Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1045: Stepping Stone

Chapter 1045: Stepping Stone


Chapter 1045: Stepping Stone

The camp was in a state of complete chaos. The powerful experts from Blood Python City wore terrified expressions as they looked at the exceptionally miserable Lei Zhen duo. It was likely that none of them had expected that two powerful warriors from their Blood Python City, were actually so easily defeated by the young man standing before them.

At this moment, Xin Qing had also hurried over from behind. After which, she landed on the prison cart. Her large eyes immediately revealed some joy upon seeing the two ladies, “Sister Qing, Sister Liu?”

“Xin Qing?”

The two ladies, who were originally a little frightened, looked at Xin Qing in a somewhat absent minded manner. A moment later, they finally recovered their senses. Immediately, joy quickly rose in their eyes while tears began to gather.

Lin Dong glanced at those three ladies who were crying. After which, he turned to look at the deepest part of the campgrounds. There was an extremely obscure aura, that was a lot stronger than the Lei Zhen duo, at that spot. Clearly, he was the strongest one in this group. However, it seems like the latter was extremely proficient at concealing his aura. In fact, Lin Dong only detected it after approaching the campgrounds.

At this moment, those surrounding experts wore startled expressions as they looked at the deepest part of the campground. Could there be another expert from Blood Python City there?

“Could it be…” Some experts frowned slightly and muttered to themselves.

“Haha, I never imagined that a human actually dares to act so arrogantly in the Beast War Region.” A hoarse laughter was emitted from the campground in front of everyone’s eyes. After which, everyone’s eyes were dazzled. By the time they refocused their eyes, they saw that a gray robed figure had already appeared in front of the various experts from Blood Python City.

This person had a pale face. Both his eyes were sunken and he appeared a little sinister. His arms were exceptionally long and as sharp as a sword. Occasionally, a faint fog would linger around him body. That fog was pungent and clearly contained a lethal poison.

“Junior governor of Blood Python City? Cao Mang?”

The crowd parted noisily after this person appeared. Even those experts from Blood Python City took a step back and distanced themselves from this man. All of them revealed a terrified expression.

“Junior city governor.” The Lei Zhen duo hurriedly climbed onto their feet and hurried to Cao Mang’s side in a miserable fashion.

The Xin Qing trio experienced a change in expression when they saw this person appearing. In fact, those two young ladies from the Nine-tail tribe revealed a tinge of hopelessness in their eyes. No one had expected that there was actually such a powerful person in this unit from Blood Python City.

“No need to be afraid.”

Xin Qing gently comforted them. Cao Mang was indeed quite well known. He was at the advance Profound Death stage and was much stronger than the Lei Zhen duo. However, he did not pose much of a threat to Lin Dong.

The horror in the eyes of the two ladies diminished a little after they saw Xin Qing’s calm expression. Subsequently, they secretly peeked at the tall Lin Dong beside them. They could tell that the reason why Xin Qing was able to remain calm, was largely because of him. However, did he really possess the strength to fight Cao Mang? The latter was an advance Profound Death stage expert…

“I will be taking them away. Do you have any objections?”

Lin Dong smiled gently towards Cao Mang. From his tone, it seems like he was asking a question. However, only those who frequently engaged in life and death battles, could sense the sharpness and iciness hidden under the smile.

“A human like you actually dare to say such words. Aren’t you looking down on our Demonic Beast world?” Lei Zhen’s cried out sternly. Clearly, he wanted to take advantage of Lin Dong’s race to make him into a common enemy.

However, his words did not have much of an impact. Although they felt upset over a human acting so arrogantly in a place like this, the strength that Lin Dong had displayed earlier had also frightened these Demonic Beasts.

Hence, Lin Dong completely ignored him. He merely stared at a pale looking Cao Mang and laughed: “Your senses seem to be exceptionally sharp. Hence, I believe that you should know that there is no way you can stop me.”

The surrounding people once again had a change in expression. This was especially so when they saw Cao Mang’s eyes becoming increasingly dark and solemn. All of them felt secretly startled. This young man was actually this powerful? Even Cao Mang, who had reached the advance Profound Death stage, was unable to stop him?

“You are pitting yourself against our Blood Python City… You will regret this in the future.” Cao Mang’s eyes stared at Lin Dong like poisonous snakes. His voice was dark and sinister.

Lin Dong nonchalantly shrugged. Ignoring Cao Mang, he waved his hand towards Xin Qing. After which, he turned around and left. Seeing this Xin Qing hurriedly dragged the two other ladies, who were in a state of disbelief and swiftly followed.

“Since you are so arrogant, why don’t you leave your name behind? I want to see if my Blood Python City can afford to offend you.” Cao Mang spoke in a dense voice.

“Lin Dong.”

Lin Dong’s footsteps paused, as he turned towards Cao Mang and revealed a brilliant smile. Subsequently, he did not stop and simply left.

Those surrounding Demonic Beast experts hurriedly separated and give way. Their eyes curiously stared at the four individuals who had left…

“Junior city governor…”

Lei Zhen and the other experts from Blood Python City watched Lin Dong’s group swagger off, with ugly expressions on their faces. Although Lin Dong was quite powerful, it was likely that he would not be able to fight all of them together.

“I am no match for him. That fellow is no simple fellow. Even if all of us were to fight, it is likely that we would still be unable to hold him.” Cao Mang’s eyes were dark and cold as he glanced at Lei Zhen and said.

“He… is he so strong?” Hu Lei clenched his teeth and spoke disbelievingly. Cao Mang was at the advance Profound Death stage. However, though it seemed like he possessed fighting strength that exceeds this level, that Lin Dong was merely at the initial Profound Death stage.

“Are you doubting my perception?” Cao Mang glanced at Hu Lei, before cold sweat quickly surfaced on the latter’s forehead. He shook his head repeatedly. After all, he knew how outstanding Cao Mang’s perception was.

“If it is not because you two trash were causing a scene, why would such a situation like this occur?” Cao Mang spoke in a dark and cold voice.

Lei Zhen duo’s forehead were covered in cold sweat. They did not dare to disagree.

“What should we do? There are so many people here who saw what happened. Soon, news of this incident would begin to spread. If others learnt that we actually allowed a human to openly snatch those women from us, it will be a great embarrassment to our Blood Python City.” Some experts from Blood Python City said with great dissatisfaction.

Cao Mang looked at the direction where Lin Dong was heading towards in a sinister manner. A ferocious smile rose on the corner of his lips. “It is not so easy to snatch someone that belongs to my Blood Python City… Rest assured, he will regret this.”

“There is only one outcome for those who provoke our Blood Python City… That is death! Haha. Suddenly, I really wish to see that brat kneeling and begging for mercy!”


A bonfire rose in a forest, a great distance from the small wasteland city. Lin Dong sat quietly. After which, he smilingly looked at the three extremely beautiful young ladies bunching up together and speaking softly.

Lin Dong could hear some soft exclamations from their soft conversations. Those two young ladies from the Nine-tail tribe continuously glanced at him with shock and admiration in their eyes. It was likely that they were listening to Xin Qing describing some stories related to Lin Dong.

Lin Dong acted as if he did not see anything. He gently leaned on a tree trunk and lifted his head to look at the night sky. His mood was calm as he listened to the soft and gentle voices of the young ladies beside him.

The voices beside him continued for a period of time. After which, the extremely tired Nine-tail young ladies leaned on each other and fell asleep. Only Xin Qing took care of the both of them for awhile before hugging a soft blanket and coming to Lin Dong’s side. She sat down. Her pretty small face contained a red glow as she looked at Lin Dong and softly said: “Sir Lin Dong, thank you very much.”

Lin Dong could see a heartfelt gratitude within her eyes. Previously, Xin Qing was both afraid and respectful of Lin Dong. However, as of now, there was a genuine trace of reverence present in her eyes.

Lin Dong smiled and waved his hand. He glanced at the two ladies, who had fallen into a deep slumber before a glint flashed across his eyes. Although part of the reason why he intervened was to help Xin Qing rescue her tribe members, there were also other considerations on his part.

According to what Qing Zhi said, there was a strong likelihood that Little Flame was in this Beast War Region. Right now, Lin Dong was unable to comb through such a vast place by himself. In that case, he could only make himself famous…

It was likely that Little Flame would understand once his name is transmitted into Little Flame’s ears. At that time, they would finally get to reunite.

Moreover, in order for his name to spread, there was naturally a need for some stepping stones… Coincidentally, Blood Python City delivered themselves to his doorstep.

The incident tonight would likely allow his name to spread. However, this was still far from sufficient.

Lin Dong smiled faintly when he thought of this. Blood Python City huh… although he did not have a grudge with them, they came crashing into his path. In that case, they will have to be the sacrificial lambs…

Led by Xin Qing, Lin Dong continued to travel the next day. However, the latter was a little surprised that Lin Dong, who had raised his speed to the limit during the past two days, was currently slowing down on purpose. This caused her to be puzzled. However, she did not dare question him. Instead, all she did was to act as Lin Dong had instructed.

Many rumours spread in this region while Lin Dong’s group was travelling. Although this Beast War Region was filled with conflict, it was rare to see a human that was bold enough to provoke a Demonic Beast faction in this place…

In fact, after some individuals learnt of the incident that occured to Blood Python City, they became even more curious. Various factions gathered and waited for the show to begin.


A young lady’s clear and lovely joyous voice reverberated in the sky, adding a little liveliness to the people travelling in a dull manner.

Xin Qing broke into a small run towards a tall slope. After which, her small face was somewhat excited as she waved her hand towards the few people behind her. She was about to cry out when she realized that something was amiss. There was a large group of people standing on the plains in front of the tall slope. Many Blood Python flags were fluttering in the wind while a ferocious aura swept from them.

At the front of these people, there was a blood python throne. Currently, a blood robed man was leaning on it. His expression was indifferent as he stared at the few individuals who had appeared on the tall slope. Subsequently, a cruel expression slowly appeared on the corner of his mouth.