Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1062: Do You Still Have Any Doubts

Chapter 1062: Do You Still Have Any Doubts


Chapter 1062: Do You Still Have Any Doubts

Lin Dong stood outside the nine-tail village and peered into the distance. The land shook as a black torrent surged over while accompanied by an overflowing aura of dreadfulness. It was like a ferocious ancient beast that was displaying its extraordinary might.

The black torrent quickly arrived in front of Lin Dong before it came to a halt and a metal tower like figure shot out. The figure heavily landed before Lin Dong like a mountain. In that instant, the entire loud land violently shook for a moment.

“Big brother.” Little Flame looked Lin Dong as a grin was revealed on his rough face.

Lin Dong smiled but did not say anything unnecessary. “Let’s go.”

Little Flame nodded. He glanced at the nine-tail village behind Lin Dong, only to discover that the space there had begun to distort a little. After which, the entire mountain and the village slowly vanished in an extremely strange fashion.

This scene stunned Little Flame. His senses swept past and surprise immediately flashed across his tiger eyes. This was because he discovered it had really become empty. Even the slightest energy fluctuation could not be felt.

“Let’s go. The nine-tail village will disappear for a period of time. However…”

Lin Dong stepped forward. He raised his head to look at the sky above and laughed, “When they reappear, it is likely that the entire Demon Region will be shaken…”

Little Flame fell into thought as he took a big step forward and followed Lin Dong. They stopped in front of the Tiger Devouring Army. As a pair of tiger eyes looked at the army before them, a stern expression flitted across them and a low shout sounded, “This is my big brother Lin Dong. Your lives are mine and my life belongs to big brother. Hence, from now onwards, all your lives also belong to him!”

His words were long winded but blunt. It seemed that the Demonic Beast World had done away with the many fancy mannerisms of the humans. From a certain point of view, the Demonic Beasts did not easily give their loyalty when compared to humans. However, once they did so, it would be equivalent to completely owning them.

In the past, every person in this Tiger Devouring Army was at the lowest level of this world. They were ordered around and enslaved by others. All their pride was lost and they were akin to walking zombies. In the end, it was Little Flame who had pulled them from that state and used his inherited essence blood to change them. He also allowed them to become the Tiger Devouring Army whose name made countless people shake in fear. He gave them a second life.

In their eyes, Little Flame was the king who ruled them.


Hence, there was not a single protest from the entire Tiger Devouring Army after they heard Little Flame’s shout. All they did was deeply acknowledge in unison.

“You must be really bored…” Lin Dong was somewhat helpless in the face of this as he frowned and chided Little Flame. After which, he leaped onto a huge black beast while Little Flame grinned and followed.

“Let’s go.”

This Tiger Devouring Army, which was filled with ferocity, once again turned into a torrent after Little Flame cried out. It let out a rumbling sound as it travelled into the distance. Following their departure, this entire region had become completely empty and quiet…


“Big brother, the mountain gathering of Deep Lightning Mountain will begin tomorrow. I have already ensured that preparations are mostly done. Those five warriors are willing to attack with us.”

Little Flame sat beside Lin Dong as the army swept forth. Soon after, he grabbed at the empty space in front of him with a large hand while his expression turned ferocious, “The time has finally come for me to act against that person. I have endured a year for this day!”

“Knowing how to endure is not a bad thing.” Lin Dong smiled and said.

“I certainly have not reached big brother’s level. In order to deal with Lin Liangtian back then, you endured for many years… however, that fellow’s final expression was really exhilarating to see.” Little Flame smilingly said.

He had followed Lin Dong as they walked out from the tiny Qingyang Town and had gone through fire and water with Lin Dong. Little Flame had also bore witnessed to how that once weak young man had rose a step at a time.

Lin Dong smiled faintly. He felt a little emotional about how they, a human, a tiger and a marten, had roamed the land. It was likely that none of them back then would have imagined things would become like this a couple of years later. Back then, even Little Marten was merely a little demonic spirit who was constantly worried about when he would disappear…

“How is the overall strength of Deep Lightning Mountain like?” Lin Dong reminisce those memories for a moment, before pulling his mind back to reality. What they were about to do now was no small matter. Xu Zhong was the Demon Commander of Deep Lightning Mountain. His power was extremely deep rooted. Although Little Flame had secretly managed to create some flames of rebellion, both Little Flame and him would have to pay a great price if they were to underestimate the other party.

This was something that the usually cautious Lin Dong would do his best to avoid.

“On the surface, the overall all strength of Deep Lightning Mountain is the Demon Commander Xu Zhong and the nine great generals…”

Little Flame’s expression grew serious now that they were discussing proper matters, “However… based on some secret information I received over the past year, there is also a shadow guard at Xu Zhong’s side…”

“Shadow guard?” Lin Dong slightly lifted his brow.

“This shadow guard is the subordinate that Xu Zhong truly trusts. However, he does not oversee Deep Lightning Mountain. Even the nine great generals seldom have a chance to see him. However, one must not underestimate this person’s strength.” Little Flame explained in a deep voice.

“When I arrived at Deep Lightning Mountain one year ago, I saw this shadow guard defeat an advance Profound Death stage expert in a single strike. Base on my speculation, even if that shadow guard cannot compare to Xu Zhong, it is likely… that he has also stepped into the perfect Profound Death stage.”

Lin Dong’s eyes narrowed a little. Looks like this Deep Lightning Mountain was indeed quite strong. It was likely that if he had not found Little Flame this time around, the latter’s plan would only have a fifty percent chance of succeeding.

However, this did match Little Flame’s character of seeking great gains from dangerous situations.

“I was originally also quite worried about this. However, with big brother joining us, there is no longer a need to be worried about that shadow guard. As for the others, we should have a good chance at victory as long as those five warriors do not turn their backs on us.”

Little Flame paused before he continued, “Of course, the key person is still Xu Zhong… that fellow is only one step away from stepping into the Samsara stage.”

Lin Dong nodded. If Xu Zhong had really advanced into the Samsara stage, the difficulty of their plan would be raised by several levels. At that time, it was likely that those five warriors would not have the courage to rebel.

“We will see what happens tomorrow.”

Lin Dong said. He really wished to see just how many tricks that Demon Commander of Deep Lightning Mountain had up his sleeve…

“Yes big brother, let’s hurry to somewhere close to Deep Lightning Mountain. We will meet the five great generals there. At that time, we will see if big brother can remove the Deep Dark Ghost Seal on their bodies. They will not dare to fight against Xu Zhong with us with this thing on them.” Little Flame said.

Lin Dong nodded. He lifted his head and peered into the distance. It was his desire to see just how powerful this so called Demon Commander in comparison to the Yimo.

Half a day later, the army that was galloping like a torrent suddenly reduced its speed. A continuous stretch of tents lay before them while all kinds of noises soared towards the sky. Lin Dong could faintly see the outline of a mountain that seemed to stretch on endlessly while a ferocious aura blew over from far away. This should be Deep Lightning Mountain…

There were evidently many units gathered in this campgrounds. Hence, a commotion broke out in the campsite when the Tiger Devouring Army appeared while accompanied by a monstrous ferocious aura. Many somewhat terrified eyes looked over. In an instant, the entire campsite became much quieter. It seemed that the Tiger Devouring Army not only frightened the other factions but even those from the same faction did not dare provoke them.

The Tiger Devouring Army completely ignored those terrified gazes and barbarically charged in. After which, they occupied the best spot in the campgrounds while causing a complete mess.

Little Flame instructed the Tiger Devouring Army to set up camp. Only after night approached did he secretly lead Lin Dong out of the camp and rushed into the dense forest behind.

The two of them travelled through the forest. A couple of minutes later, their bodies gradually slowed. There was a bonfire rising beside a cliff to their front and it was possible to vaguely see a couple of sturdy and well built figures.

“Ha ha, General Yan, you are once again the last to arrive!” The Lin Dong duo rushed out of the forest and landed beside the cliff. After which, a somewhat rough and arrogant laugher was heard.

Lin Dong lifted his gaze and looked over, only to see five people standing beside the bonfire. Their bodies were tall and well built. Crisscrossing scars covered their naked arms while their eyes flickered with an ominous light. All of their auras were extremely ferocious and it was obvious that they were not ordinary people.

Little Flame glanced at the five of them. After which, he turned his body and pointed at Lin Dong. “This is my big brother Lin Dong.”

Lin Dong could feel that the five great generals were were stunned when Little Flame’s voice sounded. Soon after, they looked at him in an absurd fashion. One of them involuntarily grinned and laughed, “General Yan, don’t tell me that this initial Profound Death stage human is the big brother whom you said could match a perfect Profound Death stage expert?”

“General Yan, you should know how risky it will be tomorrow. Hence, this matter is not a joke!” Another man, who had a metal like long black tail entwined around his waist, also frowned and spoke in a deep voice.

“He can undo the Deep Dark Ghost Seals on our bodies?”

“This general is not very convinced…”

A man whose body was covered in deep yellow scales glanced at Lin Dong. He was rather hot-tempered. Immediately, he stood up and spoke in an angry voice, “You are asking us to risk our lives for you like this? I will not do it. It seems that the plan tomorrow can be canceled!”

He swung his hand after speaking and was about to turn around and leave when he saw that a skinny figure had already appeared in front of him. After which, he saw the young human before his eyes smile at him. Resplendent green light accompanied by a dragon roar abruptly reverberated across the mountain.


Green light exploded in the man’s eyes as an ominous look suddenly flickered on his face. His feet heavily stomped onto the ground and the land crumbled. Deep yellow Yuan Power turned into layers of deep yellow turtle armour in front of him at a shocking speed. Strange markings flickered on the turtle armour, filling it with a kind of toughness that could not be destroyed.

When the turtle armour was formed, green light wrapped around a fist as it flew forward.


A muffled sound spread. After which, the pupils of the other four shrunk when they saw the turtle armour shield, which could block a half step to perfect Profound Death stage expert, directly collapse at this moment. The frail fist had already penetrated through when the turtle armour was shattered and heavily landed on the man’s chest.

An energy ripple that was visible to the naked eye spread outwards while that figure flew backwards like a cannonball. It smeared across the ground, creating a three hundred feet long mark before ruthlessly shooting into a mountain wall.

Shattered rocks flew and the entire place was a complete mess. At this moment, the young man beside the bonfire finally smiled slightly and lifted his head. He looked at the four stunned and speechless generals.

“Now, do you still have any doubts?”