Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1050: Nine-tail Village

Chapter 1050: Nine-tail Village


Chapter 1050: Nine-tail Village

There were red and green spots occasionally adorning the lush green mountain village. Additionally, the entire mountain was filled with bird noises and this caused the village to appear like a paradise.

Lin Dong slowly walked across this village while being led by the Xin Qing trio. There were occasionally some beautiful figures flashing and appearing around them. After which, pairs of large eyes, which contain rich curiosity, would stare at Lin Dong. At times, there were some

soft laughter emitted through covered mouths and they sounded just like larks.

Lin Dong helplessly shook his head as he was observed in such a fashion. The Xin Qing trio also quietly laughed. After which, the two ladies separated and called those beautiful figures to leave.

“Sir Lin Dong, please don’t be upset. Our nine-tail tribe is usually closed and there are hardly any outsiders visiting, especially humans…” Xin Qing explained.

Lin Dong waved his hand and indicated that he was not bothered by this. After all, he was already used to being surrounded and observed.

“Our main camp is in front and our clan elders are waiting for you, sir.” Xin Qing laughed. They had already announced Lin Dong’s identity before they entered the village.


Lin Dong nodded. After which, he increased his pace. A moment later, a spacious stockade appeared in his sight. There were many figures in front of the stockade. A somewhat graceful and beautiful woman stood in front. She immediately caught sight of Xin Qing before an excited smile surfaced on her face.


When Xin Qing saw that beautiful woman, her eyes reddened slightly. Subsequently, she pounced at the woman. It was likely that this little girl really missed her home while she was out alone.

The pretty woman hurriedly stepped forward before she embraced Xin Qing dotingly. Then, she quickly asked how the latter was doing. Those surrounding women also came forward with pleased faces.

Standing aside, when Lin Dong saw the scene in front of him, he curled his lips and thought about his parents and his family. It has been many years since he left the Great Yan Empire and he wondered how they are doing now…

“Haha, why? Xin Qing has actually brought back a man this time around?” A woman’s teasing laughter sounded while Lin Dong was feeling exceptionally emotional in his heart. Lin Dong was startled. He lifted his head and saw a couple of pretty women smilingly teasing him.

Xin Qing’s face turned red after hearing their words. She hurriedly said, “All of you should not speak such nonsense. This is Sir Lin Dong. He came to the Demon Region to settle some matters. I have been ordered by the hall chief to be his guide.”

“Along the way, we met Sister Liu’s group, who was captured by the Blood Python City. Sir Lin Dong is the one who helped me to rescue them.”

“All of you should stop uttering nonsense. He is an important guest and must not be slighted.”

The pretty woman glared at the few women by the side. After which, she looked at Lin Dong and spoke warmly, “Young brother Lin Dong, on behalf of the entire nine-tail tribe, I would like to thank you for the matter regarding the little Liu duo.”

Lin Dong waved his hand and said, “Chief is too courteous. Xin Qing is my guide. It is only right that I lend her a hand.”

“Calling me chief appears to be too distant. If young brother Lin Dong does not despise my nine-tail tribe, you can call me Aunt Xin.” The pretty woman gently said. She was extremely beautiful. Although she was no longer young, time had hardly left any traces on her face.

“In that case, I will do as you say.” Lin Dong smiled. Calling this extremely beautiful and gentle woman chief was indeed a little awkward.

“I am already aware of the reason why you came to the Beast War Region. Let’s go in and talk about it.” Aunt Xin laughed. She turned around and led the way after seeing Lin Dong nod his head.

Within the hall, Aunt Xin watched Xin Qing place a fragrant tea respectfully beside Lin Dong, before retreating. After which she softly asked, “Can young brother Lin Dong tell me a little more about the person you are looking for?”

“He is called Lin Yan and is a brother of mine. However, I am not sure if he is using this name in the Beast War Region…”

“He is from the tiger tribe… It is likely the Heavenly Devil Tiger tribe.”

“Lin Yan…” Aunt Xin frowned and thought about it before shaking her head. “Based on what I know, no one called Lin Yan appeared in the Beast War Region during this past year.”

“The tiger tribe is a huge tribe in the Demonic Beast world. The Heavenly Devil Tiger tribe is not only one of the three strongest tribes in the tiger tribe, but is also one of the eight king tribes in the Demonic Beast World. There are many experts from the tiger tribe in the Beast War Region, including experts from the Heavenly Devil Tiger tribe. However, they are all renowned experts … This does not tally with the information that young brother Lin Dong has provided.”

Lin Dong sighed in disappointment. It seems like the search for Little Flame was not going to be an easy task.

“However, young brother Lin Dong, there is no need to worry. I will send someone to gather information about the experts, who have recently made a name for themselves in the Beast War Region during this one year. Given young brother Lin Dong’s ability, it is likely that your brother is no ordinary individual as well. Hence, he should be able to make a name for himself after coming to the Beast War Region. This will make collecting information much easier.” Aunt Xin said.

Lin Dong nodded and replied, “In that case, I will have to trouble Aunt Xin.”

“Young brother Lin Dong, please stay at our nine-tail Village during the next few days. I will update you once we have some news.” Aunt Xin laughed. She beckoned a young lady over to lead Lin Dong to rest, after seeing Lin Dong nod his head.

Xin Qing sat beside Aunt Xin after Lin Dong left. She asked, “Mother, do you have any information regarding the person Sir Lin Dong is looking for?”

“The Beast War Region is extremely vast. Moreover, our nine-tail tribe has isolated ourselves in one corner and we can only protect ourselves. However, you can be rest assured that I will do my best.”

Aunt Xin smiled. Her hand rubbed Xin Qing’s small face and spoke dotingly , “Girl, you must have suffered in the outside world by yourself, am I right?””

“No. Everyone in the Flame Divine Hall takes good care of me.” Xin Qing shook her head and smilingly said.

“Is this young brother Lin Dong also from the Flame Divine Hall?” Aunt Xin looked in the direction where Lin Dong had left and asked.

“No. However, Sir Lin Dong is extremely powerful. Not only does the chief hold him in high regard, but there is also an elder, Qing Zhi, who admires him. I heard from elder sister Xinlian that elder Qing Zhi is at the Reincarnation stage.” There was a worshipful expression flashing in Xin Qing’s large eyes.

“Reincarnation stage…”

Hearing these words, Aunt Xin trembled and the few other women around her gasped, as great shock covered their faces. Even when their nine-tail tribe was at their peak, they too did not dare to slight such a person.

“A few days back, the Flame Divine Hall was attacked. It is rumoured that there was a Reincarnation stage expert and three Samsara stage experts…” Xin Qing’s small face was excited as she said. She completely ignored those completely stunned individuals around her. After all, such a frightening lineup could easily destroy any faction in the Beast War Region.

“At that time, Sir Lin Dong joined forces with elder sister Xinlian and the other members of the Flame Divine Hall to defeat a Samsara stage expert. Moreover, they even managed to seal him…”

Aunt Xin expression was altered. She was able to detect Lin Dong’s strength previously. It seemed to be similar to hers, the initial Profound Death stage. Furthermore, she was also quite impressed by the fact that Lin Dong could defeat Cao Ying, from the Blood Python City, with his current strength. However, that shock was a little insignificant compared to what Xin Qing just said…

“It looks like young brother Lin Dong is indeed extraordinary.” Aunt Xin said. She no longer had any doubts about the fact that Mo Luo and elder Qing Zhi thought highly of Lin Dong.

“Mm mm.” Xin Qing nodded continuously. Her beautiful small face was flush and appeared extremely cute.

“Xin Qing, have you fallen for this young brother Lin Dong? He seems pretty decent.” A woman by the side teased after seeing Xin Qing’s appearance.

“Aunt Hong, what nonsense are you spouting… I am only a little girl. How can I match up to Sir Lin Dong. Even elder sister Xinlian is fond of him…” Xin Qing’s small face was as hot as fire as she spoke in embarrassment.

“All of you should stop teasing her… Alright, Xin Qing, you should go and rest. Additionally, you should avoid going out now that you have returned… It will be troublesome if Qin Gang from the Hundred Beast Ridge learns about this.” Aunt Xin smiled after hearing their teasing voice before she finally said.

The redness on Xin Qing’s face diminished significantly after she heard this name. She quickly clenched her teeth and nodded gently.

Aunt Xin could only smile bitterly and nod her head upon seeing this.


Lin Dong remained in the nine-tail village for the next few days. Although it was located in the chaotic Beast War Region, this place was exceptionally peaceful. Such an atmosphere was in complete contrast to the chaotic conflicts in the outside world.

Although some news would reach him everyday as he rested, it was not the information that he was looking for. It seems like the nine-tail tribe had a limited information gathering ability. However, Lin Dong did not complain about this. This was especially after seeing Xin Qing’s pitiful and frightened manner each time she saw him shake his head. Hence, it was almost impossible for him to feel anger. Instead, he smiled, rubbed the little girl’s head and comforted her. Only then, did her expression improve.

In any case, he had only just arrived at the Beast War Region. He could treat this as resting point while he came up with a solution…

Another three days quietly passed while Lin Dong adopted this relaxed attitude.

Lin Dong was seated on a towering large tree within the village and leaning on a tough and thick tree branch. His eyes were narrowed as he allowed the warm sunlight to penetrate through the gap of the leaves and scatter over his body.


The comfortable Lin Dong suddenly opened his eyes. He wore a puzzled expression as he looked at the nine-tail Village, which was in quite a big commotion. He saw some young ladies congregating at the deserted areas of this village at this moment.

“Sir Lin Dong, can you allow us to stay here for awhile? We will definitely not disturb you.”

Xin Qing landed on a tree branch beside Lin Dong. She placed her hands together in a pleading fashion, appearing extremely delicate and beautiful.

“Aye, we will definitely not disturb you. If you are unhappy, we will let Xin Qing warm your bed!” A couple of young ladies by the side laughed secretly. Their words were extremely bold.

“What is it?”

Lin Dong smiled at them and asked. He had become somewhat acquainted with these young ladies of the nine-tail tribe over these few days.

Xin Qing sighed softly upon hearing this. Promptly, she laughed bitterly.

“The Hundred Beast Ridge is here to collect their tribute…”