Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1058: Nine-tail Spirit Fox

Chapter 1058: Nine-tail Spirit Fox


Chapter 1058: Nine-tail Spirit Fox

“You are not a Nine-tail spirit fox!”

Lin Dong’s voice contained some graveness and vigilance as it reverberated across the square. It seemed as though the atmosphere had solidified in that moment.

Xin Qing was also stunned by Lin Dong’s words and she quickly felt her body turn cold. After which, she revealed an extremely forced smile to him, “Sir Lin Dong, what are you saying? I can sense that she has the same bloodline as our Nine-tail tribe in her body…”

Lin Dong did not reply. All he did was firmly stare at the seductive woman while black light and lightning glow began to surge deep within his eyes.

“Who are you? You are not someone from her tribe!”

The enchanting woman frowned slightly as she looked at Lin Dong. Soon after, her tone became much icier, “People of my tribe, have you forgotten the rules of our Nine-tail tribe? You actually dare to bring a human into the Ancestral Soul hall!”


Xin Qing hurriedly tried to reply, only to be stopped by Lin Dong. He smiled faintly and said, “After so many years, not a single one of your tribe members who went to this Ancestral Soul Hall have managed to return. Don’t you find this strange?”

Xin Qing’s body shook. Horror due to disbelief finally rose from the depths of her eyes.

“The person before us… is no longer that ancestor of yours…” Lin Dong softly said. He immediately smiled at the enchanting woman. “Am I right? May I inquire which Yimo king you are?”

“Ancestor… is this true?” Xin Qing looked at the enchanting woman. There was a extremely faint trace of hope in her eyes.

The enchanting woman stared at Lin Dong. The corners of her mouth slowly lifted into a strange smile as she said, “It seems like the foolish Nine-tail tribe has finally sensed that something is amiss… ”

Xin Qing’s small face became ashen.

“Who exactly are you little brat? There should not be many people in the present world who are aware of the Yimo’s existence. Moreover, you are not even qualified to know of such things given your initial Profound Death stage strength.” The enchanting woman said.

“Haha, I exchanged blows with you Yimo not long ago… and even helped finished off an Yimo king.” Lin Dong softly chuckled.

The pupils of the enchanting woman suddenly shrunk. After which, she covered her mouth and laughed. Her appearance was extremely alluring. “Brat, you really love to boast… do you know how much power is needed to finish off an Yimo king?”

“A Reincarnation stage expert, a King Destroying Heavenly Plate, the support of four Ancestral Symbols. Is that enough?” Lin Dong’s tone remained unmoved as he spoke.

The lovely laughter came to a sudden halt. That enchanting woman finally began to view this mere initial Profound Death stage young man before her seriously. Her voice become a lot colder, “Who exactly are you?”

“Someone who specialises in causing trouble for you Yimo.” Lin Dong grinned.

“You? Although things had somewhat exceeded my expectations, since you have barged in, I’ll make sure that you’ll be stuck here together with that girl!” The enchanting woman laughed coldly. With a clench of her first, the sea of blood started to churn wildly. Splashing sounds were heard as countless blood coloured chains suddenly whizzed out from the sea of blood and shot towards Lin Dong with lightning speed.

“Sir Lin Dong, be careful.” Xin Qing hastily cautioned upon seeing this.

Lin Dong smiled faintly as a lightning glow crazily surged from one of his eyes.


Frightening thunder suddenly resounded in the realm. After which, a dazzling lightning pillar suddenly erupted from within Lin Dong’s body and allowed those blood chains to shoot into it.

Chi chi!

Lightning arcs danced wildly as they swiftly spread onto the blood chains. The wild and violent power of the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbols was unleashed, causing the blood coloured chains to crumble an inch at a time.

“What?” The enchanting woman’s expression quickly changed upon seeing this. She could detect a familiar strength that frightened her from within the lightning glow.

The glow of lightning gathered above Lin Dong’s head. As it squirmed, an ancient symbol slowly appeared. Meanwhile, a unique pressure spread outwards.

“Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol!” The enchanting woman looked at the ancient symbol that flickered with a lightning glow and immediately clenched her teeth. Only at this moment, did she understand why Lin Dong said that he was someone who specialised in causing trouble for them, the Yimo. This person was actually the owner of an Ancestral Symbol.

“Although you control the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol, you are weaker than me. It’s just as well. Allow me to finish you off today and let this Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol disappear from the world!”

Lin Dong smiled as he looked at the enchanting woman and said, “It seems that you are the one who really likes to boost… Do you really believe that the current you is still an Yimo king? A mere incomplete consciousness actually dares to act arrogantly?”

“Why don’t you come and give it a try?”

The enchanting woman released a sharp screech. Immediately, both of her hands formed many seals. “Limitless Devil Pillar Prison!”

Bang bang bang!

The sea of blood grew violent as blood red whirlpools formed one by one. Subsequently, they rotated crazily as blood red light beams suddenly shot out. Wisps of black Qi curled around the the beams of light as they hovered in the air in a densely packed manner.

The blood red light beams that flooded the sky suddenly whistled downwards, forming an inescapable net. That momentum was quite dreadful.

Lin Dong lifted his head, black light surging within his eyes. Soon after, black light exploded from his forehead, turning into a huge black hole above his head. The blood red light beams disappeared in a mysterious fashion upon contact with the black hole as if it was a bottomless hole that could devour everything.

“Devouring Ancestral Symbol? How is this possible?”

The enchanting woman looked at the black hole above Lin Dong as her expression once again changed drastically. At this moment, a sharp screech involuntarily sounded. Rich horror was present in her cry.

She never imagined that Lin Dong not was not only an Ancestral Symbol owner, but was in possession of two of them at the same time!

Lin Dong’s hands hung by his side while black light occupied the sky above his head. He looked at the enchanting woman and laughed, “This consciousness of yours is quite disorderly. If my guess is correct, you should have been merged from the three Yimo kings’ consciousness, right?”

The enchanting woman’s eyes were eerie as she stared at Lin Dong. After which, she laughed at the sky. “So what if you know? That foolish woman attempted to suppress us three kings by herself. Who could have expected that with the flow of time, the consciousness of the three of us would suppress hers instead. Over the years, the foolish Nine-tail tribe has sent their people to die one after another. Haha, do you see it? In fact, this sea of blood is created from the members of the Nine-tail tribe!”

“You bastards!”

Xin Qing bit her lips and fresh blood seeped out. Tears continued to roll down her eyes while her body trembled. She would never have imagined that the place which was originally the hope of their tribe had actually become so terrifying…

“In other words, as long as we purify your consciousness, the consciousness of the Nine-tail spirit fox will be able to escape from your suppression?” Lin Dong softly inquired.

“Our three consciousness have already become tightly linked with hers over tens of thousands of years. Hee hee, if you wish to purify our consciousness, she will also completely disappear. At that time, the Nine-tail tribe will no longer have the opportunity to rise up again.” The enchanting woman laughed.

“Moreover… the power of the Ancestral Symbols might be tremendous but they are not suitable for purification! Hence, you have still overestimated yourself!”

“Sir Lin Dong…”

The trembling voice of the young lady by the side was transmitted over. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she stared unwaveringly at the enchanting lady while rich hatred surfaced within her eyes. “My Nine-tail tribe would rather be destroyed together with her!”

Their final chance has already been lost. This trip to the Ancestral Soul Hall could also be considered as a failure. Xin Qing had clearly given up all hope of survival.

The expression of the enchanting woman slightly altered. It was likely that she did not expect Xin Qing to be so decisive.

“There is no need to perish together…”

Lin Dong glanced at the enchanting woman in an indifferent manner and said. “The power of the Ancestral Symbol is indeed not suitable for purification… in that case, I will use another method…”

Lin Dong lifted his hand after saying this. Warm white light rose from his palm as an ancient stone talisman appeared within it.

White light spread. The warm light which seemed to be able to encompass all things immediately scattered a great amount of Demon Qi that filled the place.

“As an Yimo king, you should recognise this thing right?”

The enchanting woman was dazed as she looked at the ancient stone talisman within the white light. Inconsolable terror surged out from her eyes as a horrified voice was emitted, “Ancestral Stone? Damnit. Just who exactly are you? How is it possible that you possess the Ancestral Stone?!”

A great storm undoubtedly stirring in her heart at this moment. This Profound Death stage young man before her, not only possessed two powerful Ancestral Symbols, but also the second ranked item on the ancient divine object ranking, Ancestral Stone. This item had killed many Yimo kings during the great world war of ancient times…

Lin Dong ignored her screech as both of his hands formed a seal. After which, a warm white light was suddenly unleashed from the Ancestral Stone. As the light spread, the black Qi that filled the sky was akin to snow under the blazing sun when it came into contact with the warm white light. All of it rapidly disappeared.

“Ancestral Soul Devil Purifying Formation!”

Light flooded the sky. Suddenly, an ancient voice was emitted from the Ancestral Stone. Countless threads of white light sprung out from it and swiftly formed a huge white light array around the bewitching woman in the sky.


The enchanting woman quickly let out a piercing cry upon seeing this. Her body moved in an attempt to flee into the sea of blood.

“Trying to escape?”

Lin Dong smiled coldly upon seeing this. Subsequently, lightning glow and black light erupted. They turned into a light curtain that sealed all the escape paths of the enchanting woman.

Only the consciousness of this Yimo king was present, and even its physical body had been destroyed long ago. Naturally, it was unable to pose much of a threat against Lin Dong who was in control of two Ancestral Symbols.


While Lin Dong blocked the enchanting woman, the white light array in the sky began to shake violently. After which, a loud noise appeared. Majestic white light poured down from the sky like liquid. In the end, it enveloped the bewitching woman.

A miserable screech was suddenly emitted. Under the cleansing of the white light, Lin Dong was able to gradually see traces of black Qi swiftly seeping out from within the body of the enchanting lady before being purified…