Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1053: Flame General

Chapter 1053: Flame General


Chapter 1053: Flame General

A deathly still and almost frozen atmosphere circled the area outside of the Nine-tail village. Everyone was completely stunned because of the scene in front of them.

The most ferocious warrior of Deep Lightning Mountain was actually kneeling on one knee in front of this skinny young man whom seemed so flimsy that a single slap from the former would likely turn him into meat pulp. Moreover, the red tiger eyes caused everyone to be filled with an absurd feeling. How could this fierce warrior who was renown for his brutality actually act show such an appearance?

If one was to say that this person would shed tears within Deep Lightning Mountain, it would likely immediately attract a large number of gazes that looked as though they were watching a fool… however, this scene had truly appeared in front of them at this moment.

Meng Shan was also stunned as he gazed at the metal tower like figure kneeling with one knee on the ground. He clearly remembered that when the Demon Commander recruited the latter as a general, this metal tower like man did not even kneel before the commander. Now however… he was kneeling before a human.

Since even Meng Shan was stunned, even less needed to be said about the others from Deep Lightning Mountain. Their mouths twitched as they watched this scene. All of them clearly understood that an uproar would envelope the entire Deep Lightning Mountain if word of this spread.

Behind Lin Dong, the originally despairing Aunt Xin and the rest were also startled because of this scene. They were closest to Lin Dong, hence they naturally heard the words from the metal tower man’s mouth…

“Big brother…”

Aunt Xin’s group was taken aback. However, they quickly understood the situation. Could it be that this number one ferocious warrior of Deep Lightning Mountain was the person that Lin Dong had come to the Beast War Region to look for?

Their expressions involuntarily became a little strange when they thought of this. They did believe that someone who could be brothers with Lin Dong should possess a certain level of strength. However, they would never expected that this so called ‘certain level of strength’ had actually reached the level of the Deep Lightning Mountain’s top ferocious warrior…

“What is going on?”

Those young ladies within the Nine-tail tribe also hurriedly looked outside of the village. The appearance of the black army earlier had caused their faces to pale. However, they quickly saw this incredible scene…

“Is that the Tiger Devouring Army? Could that man be the top fierce warrior of Deep Lightning Mountain, General Flame?”

“Why would he kneel in front of sir Lin Dong? What is going on?”


Continuous chatter like a hundred birds chirping continued to spread across the area. Those young ladies widened their eyes as they looked outside. Their eyes were filled with curiosity and confusion.

“Is he the brother that Lin Dong is looking for…” Xin Qing was also startled as she looked outside of the village before she finally ended up mumbling in a soft voice. This scene before her had clearly clued her in onto something.

“What? The top fierce warrior of Deep Lightning Mountain is actually the brother of sir Lin Dong? How amazing…”

“That fellow is said to be extremely brutal. I never would have imagined that he would be so gentle in front of sir Lin Dong…”


Lin Dong gently ruffled the hair of the metal tower man in front of him. His heart was also surging wildly with intense feelings. Little Marten was the most difficult to bully amongst the three of them. Hence, Lin Dong was not worried about the latter’s safety. Others should be thanking the heavens if Little Marten did not find trouble with them. Only Little Flame caused Lin Dong to be greatly worried. This fellow was usually simple and honest. This was because most things were decided for him by Lin Dong and Little Marten and Little Flame did not need to think much. All he did was to do as he was told by the both of them…

The Demon Region was chaotic. Naturally, Lin Dong was worried that Little Flame had met with some trouble. Now that he had seen the latter standing in front of him alive, he was finally able to put aside the worry in his heart.

“It is good that you are still alive…” Lin Dong looked at the moist red tiger eyes of the metal tower young man in front of him and laughed. “Stand up. This is so unsightly.”

Little Flame nodded. Some of the injury on his face caused him to appear exceptionally savage and ferocious. Under Lin Dong’s gaze, his ferocious face which could caused one’s limbs to turn to jelly revealed a simple and honest smile that had not appeared for a long time.

“You have many injuries. It must have been hard on you during these few years.”

Lin Dong only managed to carefully observe Little Flame after he stood up. The current Little Flame was a lot stronger compared to before. He had clearly experienced too much. It was possible to see this from the many overlapping scars on his body. This caused Lin Dong’s heart to somewhat ache.

Nevertheless, he understood that Little Flame must be allowed to roam the world alone in order to truly hone himself. Little Flame was a ferocious tiger and not a strong cat that follow obediently behind him and Little Marten…

Little Flame parted his mouth into a smile. He quickly said, “I will tell big brother about the various incidents during the past year but I need to first settle something.”

Lin Dong looked at Meng Shan whose expression had suddenly stiffened. He nodded slightly and did not speak. There was now no need for Lin Dong to comment when Little Flame did anything.

Little Flame turned around. The moment he did so, everyone could sense the monstrous brutality that seemed to have completely disappeared from his body earlier suddenly surge crazily like floodwaters.

At this moment, he had once again become the Tiger Devouring Army’s number one ferocious general of Deep Lightning Mountain!

As Little Flame turned around, his scarlet eyes were thrown onto the stiff face Meng Shan. The latter’s body involuntarily trembled upon seeing those tiger eyes which were filled with ferocity. A forced smile appeared on his face as he said, “Ha ha… it is brother Yan… I never imagined that you would be acquainted with this brother Lin Dong…”

“I have sent someone to pass this information to you before.”

Little Flame took a step forward and headed towards Meng Shan. Dark red blood light slowly gathered behind him. It seemed to have turned into a blood red light tiger that roared towards the sky, an extremely ferocious sight.

Meng Shan’s expression quickly altered. He was indeed aware that Little Flame had dispatched someone to pass this information to him. However, he had already begun to move and had simply sent someone to stop the messenger.

“Brother Flame… it is a misunderstanding… if I had known of your relation with him, I definitely would not have come here.” Meng Shan hurriedly spoke as he smiled. Although he was also one of the nine great warriors of Deep Lightning Mountain, he clearly understood that he must not offend Little Flame. Otherwise, the latter would not have such be able to firmly sit in the position of top warrior within a short one year.

“A misunderstanding huh?” Little Flame stopped in front of Meng Shan. He parted his mouth into a smile. Those sinisterly white teeth caused one to shudder.

Meng Shan hurriedly nodded upon hearing this.

“However, you must still die!”

A smile emerged from the corners of Little Flame’s mouth and instantly became malicious. He clenched his large hand and a fist was thrown forward. Monstrous blood light gathered, turning into a blood red light tiger that was accompanied by shocking ferocity as it ruthlessly rushed towards Meng Shan in an explosive manner.


Meng Shan’s expression changed drastically. In the next moment, majestic Yuan Power erupted from within his body and turned into an enormous yellow wall.


The huge fist smashed downwards in a ruthless fashion and the wall collapsed. Rock fragments shot outwards as Meng Shan retreated in a miserable fashion while yellow light symbols surfaced on his body. They appeared like a layer of scales that were incomparably hard.

“Flame general, how dare you try to kill me! The lord will not forgive you!” Meng Shan cried out furiously.

The expressions of Meng Shan’s metal mountain guards changed when they saw him being attacked. However, before they could step forward, they suddenly detected a shockingly ferocious aura crash into them. All of them hurriedly lifted their heads. They could see the black army’s many pairs of dark red eyes staring at them. Those expressions made them understand that if they were to take a step forward, a slaughter would be awaiting them.

This Tiger Devouring Army which only knew how to kill clearly would not show any mercy just because they belonged to Deep Lightning Mountain. In their eyes, only the Flame General existed. There was no one else, not even the demon commander of Deep Lightning Mountain!

This was because this was an army personally built by the Flame General!

Little Flame’s footsteps paused for a moment because of Meng Shan’s furious cry. The latter thought that his warning was effective upon seeing this. However, before he could sigh in relief, he saw cruelness gathering at a shocking speed within Little Flame’s tiger eyes.


While unease clouded Meng Shan’s heart, he saw Little Flame’s body suddenly turning illusory. His expression quickly changed and he violently pulled back.


A shadow appeared behind him in a ghost like fashion as he pulled back. Before his expression could pale due to horror, a black giant tiger claw tore through space and grabbed his arm. After which, the black figure abruptly pulled and ruthlessly smashed Meng Shan onto the mountain wall at their side.

Bang bang bang!

The mountain collapsed. Soon after, everyone inhaled a breath of cold air as they saw the metal tower like figure violently swing Meng Shan onto the surroundings. Within a short ten breaths, the ground was already covered with deep pits. Many big dents had also appeared on the rock walls by the side.

Violence. This term had been perfectly displayed by Little Flame.

Meng Shan, whose strength was half a step into the perfect Profound Death stage, was actually completely unable to retaliate!

Lin Dong wore a surprised expression as he watched this scene. Little Flame’s strength should be at the advance Profound Death stage. However… Lin Dong could detect a somewhat mysterious ripple from Little Flame’s body. It seemed that Little Flame had his own lucky encounter during this one year. Otherwise, it would be impossible for his level to exceed Lin Dong even with his evolving physique…

Dust gradually fell in front of the many watching eyes. After which, everyone saw the metal tower like figure dragging a body that one did not know was dead or alive as he walked out of the dust. He casually tossed the figure at those metal mountain guards as if it was garbage.

“Get lost.”

Little Flame’s scarlet eyes looked at the group of metal mountain guards as he spoke in a hoarse voice.

The metal mountain guards who previously gave off an oppressive aura immediately backed away in horror. They did not have the least bit of courage against this number one ferocious warrior of Deep Lightning Mountain.

The place quickly became a little spacious as the metal mountain guards miserably withdrew. After which, Little Flame turned around and looked at the somewhat pale Qin Gang before parting his mouth as he laughed, “Why aren’t you leaving? The Nine-tail village is under my protection. I will kill anyone from your Hundred Beast Ridge if you dare come and collect the tribute!”

Qin Gang’s face twitched. He wanted to retort, however, in the face of Little Flame’s scarlet tiger eyes and Meng Shan’s earlier fate, he ultimately swallowed the words that were at the tip of his tongue. He slapped the bat under him and decisively turned around. Finally, he led his group and fled miserably into the distance.

Aunt Xin’s group watched the outside area of the village which had become completely empty within a couple of minutes. After which, they looked at the now simple and honest looking Little Flame, who had turned around and walked towards Lin Dong. They could only silently digest the shock in their hearts…

The number one ferocious general was a well deserved title.