Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1068: Battle of Deep Lightning Mountain

Chapter 1068: Battle of Deep Lightning Mountain


Chapter 1068: Battle of Deep Lightning Mountain


Dragon roars shook the heavens. Numerous green dragon light tattoos soared one after another as a hundred dragons roared together. A powerful pressure unfurled, causing the countless Demonic Beasts within the entire Deep Lightning Mountain Range to tremble.

Every gaze on Deep Lightning Mountain was suffused with shock as they looked at the skinny young man surrounded a hundred green dragon light tattoos. All of them could clearly detect a boundless power within each green dragon light tattoo and the union of a hundred terrified them. They were really unable to imagine how the frail body of a human could contained such frightening power.

This pressure did indeed originate from the dragon tribe… could the young man before their eyes be related to the dragon tribe, one of the four overlord tribes?


There was a serious look in Chen Tong and the rest’s eyes as they looked at the scene before them. They immediately exchanged glances and grinned. Only at this moment did they clearly understand how comical their doubt towards Lin Dong was that night.

Moreover… they finally understood why Lin Dong had said those seemingly exceptionally arrogant words that he and his brother were enough to deal with the matter of Deep Lightning Mountain that night.

It turned out that he indeed had the right to say so.

Xu Zhong’s steps had finally paused at this moment. He looked at the hundred green dragon light tattoos swirling around Lin Dong as a grave expression appeared in those tiger eyes. “The dragon tribe’s body tempering martial arts huh?”

“This is going to be interesting!” Xu Zhong’s scarlet tongue licked his lips while a baleful aura surged in his eyes.

“However… regardless of how powerful the techniques you have are, your strength is merely at the initial Profound Death stage!”

Xu Zhong took a big step forward, transforming into a flash of black light as he shot forward. Along the way, the ground split open. The huge cracks were like a darkness tiger that was tearing the ground apart, roaring as it charged at Lin Dong.

“Is that so?”

A green dragon occupied Lin Dong’s eyes. Although his body was thin, his aura was like a the boundless sea as he stepped forward.


Enormous cracks spread to a ten thousand feet large radius in a spiderweb like fashion while the air exploded. All everyone could see was green light ripping through space. In the next moment, the green and black light figures had already collided with at the mountaintop!


A shock wave formed by both green and black instantly erupted. Mountains were blasted into smithereens while large areas of lush green forests were flattened.

Countless figures floated in the air. Their eyes were shocked as they looked down upon the mess below. After which, they looked to the source of the shock wave where a huge pit had appeared. Two figures stood the centre of the pit with their fists touching each other. A frightening and almost corporeal energy wave spread, causing an extremely distorted feeling to appear within space itself.

Lin Dong did not even take a step back in this head on clash!

A draw!

Countless people violently gasped in their hearts. Although Lin Dong was able to receive Xu Zhong’s attacks in their previous clash, he was clearly at a disadvantage. After all, no matter how one put it, he was merely an initial Profound Death stage expert while this Xu Zhong was at the peak of the perfect Profound Death stage!

According to common sense, a direct clash between a Profound Death stage expert and Xu Zhong would likely lead to the former’s body bursting into bloody foam. However, the strength of Lin Dong’s physical body had clearly reached a rather frightening level.

“Brat, you really do possess some ability!” Xu Zhong grinned and spoke in a sinister manner as he looked at the young man before him, whose body was surrounded by green light tattoos while a green dragon occupied his eyes.

“You are not bad either.”

Lin Dong smiled. The desire to fight surged like a erupting volcano within his pitch-black eyes. This was the first time he had truly clashed directly against an expert of this level, causing his blood to boil slightly.

Xu Zhong was considered to be extremely close to the Samsara stage. This was a level that was once practically invincible in Lin Dong’s eyes. But now, he was approaching it step by step. He believed that there will finally come a day when he would truly be able to match an expert at this level!

At that time, Lin Dong would return to the Eastern Xuan Region!

He would let the entire Eastern Xuan Region learn that the person who had been chased by the Yuan Gate until he had to flee the Eastern Xuan Region like a homeless stray, had once again come charging back!

“Old dogs of the Yuan Gate, just you wait!”

Surging battle desire rose within Lin Dong’s eyes. Soon after, he smiled ferociously at Xu Zhong. Now, I shall use all of you as my whetstone!


A hundred green dragon light tattoos roared as they swirled around Lin Dong and a punch was thrown. This punch seemed to contain the surging fighting intent within his body.

“Green Dragon Heavenly Seat Seal!”

A hundred green dragon light tattoos condensed under Lin Dong’s fist. Before stepping into the Profound Death stage, only fifty green dragon light tattoos could be formed in Lin Dong’s body. After a breakthrough and experiencing the cleansing of the Death Flame Spirit Pool in the Divine Flame Hall, his strength had clearly soared once again.

The punch caused the entire Deep Lightning Mountain to tremble. That force seemed to be able to destroy the world.

The green light reflected in Xu Zhong’s eyes grew brighter while the expression in his eyes became increasingly grave. At this very moment, he finally withdrew the all contempt he had in his heart.

“Dark Abyss Universe Palm!”

Xu Zhong took a couple of steps back as monstrous Yuan Power rumbled out like an ocean. A huge black tiger formed above his fists. It moved in a strange fashion and its huge mouth seemed to contain the universe.

A tiger roared and a dragon howled. Subsequently, two frighteningly powerful attacks once again whizzed forward. Immediately, the entire land shook due to the shocking clash.

Many pairs of eyes contained horror as they looked at the two figures in battle. This battle had already reached an extremely violent level!

Since the very beginning, it was likely that no one could have imagined that this skinny looking young human would actually be able to fight against a renown Demon Commander of the Beast War Region to such an extent!

Regardless of whether this battle ended in victory or defeat, Lin Dong’s name would definitely spread throughout the Beast War Region after this battle.


A blood red light tiger roared at the heavens while Little Flame’s body swept forth like a flash of blood red light. A ten thousand feet boulder was grabbed by his hand. Subsequently, it was used as a weapon and thrown ruthlessly towards the black shadow in an insane manner.

Bang bang bang!

The black shadow was also unusually ferocious. Punch after punch was thrown, shattering the ten thousand feet large boulder piece by piece as rock fragments flew across the sky. In the next moment, the two figures heavily collided together.

Space distorted and two figures shot backwards. After which, two mountains were completely shattered and rock fragments filled the sky. The two figures had already charged at each other again before ruthlessly clashing.

The fight in another part of the sky also appeared extremely intense. However, one of the lead actors, Qin Shi, had unexpectedly suffered somewhat. This puppet did not show any signs of dodging when faced with his attacks. Moreover, regardless of how fierce Qin Shi’s attacks were, he was unable to see any damage appear on the puppet’s body.

His offence was completely useless. Yet, he needed to use all his strength to defend against a counter attack by the Sky Devouring Corpse. Fortunately, these attacks was unable to force him into an overly sorry state despite being rather powerful. Nevertheless, this fight was stifling no matter what he did…

“This wretched thing…”

Qin Shi involuntarily roared. Soon after, his offence suddenly became even more intense. However, the Sky Devouring Corpse remained indifferent. Its body moved rapidly, eating all of his attacks before retaliating…

“This puppet is really strange. All I can do is let Xu Zhong quickly finish off that brat…”

Qin Shi’s complexion was ashen. He finally understood that it was impossible for a victor to emerge in this fight with the puppet. Moreover, it was clearly to his disadvantage if this battle dragged on. Although he was a Demonic Beast, he would eventually tire. Yet, this puppet would not… therefore, he would sooner or later have to flee miserably if the fight dragged on in this manner.

Hence, all he could do was pray that Xu Zhong would be able to finish off Lin Dong as soon as possible.

However, with such thoughts in mind, his pupils shrunk when glanced at the frightening battle below as unease began to rise in his heart…

He had begun to regret agreeing to intervene this time around. This Lin Dong, who had suddenly appeared, was clearly someone extraordinary.


Lin Dong’s eyes had become somewhat burning because of his surging desire to fight. His body shot forward like lightning and both of his fist were thrown forward. The force that accompanied every punch of his contained the power of a hundred green dragon light tattoos.

With the increase in his strength and proficiency in the Green Heaven Materialised Dragon Skill, the green dragon light tattoos that his body formed had also become increasingly concentrated. It no longer disappeared with every punch he threw like in the past. Currently, as long as he had sufficient Yuan Power, his attacks would remain at the level of a hundred green dragon light tattoos.

At this level, the so called exquisite techniques were basically useless. One could easily break through them with sheer force. This was a type of absolute strength

Two light figures crossed each other while everyone watched as the land collapsed. Subsequently, two figures shot backwards. Their feet thrust into the ground, creating a ten thousand feet long scar.

“What an intense fight…”

Many pairs of eyes looked at the two figures which had shot backwards. At this moment, the clothes on Lin Dong’s and Xu Zhong’s body were in tatters. Their extremely strong bodies were covered with bloody wounds and even their breathing had become much heavier because of the intense exchange.


Blood dripped down Xu Zhong’s arm. His eyes were scarlet and ferocious as he stared at Lin Dong and smiled in an eerie manner, “It has been a long time since I have had such an enjoyable time exchanging blows with another…”

Lin Dong also smiled at him. His smile was equally ferocious.

“You should know that I am from the Dark Abyss Tiger tribe right?” Xu Zhong lifted his hand. He looked at his bloody hand and suddenly asked.

Lin Dong narrowed his eyes. “Why does it matter?”

“I wonder if you have heard…”

The scarlet red in his eyes became even redder. Soon after, he slowly lay on the ground as waves of black light rippled from his body. After which, everyone watched as his body swelled at a shocking rate. Tough needle like black tiger fur swiftly appeared while his hands and feet began to turn into sharp tiger paws.

Within a short span of time, a ten thousand feet tall grey giant tiger appeared on Deep Lightning Mountain. A layer of grey scale armour covered the body of the giant tiger. Meanwhile, many enormous grey bone thorns extended from his back, turning into a pair of bone wings that flickered with sharp cold light.

A terrifyingly brutal aura soared towards the sky at this moment.

The huge tiger stood on the mountaintop and roared at Lin Dong. The frightening sound wave caused many huge cracks to appear. Contained within the tiger roar was an astonishing murderous intent as it resounded across the land.

“This is…”

The eyes of Chen Tong’s group suddenly shrunk upon seeing this scene.

“The Dark Abyss Tiger tribe’s final combat form… Dark Abyss Heavenly Tiger Body?”

“This Xu Zhong has finally been pushed to this step…”