Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1046: Cao Ying

Chapter 1046: Cao Ying


Chapter 1046: Cao Ying

A black mass of people and horses slowly spread across on the plains in front of them. Those fluttering Blood Python flags emitted a fearsome aura, that could seemingly devour a person, and it seemed like dark clouds had begun to gather in the sky because of it. It looked as though a storm was about to arrive.

The Xin Qing trio, who were originally wearing smiles on their tiny faces, immediately turned pale when they saw the lineup before them. Subsequently, there was shock and horror in their eyes.

From the fluttering flags, they could tell where the group in front of them came from. Moreover, from the looks of it, the Blood Python City had mobilized their entire force and it was obvious that the target of this campaign was them…

“Haha… they have really came.”

The young man at the back slowly stepped forward, while the delicate small bodies of the three ladies trembled gently. He looked at the lineup in front of him before a smile surfaced on his youthful face.

“Sir Lin Dong… I’m sorry…”

Xin Qing bit her lips with her mouth, while there were tears gathering within her large eyes. She knew that they were in this predicament because she begged Lin Dong to rescue her two tribe members. If anything was to happen to Lin Dong here, she would not be able to atone for it even if she died ten thousand times over.

The two nine-tail tribe young ladies’s pretty face turned ashen. They were about to kneel towards Lin Dong. However, the latter waved his hand and forcefully lifted them up.

“This is precisely the situation I need. I am the one who is using all of you as bait. There is no need to blame yourselves.”

Lin Dong smiled. He walked towards the tallest point on the slope and looked in front of him. There were quite a lot of people in this area. Moreover, many of them clearly did not belong to the Blood Python City. Instead, they were from other factions. It seemed like within a short two to three days’ time, news regarding him had spread quite rapidly.

However… this was precisely what he needed.

A breeze blew across the plains, stirring up dust. However, the tense atmosphere would not scatter.

“Is that the human who provoked the Blood Python City? He looks so young?”

“I heard that he is very powerful. Even the junior city governor of the Blood Python City is no match for him…”

“However, even Cao Ying has came this time around… He is an expert who is at half step to perfect Profound Death stage. It is rumoured that at least ten advance Profound Death stage experts were killed by him.”

“Moreover, there are so many experts from the Blood Python City present too… This human fellow is simply too arrogant.”

“However, an arrogant person tends to have a short life…”

Countless pairs of eyes gathered onto the tall figure on the high slope, while conversations spread. News regarding Lin Dong had spread widely across this region. After all, it has been a long time since a human dared to act so haughtily in the Beast War Region.

“You are that person, Lin Dong, who snatched someone from the hands of my Blood Python City, am I right?”

The blood robed man seated on the Blood Python throne, at the front of the Blood Python City, slowly lifted his head amidst all the private conversations. His triangular shaped eyes were like poisonous snakes, as he stared at the figure on the high slope. A faint voice sounded.

“You are the governor of the Blood Python City, right?” Lin Dong looked at the blood robed man and smiled. He said, “All of you came a little later than I anticipated.”

“Oh?” The blood robed man focused his eyes. The corner of his mouth was lifted with some ridicule as he laughed: “You actually knew that my Blood Python City was coming?”

Lin Dong smiled. He immediately extended his hand and gently grabbed the two young lady from the nine-tail tribe. A suction force was emitted. After which, their delicate bodies shook before two blood light appeared from their bodies and turned into two finger sized tiny blood snakes.

“There was something within their bodies left behind by your Blood Python City. Hence, we are naturally unable to escape from your detection regardless of where we go.” Lin Dong played with the two blood snakes in his hand. His eyes quickly turned cold as he clenched his hand. The two blood snakes were instantly reduced into a blood fog before he randomly tossed them aside.

“Do you think such creatures can escape my detection?”

Those two young ladies from the Nine-tail tribe’s originally pale face turned ashen upon seeing this. It was likely that they did not know that such a creature was planted in their bodies…

The blood robed man looked at the bloody snake, which had turned into a blood fog in Lin Dong’s hands, before the smile on his face slowly disappeared. He placed his hands on his knees and leaned forward. His eyes suddenly turned sharp, causing him to appear like a ferocious poisonous snake.

“Are you saying that you purposefully lure us here?”

Lin Dong smiled but remained noncommittal. After which, he said, “Make way for us.”

The eyes of the blood robed man turned sharp and venomous. Finally, he suddenly stood up and laughed coldly, “Brat, although I do not know where you come from, I must admit you are quite good at putting up an act… but…”

Majestic Yuan Power erupted from within his body like torrential waves after he uttered those words. His aura far surpassed that of the advance Profound Death stage and even Hua Chen and Xu Xiu were weaker than him.

This person had half a foot in the perfect Profound Death stage!

“Brat, you are still a little too tender to try and frighten me off. Today, none of you are allowed to leave!”

Lin Dong looked at Cao Ying, who had a shocking aura. He smiled and slowly stepped forward, stepping on the empty space and headed towards the main force of the Blood Python City. An unusual surging Yuan Power rose like floodwater as he slowly walked downwards.

“In that case… let’s fight.”

Lin Dong landed. He stopped ten thousand feet away and laughed, “Are you going to fight me one on one, or are all of you going to attack together?”

“Big brother, this brat is exceptionally cunning. We should attack together and kill him.” Cao Mang’s gaze was gloomy as he spoke. He had exceptionally sharp senses and for no particular reason, he always felt an uneasy sensation from Lin Dong’s body.

“I am naturally aware that he is trying to provoke me. However… what can an ant do?”

Cao Ying mocked coldly. To begin with, Demonic Beasts loved to fight and strength was the

only thing that they believed in. As the leader of a faction, Cao Ying naturally had his own pride. Although he would prioritise victory over tactics if things developed to a critical stage, he did not believe that this initial Profound Death stage human in front of him, could do much in his hands.

This was the confidence that he had himself. Furthermore, this self-confidence came from the fact that he had killed ten advance Profound Death stage experts before!

Cao Mang was unable to rebut upon hearing this. He also had a great deal of confidence in Cao Ying. After all, the latter was an expert with half a foot in the perfect Profound Death stage. His cultivation level was considered top-tier even in the entire Beast War Region. Although the person standing in front of them, Lin Dong, seemed a little peculiar, even Cao Mang did not believe that the former could defeat Cao Ying.

Cao Ying stepped forward after his cold laughter sounded. Blood light flashed. In the next moment, he had already appeared in front of Lin Dong. Clenching his hand, a ten feet large blood red snake spear appeared in a flash. A cold glow flowed on the snake spear and it looked just like a poisonous snake extending its tongue.

As Lin Dong stared at Cao Ying’s frightening aura, he slowly clenched his hand. Traces of lightning gathered on his palm. It subsequently extended, transforming into a lightning scepter filled with electric arcs. There was a vague low and deep thunder roar being emitted.

Countless pairs of eyes on the plains gathered on the two people, who were facing off in the sky. They really wanted to find out what abilities this human, who acted in such a lofty fashion, had. Perhaps, like what Cao Ying claimed, this person was merely trying to put on a brave front in order to frighten others…

The Demon Region honoured strength. Regardless if one was a human or a Demonic Beast, as long as one possessed strength, one would be respected by others. However, if one was merely putting up a false pretence, it was likely impossible for one to survive.

Standing on the tall slope, the Xin Qing trio stared nervously at the face off in the sky. The faces of the two young ladies from the Nine-tail tribe were filled with worry and uneasiness. It looked as though they were about to cry.

“Xin Qing… that is the city governor of the Blood Python City, Cao Ying. It is rumoured that he has reached the perfect Profound Death stage level.” A young lady softly said while her voice was filled with horror.

Perfect Profound Death stage. This cultivation level was simply far too powerful in their opinion. In fact, in their Nine-tail clan, the strongest person was merely at the initial Profound Death stage expert. However, this level was simply too far away from the perfect Profound Death stage…

Although based on what Xin Qing told them, they knew that Lin Dong was extraordinary, it was clearly impossible to shake the ferocious image which they had of Cao Ying for many years.

“Relax, Sir Lin Dong once defeated a Samsara stage expert. Even though he borrowed the strength of the crowd, it is clear that this Cao Ying is far inferior to a Samsara stage expert.” Although Xin Qing was a little worried, she did not display it at this moment. Instead, she uttered some words of comfort.

“He fought with a Samsara stage expert before…”

The two young ladies were involuntarily speechless. Cao Ying, who had half a foot in the perfect Profound Death stage, was already an unbeatable existence in their eyes. A so-called Samsara stage expert was basically a legendary existence to them. In fact,even in the entire Demon Region, such a person could be considered as an overlord. Yet, Xin Qing said that this young man, who appeared to be in his twenties, had defeated such a legendary super expert before? Even if it was accomplished by gathering the strength of a crowd, it was still quite a frightening feat…

“Sir Lin Dong… is actually this powerful?”

The horror within the eyes of the two women finally dissipated. After which, their pretty eyes looked at the unmoving mountain like skinny figure holding a lightning scepter in the air. Some hope rose within their eyes.

Perhaps… he could indeed resolve this desperate situation in front of them…

In the sky, Lin Dong ignored the various expressions that filled the mountains. All he did was quietly stare at Cao Ying, who was holding a snake spear in his hand. A moment later, an arc was lifted on the corner of his mouth. A desire for battle was evident in his black eyes.

Let my name become renowned throughout this land. Little Flame… I am coming for you!