Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1041: Surging Dark Clouds

Chapter 1041: Surging Dark Clouds


Chapter 1041: Surging Dark Clouds

A huge glowing array hovered above the mountain. In the space above the light array, the space was distorted and it seemed like a dark black spatial tunnel was vaguely being formed.

Standing below the light array, Qing Zhi and Mo Luo slowly stopped. The Chaotic Demon Sea and the Demon Region were extremely far apart. Even a Profound Death stage expert would have to fly for at least half a year in order to travel from one place to the other. Hence, a spatial teleportation array that covered such a great distance, was obviously not something that any ordinary faction could create.

However, it was obvious that Mo Luo and Qing Zhi were not in the ‘ordinary’ category. After all, one of them was a genuine Reincarnation Stage expert, while the other was the owner of an Ancestral Symbol. They were peak existences in the entire world and it was not impossible for them to build a spatial teleportation array, to teleport one across such a great distance if they combined their powers.

“Lin Dong, the array has been completed. It is time to go.” Mo Luo turned his head and looked at Lin Dong, who was walking to the top of the mountain.

Lin Dong nodded. Standing behind him, the young lady called Xin Qing also started running as she tried to keep up with him. Her big eyes looked at the Mo Luo duo, before she felt a little fear and respect. Given her status in the Flame Divine Hall, she was typically unable to meet Mo Luo, the person with the highest authority in the Flame Divine Hall.

“Xinlian should have introduced this little girl to you, am I right? She is a member of the Nine-tail tribe. Moreover, Qing Zhi mentioned that the area where her tribe is located is incidentally where your friend, Little Flame, has been transported to. Their tribe and I have a relationship and you should be able to obtain their help if you tell them about this matter.” Mo Luo glanced at Xin Qing before he said.

“Yes. Thank you elder Mo Luo.” Lin Dong nodded his head and said.

“In that case, the both of you should enter the array.”

“Let’s go.”

Lin Dong tilted his head and spoke to the young lady behind him. After which, he took the lead and entered the huge light array. The latter hesitated for a moment before she followed behind.

Qing Zhi looked at the two individuals who had entered the light array. He mused for a moment before flicking his finger. A ray of green light shot towards Lin Dong. After which, the latter quickly stretched his arm and grabbed it. Lowering his head to took a look, it was actually a palm sized green bone.

“If you have the opportunity to go to the dragon tribe during your trip to the Demon Region, you can use this token to do so. If you want complete mastery over the Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill, there is one final step that you must complete.”

“What?” Lin Dong was startled.

“Dragon transforming bone.” Qing Zhi spoke in a faint voice. “There is an ancient Dragon Transforming Lake in the dragon tribe. You will be able to complete the final step and achieve complete mastery of the Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill if you were to enter and train.”

“Hehe, it is no easy feat to enter the Ancient Dragon Transforming Lake. Would those old and stubborn fellows allow Lin Dong to enjoy such a great blessing? The reason you were able to go was because you possess the bloodline of a dragon. Lin Dong might have learnt the Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill, but he is still human.” Mo Luo reminded.

“It will depend on his affinity.” Qing Zhi said.

Lin Dong nodded slightly. After which, he kept the green bone in his hand and cupped his hand formally towards Qing Zhi, Mo Luo, Mu Lan, Tang Xinlian and the rest.

“Hey, you must come back to the Chaotic Demon Sea!” Tang Xinlian looked at the young man standing in the light array before she involuntarily cried out.

Lin Dong nodded solemnly. He would definitely return to this place. However, when he returns, it will be in a completely different fashion.

“The teleportation is about to begin. Be careful.”

Mo Luo and Qing Zhi exchanged glances with each other. The seals formed by their hands changed and the space itself began to distort violently. The spatial swirl above was just like a huge mouth that extended downwards. At the same time, the light around the Lin Dong duo also became denser.

“Big brother Lin Dong, if anyone bullies you in the Demon Region, you can come back to the Chaotic Demon Sea. I will stand up for you!” Mu Lingshan waved her small hand. Her large eyes also turned red because she was reluctant to see Lin Dong leave. However, the words that she cried out caused Lin Dong to chuckle involuntarily. Subsequently, he felt warmth in his heart.

“Lingshan, do your best and train well. I will need your help in the future.”

Lin Dong smiled. Mu Lingshan was the Life Death Ancestral Symbol. Her strength would likely be quite terrifying in the future. Hence, one can easily imagine that if they were to fight with the Yimo in the future, Mu Lingshan would become a critical member that no one can underestimate.

“Yes!” Mu Lingshan nodded vigorously. After which, her eyes became increasingly red as she stared at the increasingly bright light on Lin Dong’s body.

“Everyone, let’s meet again!”

The intensity of the light finally reached its limits after Lin Dong’s voice was emitted. The distorted space whizzed and devoured the Lin Dong duo. After which, wild and violent spatial ripples swept across the place.

The bright light lasted for a long time before it gradually disappeared. That light array gradually weakened and the two figures within completely disappeared. Only the space that was slowly being repaired, proved that the previous incident had indeed occurred.

“They are finally gone…”

Mo Luo looked at the space that was being repaired, before he released a long sigh. He involuntarily smiled and said, “I wonder just what incidents this little fellow will create once he reaches the Demon Region.”

Qing Zhi grinned. With both his hands behind his back, he lifted his head and muttered, “I have a premonition that this little fellow will be extremely powerful the next time we meet…”

“I am looking forward to it.”

Mo Luo nodded. He was also extremely curious to find out what level this fellow, whom Qing Zhi thought was comparable to the most outstanding disciple of the Symbol Ancestor, could reach?

He truly looked forward to that day.


While Lin Dong once again travelled through space and left the Chaotic Demon Sea for the distant Demon Region, there were also some extraordinary events happening in the distant Eastern Xuan Region.

Eastern Xuan Region, Yuan Gate.

As the most powerful super sect in the Eastern Xuan Region, this place was noisy and lively all year round. Countless disciples shuttled through the place and there was a prideful look on their faces. It was a haughtiness that came from being a member of the strongest sect in this region.

However, there were occasionally some disciples who lifted their heads to look at the dark clouds, which covered the sky. Subsequently, their hearts felt a little pressured. It seems like in recent times, the atmosphere in the sect felt a little amiss…

There was a lone mountain deep within the Yuan Gate. A somewhat dilapidated hall was located on the top of the mountain. Spider web covered the place and there were some black insects occasionally crawling over the place. A faint dark and cold aura radiated from it.

This place was the forbidden grounds of the Yuan Gate. Even some elders were prohibited from entering.

Three figures were quietly seated deep within this hall at the moment. Upon closer inspection, they were actually the three great chiefs of the Yuan Gate. However, the three individuals with the highest authority in the Yuan Gate, had somewhat sinister and dark expression in their eyes currently.

“Hua Chen is dead…”

A long silence followed. Finally, Ren Yuanzi opened his mouth and spoke in a hoarse voice, “At the same time, the one called Xu Xiu is also dead. Both of them died in Lin Dong’s hands.”

“He is truly a brat that is making life difficult for us.” A dark expression flashed across Di Yuanzi’s eyes as he slowly said, “Currently, he has gotten involved with the Flame Divine Hall in the Chaotic Demon Sea. That chief of the Flame Divine Hall should be called Mo Luo and he is also the owner of the Blazing Ancestral Symbol…”

“Lin Dong, Mo Luo and that Green Dragon King, Qing Zhi, set a trap together…” Tian Yuanzi leaned on the backrest of his chair. A dark shadow scattered, covering half of his face. It made him look a little strange.

“Haha, King Tianming led three great generals to that place. In the end, the three great generals were killed and he himself almost ended up with the same fate. In fact, only some of his essence blood were rescued…”

The corner of Tian Yuanzi’s mouth twitched. He suddenly became sinister, “That brat… he is truly not a simple person.”

Di Yuanzi and Ren Yuanzi were silent. Who could have imagined that the ant, whom they could have killed with a single finger back then, would actually cause them to suffer such terrifying losses.

“The existence of the Demon Prison should have been revealed…” Tian Yuanzi remarked in a faint voice.

A black glint flashed across the eyes of the Di Yuanzi duo. They softly asked, “Will this lead to any major disruptions?”

“Their existence will be revealed sooner or later… Nevertheless, with this being the case, we should bring our plan forward.” Tian Yuanzi opened his dark eyes. There was an endless brutalness surging from them.

“We must conquer the entire Eastern Xuan Region. There can only be one overlord in this region!”

The Di Yuanzi duo exchanged glances. After which, they looked at a dark shadow in the corner of the hall. There seemed to be black Qi flowing at that spot. A moment later, a dark chilly soft voice suddenly spread across the hall.

“We may begin…”

“What about the Flame Divine Hall?” Tian Yuanzi looked at the top of the dilapidated large hall and asked.

“The Demon Prison handle them… All you need to do is to take care of the Eastern Xuan Region. The Demon Prison will assist you from the shadows…” A dark and cold voice quietly spread.

Tian Yuanzi nodded. He slowly stood up and looked outside of the large hall with eyes that were filled with a black glow. The smile on the corner of his mouth gradually turned heated.

“In that case… let the war begin… I want that brat to see a ruined Dao Sect when he returns…”

While a dark cloud was quietly enveloping the Eastern Xuan Region, there was an icy snowy place, a great distance towards the north of the Eastern Xuan Region. The frighteningly chilly air seemed to freeze even the natural Yuan Power.

There was an hundreds of thousand feet large ice mountain at a certain part of this icy and snowy world. The ice mountain seemed to pierced through the sky and one could not see the end of the towering and spectacular peak.

There was a faint icy blue light being emitted from the deepest part of the ice mountain. Each flash appeared as though it was breathing. The many icy blue light vaguely seemed to form an extremely ancient Ancestral Symbol.

However, this glow merely flickered for a short moment before disappearing. Finally, it became completely dim and sealed by ice.

At the same time, a delicate young lady with long scattered icy blue hair was seated on an ice lotus floating on an icy lake deep within a super sect known as the Dao Sect back at the distant Eastern Xuan Region mountains. Every strand of her hair appeared like crystal and seemed ethereal. Looking from a distance away, she was soul-stirringly beautiful.

The icy fairy like young lady seated within the ice lotus suddenly opened her icy blue eyes. She lifted her head to look into the distance before she furrowed her pretty eyebrows. There seemed to be something beckoning her through the space from that direction.

“Ice… Ice Ancestral Symbol huh…”