Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1067: Fighting the Demon Commander

Chapter 1067: Fighting the Demon Commander


Chapter 1067: Fighting the Demon Commander

The black figure silently stood beside Lin Dong. The ground within ten feet from him was untouched and even the smallest crack had not invaded this area. Evidently, not even the slightest force from Qin Shi’s formidable attack had managed to seep in…

The pupils of several people in the huge hall shrunk because of this scene. Soon after, some of them lightly gasped in their hearts while surprise surged onto their faces.

Just who was this black figure. Even one of the eight great Demon Commanders, Qin Shi, was unable to do anything against him.

“A puppet?!”

However, someone quickly felt that something was amiss. The eyes that belonged to the figure were dull and hollow and did not possess any intelligence. It was actually a puppet!

A puppet comparable to a Demon Commander!

The throats of those who detected this gulped as their hearts were quickly filled with shock.

At the front of the hall, the despair that had previously appeared in the eyes of Chen Tong’s group turned into astonishment at this moment. They were stunned as the looked at the steady as a mountain young man under the protection of the black shadow. The latter’s face still contained the smile that they usually saw.

Mysterious and unfathomable.

The hearts that were about to jump out of their mouths finally fell back down and gradually relaxed. Only at this moment did they understand why someone as proud and untamable as General Yan was willing to call that young man big brother.

Compared to the usually ferocious looking Little Flame, it was obvious that this usually smiling brother of his was the most terrifying.

“You wish to block this king with a mere puppet?!”

Qin Shi’s expression changed rapidly. After which, he suddenly cried out in a cold voice as bright golden light erupted from within his body. Both of his fists were thrown forward like a storm. Every golden light fist turned into a rampaging lion that charged towards the Devouring Sky Corpse from all directions.

However, the Sky Devouring Corpse did not move in the face of this storm of attacks. It was akin to a bottomless hole as it devoured the terrifying attacks that could kill an ordinary perfect Profound Death stage expert…

Bang bang bang!

Everyone could hear Qin Shi’s wild storm like attacks land on the Sky Devouring Corpse. However, they were shocked to find that regardless of how fierce Qin Shi’s attacks were, that black figure was as steady as a rock. Those legs that stood the ground did not even take a single step back.

The young man behind it did not even turn his head. That young face contained a faint smile which gave one the chills.

The golden light finally began to disappear. Qin Shi, whose face was interlaced with black and white, suddenly backed away. Astonishment was present in his gaze as he looked at the completely still Sky Devouring Corpse while those originally disdainful eyes finally became rather grave.

“Xu Zhong, it looks like you have offended some troublesome fellows… this brat is not simple.” Qin Shi said as he looked towards Xu Zhong on the throne, whose eyes had also turned grave because of this scene.

Who dard to say that Lin Dong was simple, given that he was able to take out a puppet that was comparable to a peak perfect Profound Death stage expert?

“No wonder he dares to create trouble in my Deep Lightning Mountain… it turns out that he has some tricks up his sleeve.” Xu Zhong’s sinister eyes stared at Lin Dong as he slowly said.

Lin Dong smiled faintly. With a light clench of his hand, the winecup within it was turned to dust, which scattered with the wind. Soon after, he stood up, stared at Xu Zhong and said, “I have said that I am here to demand repayment on behalf of my brother.”

“With that puppet?” Xu Zhong narrowed his eyes.

“There is also myself…”

Lin Dong smiled as he walked towards Xu Zhong as resplendent green light began to sweep out from within his body. Soon after, numerous green dragon light tattoos condensed and roared at the sky. The dragon roars shook the large hall.

An extremely powerful pressure was slowly emitted as the green dragon light tattoos entwined around Lin Dong.

“This pressure… dragon tribe?”

The expressions of countless people changed due to dread. They were terrified as they gazed at the pressure that scattered from Lin Dong’s body. As Demonic Beasts, they were a dozen times more sensitive to this kind of pressure than humans. Hence, the suppression of this mighty pressure was even more obvious.

Such pressure was clearly something that only a genuine member of the dragon tribe could possess. Yet… it actually came from a human!

The shock in the eyes of Chen Tong’s group intensified when they saw this scene. They discovered that it was becoming increasingly difficult to see through the young man before them…

“Little Flame, that Shadow Guard will be yours to deal with.” Green light circled within Lin Dong’s eyes as he stared at Xu Zhong and softly said.

“Be careful big brother.”

Little Flame hesitated for a moment before finally nodding his head. Although Lin Dong’s strength appeared to be the initial Profound Death stage on the surface, the fluctuation emitted from him caused even Little Flame to be afraid.

“Qin Shi, I will leave that puppet for you to deal with. What do you say?” Ferociousness also appeared from the corners of Xu Zhong’s mouth. “It is merely a puppet. Once I finish this brat off, that thing will naturally stop.”

“Ha ha, alright.” Qin Shi heartily laughed. A glint immediately flashed across his eyes as he said, “However, this puppet will belong to me after you finish off that brat.”

Even though Qin Shi was the leader of a faction, he still greatly coveted this puppet. It was after all comparable to a peak perfect Profound Death stage expert.

Xu Zhong’s eyelids twitched upon hearing this but he quickly nodded his head. He clearly could not reject at this moment. Although giving up such a powerful puppet caused him to feel a heartache, now was not the time to feel a heartache over such an issue.

“I will get rid of this brat as soon as possible.”

Xu Zhong clenched both of his hands as black light surged and galloped over the surface of his body. Subsequently, his body gradually swelled while his skin swiftly turned black. Tiger symbols appeared one after another and black metal like tiger fur grew from under his skin. Within a short couple of breaths, Xu Zhong had taken a half-beast form that was brimming with a shockingly fierce and baleful aura!

Everyone could clearly sense that a terrifying power was contained within that half-beast body. Such power could destroy a mountain.

This was the combat mode of the Dark Abyss Tiger tribe!

“Brat, I will choose a good grave for you two brothers on this Deep Lightning Mountain!” A baleful aura so dreadful that it would make one’s soul shiver was unleashed from Xu Zhong’s tiger face.

“It will be better to leave such a place for yourself!”

Lin Dong smiled. Soon after, his toes pushed off the ground. A dragon roar sounded as his body turned into a ray of light that shot forward. He clenched his hand while moving and the

Lightning Emperor Scepter appeared. Bright lightning arcs flashed over it.


Bloody light and a ferocious aura surged out like floodwaters from Little Flame as he let out an angry roar. After which, he pounced at the Shadow Guard. Both of them were quickly tangled in battle. A terrifying energy ripple spread, turning the places that it reached into a mess.

The entire hall had clearly become incomparably chaotic at this moment. Everyone withdrew one after another, feeling afraid that they would be implicated into this shocking fight.

Chen Tong and the rest also backed away. However, their gazes were glued to Meng Shan and the rest. They also had some control over the defences of Deep Lightning Mountain. As long as Lin Dong was able to defeat Xu Zhong, they were confident of taking control Deep Lightning Mountain…


The Lightning Emperor Scepter flickered with lightning as it heavily clashed against a tiger fist. Sparks shot out and the resultant shock wave formed by the collision of two astonishing energies caused the stone tables and chairs to turn into dust.


Lin Dong had an indifferent expression. He moved and appeared above Xu Zhong in a ghost like fashion. With a jerk of his arm, thunder resounded over the entire sky. Countless thunderbolts whizzed out along with the scepter shadow. They directly enveloped all the fatal spots of Xu Zhong’s body.

“Dark Abyss Golden Body Shield!”

Xu Zhong sneered. He let out a low cry and many rays of black light began to swim under his skin. Black light flashed, causing his body to appear as though it was made from black metal.

Clang clang clang!

The thunderbolts ruthlessly blasted Xu Zhong’s body, causing sparks to fly. However, he did not move. The strength of the Demon Commander had finally been completely revealed at this moment.

“Is this all you have? It seems that this king has overestimated you!”

Xu Zhong’s fierce eyes stared at Lin Dong as lightning landed on his body. He mocked before clenching his fist and throwing a punch forward.

“Dark Abyss Fist!”

Black Yuan Power gushed out from Xu Zhong’s fist like an erupting volcano. It appeared as if a black roaring tiger that contained astonishing murderous intent was charging towards Lin Dong.


Lin Dong stood in the air. Many green dragon light tattoos swiftly rose. Subsequently, his arm swelled and transformed into a green dragon arm. Without the slightest intention of giving in, it clashed head on against Xu Zhong’s strike!


The tiger fist and dragon claw smashed violently against each other. At that moment, even the air itself seemed to have frozen. Soon after, a frightening energy ripple that was visible to the naked eye unfurled. Many huge pillars in the hall crumbled as huge rocks continuously fell into the hall. It looked as though the hall was collapsing.

Everyone fled from the hall. Subsequently, they watched as it finally collapsed. The entire mountain seemed to shake at this moment.


A figure shot backwards from within the ruins. The Lightning Emperor Scepter in his hand smashed heavily onto the ground, directly tearing open a ten thousand feet long deep gully before his body finally stabilised.

Huge rocks were blasted apart from within the ruins. Xu Zhong’s body was filled with a fiendish aura as he took a large strep forward. All the rubble in his way was stomped to dust. That frightening destructive force made one’s eyes twitched violently.

As one of the eight great Demon Commanders, Xu Zhong clearly possesses extremely overwhelming fighting strength.

“Is this all you have?”

Xu Zhong flew forward with huge strides as he looked at Lin Dong, who had been sent flying into the distance, while a furious mocking voice sounded. He swung his foot and a small mountain like giant rock shot forward and ruthlessly smashed towards Lin Dong.

Xu Zhong had clearly obtained the upper hand in the earlier clash.

Lin Dong lifted his head and watched the huge shadow that was rapidly approaching. Scorching battle intent began to surge in his black eyes.

An earth shaking dragon roar finally sounded as the huge rock came smashing down. Everyone saw green dragon light tattoos suddenly rush out from Lin Dong’s body. With a swing of a dragon tail, the huge rock was shattered.

Roar! Roar! Roar!

Many deafening dragon roars continued to be heard. Soon after, everyone saw a hundred green dragon light tattoos flying out from the skinny figure.

A hundred dragons surged. In that moment, the land trembled.