Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1063: Overawe

Chapter 1063: Overawe


Chapter 1063: Overawe

Dust rose and gradually fell on the ground which lay in ruins while the tall young man smilingly stood beside the bonfire. However, his smile caused the four powerful generals by the side to feel a chill sweep through their bodies. The strange and condescending looks which originally filled their eyes slowly receded.

The person whom Lin Dong had sent flying with a single punch earlier was of similar strength with them. Although there were only a short span of time to react, he had still been able to bring out the defensive technique that he specialised in to respond to Lin Dong’s attack. Even they would find it quite troublesome to deal with that turtle armour defence earlier. It was basically impossible for them to break it with a single punch like Lin Dong had done…

The young man before them did not waste his breath with any unnecessary words in the face of their doubt. He merely used a simple and barbaric punch to make them to swallow all the doubt in their mouths.

At this moment, even the most foolish person understood that the strength of the young man before them was not limited to what they could see on the surface.

The bonfire rose as firelight shined onto the faces of the four. Their expressions fluctuated in bewilderment. It was a long while later before their tensed bodies slowly relaxed.

“Like I asked before, have you had your fun yet?”

Little Flame, who had been wordlessly standing by the side, finally laughed coldly and remarked. There was a sharp ferocity in his eyes as he stared at the four of them.

“Don’t be angry brother Yan…”

The rough face man with a bare upper body hurriedly smiled and spoke when he heard this. “This is an important matter and is related to the lives of everyone here and our subordinates. Hence, we must be cautious.”

Little Flame stared at that person. Those scarlet tiger eyes caused one to shudder. “All of you should stop entertaining other thoughts. If I want to be blunt about tomorrow, my brother and I are sufficient to deal with it. As for the Deep Dark Ghost Seals on your bodies… I think we

should just leave them as they are!”

The four of them smiled awkwardly. They were clearly extremely afraid of Little Flame and did not dare to say anything in response.

“Ha ha, please do not mind him too much. Little Flame has a bad temper. Everyone understands the importance of the matter tomorrow. Hence, we will need to rely on the you when the time comes.”

Lin Dong smiled. He paused for a moment before continuing, “However… I believe that no one here has any doubts about me now, right?”

“What are you saying brother Lin Dong? We are the ones who offended you first.” The four of them hurriedly said. However, they did not feel the slightest friendliness when they saw Lin Dong’s smile. Instead, they felt waves of terrifying danger. If they had to choose, they felt that Little Flame, who constantly choose to expose his ferocity, was a little more comforting that this smiling big brother of his.


The distant mountain wall cracked and a somewhat miserable figure rushed out. After which, he once again landed beside the bonfire. Green and red colour interchanged on his face. However, he eventually cupped his hands together towards Lin Dong. “Brother Lin Dong is really strong. It is us who were blind previously…”

“Everyone, please state your identities.” Little Flame walked over and snorted coldly.

“Brother Lin Dong, I am the Metal Lion General, Chen Tong.” The rough face man with bare upper body cupped his hands together and smilingly said.

“Demon Ape General, Mo Hou.” A man with two exceptionally long arms and large hands grinned.

“Golden Eagle General, Diao Ling.” The somewhat skinny man with penetrating eyes said.

“Leopard General, Ji Ya.” The man, who had a metal like black tail entwined around his waist, cupped his fists together and said.

“Mountain Armour General, Po Shan.” The last person who spoke was the man, who had been sent flying by Lin Dong with a single punch.

Lin Dong cupped his hands towards them and chuckled, “Lin Dong.”

The atmosphere relaxed slightly after all of them introduced themselves. After Po Shan’s example previously, the five generals did not dare to underestimate Lin Dong. That punch from Lin Dong earlier was sufficient to deter them.

“Hand your arms to me. I will help all of you undo the Deep Dark Ghost Seal.” Lin Dong sat down and looked towards the five. He did not waste any time with unnecessary words. He was clearly aware of the biggest doubt within these five individuals’ hearts. The reason they had agreed to fight together with Little Flame was largely because they had heard that Lin Dong could remove the Deep Dark Ghost Seals within their bodies.

Chen Tong and the rest were startled when they saw how straightforward Lin Dong was. After all, this was a kind of bargaining chip he could use against them…

“Ha ha, brother Lin Dong is truly magnanimous.”

Chen Tong was the first to smile. After which, he extended his arm, revealing a black seal. However, its colour was deeper than that of Little Flame. Clearly, this Deep Dark Ghost Seal had already deeply submerged into his body.

Lin Dong’s palm landed on Chen Tong’s hand as threads of black light flickered at his fingertips. Soon after, white smoke began to rise from the latter’s arm. The Deep Dark Ghost Seal faintly let out a screech. It continued to squirm on his arm, appearing like a strange face.

The few people by the side anxiously watched this scene. None of them dared to breathe too loudly.

The strange face continued to wiggle while black light danced at Lin Dong’s fingertips as the Deep Dark Ghost Seal gradually began to fade. A dozen minutes later, the black light on Lin Dong’s hand brightened as he curled his hand and grabbed. One could only watch as the Deep Dark Ghost Seal on Chen Tong’s arm was directly extracted. After which, it turned into a black light seal that appeared in Lin Dong’s palm.

The black seal appeared like the face of a ghost as it swam around Lin Dong’s palm. It emitted a dark and evil ripple.

“This… has it been removed?” Chen Tong and the rest were startled as they looked at the Deep Dark Ghost Seal on Lin Dong’s palm. Wild joy began to surge within their eyes.

Lin Dong smiled and nodded. He closed his hand and shattered the Deep Dark Ghost Seal. Black light flashed on his palm as Devouring Power surged, directly swallowing the seal.

“Brother Lin Dong is indeed extraordinary.”

Chen Tong spoke excitedly. They were well aware of how difficult it was to deal with this Deep Dark Ghost Seal. They had thought of many methods but this thing was like a maggot in their bones, leaving them helpless against it. Yet, Lin Dong had removed the seal in an extremely relaxed manner…

“I happen to possess a method to subdue this thing.” Lin Dong replied smilingly. By relying on the Devouring Ancestral Symbol within his body, Lin Dong was obviously able to destroy this seal from its root.

“Did you really think that I was lying to you before?” Little Flame frowned and demanded.

“Ha ha, please don’t be angry brother Yan. It’s just that even you should know of how powerful this Deep Dark Ghost Seal is…” Chen Tong laughed in an embarrassed manner. It was true that they only had a fifty percent trust in Little Flame’s words from before.

Lin Dong waved his hand. He looked at the other four generals who were staring at him. “Who’s next?”


“My turn!”

The four of them cried out in unison. However, their faces quickly reddened, before they smiled awkwardly and gave in to each other. Only then did they let Po Shan, whom Lin Dong had punched earlier, to go first.

“Hee hee, brother Lin Dong, I have offended you earlier. I hope that a great man like you can forgive me.” Po Shan smilingly said to Lin Dong. There was some intention to fawn over Lin Dong in his voice.

Lin Dong grinned. He extended his hand and repeated what he did earlier. A dozen minutes later, the Deep Dark Ghost Seal in Po Shan’s body was sucked out.

Po Shan rubbed his now black seal free arm. His eyes had become a little red from emotion. It was likely that he felt extremely terrible living this prisoner like life under the control of another.

Subsequently, Lin Dong used the same method to destroy the Deep Dark Ghost Seals in the bodies of the other three individuals.

“Alright, the Deep Dark Ghost Seals in your bodies have all been removed.” Lin Dong patted his hands and smiled at the rather emotional five great generals.

“Thank you brother Lin Dong.” Chen Tong and the rest hurriedly voice their thanks. The removal of this bomb from their bodies was clearly a great relief to them.

Lin Dong gently smiled and shook his head. “We are all on the same boat. It is only natural for me to help.”

“Brother Lin Dong, aren’t you afraid that we might simply leave after helping us remove the Deep Dark Ghost Seal? After all, dealing with Xu Zhong involves a great risk.” Diao Ling’s sharp eyes suddenly looked at Lin Dong and asked.

The faces of the other four stiffened after those words were said. Little Flame by the side also slightly leaned his body forward. His eyes were ferocious and frightening.

However, there was no change in Lin Dong’s expression. His merely stared at the bonfire as he said, “The matter tomorrow is indeed quite dangerous. However, I will say first something that might seem like a joke to all of you. Even if only my brother and I were to act tomorrow, Xu Zhong will definitely die. However, things might be a little more troublesome without everyone…”

Lin Dong paused. He raised his head and looked at the various expressions on the faces of the five. Finally, he smiled. “That is all.”

The area around the bonfire was a little quiet. Chen Tong and the rest gazed at the young face in front of them. Although the latter had a gently smile on his face, they could gradually detect an unfathomable feeling from under that smile. No wonder even someone as ferocious as Little Flame was willing to call him big brother. The person before them was not a simple individual.

“Xu Zhong has yet to step into the Samsara stage. Moreover, even if he has really reached that stage… he might not necessarily win… ha ha… I hope that everyone will not think that I do not know my limits by speaking in such a manner.”

The night was quiet while the bonfire rose. However, Chen Tong and the rest vaguely felt a powerful pressure when they looked at the smiling young man. Such a pressure was different from the ferocious aura that Little Flame purposely gave off. It was akin to a sharp blade that had not shown itself. Even a simple scabbard was unable to hide the astonishing sharpness that it contained…

The words Lin Dong had said were indeed arrogant. This was especially under the precondition his initial Profound Death stage strength. However, none of the five great generals dared to have any doubts at this very moment.

Chen Tong and the rest faced each other. Finally, they slowly nodded before cupping their hands towards Lin Dong and spoking in a deep voice, “As long as brother Lin Dong can finish Off Xu Zhong, we will be able to help deal with any additional trouble. At that time, brother Yan will become the new Demon Commander of Deep Lightning Mountain!”

Lin Dong looked at the five of them and nodded gently. He stood up and looked towards the night sky in the distance and the creeping ferocious beast like Deep Lightning Mountain as his eyes slightly narrowed…

Demon Commander huh… I will meet you tomorrow.