dong let out a cold cry. He curled two fingers and was about to thrust them again.

That light figure had clearly witnessed Lin Dong’ extremely terrifying finger attack from earlier. Hence, he was frightened upon witnessing this scene and his forward charging body stopped. At this moment, Little Flame also reacted. The latter let out a furious roar as he charged forward and a ferocious palm wind ruthlessly smashed towards the light figure.


A fierce wind unfurled while Little Flame hurriedly took a couple of steps back. The light figure was revealed to be Qin Shi.


Lin Dong eyes were icy. A thought flashed through his mind and the Sky Devouring Corpse hurried over. It appeared in front of Qin Shi and blocked him.

“Do you plan to avenge Xu Zhong?” Lin Dong stared at Qin Shi and slowly questioned.

Qin Shi laughed dryly upon hearing this. His eyes were filled with wariness and fear as he looked at Lin Dong. Xu Zhong’s death was also a huge shock to him. Since his strength was similar to Xu Zhong, it meant that Lin Dong had the power to kill him. Moreover, there was still that Sky Devouring Corpse that gave him a big headache…

Both he and Xu Zhong did not have much of a friendship to begin with. The reason he had helped was due to the generous terms Xu Zhong had offered. However, Xu Zhong was already dead and there was no longer any meaning in that transaction. It was pointless for him to become enemies with this troublesome Lin Dong.

“What is young brother Lin Dong saying? There is no deep friendship between Xu Zhong and I and I have no reason to avenge him.”

Qin Shi laughed. His eyes flickered as he glanced at Xu Zhong’s corpse and said, “It is just that I wish to conduct a transaction with young brother Lin Dong. Why don’t you give this corpse of Xu Zhong’s to me?”

Lin Dong’s eyes narrowed as he stared at Qin Shi. The latter smilingly looked at him. His face appeared extremely cunning.

“I’m sorry. I’m afraid that I cannot accept this request.” Lin Dong smiled faintly. The other half of the essence blood inheritance that Little Flame needed was in Xu Zhong’s body. Even though the essence blood inheritance had been refined by Xu Zhong, Lin Dong had the means to force it out.

Qin Shi’s expression altered slightly as he laughed dryly, “Young brother Lin Dong, why don’t you give the matter some thought? It is never be a bad thing to befriend another person in this Beast War Region.”

“Does brother Qin Shi not wish to befriend me?” Lin Dong asked with a half smile.

The corners of Qin Shi’s mouth twitched. He subsequently glanced at the Sky Devouring Corpse, which was less than a dozen steps from him. After which, he vigilantly stared at Little Flame. His body finally relaxed slowly as he spoke in a somewhat dry voice. “How can that be possible? This king is only too happy to become acquainted with brother Lin Dong in this fight.”

Lin Dong smiled. He waved his sleeve and the Burning Sky Cauldron flew out and sucked Xu Zhong’s corpse into it.

Qin Shi could only quietly sigh upon seeing this as disappointment flashed across his eyes.

Lin Dong caught sight of this expression and felt a little baffled in his heart. Did this Qin Shi also know about the other half of the essence blood inheritance in Xu Zhong’s body? However, Qin Shi was part of the lion tribe. It was impossible for him to perfectly absorb the essence blood inheritance even if he managed to obtain it…

The originally tensed atmosphere on Deep Lightning Mountain suddenly relaxed following the disappearance of Xu Zhong’s corpse. Chen Tong and the rest exchanged glances upon seeing this. Soon after, they knelt on one knee. Some of the guards of Deep Lightning Mountain behind them hesitated for a moment before kneeling while feeling a little lost. Clearly, Chen Tong’s five men group had substantial influence in Deep Lightning Mountain…

“General Yan, please become the commander!”

A low and deep cry spread within Deep Lightning Mountain. The guards of Deep Lightning Mountain also echoed after them and a thunderous cry reverberated across the sky.

Many people from Deep Lightning Mountain were stunned as they watched this scene with some anxiety. Was Deep Lightning Mountain changing owners?

Meng Shan and General Tian E were also somewhat panicking. However, the death of Xu Zhong had made them lose all of their courage. Neither of them dared to voice any objection.


A rumbling sound suddenly appeared from below Deep Lightning Mountain at this moment. Soon after, everyone saw a metallic like black torrent that gave off an earthshaking ferocious aura as it swept over.

It was the Tiger Devouring Army.

The Tiger Devouring Army suddenly paused when it was still some distance from the top of the mountain. After which, they knelt with one knee on the ground. Their orderly cry was just like a tiger roar.


Some of the still hesitating experts of Deep Lightning Mountain finally clenched their teeth and knelt along with the huge crowd when the aura of the Tiger Devouring Army swept over.

Those leaders of the various factions located within the territory of Deep Lightning Mountain were also aware of the current situation after witnessing this scene. With Xu Zhong’s death, the only one in Deep Lightning Mountain who was most suitable to become the Demon Commander was Little Flame…

Since they were unable to change this result, it was better to quickly establish a good relationship with this new Demon Commander. Otherwise, their lives would become a lot harder in future.

Lin Dong watched the grand scene before him as a smile surfaced on his pale face. He was a human. Regardless of how strong he was, it was extremely difficult for these people from Deep Lightning Mountain to accept him as the new Demon Commander. Moreover, he did not like such a position to begin with. Hence, it was naturally best if this position could be taken by Little Flame.

Therefore, he could only look towards Little Flame and nod.

Little Flame hesitated for a moment upon seeing this. Finally, he agreed. Deep Lightning Mountain was a pretty good faction. It would be quite beneficial for them if he could take control of it. When they charged back to the Eastern Xuan Region in future, this would perhaps even become a relatively powerful trump card…

Little Flame flew into the sky under the many watching eyes as his tiger eyes swept over the entire place. Finally, he looked towards Meng Shan and General Tian E. “Will the two of you submit?”

The Mengshan duo’s expressions changed slightly upon hearing this. They hesitated for a moment under the countless needle like gazes around them. Finally, they knelt with one knee. At this moment, they had lost all courage to resist.

Little Flame nodded after seeing this. He looked towards Huo Miao, the only one left standing, and said, “You can leave if you do not wish to stay in Deep Lightning Mountain.”

“Humph, how impressive.”

Huo Miao stared at the hulk like Little Flame and snorted softly. However, her face gradually reddened. Subsequently, she knelt with one knee on the ground without her usual haughty manner. What shocked Chen Tong and the rest the most was the fact that this woman had never acted so obediently back when Xu Zhong accepted her as a commander…

At this very moment, the entire Deep Lightning Mountain had lost all resistance…

Little Flame stood in the sky as his tiger eyes swept over the place. Finally, he waved his large hand, appearing a little imposing. His deep voice also resounded within Deep Lightning Mountain.

“Nothing will change in Deep Lightning Mountain. Everyone will hold the same position as before with the exception of… the Demon Commander!”

“Congratulations Commander Yan!”

Countless people lowered their heads as an orderly and respectful cry reverberated across the land in a majestic fashion.

The owner of Deep Lightning Mountain had finally changed amidst this mighty cry!