Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1044: Taken Away

Chapter 1044: Taken Away


Chapter 1044: Taken Away

Nightfall arrived. A small ruined city appeared on this desolate plain. There were a large number of bonfires gathered together in the city and it looked like a resting point. From a distance away, it was even possible to see some groups continuously rushing over from other places.

This city became noisy because of this, and it no longer had the deserted atmosphere of the desolate plains.

This small city was called Little Wasteland City. It was a resting point in this desolate plains. Many groups, which usually ventured through this desolate plains in search of prey, would chose to rest and reorganize in this place. Moreover, this also allowed them to hide from the occasional tornado and cold fog that appeared in the desolate plains.

Some business transactions would also occur when these groups gathered here. One example was to exchange items that caught each other’s fancy. Of course, most of the time, fights would inevitably occur in a place like this. After all, the Demon Region was chaotic to begin with and the Beast War Region was even more chaotic. In fact, one might meet with a smile a moment before, only to fight in the next instant, causing blood to flow like river.

At this moment, the flag of the Blood Python was fluttering at a corner of the city. Various rough and fearsome curses sounded from the surrounding campsite and spread into the distance.

There was a plot of land in front of the camp. At this moment, all sorts of people were gathered together. The many fluttering flags indicated that they belonged to different factions in the Beast War Region.

At this moment, various loud and arrogant voices sounded in this place. Most of them were boasting about the rewards gained by their group during the trip.

“Tch, they merely defeated a roaming bandit group. My Blood Python City has exterminated three stockade. The rewards we gained far exceeds all of you.”

A bare armed man from the Blood Python City, heard the conversations of the others groups and laughed arrogantly. There were many scars on his face and it made him look ferocious and ruthless.

“Tsk, Hu Cheng, your Blood Python City only dares to bully those weak stockades. What kind of loot can you possibly obtain?” An untimely voice was transmitted by the side after the bare arm man’s loud laughter sounded. Everyone looked over and saw a skinny man, laughing in a strange fashion. Meanwhile, there were quite a lot of people gathered around him.

The bare arm man revealed a fearsome glint in his eyes as he stared at the skinny man. However, he did not attack in anger. Clearly, the latter was no simple pushover. Moreover, the faction supporting him was also not much weaker than their Blood Python City.

A fearsome glint flashed across the bare arm man’s eyes. He turned his head to look at a rock. Seated on the rock, was an exceptionally muscular and large man devouring some grilled meat. After which, that large muscular man lifted his somewhat scarlet eyes and stared at the skinny young man. He parted his mouth into a dense smile, “Two Nine-tail tribe young ladies. Are they valuable or not?”

An uproar spread from the surroundings after his words sounded. The eyes of many onlookers became a lot brighter. The Nine-tail tribe was extremely well known in the Demonic Beast world. After all, the ladies in that tribe were natural born beauties and it was rare to find one.

The corners of this large muscular man’s mouth parted in a pleased manner after seeing the crowd’s reaction. After which, the sound of moving wheels appeared. A caged cart was being pushed out. Two delicate small figures could be seen within the prison. They were trembling while hugging onto each other. Their tear filled faces were filled with horror when they saw the various wild beasts outside with lewd expression in their eyes.

Although they were unable to clearly discern the appearance of the two women, just by looking at the enchanting curves that they revealed when hugging each other, it caused the breathing of many onlookers to become a little heavier.

“Hehe, brother Lei Zhen, can you sell one of these beauties to me?” The skinny man from earlier licked his lips. He extended a finger and shook it, “One million Xuan Yuan Pills. What do you say?”

Many onlookers where shocked. This fellow was indeed generous. He actually offered a one million Xuan Yuan Pills directly.

“Wang Hou, they are going to be presented to my city governor. Do you dare to enjoy them?” The large muscular man called Lei Zhen ridiculed.

The expression of the skinny man changed upon hearing this. Immediately, he laughed dryly. The city governor of the Blood Python City was someone whom he had heard of.

Lei Zhen smiled arrogantly after he saw that fellow cowering in fear. He waved his hand and ordered his men to drag the prison cart back.

“I say, why don’t you sell those two women to me?”

A laughter was suddenly emitted just as Lei Zhen waved his hand. Everyone lifted their heads in shock. Their eyes shifted towards the top of a tent, where two figures had suddenly appeared. With the help of the bonfire, he could see that the person who had just spoken was a tall young man.

Lei Zhen frowned when he saw this young man, who had suddenly appeared. He laughed coldly, “Alright. Ten million Xuan Yuan Pills. Can you afford it?”

The mouths of everyone twitched. This fellow was truly full of nonsense. Although a young lady from the Nine-tail tribe was valuable, it was far from able to fetch such a price.

Everyone looked at the top of the tent. Then, they saw the smiling young man bending down before he said with a smile: “Previously, at the side of the road, you snatched my grilled meat. Why don’t we use that to pay for the ten million Xuan Yuan Pills?”

The expressions of everyone in the crowd became strange. Was the ingredient of your grilled meat from the Dragon tribe or the Celestial Demon Marten tribe? However, some of the sharper individuals narrowed their eyes. They could detect something amiss in the atmosphere. Could it be that this unknown young man in front of them, did not know that these people belonged to the Blood Python City? These people were no kind-hearted individuals.

Lei Zhen and Hu Cheng’s expressions gradually became uglier in front of the many strange looking pair of eyes. Behind them, those people from the Blood Python City also revealed a ferocious glint in their eyes. A chilly glow flashed across the blades in their hands.

“It seems like we met someone who is here to create trouble.” Lei Zhen smiled ferociously. He had passed by in a hurried manner and did not notice the Lin Dong duo by the side of the road. It was unexpected that the latter would come and court trouble on his own.

“However, today, I will teach you that you are still a little too tender to try and act mightily in front of my Blood Python City!”

“Kill him, cut him up and feed him to the dogs.” A thunderous cry sounded.


Those experts from the Blood Python City immediately charged forward with a ferocious smile when the cry sounded. Majestic Yuan Power erupted. Their auras were quite powerful.


The surrounding onlookers stepped back when they saw this sight. After which, they simply stared at this scene as if they were watching a show. They were really curious about this young man’s abilities. After all, he actually dared to act so arrogantly in front of these two initial Profound Death stage experts from the Blood Python City…

When Lin Dong saw the experts from Blood Python City charging over with murderous intent, he sighed and shook his head. Next, he spoke to Xin Qing: “Step back.”


Xin Qing nodded obediently. Although there were two initial Profound Death stage experts from the Blood Python City, she had witnessed the ferocity of Lin Dong when he fought both Hua Chen and Xu Xiu back at the Fiery Flame City. Hence, she clearly knew that the lineup in front of her posed little threat to Lin Dong.

An indifferent iciness gradually rose in Lin Dong’s eyes as Xin Qing stepped back a little. He extended his hand and slammed it forward. A majestic Yuan Power swept out from it. It directly turned into a huge Yuan Power hand that struck ruthlessly at the group.

Bang bang bang!

Low and deep voices rose in a wave like fashion. Those figures filled with murderous intent flew backwards in a miserable fashion and sent the remaining forces from the Blood Python City tumbling.

“Profound Death stage expert!”

Some exclamations swiftly spread. All those people, who were planning on watching a fun show, focused their eyes. Clearly, they did not expect that this young man was actually in possession of such great strength.

The Lei Zhen duo also had a change in expressions. They stared at Lin Dong in a sinister manner and said, “Do you wish to become enemies with my Blood Python City?”

Lin Dong smiled. His body moved and he landed from the top of the tent. Subsequently, his eyes glanced at the two beautiful young ladies in the prison cart before he softly stated: “Hand them over.”

The Lei Zhen duo revealed a dark and cold expression. They exchanged glances before sweeping their eyes towards the deepest part of the campgrounds. A killing intent suddenly surged onto their faces.

“Kill him.”

Majestic Yuan Power swept out from their bodies simultaneously. The both of them possessed the strength of the initial Profound Death stage and they had a fairly powerful name in the Blood Python City. Although Lin Dong’s strength had surprised them, that was all it did. They were still confident that they could kill him with their combined strength.

Mighty Yuan Power wrapped around the both of them. Their bodies were just like ghosts as they crisscrossed and charged towards Lin Dong. Meanwhile, their bodies had swelled a little and metal thorn like bristle fur rose from under their skin.

Lin Dong’s expression was calm when he saw the two of them rushing over. He gently lifted his foot before he let it fall.


The air seemed to have exploded at this moment. After which, the many experts present saw a light figure shooting straight over. Subsequently, a loud ‘bang’ sounded and the prison cart was blasted apart.

Sawdust spread. Every pair of eyes present darted over. Following which, their pupils shrink when they saw the young man standing straight beside the prison cart. Right now, both his hands were gripping on the throat of two figures. At this moment, the both of them were struggling wildly. However, regardless of how they struggled, the hand on their throat refused to budge just like the claws of an eagle.


The sound of saliva being swallowed resounded across this place. Those experts from various factions revealed a shock in their eyes. In that previous fight, the Lei Zhen duo were defeated even before they saw what had happened…

They were two initial Profound Death stage experts and they were fearsome fighters, that would be highly valued by any faction in the Beast War Region. Yet, they were completely powerless in the hands of that young man.

The eyes of some people revealed a solemn expression. It seems like the Blood Python City has ran into a tough opponent this time around.

The two Nine-tail tribe young ladys were startled when they saw this scene. Their bodies trembled as they looked at the calm young man. A heartbreaking pleading expression appeared in their eyes.


Lin Dong tossed the two of them aside indifferently, just like they were garbage, causing a group of people to tumble. After which, he patted his hand while his eyes looked towards the deepest part of the Blood Python Camp as he asked in a faint voice.

“I will be taking them away. Are you going to stop me?”