Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1040: Departure

Chapter 1040: Departure


Chapter 1040: Departure

Lin Dong put on his clothes in an awkward fashion. He rushed towards the edge of the pool in front of the teasing eyes of the Qing Zhi duo. At the moment, Tang Xinlian’s pretty face was slightly red as she looked at Lin Dong. Her eyes gently glared at him.

There was no change in Lin Dong’s appearance. However, his skin had a faint white colour undulated on it. Meanwhile, perhaps it was because he owned the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, his black eyes seemed even darker and deeper. Even Tang Xinlain’s heart became a little absent minded after she exchanged glances with Lin Dong. After which, she hurriedly shifted her eyes away, while her heart began to beat more rapidly.

Tang Xinlian involuntarily became a little embarrassed after detecting her change in demeanor. Over the years, she had met countless handsome men, who could easily attract the affection of many women simply by relying on their appearance. However, she was no ordinary woman and she would not be attracted to a man merely because of his appearance.

This was something that could be seen using Zhou Ze as an example. Not only was the latter extremely handsome, but he also had extraordinary talents. However, up against Tang Xinlian, who guarded herself like a fortress, he could only admit defeat and give up after trying for several years.

To begin with, Tang Xinlian had a steely character. This lady was undoubtedly extremely proud in her heart. Hence, she involuntarily felt as embarrassed as a little girl after realizing the emotion in her heart after she exchanged glances with Lin Dong.

“The next time this happens, my spear will not hold back.” To hide the feelings in her heart, Tang Xinlian’s pretty face tensed up. Promptly, she clenched her hand before her Fire Phoenix Spear turned into a ray of light and returned to her hand. After which, she spoke in a cold and indifferent manner.

Lin Dong could only laugh dryly. He did not wish for a similar situation to occur again.

“However… congratulations… no one has ever received fifty Death Qi cleansing in the Death Flame Spirit Pool before.” Tang Xinlian’s heart unknowingly softened when she saw Lin Dong’s embarrassed manner. Her bright eyes contained a glint as she looked at the former. It turns out her eyes were actually filled with admiration.

Lin Dong involuntarily became a little absentminded after detecting the slight emotion within Tang Xinlian’s eyes. Only after witnessing this lady’s determined nature, did he understand just how difficult it was for her to reveal such an emotion.

“I was almost unable to hold on.”

However, Lin Dong quickly recovered after feeling a little pleased with himself for a moment. He turned his head to look at the huge black waterfall, while his eyes were filled with fear. Previously, he had indeed detected the scent of death. In fact, it was similar to the sensation he felt when he fought with General Lang Mo. Even now, he was not confident that he would be able to endure and survive through this deadly assault for a second time.

This Death Flame Spirit Pool is indeed frightening. It’s no wonder that no one else besides a stubborn lunatic like him, actually dared to challenge the last Death Qi assault.

“Cough, I’ll say… You two young fellows, do really think that no one else is around?” A teasing voice was transmitted from the side just as Lin Dong was about to speak with Tang Xinlian. After which, the both of them turned their heads and saw Mo Luo and Qing Zhi staring playfully at them.

Lin Dong coughed dryly while Tang Xinlian’s pretty face turned red. She immediately turned and faced Mo Luo. However, she did not avoid the latter’s eyes like she did with Lin Dong previously. Instead, she glared at him and softly snorted, “If you dare to mock me again, I will go into a training retreat once I return. Then, you can manage the Flame Divine Hall by yourself!”

Tang Xinlian’s words were clearly quite a deadly weapon. The playful smile on Mo Luo’s face disappeared almost instantly. After which, he looked at Lin Dong seriously. “All your sequelaes should have been removed, am I right?”

The Flame Divine Hall is extremely large and there are many complicated matters to deal with. In the past, Mo Luo personally managed them. However, as Tang Xinlian gradually took over, he finally understood the meaning of freedom. Therefore, if he had to take over those tasks again, it was likely that he would not even have the time to train. Furthermore, with regards to these matters, even though he was Tang Xinlian’s master, he had no choice but to admit that the latter was better at handling them.

Lin Dong quietly laughed in his heart because of the change in Mo Luo’s expression. He nodded and clenched his hand gently. A smile surfaced on the corner of his mouth as he sensed the surging ocean like Yuan Power in his body. The superficial feeling in his body had finally disappeared completely.

Currently, his cultivation level had completely stabilised at the initial Profound Death stage. Traces of Death Qi floated within the Yuan Power flowing within his body. They looked just like hidden black dragons, that would reveal their true frightening appearance whenever they appeared.

If he had such strength when he was fighting with Hua Chen and Xu Xiu, perhaps he would not have wound up in such a miserable state.

Although Lin Dong was currently at the initial Profound Death stage, he would be hard pressed to find an opponent at the advance Profound Death stage. In fact, it was even possible for him to face a perfect Profound Death stage expert!

He was much stronger compared to when he first arrived at the Chaotic Demon Sea. Perfect Profound Death Stage. Regardless of which faction, one would definitely be equivalent to an elder!

Even the clan heads of Gu clan, Wei clan and other powerful factions were merely at this cultivation level.

With such strength, it was even possible for him to roam the Demon Region!

“It is good that it is resolved.” Qing Zhi smiled while his eyes contained a tinge of admiration. It was likely that he was extremely pleased with Lin Dong’s performance in the Death Flame Spirit Pool.

“Since this problem has been resolved, when do you plan to head to the Demon Region?” Mo Luo asked.

“The sooner the better.”

Lin Dong pondered for a moment before he said. Qing Zhi mentioned previously that he detected that Little Flame and Little Marten were teleported to different parts of the Demon Region. However, Little Marten was seriously wounded when he was transported. This was because Little Marten ignited his clan symbol in order to fight the three great heads of the Yuan Gate back in the Unique Devil City.

Hence, he would definitely be in a hurry to undertake a retreat and recuperate after he returned to his Celestial Demon Marten tribe and no one knew what his current condition was like. Moreover, if Little Marten took a training retreat, he would be unable to search for Little Flame. At this moment, the latter should be roaming the Demon Region by himself. This caused Lin Dong to feel a little worried.

He wanted to find Little Flame as soon as possible. After ensuring that the latter was safe, he would head over to the Celestial Demon Marten tribe and reunite with Little Marten.

“Then, we will do it three days later.”

Mo Luo waved his large hand and said, “Moreover, my Flame Divine Hall also has some Demonic Beast disciples. I will send one who is familiar with the Demon Region to accompany you. That should be of great help to you when searching for someone there.”

Lin Dong rejoiced upon hearing this. He was truly unfamiliar with the Demon Region. With someone helping him, it would naturally save him a great deal of trouble.

“Let’s do it like this. Mo Luo and I will help teleport and deliver you to the Demon Region in three days time.”

Lin Dong nodded solemnly. His eyes looked at the endless sky outside before waves gently stirred in his heart.

Little Marten, Little Flame, wait for me. My brothers, we promised to charge back to the Eastern Xuan Region together!


Three days later, Lin Dong was seated on a rock at the tallest peak in the Fiery Flame City. He lifted his head to look at the top of the mountain. There was a faint and terrifying spatial fluctuation being emitted from that spot. It was the spatial teleportation array that Qing Zhi and Mo Luo had built together.

“Big brother Lin Dong.”

A somewhat lovely voice was suddenly emitted from behind Lin Dong. The latter turned his head and saw Mu Lingshan, whom he had not met for the past few days, running towards him in an excited manner. Mu Lan was following closely behind her.

“Are you going to the Demon Region? Can I go too!” Mu Lingshan grabbed Lin Dong’s arm. Her large eyes were filled with anticipation.

“Forget about it. I can still allow you to act willfully in the Chaotic Demon Sea. However, you are definitely not allowed to go to the Demon Region.” Mu Lan snapped from behind her.

Lin Dong smiled and rubbed Mu Lingshan’s small head. He said, “Lingshan, be obedient. The Demon Region is extremely dangerous and even I can only protect myself when I am there. You should follow elder Mu Lan and train properly. In the future, once you become stronger, you can come and protect me.”

After learning of Mu Lingshan’s mysterious status, Lin Dong knew that Mu Lan would definitely not allow Lingshan to roam the Demon Region. The dangers involved were far too great if her identity was exposed.

Mu Lingshan’s small face wore a bitter expression. From Mu Lan and Lin Dong’s attitude, she knew that there was little hope.

“Big brother Lin Dong, you can be rest assured that I will be much stronger the next time we meet. I will protect you in the future.” Mu Lingshan laughingly said. Her large eyes contain some fondness.

Mu Lan stepped forward. He looked at Lin Dong and laughed, “The Demon Region might be dangerous, but I don’t think there is a need for me to warn you. Since you are able to create a name for yourself in the Chaotic Demon Sea, it is likely that you will be an extraordinary existence even in the Demon Region. I am really curious what miracles you will create in the Demon Region.”

Lin Dong felt neither able to laugh nor cry. Why was he being described as a demon lord that brought chaos to the world. He was just about to reply when he shifted his eyes away. Rushing wind sound appeared. Tang Xinlian was hurrying over with someone behind her.

“Lin Dong, this is a disciple of my Flame Hall. She is from the Demon Region.”

Lin Dong looked beside Tang Xinlian and saw a delicate little figure. It seems like she was a young lady. Her lovely body was slender and her face was beautiful. However, it seems like she was a little timid. Her large eyes quickly darted away after glancing at Lin Dong.

“Sir Lin Dong, I… I am Xin Qing. I am someone from the Nine-tail tribe in the Demonic Beast world… Lord Qing Zhi has said that it is likely that your friend has appeared in the region belonging to my tribe. Hence, he has asked me to accompany you to search for him.” The young lady crossed her hands together as she lowered her head and spoke in a barely audible voice.

“Nine-tail tribe?” Lin Dong was slightly startled. He could not help but look behind the young lady.

The young lady’s small face reddened slightly after having seemingly sensed Lin Dong’s gaze and she quickly hid behind Tang Xinlian. The latter grabbed her and glanced at Lin Dong.

Lin Dong coughed softly. He nodded towards the young lady in a friendly manner and said, “Miss Xin Qing, I will be troubling you this time around.”

“Xin Qing is someone from our Flame Divine Hall Divine Guards. Although she is young, she is already at the initial Profound Life stage. She is your guide this time around. Do not act inappropriately. Or else…”

Tang Xinlian gently clenched her hand. Her narrow bright eyes contained a little murderous aura.

“Do I look like such a person…” Lin Dong laughed bitterly.

Tang Xinlian thought for a moment before smiling. Her smile was a little enchanting. Soon after, she glanced at Lin Dong. Her voice was much gentler as she said, “Be careful.”


Lin Dong nodded. Suddenly, he turned his head and look at the mountain. There was an extremely vast and mighty spiritual fluctuation sweeping from it. A light pillar shot towards the sky.

Lin Dong stared at the light pillar. It was a long time later before he inhaled a deep breath of air. He leaped down the rock and waved his hand without speaking. Next, he walked towards the top of the mountain in a suave manner.

“Let’s go.”