Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1054: Little Flame’s Experiences

Chapter 1054: Little Flame’s Experiences


Chapter 1054: Little Flame’s Experiences

Aunt Xin and the others in the Nine-tail village stood under a building. Their eyes occasionally looked towards the second storey where see two completely different sized figures were faintly visible.

Aunt Xin’s eyes paused on the metal tower like figure. After which, she sighed and withdrew her eyes. She glanced outside the Nine-tail village where an extremely quiet army rested like a slumbering tiger. Even though this army did not display any enmity, its ferocious aura still caused the members of the Nine-tail village to feel an extremely oppressive pressure.

“It is really unexpected… the person young brother Lin Dong is searching for is actually that number one fierce general of Deep Lightning Mountain.” An elder of the Nine-tail tribe by the side exclaimed.

The events today were clearly filled with ups and downs. Originally, they thought that their Nine-tail village would be faced with quite a great danger. Unexpectedly however, the sudden appearance of Little Flame had frightened off both Qin Gang and Meng Shan. Moreover, Little Flame’s final words clearly had the intention of protecting their Nine-tail tribe. It was likely that anyone planning on targeting the Nine-tail tribe would have to think twice from now on…

“This young brother Lin Dong is really a blessing to our Nine-tail tribe.” Aunt Xin laughed. Little Flame possessed an extremely strong reputation in Deep Lightning Mountain. It was likely that few would take the risk of offending him to harm their Nine-tail tribe after he issued those words.

“That’s right… this Sir Flame General is quite powerful.”

Xin Qing by the side also extended her small head. She looked at the two figures on the second storey in adoration as she smilingly said. “Based on what I am aware of, big brother Lin Dong has two brothers. One is this Sir Flame General while the other is a great person from the Celestial Demon Marten tribe…”

The expressions of Aunt Xin’s group altered once again. Celestial Demon Marten… that was one of the four overlord tribes of the Demonic Beast World. These brothers of Lin Dong were indeed just as outstanding as him.

Aunt Xin rubbed Xin Qing’s small head. A moment later, she lifted her head to look at the figures in the building as an indescribable expression flashed across her eyes.


“Back then, the spatial teleportation was disrupted by those three old offals from the Yuan Gate. After which, I was transported to this Beast War Region. Back then, I was injured and had to recuperate for a month before gradually recovering…”

“Subsequently, I roamed this Beast War Region for a period of time. On one of my expeditions, I ended up in a cave dwelling owned by a Samsara stage super expert when he was alive. He also possess the bloodline of the tiger tribe and I ended up inheriting the essence blood of that elder from there…” Little Flame sat on the ground in the building and described his encounters within the Beast War Region during the past year.


Lin Dong came to a sudden comprehension upon hearing this. No wonder Little Flame’s strength had advanced so quickly. He had actually obtained the essence blood inheritance of a Samsara stage super expert. Moreover, Little Flame had a mutated physique to begin with and was able to perfectly absorb the power of such a similar bloodline.

“However, I was unable to completely obtain the essence blood inheritance. This is because others had also discovered it when I obtained the inheritance…” Little Flame curled his lips and appeared somewhat vengeful.

“That person is the Demon Commander of Deep Lightning Mountain, Xu Zhong.”

Lin Dong was startled. Both of his eyes quickly narrowed.

“That fellow also possess the bloodline of the tiger tribe. Moreover, it is one of the three great tribes of the tiger tribes, the Dark Abyss Tiger Tribe, and he is extremely strong. Hence, I had to share half of the essence blood I obtained with him.”

“Did things really go so well with this demon commander?” Lin Dong asked with a faint smile. Although he had not met the demon commander of Deep Lightning Mountain, it was likely that the latter had some tricks in order to become a titan like existence in this Beast War Region. Yet, such a person had only requested for half of the essence blood inheritance. It was likely that Little Flame did not have the ability to fight with the Demon Commander back then…

“Heh, how could that be possible…” Little Flame laughed coldly. “However, I have a mutated physique. Back then, I had already absorbed the essence blood inheritance into my body. If he wanted to snatch it and I was to pit my life in a fight against him, he would not be able to obtain anything. After some discussion, we agreed to share the essence blood.”

“In that case, why are you at Deep Lightning Mountain and why did you become his top general?” Lin Dong asked. This matter appeared a little complicated.

“How can that fellow allow me to leave so easily? Moreover, I did not have any place to go back then. Hence, I chose to stay. Subsequently, I independently searched for a group of people of which all possess some bloodline of the tiger tribe. Then, I shared some of my essence blood inheritance with them and began to lead them into battle…”

“That is that Tiger Devouring Army, right?” Lin Dong’s eyes flickered. He quickly nodded and remarked, “It is not a bad army. It has a strong fighting strength.”

“Heh heh, those fellows have lived up to my expectations. They are also absolutely loyal to me. I pulled them up from a state whereby anyone could humiliate them. Hence, even the demonic general Xu Zhong of Deep Lightning Mountain desires them. Unfortunately… they will ignore all commands except for mine.” Little Flame parted his lips into a smile.

“Since you possess this Tiger Devouring Army, it is likely that you are also qualified to leave Deep Lightning Mountain, right? If you remain, Xu Zhong would continue to desire the essence blood inheritance that you have obtained as well as your army.”

“Leave? Why should I leave?” Little Flame looked at Lin Dong and grinned. His smile appeared somewhat crafty.

Lin Dong narrowed his eyes. Soon after, he raised his eyebrows. “It seems like you are also planning on obtaining the other half of the essence blood inheritance from Xu Zhong.

“It originally belonged to me. How can I possibly allow him to gain such benefits? I have been waiting patiently for an entire year and fought battles for him, in order to wait for the arrival of the day. As long as I am able to obtain the other half of the essence blood inheritance, I will be able to reach the perfect Profound Death stage!

Little Flame’s scarlet tiger eyes stared at Lin Dong. The corners of his mouth formed an extremely fierce and malicious smile. “Big brother, back then, the three of us were forced to flee the Eastern Xuan Region like strays because of the Yuan Gate. At that time, both you and second brother risked everything to fight those three old dogs. On the other hand, I was merely a burden… I know that we will return one day but I need strength in order to do so! The next time, I will no longer stand behind you and second brother!”

“Therefore, I must retrieve the essence blood inheritance!”

Lin Dong frowned a little upon seeing the scarlet eyes of Little Flame. He said, “No one thinks of you as a burden.”

His voice paused for a moment as he observed the smiling Little Flame. “However… I will help you.”

He could imagine just how much hardship Little Flame had suffered alone in this Beast War Region. The dangers Little Flame had experienced was not any less than what he had in the Chaotic Demon Sea. Since Lin Dong had finally found him, he would naturally help Little Flame. This was because they were brothers.

“How powerful is this demon commander Xu Zhong? Has he stepped into the Samsara stage?”

“No, he can only be considered to be at the peak of the perfect Profound Death stage. Although he is only one step away from the Samsara stage, he cannot be considered as a Samsara stage expert.” Little Flame shook his head and replied.

Lin Dong inclined his head. It was indeed much simpler if this was the case. After all, the gap between the Samsara stage and the perfect Profound Death stage was far too great…

“There should be eight other generals under Xu Zhong besides you, right? The strength of the eight of them should be similar to Meng Shan, no?” Lin Dong once again asked. These eight warriors would pose a huge problem if they wished to deal with Xu Zhong.

“Aye. However, big brother need not be too worried about this. They might instead stand on our side.”

Little Flame chuckled. He quickly folded his sleeve up, revealing a dark black seal. The seal appeared as though it was imprinted deep in his flesh and was slowly wiggling.

Lin Dong stared at the black seal. His eyes focused a little and quickly became icier. “Was that placed on you by Xu Zhong?”

His senses were frighteningly sharp. At a glance, he could tell that this seal had submerged itself deep inside Little Flame’s body. In fact, it would blast Little Flame apart with a mere thought from its owner.

“Yes, it is the Deep Dark Ghost Seal.” Little Flame gave an sinister smile as he said, “Xu Zhong is extremely cautious. He planted this thing into the nine generals under him including myself. Using this, he is able to control us…”

“This fellow… really deserves to die.” There was a dark expression in Lin Dong’s eyes. Although the Chaotic Demon Sea was full of danger, no one had ever planted such a thing to control him…

“However, it is also fortunate that he is this cautious. Otherwise, why would the other great generals feel secretly disgruntled? Five of the eight generals have been convinced by me to revolt against him in the past one year. We will attack together and kill Xu Zhong when the opportunity arise!” Little Flame spoke with vengeance.

This time around, it was Lin Dong who was stunned. As he gazed at the metal tower like man before him, he could not help but laugh. It seemed that Little Flame had changed drastically over the past year. Who could have imagined that the terribly simple and honest big fellow would be full of evil tricks now? If Xu Zhong was to learn that his subordinates were quietly convinced by Little Flame to oppose him, would he regret keeping this threat around in Deep Lightning Mountain?

“Originally, my plan was to act during the annual mountain gathering of Deep Lightning Mountain… heh heh, I never imagined that I would be able to meet big brother now. With you around, our chances of success will increase significantly.”

Although Lin Dong was only at the initial Profound Death stage, Little Flame understood exceptionally well that the former’s true fighting strength, could not simply be measured by the surface…

“This Deep Dark Ghost Seal…” Lin Dong glanced at the seal on Little Flame’s arm. This thing was clearly like a time bomb and it restrained those generals through fear.

“My body is fine. I have the mutated physique. During this one year, the seal has already been secretly eroded by me. Hence, it has lost its effect… However, the only problem is that the other five are also extremely worried about the seals in their bodies.” Little Flame said.

“Let me take a look.”

Lin Dong extended his hand and gently touched the seal on Little Flame’s arm. Threads of black light shot out from his finger and entered the latter’s body. Little Flame did not stop Lin Dong. Instead, he allowed the foreign energy, which could turn his body into a mess, to enter…

He naturally had unconditional trust in Lin Dong.

This probing continued for awhile before Lin Dong withdrew his hand. He mused for a moment and laughed softly, “If it is this seal, I am able to undo it…”