Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1052: Reunion of Brothers

Chapter 1052: Reunion of Brothers


Chapter 1052: Reunion of Brothers

In front of the Nine-tail village, two groups of men had surrounded the village until nobody could enter or leave. At this moment, these two groups wore unfriendly expressions as they looked at the Nine-tail village. A fierce glint flashed in their eyes, allowing one to understand that they were not friendly individuals…

“Village Chief Xin, I will give you another five minutes. If you do not hand over Lin Dong, don’t blame me for showing no mercy when I enter to catch him forcefully.” Meng Shan’s hands were wrapped around his chest. He lowered his eyes slightly as he spoke in a faint voice.

Standing beside him, Qin Gang observed this scene with a smile. He had no intention of speaking up. Clearly, he wanted the Nine-tail Village to offend Meng Shan.

Aunt Xin clenched her hand under her sleeve. The Nine-tail elders beside her had extremely ugly expressions as well. This threat from Meng Shan made them feel extremely anxious. If this matter was not resolved appropriately, their Nine-tail Village might lose the protection of the two strongest factions in this region. At that time, some of the other factions, who have been eyeing their Nine-tail village for a long time, would take advantage and invade them…

Aunt Xin’s eyes flickered. She clenched her teeth and was about to speak when her expression suddenly changed. The light barrier behind her rippled before a young man slowly walked out from it.

“My friend, you are quite a well known individual in the Beast War Region. To purposefully make things difficult for a group of women, aren’t you going a little overboard?” A faint laughter was also emitted from the ripple. Soon after, Lin Dong landed beside Aunt Xin as many pairs of eyes suddenly turned towards him.

“You are that Lin Dong?”

Meng Shan’s and Qin Gang’s eyes paused on Lin Dong at this moment. It seemed like they were a little curious about this person, who had recently caused a commotion in the Beast War Region.

Facing their fearsome gazes, Lin Dong’s expression did not change. Instead, all he did was smile as he quietly admitted.

“Although there are other humans in the Beast War Region, it is rare for any of them to act so arrogantly here.”

Meng Shan’s yellowish eyes stared at Lin Dong. He parted his mouth and said, “I have accepted some benefits from the Blood Python City. Hence, you must come with me today. Relax, I will not do anything to you. All I will do is hand you over to Cao Ying.”

Lin Dong looked at Meng Shan, before he quickly glanced at the ferocious group behind him and laughed, “I’m sorry, I am not planning on going anywhere today.”

Meng Shan laughed upon hearing this. “That is not something for you to decide… I know that you are quite powerful and even Cao Ying is unable to deal with you. However, do you think that the mob from Blood Python City can be compared with my Metal Mountain Guards?”

The large group behind suddenly cried out sternly in response to Meng Shan’s words. The cry was like thunder that reverberated over the place. Moreover, their aura was like a mountain pressing down, forcing Lin Dong to step back.

Standing beside him, Aunt Xin’s group had a change in expression. They felt that even their breathing had become more difficult. Just when they were unable to hold on any longer, a figure stepped forward from behind them. Then, he shouldered that pressuring and shocking aura all by himself.

“It seems like with regards to today’s matter, you plan to pester me till the end.” A faint green light surfaced around Lin Dong’s body. He stared at Meng Shan while a sharpness surged deep within his eyes.

“You still dare to act so arrogantly at this juncture! What an ignorant fool!” Meng Shan’s eyes become dark and solemn when he saw Lin Dong’s attitude. Clearly, he was a little furious. After all, with his current status and together with the fact that he had brought along an army, not only did that fellow refuse to surrender, he even began to irritate him with his nonsensical words.

“Young brother Lin Dong.”

Aunt Xin’s group became very anxious after they saw this tense atmosphere. If they chose to fight with Meng Shan now, there was no guarantee that it will resolve the desperate situation that they were currently in. Moreover, even if it did, what Meng Shan represented, was the entire Deep Lightning Mountain!

At this moment, Xin Qing and the rest in the village were also anxiously looking at their direction. After all, it would not be beneficial for Lin Dong if this continued on.

“Someone capture this brat.”

Meng Shan laughed coldly. He waved his hand before the eyes of the Metal Mountain Guards behind him turned densely cold. Wave of majestic Yuan Power fluctuation spread.

From aside, Qin Gang watched this scene with chilly eyes. He wanted to see how this human called Lin Dong, was going to escape from the current situation. After all, Meng Shan was even stronger than Cao Ying. Moreover, the Metal Mountain Guards under him were a battle-hardened unit and they were several times stronger when compared to the mob like forces from Blood Python City…

Lin Dong slowly clenched his hand. As he stared at the lineup in front of him, he knew that things would not end peacefully. In that case… he could only choose to fight …


The land trembled as Lin Dong’s eyes became increasingly sharp. This sudden tremor caused the tense atmosphere to weaken.


The tremor came closer within an extremely short period of time. Subsequently, everyone in front of the Nine-tail village suddenly turned their heads. They were shocked as they looked at the horizon. That was because, they saw a black metal like torrent surging over, while being accompanied by a monstrous like ferocity.

Wherever the black torrent whistled past, their shocking ferocity would agglomerated into layers of black clouds in the sky. Soon after, the black clouds churned and blotted out the sun, appearing very frightening.

Everyone outside of the Nine-tail village had some shock in their eyes as they looked at the black torrent rushing over. Their aura far surpassed the two groups currently present.

With the approach of this torrent, everyone finally discovered a fluttering flag with the “Yan” character within the black torrent.

“It is the Tiger Devouring Army of the Flame General!”

A ripple like whistling sound suddenly erupted at this moment. When the two groups led by Meng Shan and Qin Gang heard this incoming whistle, they did not make any any unnecessary noise. Instead, a deep trace of fear flashed across their eyes.

“Flame General…”

Qin Gang’s expression changed as he stared at this black army rushing over. There was deep fear and horror surging within his eyes. The Hundred Beast Ridge had many conflicts with the Deep Lightning Mountain. Various battles of different sizes had erupted again and again. However, during these fights, the army known as the “Tiger Devouring Army” had always forced the Hundred Beast Ridge to pay a hefty price.

The commander of that army was also the most fearsome general in Deep Lightning Mountain, the Flame General. He was an extremely fearsome warrior, who had swiftly rose in the Beast War Region at a shocking pace in the past one year!

“Why did this ruthless character come as well…” Qin Gang tugged at the corner of his lips. Then, he glanced pitifully at Lin Dong. It seems like he will wound up in a pretty miserable state today.

“That is the Tiger Devouring Army…”

When Aunt Xin’s group saw the black army rushing towards them, their expressions because ashen. They were still able to remain calm in the face of Meng Shan and Qin Gang. However, the courage in their hearts finally began to collapse in front of this black army, which was accompanied by a monstrous and fearsome aura.

It was the strongest army in the Deep Lightning Mountain. At the same time, it was also the most vicious one and they always believed in eliminating all their enemies. Therefore, only a sea of blood and a mountain of corpses remained, wherever the Tiger Devouring Army went…

If this ferocious force attacked their Nine-tail village, their village would likely be turned into a river of blood.

Lin Dong also frowned as he stared at that incoming black army. The dense, seemingly solidified brutal aura caused his eyes to turn grave. This army was clearly the strongest one Lin Dong had met since arriving at the Demon Region…

“Is that also a faction from the Deep Lightning Mountain… It is indeed extremely powerful…” Lin Dong inhaled a deep breath of air. Lightning and black light surged within his eyes. It seems like he was in for a bitter fight today.

The black torrent arrived with a charging momentum. A moment later, it gradually appeared in front of everyone’s sight. Their fearsome and murderous aura caused everyone’s breathing to become a little sluggish.

With the approach of this army, everyone could see countless pairs of ruthless and emotionless dark red eyes under their armours.

Of course, even though this black army had a frightening and fearsome aura, everyone’s eyes quickly turned to the middle of this torrent. An even more terrifying and ferocious aura rose into the sky from that spot.

If the Tiger Devouring Army was made up of incomparably fearsome tigers, the metal tower man in the middle of the army was the genuine king of tigers!

The man had a metal tower like body. Dense violent aura seemed to agglomerate into a blood red tiger light figure. Its tiger eyes scanned the place, appearing as though it was looking down on the world. Its ferocity was overwhelming.

Many pairs of eyes gathered on the metal tower like body as rich horror filled their eyes. Even Meng Shan was no exception.

Lin Dong’s eyes were also looking at the metal tower figure. However, his eyes slowly became sluggish, while his typically calm face had an extremely stunned expression.

Standing beside him, Aunt Xin could only smile bitterly upon seeing this. Their situation was becoming increasingly desperate.

The black torrent ignored these gazes, which contained despair as they charged forward in an extremely domineering manner. After which, they tore through the defensive lines of the two groups. People tumbled, but not a single person dared to curse them.

The black torrent paused outside of the stockade. An extreme silence took over, causing the hearts of many to pound violently.

After that large army stopped, that black torrent parted. After which, everyone saw a ferocious metal tower like figure walking forward. The land itself seemed to tremble as he walked.

Meng Shan stared at this metal tower like figure. His skin twitched and he was about to smile and speak, when he realised that the latter did not even look at him. Instead, he walked straight to the skinny young man behind.

Meng Shan swallowed the words that had reached his mouth upon seeing this. After which, he observed this scene in bewilderment.

The metal tower man’s footsteps became even quicker. Finally, a rumbling sound, that was accompanied by an extreme pressure, paused in front of Lin Dong. Aunt Xin and the rest behind involuntarily trembled.

The atmosphere was tense.

Its ferocious tiger eyes faced Lin Dong’s calm lake like eyes.

Their bodies were in complete contrast. In fact, Lin Dong could only reach the thigh of that figure when he stood up. That figure looked just like a giant when placed beside Lin Dong.

However, the following scene left everyone in deep shock. That was because they saw that extremely fearsome tiger, who was known for its brutalness and blood covered hands, slowly kneeling in front of Lin Dong. This allowed the young man to look straight at his face. Following which, its blood dyed scarlet eyes actually became a little moist.

“Big brother.” Its unusually hoarse and excited voice caused everyone to be startled.

Lin Dong looked at this metal tower like man, whose appearance had undergone a drastic transformation. Clearly, this one year had changed him tremendously. However, Lin Dong was still able to detect a familiar sensation from those scarlet tiger eyes.

“You brat…”

Lin Dong finally smiled and extended his hand, amidst the deathly silent atmosphere and stunned eyes around him. He gently rubbed the hair of the metal tower like man and released a deep sigh.

“I have finally found you…”