Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1042: Beast War Region

Chapter 1042: Beast War Region


Chapter 1042: Beast War Region

This was a completely dark red plains and there were occasional hill standing tall. Some sparse trees were spread out in a random fashion. Occasionally, there were prolonged beast roars spreading across the distant place, causing this area to feel extremely desolated.

At the same time, a skinny figure on a small hill, in a deserted spot on this plain , looked up at the sky, which appeared a little red because of the colour of the ground. His eyes looked towards the horizon of this plains, but he was unable to spot anything…

“Is this the Demon Region?” Lin Dong looked at this wasteland and muttered.

The person standing in front was naturally Lin Dong, who was transported to this place through the teleportation array. In fact, he had travelled within the spatial tunnel for almost five days before he travelled through space and landed in this foreign place.

Lin Dong, who was completely unfamiliar with this region, clearly did not know if this was his intended destination. After experiencing failure the previous time he was teleported from the Eastern Xuan Region, he had some lingering fear about this type of long distance teleportation.

Lin Dong scanned his surroundings. After which, he turned and helplessly looked at the unconscious young lady on the ground. It seems like most ordinary individuals could not take this spatial teleportation…

Lin Dong squatted beside Xin Qing. He extended his fingers and gently pinched the young lady’s tall nose. After which, the young lady’s alluring brow bunched up before her tightly shut large eyes suddenly opened up. Soon after, her small beautiful face suddenly became fiery red. Her small hand supported herself on the ground as she anxiously moved back. She timidly said, “Lin Dong… Sir…”

When Lin Dong saw how startled Xin Qing was, he gave her an embarrassed smile. He said, “Ahm… I saw that you have been out for awhile… I thought that something may have happened to you…”

“I… I’m sorry.” Xin Qing’s small face turned red as she softly apologised.

“It’s fine.” Ling Dong waved his hand. The respect and fear that the young lady showed him caused him to feel a little ill at ease. His voice became a lot gentler as he asked, “It seems like we have reached the Demon Region. Can you tell where we are?”

Xin Qing hurriedly stood up after hearing his words. Following which, her large eyes carefully swept across this bright red plains. She finally sighed in relief after a long while. Then, a smile surfaced on her small face, “Sir Lin Dong, we should be in the Beast War Region, um… the teleportation worked. This is exactly where we wanted to go.”

When he heard his words, Lin Dong sighed in relief. Following which, he asked doubtfully: “Beast War Region?”


Xin Qing nodded. After which, she explained, “The Demon Region is extremely vast and there are many regions of different sizes. It can be roughly segmented into north, south, east and west regions. This Beast War Region, we are currently at, should be the junction between the western and northern region. That is also why this place is one of the most chaotic areas in the Demon Region.”

“Oh?” Lin Dong lifted his brow upon hearing this. Why did her words seem to imply that they had came to a place, that would cause him a great headache again?

“There is a clear distinction between the various large factions in the other parts of the Demon Region. Although there are conflicts between the various large factions, it is still fairly peaceful. Only this Beast War Region is constantly full of conflicts. Moreover, it is not distributed according to tribal lines. Instead, it is ruled by various extremely powerful tyrants.”

“Ugh… currently, the top commanders in the Beast War Region should be the eight great Demon Commanders.” Xin Qing thought for a moment before replying.

“Eight great Demon Commanders?” Lin Dong was at a loss. He knew nothing about the Demon Region. Fortunately, Mo Luo prepared a guide for him.

“The eight great Demon Commanders represent the eight strongest factions in the Beast War Region. Moreover, all of them are at the perfect Profound Death stage and there are many powerful experts under them. Hence, all of them are quite well known even in the entire Demon Region.”

“Other than the eight great Demon Commanders, there are still many factions of various sizes in the Beast War Region. In a bid to secure territory and resources, it was commonplace for a fight to occur. Furthermore, it is also common for territory to change hands. One faction might be in charge today, but that place could be easily snatched by another faction tomorrow. Moreover, the original owners would also be exterminated by the other fraction.”

“Comparatively speaking, the factions of the eight great Demon Generals are a lot more stable.”

Lin Dong nodded. This was indeed the Demon Region. The law of the jungle was in full display in this place.

“So… how do we search for someone here?” Lin Dong rubbed his head. Based on what Qing Zhi said, Little Flame should have been teleported to this region. However, this region was also extremely vast and it was no simple feat to find someone here.

Xin Qing curled her small mouth and pondered for a moment. After which, her big eyes looked at Lin Dong. With the intention of seeking Lin Dong’s opinion, she asked: “Why don’t we head to my tribe first? My tribe should know more than I do.”

Lin Dong did not object to her suggestion as he nodded. Regardless of what the situation was, the information that a tribe could obtain was certainly better than what he could do alone.

Xin Qing’s small face revealed some joy after she saw Lin Dong nodding his head. She established her position before finally pointed her small hand to the north and said, “My Nine-tail tribe should be in this direction. If we continue travelling in this direction, we should be able to reach in five days.”

“Let’s get moving.”

Lin Dong did not dawdle. He waved his hand and said.

“Um… I will lead Sir Lin Dong.” Most likely because she was able to return to her tribe, there was an additional tinge of excitement on that young lady’s face. After which, her delicate body shot forward and rushed straight towards the north. Lin Dong followed closely behind her.

“Xin Qing, your Nine-tail tribe should be quite powerful, right?”

Lin Dong was surveying his surroundings as they travelled. After which, he withdrew his sight and looked at Xin Qing in front, who was seriously leading the way, and laughingly asked.

Xin Qing, who was leading the way, was startled upon hearing this. Her large eyes seemed to have dimmed slightly. After which, she spoke in a somewhat embarrassed manner, “That’s not true. The Nine-tail tribe is currently quite weak. Our tribe leader, who is also my mother, is only at the initial Profound Death Stage. This only allows our Nine-tail tribe to barely survive in the Beast War Region.”

“We once sought refuge with a large faction in order to ensure our safety. However, the other party requested that our Nine-tail tribe send a tribute of ten young female tribe members to them every year. We refused and finally left them and travelled far away to this place. However, we also paid a hefty price for this. Most of the men in my tribe, including my father, were killed during the retaliation.”

Lin Dong’s body paused. He looked at the young lady with reddened eyes, gently biting her lips, before he suddenly said, “I’m sorry.”

Xin Qing shook her head and said, “It is how things work in the Demon Region… I have travelled a great distance to the Flame Divine Hall in order to become powerful. After which, I will return to protect my tribe members.”

“You will succeed.” Lin Dong was a little moved. This young lady might appear timid, but she had her own deep pool of inner strength. Promptly, Lin Dong ended up sighing secretly in his heart. Back then, he was also determined to become stronger in order to protect his family.

Xin Qing spoke in an indistinct voice, “Xin Qing is not as formidable as Sir Lin Dong. You have already reached the initial Profound Death Stage at such a young age. Moreover, you even defeated those two enemies, whom even elder sister Xinlian and Sir Zhou Ze were unable to defeat, all by yourself.”

Lin Dong rubbed his head and felt that the situation was a little comical.”Do you all think that I am abnormal …”

Xin Qing laughed. She was clearly amused by Lin Dong. The redness in her eyes became a little paler. After which, her large eyes secretly glanced at Lin Dong. Only then, did she discover that the latter was not as stern and unapproachable like the other powerful experts that she had imagined.

“Does Sir Lin Dong have another friend from the Celestial Demon Marten tribe?”

“Aye.” Lin Dong nodded. He laughed, “He is my brother.”

“Sir Lin Dong is truly amazing. You are actually able to become brothers with someone from the Celestial Demon Marten tribe. They are extremely ferocious and even the dragon tribe members are wary of them in the Demon Region…” Xin Qing exclaimed.

“They are so strong huh…” Lin Dong was also a little surprised. He knew that the Celestial Demon Marten tribe had a powerful standing in the Demonic Beast world, but he never expected them to be this powerful.

“Um. The Celestial Demon Marten tribe is one of the four great overlord tribes remaining in the current Demon Region.” Xin Qing nodded.

“Four overlord tribes?” Lin Dong was a little helpless. It seemed that he was really completely unfamiliar with the Demon Region.

“The current Demonic Beast World has four overlord tribes and eight king tribes. The four overlord tribes are the Dragon tribe, Nine Phoenix tribe, Monster Bird tribe and the Celestial Demon Marten tribe… they are the strongest tribes in the Demonic Beast world.”

“The Nine Phoenix tribe and the Monster Bird tribe…” Lin Dong muttered those two names. It was the first time he heard of them.

“Our Nine-tail tribe used to be extremely powerful a long time ago… At that time, our Nine-tail tribe even fought a war with the Monster Bird tribe and we did not even fall into much of a disadvantage.” Xin Qing spoke in a somewhat proud manner.


Lin Dong was a little startled this time around. He never expected that the extremely weak Nine-tail tribe now actually had such a glorious past.

“Due to a great calamity in the ancient times, my Nine-tail tribe suffered heavy losses and all our top experts were killed. After which, there were few tribe members who could reach the highest nine tail stage in the subsequent years. This resulted in the decline of our tribe until it reach its current state.” Xin Qing said.

“So it’s like this…” Lin Dong came to a sudden comprehension. It seems like the more tails these Nine-tail tribe members had, the stronger they became.

“In that case, how many tails do you have?” Lin Dong involuntarily glanced at the young lady’s behind and laughingly asked.

“Xin Qing only has three.”

Xin Qing hesitated for a moment. After which, a red light flashed over her lovely figure before three fluffy tails appeared behind her.

Lin Dong stared curiously at the three fluffy cute tails behind her. He involuntarily approached her and grabbed a tail with his hand. The feeling was unusually comfortable.

“Sir Lin… Lin Dong.”

However, the young lady’s small face quickly turned as red as a burning cloud when his hand touched her tail. Even her voice began to tremble.

Lin Dong involuntarily became a little lost, after he saw Xin Qing’s reaction.

“The tail… should not be randomly touched…” Xin Qing’s small face appeared as though she was about to bleed as she spoke in a trembling voice.

Lin Dong seemed to have comprehended something after he saw her reaction. Even with his thick skin, he involuntarily felt his face turning hot. He quickly released his hand and laughed towards the sky. “Ah… haha, what a beautiful moon. That… let’s hurry on.”

He swiftly flew forward after his voice sounded. All his face had been lost today. Why did he act so recklessly…

When Xin Qing saw Lin Dong fleeing, she was startled. Immediately, the young lady involuntarily covered her mouth and laughed. Subsequently, she hurriedly lowered her head and followed him with a red face.