Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1061: Hope

Chapter 1061: Hope


Chapter 1061: Hope

A black vortex was suspended in the air. It was possible to make out the outline of a figure present at the centre of the vortex. Threads of black light continuously shuttled within its body as though they were mending something.

Amidst this restoration process, an increasingly powerful ripple spread…

Lin Dong was quietly seated a short distance from the vortex. His slightly lowered eyes would occasionally sweep towards the vortex with some eagerness. The Sky Devouring Corpse had been inside for eight days.

During these eight days, the Nine-tail spirit fox had borrowed the Ancestral Symbol’s power to gradually allow the Sky Devouring Corpse to leave its previously damaged state. Although it could not recover all the way, it was clearly much stronger than before.

“Elder, are you alright?”

Lin Dong’s eyes shifted away from the vortex and looked at the light figure in front of him. The originally somewhat illusory Nine-tail spirit fox body had now become increasingly faint.

The Nine-tail spirit fox merely smiled upon hearing this. However, her eyes remained fixed onto the vortex as she said, “I am only a spiritual body to begin with and will ultimately disappear. Helping you a little before I disappear is a form of repayment for your kindness towards my Nine-tail tribe.”

At this point, her eyes suddenly focused as she softly remarked, “It should almost be done…”

As her words faded, Lin Dong could sense an extremely powerful ripple suddenly erupt from the black hole as black light overflowed. Finally, it turned into an ancient black hole symbol.

A figure that was entirely pitch-black like ink was motionless under the symbol. The body of the current Sky Devouring Corpse was covered by carvings of various obscure ancient symbols. Although it still appeared as frail as before, Lin Dong could clearly feel the shocking power contained within the body.

“This current Sky Devouring Corpse should be able to match a perfect Profound Death stage expert. With its unique devouring properties, it should even be able to receive the attacks of a Samsara stage expert. Of course, using it to defeat a Samsara stage expert will be rather difficult.” The Nine-tail spirit fox looked at the Sky Devouring Corpse. She was a little displeased with regards to this level of restoration. However, there was nothing she could do about it. If she was at her peak, it might be possible to repair it to the point where its defensive and offensive strength was comparable with a Reincarnation stage expert. Unfortunately…

“It’s enough.”

Lin Dong smiled. The strength of the Sky Devouring Corpse was in its defence. With this thing guarding him, he would be a lot safer when roaming the Demon Region.

Lin Dong stood up. With a wave of his sleeve, he kept the Sky Devouring Corpse. The Devouring Ancestral Symbol also turned into a ray of black light that entered his head. Soon after, he lifted his head to look at the huge bone pool in the air filled with viscous red energy. Lin Dong had not been able to since Xin Qing’s presence ever since she entered. If it was not because he could sense that there was indeed something brewing inside, he would worry about whether something had happened to this little lass.

“Elder, how long will Xin Qing need to receive this inheritance?”

“A couple of years.”

Lin Dong could only helplessly shake his head in response to this somewhat uncertain number. Looks like there was no way to know when he will be able to meet Xin Qing again. At that time, it was likely that many things would have changed…

“Elder, since everything has been settled, there is no need for me to remain here. After I leave, I will inform the Nine-tail tribe to do as you have instructed.

“In that case, thank you very much.” The Nine-tail spirit fox gently smiled and said.

Lin Dong smiled. He once again glanced at the huge bone pool in the sky before he cupped his hands and bowed respectfully towards the Nine-tail spirit fox. Without any hesitation, he turned around and left the plaza. In a couple flashes, he had already entered the spatial vortex and disappeared.

The Nine-tail spirit fox watched Lin Dong vanish. Soon after, she let out a distant sigh. Her mumbling voice slowly reverberated across the realm.

“I hope that you will be able to obtain his inheritance. Though it will not be an easy task…”


Deep within the Nine-tail village, the area around the alter within the ruins was already occupied by the tribe members of the Nine-tail tribe. They sat on the ground. However, this vast space was void of any noise. Everyone’s eyes were tightly glued to the blood red door above the altar.

None of them had rested during the eight days since Lin Dong and Xin Qing had entered. They wished to wait here for the final news. It was the news that would determine the fate of their Nine-tail tribe…

With the passing of each day, a faint aura of despair quietly spread within the area. The liveliness within the eyes many Nine-tail tribe members also gradually disappeared.

Aunt Xin sat nearest to the altar with both hands placed together. Tiredness was faintly discernible in her eyes. However, she did not show any signs of wishing to rest.

She had also detected the atmosphere of despair that had gradually spread. However, she was powerless to stop it. This was because she clearly understood that if Lin Dong and Xin Qing were unable to return, the Nine-tail tribe would perhaps have no need to continue existing…

Allow them to bring the past glory of the Nine-tail tribe and disappear from this world.

Sorrow was revealed in Aunt Xin’s eyes when she thought of this. However, before this sliver of sorrow could spread, her expression suddenly changed. She violently lifted her head, only to see ripples appear on the blood red door which had been completely calm for the past eight days.

A commotion emerged within the ruins. Everyone lifted their heads with extremely anxiousness as they looked at the rippling door. Blood light flashed and a young figure finally slowly walked out before appearing within their sights.

“It is Sir Lin Dong!”

Lin Dong stood on the altar and observed the numerous Nine-tail tribe members around him. Their eyes were filled with anticipation and hope…

“Aunt Xin.”

Lin Dong looked at the pretty woman in front of the altar. He gently smiled under her incomparably anxious eyes as his voice resounded across the ruins, “Congratulations, there is hope for the Nine-tail tribe to rise again.”

Lin Dong’s voice was just like a sky supporting pillar that churned the sea. It instantly shattered the tense atmosphere in this place. However, there was unexpectedly no cheering. The Nine-tail tribe members merely tightly covered their mouths while emotional tears rolled down their faces. Some of the long suppressed sobbing finally emerged.

Lin Dong watched this scene and sighed quietly. It was likely that the Nine-tail tribe had a rather difficult time over the years. When a once glorious tribe declined, its previous glory would instead end up slowly suffocating them.

Lin Dong did not say anything else. He merely sat down in front of the altar and gazed at the distant horizon. It was a long time later before Aunt Xin walked towards him with red eyes. He smiled at her before explaining to in detail what had happened in the Ancestral Soul Hall.

“Sir Lin Dong, you are the benefactor of the Nine-tail tribe. If our Nine-tail tribe is able to rise again in the future, we will follow behind Sir to repay this great kindness!”

Aunt Xin had already knelt down when Lin Dong’s final words were spoken. The large black mass of Nine-tail tribe members behind her also knelt. There was heartfelt gratitude in their eyes.

They were clearly aware that if it was not for Lin Dong, their Nine-tail tribe would lose even their last remaining opportunity. After which, they could only fall to the bottom of the Demonic Beast World and be bullied and humiliated by the others…

Lin Dong could only laugh bitterly upon seeing this.

“Aunt Xin, you should activate the formation that elder has mentioned as soon as possible. It is time for the Nine-tail tribe to change.” Aunt Xin stood up and wiped the emotional tears on her face. Soon after, she heavily nodded.

“All members of the tribe. We will quickly shut the village and prepare the formation!”


All the members of the Nine-tail tribe loudly answered. Liveliness and confidence had once again gradually returned to their voices.

Lin Dong stood on the altar. He looked at the now bustling village and smiled. The Nine-tail tribe should have regain a significant amount of its ancient glory when they meet again.

It might be difficult for them to catch up to the four overlord clans. However, they would clearly possess an endless potential after being freed…

It took an entire week to prepare the formation of the Nine-tail tribe. During this period of time, Lin Dong remained in the village to deal with any sudden or unexpected situations. However, he was relieved that no problems occured at all.

The preparations for the formation were completed according to schedule.

Lin Dong’s hands were behind his back as he stood on a huge tree at the centre of the village. He lifted his head and gazed upon the enormous light formation which covered the entire mountain. He could detect an ancient ripple within the light formation.

“Sir Lin Dong, the Nine-tail Sky Concealing Formation has already been successfully prepared. This mountain will be hidden from the world once it is activated. Those outside cannot enter and we will be unable to leave.” Aunt Xin watched all of this from under the huge tree in a pleased manner as she lifted her head and said.

Ever since the matter of the Ancestral Soul Hall, even she had begun to address Lin Dong in such a manner. The latter was unused to this, but there was nothing he could do about it.

Many young ladies from the Nine-tail tribe clustered around Aunt Xin. They stared at Lin Dong with eyes that contained unconcealable respect. Even those members of the Nine-tail tribe further away, who were busy stabilising the formation, would occasionally look over. Their eyes were filled with gratitude and respect.

“In that case… I should also be leaving.”

Lin Dong lowered his head and smiled at everyone. After which, he pointed towards a land a great distance away. Yellow dust rose to the sky as a black torrent surged over.

It was Little Flame’s Tiger Devouring Army.

Aunt Xin and the others revealed some reluctance in their eyes upon hearing this.

“Everyone, the entire Demon Region will be shaken the next time you appear in this world… at that time, all of you will no longer be weak. The glory during the ancient times will once again be created by all of you. I really look forward our reunion.”

Lin Dong stood at the top of a tree and cupped his hands together towards the entire Nine-tail tribe. After which, he let loose a clear and hearty laughter. His body moved and turned into a light figure that shot out of the Nine-tail village.

“Goodbye, Sir!”

Large groups of Nine-tail tribe members were led by Aunt Xin as they bowed towards him from behind. Their respectful voices continuously reverberated across the mountain as Lin Dong’s disappeared into the distance.

The next time this mountain stockade appeared, it would likely shake the entire Demon Region like Lin Dong had said.

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