Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1047: Revealing their Might

Chapter 1047: Revealing their Might


Chapter 1047: Revealing their Might

A wind blew past the plains. Dark clouds churned in the sky while darkness covered the land. Beneath the dark clouds, two figures were in a faceoff and both their eyes were as sharp as blades.

“There has never been a person, who snatched something from my Blood Python City without paying a price…”

Slowly lifting the blood spear in his hand, Cao Ying pointed it at Lin Dong, who was standing at a far distance away. There was a brutal and fearsome color gathering in his three eyes. In the next moment, this fierceness erupted like a volcano.

“You shall be no exception as well!”

A surging Yuan Power whizzed forward when Cao Ying’s cold cry escaped from his mouth. Wild gales gathered in the sky while his body appeared in front of Lin Dong in a phantom like fashion. The snake spear in his hand drew a tricky arc and it was accompanied by a shocking force, as he attacked every fatal spot on Lin Dong’s body, with lightning like speed.

Lin Dong’s body was as steady as a rock. His black eyes were calm as he stared at the sharp spear shadows heading his way. Suddenly, he clenched his hand, before the Lightning Emperor Scepter in his hand emitted a low and deep thunder roar. Lightning flashed and countless scepter shadows whizzed out. All of them collided against Cao Ying’s sharp attacks.

Clang clang!

Clear metallic sound swiftly spread across the sky along with some sparks. Moreover, a wild and violent hurricane would explode each time a scepter shadow and a spear shadow clashed. This scene caused the eyelids of many onlookers to twitch.

The two figures clashed with lightning speed, pulling back the instant they made contact. After which, they were just like strung bows as they clashed again. Subsequently, the formless air behind them exploded.

“Lin Dong… He is actually matching up against Cao Ying? How is that possible? Isn’t he only at the initial Profound Death Stage?”

The head on clash in the sky also caused a commotion in the plains and many onlookers had solemn expressions. Only then, did they understand that the reason why this young man dared to challenge the Blood Python City, was because he was capable of doing so.


Wild and violent Yuan Power spread. The scepter and spear shadows that filled the air suddenly shrunk. The Lightning Scepter and snake spear suddenly unleashed a brilliant light. Subsequently, the top of the lightning scepter heavily pressed against the tip of the snake spear.


Terrifying energy ripples spread over the place. In fact, even the space itself became a little distorted because of this collision.

Light spread within Cao Ying’s eyes. His sharps eyes firmly stared at the young man’s face, which was in close proximity. Meanwhile, he was also feeling secretly stunned in his heart. After all, he could not comprehend how Lin Dong was able to keep up with a perfect Profound Death stage expert like him, even though he was merely at the initial Profound Death stage. The intensity of their Yuan Power should be different.

“It seems like he is no simple brat.”

Cao Ying’s eyes suddenly became dark and cold as this thought flashed across his mind. The seal formed by his hands changed and the ferocious snake head on the top of the blood snake spear seemed to have been revived. A scarlet light shot out and adhered onto the Lightning Emperor Scepter. After which, it rushed towards Lin Dong with lightning like speed. There was a unique fragrance within the blood light. However, this fragrance was filled with a lethal poison.

Lin Dong looked at the blood light, which was rapidly charging over. His eyes became focused as Yuan Power swept out from within his body. However, it was easily broken by the blood light. It seems like there was an extremely dense erosive force within it and one’s Yuan Power could not easily block it.

“Don’t you know that my body is that of the Blood Ghost Python? Even an advance Profound Death Stage expert would die if he touches my poison!” Cao Ying looked at Lin Dong, who was doing his best to block the blood light, before he involuntarily laughed coldly.

“It would be difficult to block it with ordinary Yuan Power.”

However, Lin Dong merely smiled in the face of the other party’s laughter. The lightning scepter in his hand quickly unleashed a bright lightning glow. An extremely pure wild and violent Thunderbolt strength was present in this lightning glow. Subsequently, the lightning gathered and ruthlessly charged towards the raging poisonous blood light.


A deafening sound appeared as the collision occurred. However, the formidable blood poison did not have the same effect as it did before. Instead, it emitted a sizzling sound under the lightning glow assault. Finally, a ‘bang’ sounded and the blood light disappeared completely.

“How is this possible?” Cao Ying’s expression changed upon seeing this. This blood poison was one of his signature killing moves. Typically, even an advance Profound Death Stage expert would have difficulties escaping if he was touched by it. Even though there were some powerful individuals who could block it, they would still have to expend much effort in order to do so. How is it possible that Lin Dong could do so in such a relaxed fashion?

“Hmph, why don’t you try mine too!”

Lin Dong ignored Cao Ying’s shock. A cold glint flashed in his eyes. The Lightning Emperor Scepter in his hand was accompanied by many revolving lightning glow as it ruthlessly smashed towards the fatal spot on Cao Ying’s chest.

Cao Ying quickly withdrew his snake spear. Although he managed to block the scepter attack, waves of wild and violent force erupted and charged over from the latter. Meanwhile, traces of lightning arcs entered his arm.

An intense pain spread from Cao Ying’s arm as those lightning arcs charged into his hand. His expression changed drastically while Yuan Power surged from within his body. His entire arm turned blood red as his Yuan Power tried to expel the lightning arcs that had invaded his arm. However, it was extremely difficult to deal with these lightning arcs energy. Hence, blood had already seeped out from the pores on Cao Ying’s body, before the final lightning arc was scattered by the blood coloured Yuan Power…

“You bastard!”

Cao Ying’s arm trembled slightly before his expression suddenly turned venomous. He did not expect that his arm would be the first to be injured in today’s fight.

“I will swallow you alive today!”

Cao Ying let out a stern cry. He waved his hand before his droplets of blood turned into several bloody lines that hovered in front of him. His finger quickly drew past it and the bloody lines quickly turned into a blood coloured symbol.

“Ten Thousand Snake Blood Poison Spirit!”

The monstrous bloody light transformed into ten thousand blood snakes that suddenly swept out from within Cao Ying’s body. Subsequently, they wrapped around the blood coloured symbol and rapidly swelled. In the blink of an eye, they had turned into a ten thousand feet large giant blood snake in the sky.

The blood snake’s body was covered with strange symbols. Opening its huge mouth, blood coloured saliva continued to drip down. In fact, even the air itself exploded, emitting waves of white smoke. It was as though it was being eroded.

A shocking poison spread across the sky. Those experts on the plains below, had startled expressions upon seeing this. Immediately, they held their breath. Clearly, they were aware just how poisonous the blood python was.

“I’m too lazy to drag it out with you. Devour!”

Cao Ying laughed coldly before he extended his large hand. Immediately, the huge blood coloured python whistled forward. It was extremely fast. Everyone could only see a red light flash across the sky, before in the next moment, the poison spirit had already appeared above Lin Dong’s head in front of the many startled eyes. It widened its mouth and devoured Lin Dong.


Exclamations filled the sky while many people secretly shook their heads. This battle ended far too quickly. This poison spirit was something that Cao Ying had refined after much blood and sweat and even an advance Profound Death Stage expert would be instantly turned into blood after being swallowed by it. Countless number of people have been devoured by it over the years and not a single person has escaped alive.

The two young ladies from the Nine-tail tribe on the high slope had a change in their expressions upon seeing this. Only Xin Qing tightened her small hand and stared intently at the Blood Python Poison Spirit with widened eyes.

“You ignorant fool.”

Cao Ying laughed ferociously in the sky. Immediately, his dark and cold eyes were directed towards the Xin Qing trio on the high slope. He was just about to strike when a laughter was emitted from within the Blood Python Poison Spirit’s stomach.

“You dare to devour me with just this little amount of poison? Aren’t you afraid of overstuffing yourself?”

Cao Ying’s eyes shrunk immediately upon hearing this laughter. He was just about to activate his poison spirit when he suddenly saw the Blood Python Poison Spirit emitting a sharp screech. Subsequently, countless tiny black light rays were emitted from within its blood red body.

“Let’s find out who will be the one devouring the other?”

A cold laughter seemed to have sounded again. Subsequently, Cao Ying saw the huge python poison spirit’s body beginning to shrink at a shocking rate. Within a short period of time, it was reduced into only over a dozen feet in size. Finally, it was blasted into a bloody fog in front of many stunned pairs of eyes…

A blood fog spread before it quickly scattered in every direction. A young man, with a smile on his face, once again appeared in front of the many pairs of eyes all across the mountains.

“How is this possible…”

Startled voices were emitted from the mouths of many onlookers simultaneously. They never expected that this extremely infamous and ferocious poison spirit in the Beast War Region, was actually broken in such a peculiar fashion…


Cao Ying immediately spat out a mouthful of blood after his Blood Spirit was broken. His eyes were also filled with disbelief.

“You actually wish to play with devourment with just your abilities?”

Lin Dong smiled and looked at Cao Ying. One of his eyes seemed to have a black swirl rotating within. In fact, one could vaguely see traces of blood light energy sinking and eventually disappearing within the blood swirl.

This strength had naturally originated from the Devouring Ancestral Symbol.

With Lin Dong’s advancement to the Profound Death Stage, the full potential of his Ancestral Symbols were also being gradually revealed. Moreover, with his current techniques, he was able to unleash their powers without anyone noticing.

“Who are you?” Cao Ying’s expression was gloomy. A fierce expression flashed deep within his eyes.

Lin Dong smiled as the black glow on his finger disappeared.

“Someone who will take your life.”

Cao Ying suddenly saw a lightning glow swiftly gathering in Lin Dong’s other eyes as the latter uttered those words. This unusual change caused a dense chill to rise abruptly within his heart.

Two great Ancestral Symbols. The Devouring Ancestral Symbol played defence while the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol played offence.

Having advanced into the Profound Death Stage, the strength of the two great Ancestral Symbols gradually began to show their might in Lin Dong’s hands!