Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1064: Deep Lightning Mountain Range

Chapter 1064: Deep Lightning Mountain Range


Chapter 1064: Deep Lightning Mountain Range

Deep Lightning Mountain Range was quite a famous place even in the entire Beast War Region. The most important reason for this was that this was the place where one of the top eight factions of the Beast War Region, Deep Lightning Mountain, was located.

As the big boss of this area, Deep Lightning Mountain ruled the massive area within tens of thousands of miles around Deep Lightning Mountain Range. All factions within this vast land were included under Deep Lightning Mountain.

Deep Lightning Mountain was undoubtedly the overlord of this place!

Today was clearly the most festive day in Deep Lightning Mountain over the entire year. Every year, Deep Lightning Mountain would hold a grand mountain gathering. Every gathering, the great generals who usually led their own subordinates on campaigns outside would all make an appearance. At the same time, those various large and small factions that were located within Deep Lightning Mountain’s vast land would bring their tributes and pay homage. As such, the scope of this gathering was exceptionally grand.

Hence, amazement could not help but flash across Lin Dong’s eyes when he followed Little Flame into the territory of Deep Lightning Mountain Range and saw the various groups gathering from all directions. It seemed that this Deep Lightning Mountain was indeed rather impressive…

“Deep Lightning Mountain’s territory stretches for tens of thousands of miles. There are countless factions of various sizes living within this territory. Although Deep Lightning Mountain ignores the fights between these factions, all of them must pay an annual tribute to Deep Lightning Mountain…” Little Flame laughed and said upon seeing Lin Dong’s surprised expression.

Lin Dong nodded slightly. It was just like an empire. Deep Lightning Mountain was the royalty while the other factions were the subjects. They had to acknowledge the Deep Lightning Mountain as their leader in order to survive in this place. Otherwise… when Deep Lightning Mountain’s army arrived, there would definitely be a bloody massacre.

The strong devoured the weak. This was a never changing rule in the Demon Region.

The Tiger Devouring Army slowed down as they approached Deep Lightning Mountain. It slowly passed through like a black torrent, causing many to look over with terrified expressions. Anyone who lingered within the territory of Deep Lightning Mountain was familiar with this powerful fighting force. Some of the factions had even suffered quite a great loss at their hands…

The pass which led into Deep Lightning Mountain was clearly heavily guarded. Many pairs of sharp eyes swept over the visitors entering Deep Lightning Mountain.

The Tiger Devouring Army approached, causing the atmosphere in the pass to become tense. Those originally cold and sharp expressions of the armies in the pass turned a little uneasy. Their eyes contained great fear.

“Ha ha, General Yan has arrived…”

Atop the towering check point, a tanned faced man with black scale armour covering his body looked down at the Tiger Devouring Army below. He cupped his hands together with a smiling face.

“I believe that brother Yan should be aware of the rules of Deep Lightning Mountain. All armies can only station themselves at the foot of Deep Lightning Mountain.”

Little Flame glanced at the man atop the pass. The corners of his mouth split open as he replied, “General Tian E, is your Sky Crocodile Army trying to stop my Devouring Tiger Army?”

The expression of the somewhat black atop the pass changed slightly. He laughed dryly, “What is General Yan talking about? I am merely following the rules. You can look for the Demon Commander if you have any objections.”

There were many people in the surroundings of the pass who were quietly speechless as they watched this scene. However, no one dare to speak. Everyone knew that General Yan and General Tian E of Deep Lightning Mountain did not see eye to eye with each other. Back then, both parties had even fought against each other. However, the final result caught everyone by surprise. The Sky Crocodile Army which was known for its great fighting strength had suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of the newly established Tiger Devouring Army. It was also precisely after that battle did the Tiger Devouring Army gradually become known as the strongest army of Deep Lightning Mountain…

Little Flame merely smiled faintly when he heard Tian E bringing Xu Zhong’s name out to suppress him. However, there was a murderous glint deep within his eyes. This Tian E was directly under Xu Zhong. He would clearly be an obstruction if they wished to attack Xu Zhong.

“Devouring Tiger Army listen up. Rest at the foot of the mountain!” Little Flame waved his large hand and a thunderous cry sounded.


An orderly, low and deep cry that contained an unconcealable baleful aura echoed After which, the large Devouring Tiger Army directly sat down on the spot. In this way, they blocked half of the pass.

Tian E’s expression was a little dark when he saw this. Little Flame’s act clearly did not give him any face…

“Big brother, let’s go. We’ll head to Deep Lightning Mountain.” Little Flame leaped down from the huge beast and spoke smilingly to Lin Dong.

“Aye.” Lin Dong nodded and also jumped down.

“Wait, who is this person? Why does he appear so unfamiliar?” Tian E suddenly questioned from atop the pass.

Little Flame suddenly lifted his head. His pair of scarlet tiger eyes revealed a murderous look as he stared at General Tian E and spoke in a threatening voice, “Do you really believe that I don’t dare to kill you?”

Tian E ‘s expression changed as vigorous Yuan Power surged from within his body. It was as though he was worried that the violent Little Flame would attack.

“Ha ha, I am Lin Dong. General Yan and I are brothers. I hope to take this opportunity to meet Demon Commander.” Lin Dong stopped Little Flame. After which, he laughed towards General Tian E.


These words not only caused Tian E to be startled. The many leaders from the various factions around were also stunned as they look over. Since when did this ferocious tiger, who was numb to killing, have a brother? Moreover, from the looks of it, he was even a human…

“This is my big brother.”

Little Flame coldly snorted. However, the expressions of the surrounding individuals changed when he spoke. When had they ever seen this arrogant and ferocious tiger, whom even the Demon Commander could not tame, willing to address someone as big brother?

“Lin Dong? Are you the human who was rumoured to have defeated the governor of Blood Python City?” Tian E frowned and recalled something before he suddenly asked. Some rumours about Lin Dong had spread and even he had heard about him.

Lin Dong smiled and nodded.

Tian E looked deeply at Lin Dong upon seeing this. He mused slightly before nodding with a smile. “Please ascend the mountain.”

Although he heard that Lin Dong had defeated that Cao Ying, the latter was merely a small city governor and could not be compared to Deep Lightning Mountain. This Lin Dong might have some ability, but he was far from being as threatening as Little Flame…

“Thank you General Tian E.”

Lin Dong cupped his hands together. After which, he and Little Flame crossed the tightly guarded pass. The both of them swiftly disappeared into the distance along the mountain path.

General Tian E looked at those two figures who had disappeared into the distance as both of his eyes narrowed. He called a subordinate over. “Report this matter to Demon Commander.”

“Hunph. Let me see what tricks you can pull.” General Tian E laughed coldly towards the spot where the Lin Dong duo had disappeared after his subordinate withdrew.


Deep Lightning Mountain was unusually tall. Many grand halls stood atop the mountain. Light formations appeared in the sky from time to time. It was the defensive measures of Deep Lightning Mountain.

Presently, the main peak of Deep Lightning Mountain was already filled with a sea of people. Various noises gathered together and soared towards the clouds, seemingly tearing them apart.

Lin Dong followed Little Flame as they dashed straight towards the tallest peak where an incomparably overbearing hall stood. A continuous stream of people continued to surge in. The mountain gathering of this Deep Lightning Mountain was indeed frighteningly grand.

Little Flame was after all the top general of Deep Lightning Mountain. Hence, he directly led Lin Dong into the main hall under countless watching gazes before they headed straight for the grand seats right at the front and sat down.

Little Flame was considered an important person who was only inferior to the Demon Commander of Deep Lightning Mountain. Various pairs of eyes looked over the moment he sat down. After which, some of them turned towards Lin Dong as puzzled looks flashed across their eyes. It was likely that they were guessing Lin Dong’s identity.

However, Lin Dong chose to ignore these gazes. Both of his eyes slightly lowered, making himself appear akin to a meditating old monk. His quiet manner did not appear to match this noisy place.

Several generals continued to appear soon after the Little Flame duo were seated. Five of them were Chen Tong’s group whom they had met last night. However, merely exchanged a brief look upon seeing the Little Flame duo. Subsequently, they took their own seats.

Given Lin Dong shrewd eyes however, he was still able to see some anxiety. After all, what they planned to do today would cause a huge commotion within this Beast War Region…

Other than these five generals, Lin Dong also saw the three other generals who were considered Xu Zhong’s direct subordinates. One of them was General Tian E whom they had met earlier. The other person also looked familiar. He was mountain General Meng Shan, who had attempted to lead some men to the nine-tail village with the intention of capturing Lin Dong.

This person had a somewhat gloomy face when he saw the Lin Dong duo. He let out a cold snort and took his seat.

That last remaining great general was a beautiful woman with a pretty face and unusually sexy figure. On her beautiful pointed face was the tattoo of a cat. At a glance, she seemed to have a kind of wild beauty.

Her appearance attracted many pairs of eyes. However, she completely ignored these gazes. Her eyes looked directly to the side of Lin Dong. Of course, if one wished to be more precise, she seemed to be looking at Little Flame…

Something was not quite right with her gaze. It seemed to be… contain a hidden bitterness.

Lin Dong lifted his brow slightly. After which, he glanced at Little Flame who had not even lifted his head and laughed, “What is the matter?”

If someone else asked the question, Little Flame would likely ignore him. However, since Lin Dong was the one who asked, he could only helplessly reply, “I don’t know… she is a troublesome woman to deal with. She was beaten by me once… after which, she kept on bugging me.”

“Is she directly related to Xu Zhong?” Lin Dong asked in surprise.

“Not really… she seems to be someone from the Nine Lives Heavenly Cat tribe. She owes Xu Zhong a favour and is here to repay it.” Little Flame explained.

“Nine Lives Heavenly Cat tribe?” Lin Dong was startled. He was a little surprise that it was one of the eight great king tribes. It seemed like this woman was not simple.

“Hey, you beat me the last time and we agreed that we will spar again. After so long, why didn’t you come and look for me?” The lady suddenly walked over while Lin Dong and Little Flame were softly conversing. She did not mince her words as she stared directly at Little Flame. This caused Lin Dong to be quite curious. He had met many beautiful women but it was the first time he had met such a hot and bold one…

Little Flame frowned and somewhat impatiently replied, “I have no time.”


The lady was clearly extremely haughty. Her eyebrows bunched together after receiving this reply from Little Flame. However, she quickly softened her stance and frowned as she glanced at Lin Dong and asked in an astonished manner, “You actually brought a human to join the mountain gathering? A human?”

Lin Dong could see a strange meaning in her eyes. It was likely that she would have an urge to draw her weapon if Lin Dong was a woman.

“This is my big brother.” Little Flame’s expression sunk.

The lady was startled when she heard this. She was clearly aware of Little Flame’s character. Even Xu Zhong could make him to submit. Yet, this fellow had actually acknowledge a big brother? Moreover, she could hear true respect and emotion from Little Flame’s voice. This was the first time that she had seen this extremely ruthless man treat another person in such a manner.

Hence, the lady’s originally somewhat arrogant face swiftly became gentle in front of Lin Dong’s somewhat teasing gaze. After which, she smiled towards the latter. “Big brother Lin Dong, this is the first time we have met. This younger sister is called Huo Miao.”

The surrounding people, including Chen Tong and the other great generals, had a change in expression when her words sounded. All of them had a strange expression in their eyes. Since when did this arrogant and seemingly untamable little wild cat become so refined?