Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1048: Achieving His Objective

Chapter 1048: Achieving His Objective


Chapter 1048: Achieving His Objective

Sizzle sizzle.

Flashing lightning sparks converged within one of Lin Dong’s eyes at a shocking speed. At the same time, there seemed to be lighting churning within the dark clouds above his head.

Cao Ying was shocked when he saw this scene. There was an uneasy sensation quietly rising within his heart. Promptly, he quickly clenched his teeth. If he was to lose to an initial Profound Death stage human in front of so many people, how could he maintain a foothold in the Beast War Region in the future?

Hence, regardless of what happens, he must kill this brat today!

A ferocious glint flashed within Cao Ying’s eyes before his throat emitted a low cry. Soon after, blood light whizzed out from his body in all directions. His body also rapidly swelled at this moment.

Crack crack.

Blood light spread. A bloody figure churned before a deafening cry was scattered across this world together with a dense bloody scent. Soon after, everyone saw that hovering in the sky, Cao Ying’s body had transformed into a ten thousand feet large bright red huge python. There were black spots on his enormous body, while a pair of large wings spread. Looking from a distance away, it looked like a flying dragon.

Blood coloured scales covered the huge bright red python’s body. Its scarlet snake eyes contained a dense ferocity as it stared intently at Lin Dong, who was at a short distance away.

“The Demonic Beast actual form huh…”

When Lin Dong saw this scene, his eyes focused slightly. He was naturally aware that the strongest aspect of a Demonic Beast was its physical body. Once they transformed into that form, it basically meant that they had unleashed their full strength. This was also a sign that they would fight with everything that they had.

Clearly, Cao Ying was already dissatisfied with this fight. Hence, he wanted to use this move to end it.

However… This was no easy task…

The lightning gathering within Lin Dong’s eyes became denser. Dark clouds also crazily swarmed towards him in the sky. The sky gradually turned dark while several lightning snakes shuttled within the clouds.

This unusual phenomenon was also detected by many experts. Promptly, their eyes were all filled with shock. They could feel a relatively wild and violent obscure fluctuation from within the dark clouds.

“Dragon Ghost Skill!”

A sharp cry was suddenly emitted from the mouth of the bright red large python that Cao Ying had transformed into. A monstrous bloody light surged before the huge python wiggled. Sharp blood red bone thorns extended out from within its body. Meanwhile, at its head, a blood red dragon horn was being slowly formed. Instantly, the aura of the blood red python surged towards the sky. Faintly, it seemed to resemble the aura give off by a member of the dragon tribe.


The blood light across the sky exploded. Many blood coloured light pillars suddenly shot out. A blood dragon within the blood light revealed its evil aura. The space itself seemed to have become distorted when that huge body flew past.

No fancy techniques. Only a simple and terrifying collision. However, it seemed like even a mountain would collapse if it was struck by it!

Everyone could sense just how fearsome and frightening the force contained within the strike was.

Lin Dong lowered his head and looked at the blood red body, that resembled a meteorite, that was charging over. His eyes gradually became grave. Immediately, he extended his hand straight forward. His finger pointed towards the thick dark clouds in the distant sky. After which, he inhaled a deep breath before the lightning glow in one of his eyes became extremely bright.

The dark clouds in the sky began to churn after Lin Dong extended his hand. Countless lightning crazily gathered within the clouds. The clouds subsequently parted before a ten thousand feet large thunderbolt hand appeared, in front of the countless number of terrified eyes on this plains, in a shocking fashion.

“Lightning Emperor Meteorite Hand!”

Hovering in the sky, lightning gathered behind Lin Dong and he looked just like the Lightning Emperor. There was a pressure that was difficult to describe with words, within his icy voice as it reverberated across the sky.


The ten thousand feet large hand in the sky suddenly whizzed downwards after his cry sounded. A lightning dragon was present within the huge hand and there seemed to be a huge thunderbolt symbol vaguely present deep within the lightning glow. A vast and mighty wild energy radiated from within.


On the plains below, there was already a ten thousand feet palm imprint after the huge lightning hand rushed out. That terrifying force caused the scalp of many onlookers to turn numb. In fact, fear even rose in the eyes of those experts from the Blood Python City.


The lightning glow and blood glow rushed across the sky from two different angles. Finally, they clashed in front of the many pair of shocked eyes.

They were like two meteorites clashing together in a destructive fashion!


A loud noise ricocheted across a five hundred kilometre radius. Bright, dazzling and intense light was emitted from the sky. Its intensity and brightness even surpassed that of the hot sun in the distant sky.

Everyone used their hands to cover their eyes. Their eyes stared through the gaps between their fingers as they stared intensely at the spot in the sky, where the light had erupted. Two huge objects were crazily eroding the other party at that spot.

“Watch how I kill you!”

Monstrous blood light swept out from within the bone thorn covered bright red huge bat’s body, while Cao Ying’s murderous roar resounded over the sky.

“Lightning Slaughter!”

Lin Dong extended his hand before he pointed it at the wildly struggling, distant bright red python. His eyes were filled with cold indifference as he clenched abruptly, before an icy cold voice was emitted from his mouth.

A lightning glow suddenly erupted from the large thunderbolt hand after Lin Dong uttered those words. Countless frightening lightning bolts wildly struck against the bright red giant python.

“Hmph!” Cao Ying snorted coldly before blood light spread in all directions. Subsequently, the light collided with those lightning.

“You are courting death…”

Lin Dong smiled faintly upon seeing this. These frightening lightning bolts were not formed from ordinary Yuan Power. Instead, they contained the true strength of the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol…

Shock surged within Cao Ying’s huge snake eyes when the first lightning exploded. He could sense an extremely dangerous aura being emitted from the lightning ripples.

However, he clearly did not have the time to pull back at this moment. Hence, all he could do was stare in shock, as the countless frightening lightning bolts struck!

Bang bang bang!

A series of explosions continuously took place across the huge bright red python’s body. Subsequently, sharp cries continuously sounded out, while the blood red energy undulated on Cao Ying’s body actually began to vanish rapidly, amidst these thunderbolt explosions. Meanwhile, his incomparably sturdy blood coloured armour also showed signs of cracking as scarlet blood spluttered out like a fountain.


Everyone lifted their heads at this moment. Their pupils shrunk when they saw the originally fearsome large bright red python in the sky, shooting backwards. Blood rained down onto the ground before waves of white smoke rose. Clearly, even his blood contained lethal poison.

The bright red huge snake drew a red arc and descended. Finally, it landed violently onto the trembling land. The ground within tens of thousands of feet radius collapsed and formed a large pit. Fresh blood flowed from it and even the ground itself was dyed red.

Many pairs of eyes stared in bewilderment and shock at the huge pit on the ground, as well as the extremely miserable-looking giant bright red snake. Clearly, Cao Ying had lost in that previous earthshaking clash!

The originally noisy plains became silent at this moment. Those experts from various factions had varied expressions when they saw this result. Their eyes became grave as they lifted their head to look at the young figure in the sky. This human actually possessed such tremendous strength. It’s no wonder he dared to challenge the Blood Python City…

The experts from the Blood Python City turned somewhat pale at this moment. This was especially the case for Cao Mang as the latter’s eyes were filled with disbelief. Cao Ying was actually defeated in the hands of an initial Profound Death Stage human.

“He won…”

Standing on a high slope, Xin Qing relaxed her tightly clenched hand as a relieved smile appeared on her face. Her two Nine-tail tribe young ladies cheered and hugged each other. There was a joy of having survived after a disaster in their cheers.

Hovering in the sky, Lin Dong looked at the plains, which had turned quiet, as the lightning glow in his eyes slowly dissipated. His body moved and he once again appeared in the huge pit. The Lightning Emperor Scepter in his hand pointed forward. After which, it paused on the figure, whose dim blood light had disappeared and was turning back into the human shaped Cao Ying.

Currently, Cao Ying’s body was covered with blood and his body was filled with scars. His aura was also extremely weak. He raised his head and looked at the Lightning Emperor Scepter pointing on his forehead. When he saw Lin Dong’s indifferent eyes, his originally ferocious eyes were filled with horror and shock.

He could see an icy cold murderous intent that could not be hidden from within that young man’s eyes. In fact, this aura was only possessed by someone who had survived countless bloody fights.

He did not doubt that the scepter in the hands of this young man would slam heavily on his head in the next moment, shattering his head into pieces.

“City governor, you have lost…”

Lin Dong looked at Cao Ying, who did not dare to move under the scepter. A smile surfaced on his face as he said softly.

Cao Ying’s expression was slightly distorted. He clenched his teeth and said, “Even if you are able to defeat me, there are still so many people from my Blood Python City here. How can you possibly defeat all of us?”

“It is indeed going to be very troublesome to kill so many people… However, none of you are able to stop me if I want to leave.” Lin Dong smiled. His eyes were indifferent as he glanced at the group from the Blood Python City a short distance away, who looked as though they were facing a great enemy.

“Moreover, I should be able to kill at least half of the top experts from your Blood Python City before I leave.”

The corner of Cao Ying’s mouth twitched. If this conversation took place before the fight, he might have snorted at his threat. However, at this moment, he was unable to do so. This was because he understood that this smiling young man in front of him had the ability to do so…

Currently, he was seriously wounded and it was obvious that he was unable to stop Lin Dong personally.

“There is no need to suffer such a great loss in order to capture two members of the Nine-tail tribe. Why don’t we just forget about today’s matter, city governor Cao Ying?” Lin Dong laughed. His voice was also transmitted at this moment, causing the brows of many onlookers to twitch. This fellow was clearly forcing Cao Ying to retreat…

“You!” Cao Ying clenched his teeth. Clearly, he was extremely unwilling to do so.

“You have two choices. Both of us can choose to take one step back, or I will kill you and exterminate half the experts from the Blood Python City before escaping…”

Lin Dong smiling face landed in Cao Ying’s eyes, causing a chill to rise in the latter’s heart. The latter clearly knew that this person in front of him could perform such a feat.

Cao Ying’s expression changed rapidly. Finally, he clenched his teeth and nodded in front of the increasingly cold and indifferent eyes of Lin Dong.

“Alright, my Blood Python City will accept our defeat!”

Lin Dong smiled, as he slowly withdrew the Lightning Emperor Scepter in his hand. He looked at the experts on the plains, who had varied expressions in their eyes, and knew that he had achieved his objective…