Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1066: Each One’s Preparations

Chapter 1066: Each One’s Preparations


Chapter 1066: Each One’s Preparations

The large hall was deathly quiet. All the faces in the hall had adopted an almost frozen expression. They were somewhat dazed as they looked at the young man standing at the seats right in front. Some people dug their ears as though they were doubting the truth of what they had just heard.

“He is here to demand repayment from Xu Zhong…”

Several people faced each other and mumbled. Although they felt that this Lin Dong was indeed really domineering, the price of such words was not small. The one on the throne was the overlord of Deep Lightning Mountain… at the same time, he was also one of the renowned eight great Demon Commanders.

That was a top expert who had reached the peak of the perfect Profound Death stage. He was only a step away from the Samsara stage!

Yet, at this very moment, a seemingly mere initial Profound Death stage young man had come to demand repayment from that man… this scene appeared a little comical. However, all those who felt amused by this were unable to laugh for some unknown reason. As individuals who had become the factions heads, none of them were ordinary people. This Lin Dong before them did not appear to be a fool. However, he still dared to fearlessly utter such words. Moreover, there was no fear on his young face.

If Lin Dong was not completely ignorant, this behaviour indicated that he possessed some confidence… although everyone did not understand where this confidence originated from, it

would undoubtedly be a little foolish to jump to any conclusions now.

The atmosphere at the front of the hall was exceptionally tense. The other eight generals, including Chen Tong’s group felt a chill run through their bodies as they gazed at the young man nearby. They were aware that Little Flame and Lin Dong would create trouble today. However, they never imagined that Lin Dong would actually act in such a domineering manner…

Since he did this however, there was really no turning back.

Xu Zhong’s body continued to lean forward on the throne. His eyes stared intently at Lin Dong while dark and chilling traces of blood slowly climbed up in his eyes.

“Demand repayment?”

The corners of Xu Zhong’s mouth cracked open as laughter emerged from within. His body trembled as the laughter finally spread all over the deathly silent hall. A moment later, he finally lowered his head slowly as a mocking and sinister expression surged from the corners of his mouth. “I’m afraid that you aren’t qualified to demand repayment from I, Xu Zhong.”

“Try me!”

A ferocious glint surged within Little Flame’s tiger eyes. His palm was suddenly slammed on the stone table in front of him. The stone table whizzed forward. It contained a frightening force as it ruthlessly smashed towards Xu Zhong.


Xu Zhong’s eyes turned cold but his body did not move. The stone table exploded without warning when it was still ten feet or so from him. After which, it turned into dust that slowly fell to the ground.

“All generals, capture these two traitors!” Xu Zhong cried out in a dark and cold voice.


Mountain General Meng Shan and General Tian E instantly stood up as a fierce glow appeared in their eyes. However, they quickly felt that something was not quite right. Immediately, their expressions altered as they looked at Chen Tong and the rest beside them. All they saw were the fluctuating expressions on these people as they tightly grasped the winecups in their hands.

Huo Miao glanced at Little Flame who had a ferocious look in his eyes. She clenched her teeth and ultimately did not stand up.

“Chen Tong, what are all of you doing?” General Tian E cried out furiously.

Chen Tong’s five men group exchanged glances. Soon after, a fierce glint also surged in their eyes. They were after all proud and brave individuals. Now that there was no turning back, they could only fight with all their might.

“Don’t you know very well what we want to do?” Chen Tong clenched his teeth and said.

“All of you actually dare to betray Demon Commander? Are you seeking death? Have you forgotten the power of the Deep Dark Ghost Seal?” Mountain General Meng Shan laughed coldly. However, some panic had appeared within his eyes. The current situation had exceeded their expectations. Who could have expect that seven of the nine great generals were planning to


The scene at the front of the hall caused everyone to be shocked. What was happening? The generals were rebelling?

“Ha ha, so you have come prepared…”

Xu Zhong gazed at Chen Tong’s group as the dark look in his eyes grew even darker. He looked at Little Flame. “General Yan, I really could not tell that you managed to get five of my great generals to rebel within a short one year.”

“Huo Miao, are you also planning on following General Yan and rebel?”

Xu Zhong suddenly turned towards Huo Miao. The latter was different from the other great generals. She had a background that even Xu Zhong did not wish to rashly offend. If even she was helping Little Flame…

Huo Miao gently bit her lips. She hesitated for a moment and said, “I have already repaid the favour I owe you. However, I hope that Demon Commander can be a little magnanimous with respect to what has happened today. Otherwise Deep Lightning Mountain’s strength will likely suffer greatly.”

Xu Zhong smiled faintly and said, “There is no need for you to concern yourself with this matter. You are right. You have already repaid the favour I gave you. From now onwards, you can leave Deep Lightning Mountain.”

Huo Miao’s status was different from the others. Behind her was one of the eight king tribes, the Nine Lives Heavenly Cat tribe. Thus, Xu Zhong naturally did not dare to place the Deep Dark Ghost Seal on her. Otherwise, if her elders were to learn of it, Deep Lightning Mountain would likely be unable to survive their rage.

Although Xu Zhong himself was also part of the Dark Abyss Tiger Tribe, it was impossible for them to start a war with one of the eight king tribes because of Xu Zhong.

Huo Miao gently clenched her hands as her eyes flickered. It was impossible to tell what she was thinking.

“Ha ha, everyone, this king originally wanted everyone to have a good time today. However,

some issues has emerged. No matter. Once this king has dealt with this rebellion, the mountain gathering will continue as planned.” Xu Zhong slowly stood up and laughed in a faint voice.

Everyone in the hall faced each other. Soon after, they quickly laughed dryly and agreed. With such a big matter occurring in Deep Lightning Mountain today, the strength of the faction would diminish even if it could be resolved. At that time, they could take the opportunity to leave Deep Lightning Mountain’s control. After all, regardless of how great Xu Zhong was, he would have difficulty handling everything alone without his subordinates working for him.

However, Xu Zhong ignored these flickering gazes below. In his eyes, those people were insignificant. Once he cleared these rebels, he would let them learn of his strength. After which, these people would naturally not dare to have any wild thoughts…

It seemed that he needed to use some ruthless and vicious methods in order to prevent such a situation from occurring in the future.

“Chen Tong, this king shall give all of you a chance. After ten breaths, if you take action and capture General Yan, this king can choose to ignore you past mistakes!” Xu Zhong spoke in a faint voice.

Chen Tong’s five men group had stiff expressions. However, they did not act.

Ten breaths passed by quickly and venomous expression surged in Xu Zhong’s eyes. With a clench of his hand, a black light symbol appeared. He subsequently clenched his hand again, abruptly crushing the symbol.

However, the explosion that he expected did not appear following the destruction of the black light symbol. The corners of Chen Tong and the rest’s mouths twitched. Ferociousness finally surged in their eyes as they stared at Xu Zhong. The previous fear that they had also faded little by little under this anger.

They were clearly aware of what the black light symbol was. If the Deep Dark Ghost Seal was still present in their bodies, it was likely that their bodies would have exploded.

“The Deep Dark Ghost Seal within their bodies have already been removed by me.” Lin Dong watched Xu Zhong solo performance. Only then did he let out a faint laughter.

“So it’s like this…”

Xu Zhong deeply inhaled a breath of air as his expression turned somewhat ashen. He slowly turned his head and stared at Lin Dong as his face distorted, turning a little terrifying. “After I capture you, I will plant a hundred Deep Dark Ghost Seals on your body and let you properly enjoy it!”

“I will kill you!”

Little Flame finally exploded as a rumbling fierce aura spread. Majestic Yuan Power gathered behind him, turning into a black light tiger that roared towards the sky. Moreover, his entire body transformed into a formidable black light and ruthlessly attacked Xu Zhong.

Black light flew towards Xu Zhong with lightning speed. However, just they were about to collide, black light flashed within the large hall, and a black figure appeared in front of Xu Zhong like a shadow.

Two huge fists seemed to clash together. An energy storm which caused one’s breath to halt swept from the point of contact. The two figures were forced to take a couple of steps back, turning the rock under their feet directly into dust.

The force scattered and everyone looked over, only to see a black figure flash and appear beside Xu Zhong. His entire body was concealed under the shadow of a black robe. Only the shocking Yuan Power that was being emitted allowed everyone to understand his great strength.

“Shadow Guard!”

Chen Tong and the others looked at the black shadow as their eyes sunk slightly. However, they were not surprised. It was likely they were long aware of his existence.

Lin Dong took a look at the Shadow Guard. There was no surprise in his eyes. Perfect Profound Death stage. This shadow guard was indeed rather powerful…

“Bastard, this king has long known that a beast like you harbours murderous intent. Do you think that you are the only one who has made preparations?” Xu Zhong laughed coldly.

“A perfect Profound Death stage Shadow Guard. It is within expectations.” Lin Dong smiled and said.

“Is that so?”

Ridicule rose from the corners of Xu Zhong’s mouth. Quickly after, his lips parted as he spoke in a dark and cold manner, “What about one more Demon Commander?”

Everyone within the large hall was stunned. One more Demon Commander?

“Ha ha, Xu Zhong, looks like it’s just as you said. Your top general really intends to take action against you during this mountain gathering!”

Loud laughter suddenly thundered in the large hall at this moment. After which, the air above the huge hall suddenly exploded apart. Large rocks fell and a man in lion armour was accompanied by an astonishing aura as he appeared in the eyes of the watching crowd.

“That is… the demon commander of Hundred Beast Ridge… Qin Shi?” Everyone looked at the man in a lion armour who had appeared as their expressions instantly changed. The faces of Chen Tong’s group abruptly became deathly pale. Clearly, no one had expected Xu Zhong to invite another Demon Commander!

“Xu Zhong, this king has agreed to help you. However, you should be clearly aware of the price…” Qin Shi laughed heartily. His lion like roar resounded within the huge hall, causing one to feel a piercing pain in one’s ear.

“Kill this human brat and I will agree with your condition!” Xu Zhong spoke in a dark voice.

Qin Shi’s sharp eyes looked at Lin Dong from the air as he grinned. “Looks like I have found a good deal this time. Alright, let us do as you say!”


Qin Shi’s loud laughter sounded. After which, a lion roar spread. His body moved, turning into a flash of resplendent golden light. The golden light condensed and appeared like a golden lion as it ruthlessly charged towards Lin Dong.

However, Lin Dong continued to remain still in the face of Qin Shi’s formidable attack.


Golden light flashed and appeared above Lin Dong. Hopelessness involuntarily surged in the eyes of Chen Tong’s group as they felt the waves of wild and violent energy.


A low and deep sound appeared as the area around instantly collapsed while cracks began spreading like a spider web.

Countless pairs of eyes quickly looked in that direction. That human… was he killed by a single strike?

Xu Zhong laughed coldly as he looked towards that spot. Qin Shi’s strength was similar to his own. With a fully powered blow from the latter, even an ordinary perfect Profound Death stage expert would be seriously injured or even killed! Even less needed to be said about Lin Dong.

The dust gradually disappeared under the many watching eyes. Soon after, the scene within was revealed…

A skinny figure was still silently seated. It was possible to see a winecup being gently held in his hand. After which, he lifted the winecup and emptied it in a single gulp before he slowly lifted his head. Those black eyes of his were indifferent as they looked at Xu Zhong, whose icy smile had slowly began to stiffen. Lin Dong smiled. “Sorry, I am also prepared.”

The entire place was quiet. This was because a completely black figure had unknowingly appear beside this young man. A black hand tightly grabbed Qin Shi’s arm.

The full powered attack of a Demon Commander was actually… blocked in such an easy fashion…