Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1043: Snatching My Grilled Meat

Chapter 1043: Snatching My Grilled Meat


Chapter 1043: Snatching My Grilled Meat

A setting sun hung on the bright red plains, while a crimson red light covered the land. Occasionally, there were some huge white bones flashing on the plains. Right now, the desolate sensation grew increasingly dense.


A rushing wind sound suddenly appeared in the sky. Immediately, two glowing figures swiftly flew across the sky. The two of them were Lin Dong and Xin Qing, who were hurrying to the place where the Nine-tail tribe was located.

“Sir Lin Dong, the Beast War Region is extremely chaotic. Although there are many humans here in the Demon Region, this place is still the world of the Demonic Beast. It is inevitable to attract some attention if you are spotted. Hence, we must be careful and avoid drawing attention to ourselves while travelling.” Xin Qing followed beside Lin Dong. Her large eyes were nervous as she surveyed her surroundings and reminded him.

It seemed like they were making quite a commotion by travelling in this manner…

Lin Dong smiled and nodded. However, he did not show any signs of slowing down. Xin Qing’s small mouth appeared deflated upon seeing this. However, she did not dare to say anything. All she could do was follow him and pray in her heart that no problems would occur.

It seemed like her prayer was of some use, as they did not meet with any troubles during the half a day of travelling. Although they met some large groups of men travelling from a distance away, which stirred up waves of yellow dust, it seems like those groups did not discover the Lin Dong duo. Hence, they swiftly passed by from a great distance away, while the flames of war spread behind them.

Lin Dong also personally witnessed the chaos in the Beast War Region during his journey. Within a short half a day’s time, he saw at least four groups from different factions clashing together. Battle cries shook the sky and it appeared quite spectacular when seen from a great distance away.

Although these groups were large in numbers, after having witnessed the extremely orderly army of the Flame Divine Hall, they looked like nothing but a mob in Lin Dong’s eyes. Moreover, their commanders were far inferior to Tang Xinlian in terms of leadership ability and the outcome of their fights basically depended on their individual troops’ strength…

Lin Dong merely glanced at such fights from afar before losing interest. After which, he left with Xin Qing, who wore an anxious look on her small face.

Time quickly passed as they travelled. In the blink of an eye, two days had passed. The Lin Dong duo also grew closer to the location of the Nine-tail tribe.


Another setting sun appeared in the sky. However, their surroundings were still the seemingly endless bright red plains. Lin Dong sat beside a bonfire while a young lady was busy beside him. Kneeling in front of the bonfire, her small hands were rotating a wooden rod in an agile fashion. There was the leg of a fat wild boar on the rod. Golden yellow oil dripped from it and its tempting fragrance involuntarily drew Lin Dong’s attention.

“Sir Lin Dong.”

Xin Qing cut the meat with a small knife. After which, she used a clean wooden board to serve it to Lin Dong. Her extremely considerate and virtuous manner caused Lin Dong to sigh. It was truly rare for him to enjoy such treatment. The girls he had known in the past, would simply deliver the meat with a sword instead of doing it in such a virtuous fashion. Ying Huanhuan was a little princess who was adored by everyone in the sect. While it was possible for her to occasionally play the zither when she was in a good mood, it was likely that the lass was unable to perform something like serving someone.

Qing Tan was obedient, but it was rare for her to spend time with him because he was frequently out training. Tang Xinlian was the commander of the four armies in the Flame Divine Hall. How could Lin Dong possibly dare to ask her to do something like this? In fact, he would likely be pierced immediately and turned into a hedgehog. As for Mu Lingshan… it was obvious that Lin Dong was the one serving this little grandaunt when they were together.

Lin Dong stared at the grilled meat in his head before he quietly shook his head when he thought of this. It was really rare…

“I have told you many times before, just call me Lin Dong. Don’t call me sir…” Lin Dong devoured the food as he spoke in a somewhat indistinct voice.

Xin Qing merely smiled when he heard this. However, her respectful expression did not diminish. This caused Lin Dong to feel a little helpless. All he could do was to put the matter aside.

“Our Nine-tail tribe is located at the north-west region of the Beast War Region. That place is also the junction between the Deep Lightning Mountain and the Hundred Beast Ridge.” Lin Dong devoured the meat while Xin Qing was telling him information about the Nine-tail tribe.

“Deep Lightning Mountain? Hundred Beast Ridge?”

“The Deep Lightning Mountain and the Hundred Beast Ridge are all extremely powerful factions in the Beast War Region. Both their leaders are one of the eight great Demon Generals.”

Xin Qing explained, “Our Nine-tail tribe is located at a gap between the both of them. Those two large factions have many conflicts with each other and they do not have the time to care about us. We are safe as long as we hand over some tributes each year.”

“The two great Demon Commanders of the Deep Lightning Mountain and the Hundred Beast Ridge are all at the Perfect Profound Death stage. They are extremely powerful… one of them is from the lion tribe while the other is from the tiger tribe. I am not sure about their exact race.”

“Tiger tribe?”

The grilled meat that was about to enter Lin Dong’s mouth suddenly paused. He stared at Xin Qing in surprise. After a brief moment of hesitation, he asked, “Is it the Heavenly Devil Tiger?”

“I am not too sure. However, Sir Lin Dong’s friend should have arrived at the Beast War Region about a year ago. On the other hand, the Demon Commander of the Deep Lightning Mountain, is an expert who has made a name for himself in the Beast War Region a long time ago. Hence, I don’t think that they are the same person.” Xin Qing pondered for a moment before she replied.

Lin Dong nodded upon hearing this. It has only been over a year. Even though Little Flame has a mutated physique, it should be impossible for him to reach the Perfect Profound Death stage.

“It seems like I have to search for him slowly…”

With this thought in mind, Lin Dong calmed down. He was just about to speak when his expression changed. He lifted his head and saw dust soaring towards the sky in the distant. It was vaguely possible to hear various laughter and curses being transmitted from the distant. A bandit like demeanor could be felt.

Xin Qing looked at the yellow dust which had appeared. A slight change appeared on her small face. She waved her small hand and some dust rose to cover the bonfire. After which, she anxiously looked at Lin Dong, “Sir Lin Dong, should we hide?”

Lin Dong shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly. After which, he allowed Xin Qing to take the lead and avoid the direction where the group was headed towards.


The yellow dust grew increasingly close. Lin Dong seemingly saw a flag with a curling blood coloured python. The flag swayed, causing the blood python to appear as though it was about to leap forward. It looked shocking and fearsome.

“They are from the Blood Python City…” Xin Qing looked at the Blood Python flag and spoke in a startled voice.

Lin Dong nodded. He remembered that Xin Qing had mentioned this faction before. It was quite a famous faction in the Beast War Region. Although it was not as powerful as the eight great Demon Commanders’ factions, it was quite a formidable faction.

“These fellows kidnap people from all over the place and everyone hates them. Sir Lin Dong, it is best for us not to come into conflict with them.” Xin Qing softly said.

As Xin Qing spoke, the group approached using the main road on the plains. Lin Dong briefly glanced at them. There was around a hundred people in this group and many of them had powerful auras. In fact, the two people in front reached the initial Profound Death stage. It seems like the Blood Python City was quite powerful indeed.

This group passed by like a tornado. However, it was obvious that they saw the Lin Dong duo when they approached. A fierce glint flashed across some of their eyes. However, they did not attack immediately.

Lin Dong’s expression was calm as he allowed those people to stare at him. On the other hand, Xin Qing tugged his clothes and hid behind him. Although she was young, she was extremely beautiful. Hence, she also understood what would happen should these people discovered her.

“Haha, where did this brat come from? Is he eloping with a little girl?”

When that group galloped past them, as a strange laughter suddenly sounded. One of them clenched his hand before a wind whistled forward, grabbing the grilled meat on the stand. After which, he laughed wildly as he bit the meat and rode away.

These people had clearly gained some loot already. Hence, they could not be bothered to attack the Lin Dong duo.

Xin Qing looked at the group from the Blood Python City gradually riding off. She sighed in relief, appearing to have been relieved of a great burden. After which, she heard a rough laughter vaguely being transmitted over.

“We have managed to gain quite a bountiful reward this time around. If those few stockade dares to be disrespectful towards my Blood Python City in the future, we will exterminate them.”


“However, I never expected to meet two members of the Nine-tail tribe this time around. Hehe, those two girls are really juicy. It is rumoured that the ladies of the Nine-tail tribe are all natural born beauties. If not for the fact that we have to present them to the city governor, I would really like to have a taste.”

“You can forget about it. Such top quality goods are not something that we can touch. We must let the city governor enjoy them first.”

“Of course. However, once the city governor has enjoyed them, they can be given to us to have fun with…”


The group whizzed passed. However, their laughter continued to hum and reverberate in the air. Lin Dong narrowed his eyes. After which, he turned his head and saw Xin Qing’s small face suddenly turned pale.

At this moment, Xin Qing was startled as she looked at the group, which was gradually disappeared into the horizon. After which, her eyes turned red. Her small hand, which was gripping tightly onto Lin Dong’s clothes, was trembling as she let go.

“Are you alright?” Lin Dong softly inquired.

Xin Qing shook her head slightly. Her pretty small face gave Lin Dong a forced smile. After which, she lowered her body and packed the things on the ground. When she stood up again, she bit her lips and said, “Sir Lin Dong… can you head to my tribe first? Xin Qing… has some sudden matters that she must attend to…”

Lin Dong looked at the young lady and laughed, “Are you going to deliver yourself to their doorstep?”

“Their… their fates will be extremely miserable…” Xin Qing’s eyes turned red. She looked at Lin Dong in a pleading manner, “Sir Lin Dong, please allow me to go.”

Lin Dong looked at the small pretty face, which was covered in tears. He sighed helplessly, extended his hand and violently rubbed her small face.

“Let’s go, my little guide. Without you leading the way, won’t it take forever for me to reach your tribe?”

Xin Qing opened her eyes, which had become blurred because of her tears. She looked at the young man’s smiling face and bit her lips. There were even more tears in her eyes.

“You are really a cry baby. Let’s go…”

Lin Dong smiled as he rubbed away the tears on Xin Qing’s face. After which, he turned around. His eyes looked towards the direction of the group, which had left earlier. “They are truly a hateful bunch of people…”

“They actually snatched my grilled meat…”

Xin Qing was stunned as she looked at a displeased Lin Dong. The corner of her lips involuntarily curled. Her young and beautiful small face appeared a little bewitching at this moment.