Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1039: The Final One

Chapter 1039: The Final One


Chapter 1039: The Final One

“There is still one more…”

Mo Luo and Tang Xinlian’s expressions gently changed when they heard that hoarse voice being transmitted from the stone platform. Only Qing Zhi smiled faintly, looking as though he was not surprised by this result.

“Lin Dong, there has not been a single person who has managed to endure fifty Death Qi cleansing from this Death Flame Spirit Pool. The strength of the final one far surpassess that of any previous ones. Should you fail, your body will also be eroded by the Death Qi regardless of how sturdy it is!” Mo Luo warned in a deep voice.

Lin Dong extended his hand from the stone platform. At this moment, his skin had already been eroded by Death Qi and it had turned a little greyish. It seemed like he was enduring a great deal of pain. However, he did not say anything. Instead, all he did was to wave his hand slightly, revealing his stubborn nature that refuses to give up.

There was no strength in this world that comes for free. In order to become stronger than others, one must put in effort and take risks beyond what others will. This was something that Lin Dong was clearly aware of when he walked out of the Great Yan Empire.

Mo Luo’s eyes narrowed upon seeing this. This little fellow was truly stubborn.

“Mo Luo, allow him to do as he please. You will not be able to stop him once he has made up his mind.” Qing Zhi laughed at the side.

Mo Luo smiled bitterly and shook his head. He said, “It is easy for you to say so. Do you think that it is going to be easy to refine a new physical body for this little fellow should his body end up being destroyed?”

Qing Zhi smiled as he looked at the gently trembling body on the stone platform. He softly said, “He will succeed…”

“I hope so…”

Viscous Death Qi dripped down from the stone platform and fell into the pool. However, the sound of water dripping did not emerge. In fact, not even the slightest ripple spread on the surface of the pool.

The Death Flame Spirit Pool gradually regained its silence after the forty-ninth Death Qi Cleansing appeared and it looked as though it would not carry on.

“Master…” Uncertainty flashed across Tang Xinlian’s eyes when she saw this scene. This was because no one had ever endured the fiftieth wave before. Hence, even she did not know how the fiftieth Death Qi cleansing would look like.

“It is coming soon…” Mo Luo lifted his head. His eyes were focused at the black waterfall above the Death Flame Spirit Pool. Meanwhile, a grave expression rose within his eyes.

“Hum hum!”

A short while after Mo Luo uttered those words, the land itself suddenly began to tremble. Immediately, Tang Xinlian lifted her head in shock. After which, her eyes shrunk when she saw the enormous black waterfall beginning to slowly wiggle at this moment.

The black waterfall looked just like a huge black dragon that seemed to stretch on endlessly. Meanwhile, amidst the silence, it stealthily exposed its own ferociousness.

A terrifyingly indescribable Death Qi spread, causing the space itself to seem dim and damaged. It seems like even the space itself was unable to endure that Death Qi.

On the stone platform, Lin Dong had also detected the frightening ripple above him. Promptly, he slowly lifted his head. There was a black waterfall reflected in his pupils. That shadow was just like that of a descending death god, causing him to inhale a deep breath of air. The final Death Qi strike was truly abnormally powerful. It’s no wonder even Mo Luo opposed his decision to receive it…

However, it was already impossible for him to withdraw at this point in time.

“Come.” Lin Dong sat down. His eyes were filled with a searing hot intent as he stared at the black waterfall.

The black waterfall slowly became distorted as streams of black water came pouring down. After which, they quietly merged into the pool. Regardless of how majestic the atmosphere was, there was still not the slightest sound being emitted. The silence was so mysterious that it turned one’s heart cold.


A sound was suddenly emitted out of nowhere and even the air in this place quickly absconded. The black waterfall carried a terrifying momentum as it came pouring down from the sky. Just like a black mountain, it slammed towards Lin Dong’s head.


The waterfall fell and the huge stone platform was destroyed almost immediately. Although no loud noise was emitted, the violently shaking ground stood testimony to the terrifying force contained.


The black waterfall enveloped Lin Dong’s entire body. Immediately, a bitter low roar of pain was emitted.

Standing near the edge of the Black Flame Spirit Pool, the Mo Luo trio’s wore grave expressions as they stared at the black waterfall. With their outstanding eyesight, they could vaguely see that Lin Dong’s body was gradually turning dark within the waterfall. This was a sign that his body was dying.

“He can’t hold on anymore.” Tang Xinlian hurriedly cried out. No one had imagined that this final attack would be so fearsome. Compared to this, the previous forty-nine waves were truly insignificant.

“Teacher, save him!”

Mo Luo’s expression was grave. He glanced at a calm-looking Qing Zhi, standing beside him and shook his head. He softly said, “Don’t worry. That kid can still take it.”

As several powerful and pressurising waves continued to press down on him, low and deep roars of great pain were emitted from the waterfall like that of a wild beast. In fact, it was impossible to imagine how great the pain was, since even the usually tough Lin Dong ended up acting in this manner.

Tang Xinlian covered her red lips with her hand. She could see Lin Dong’s body cuddling into a ball within the black waterfall. That extremely powerful Death Qi seemed to possess terrifying

erosion properties as it continuously corroded his body.

Layers of black skin quickly accumulated on the surface of Lin Dong’s body. It caused one’s heart to shudder just by observing this scene.

This painful roar continued for a long while before it gradually weakened. However, it did not stop because the pain had eased. Instead, it was because the Death Qi had corroded his throat. His voice was just like that of a broken windmill and it was no longer as clear as before.

When Tang Xinlian saw this scene, even with her tough character, her eyes still ended up turning slightly red. She quickly turned her head away and stopped looking at the figure in pain, struggling within the black waterfall.

She finally knew why her teacher and Qing Zhi, who were top experts in this world, held this young man of similar age in such high regard. It was not because of this young man’s talent.

Instead, it was because of his tenacious character that refuses to give up.

Even she did not have such tenacity. At the very least, she did not have the courage to challenge the fiftieth Death Qi cleansing back then…

“Lin Dong… do your best…” Tang Xinlian clenched her hand gently. She turned her head and muttered.

The hoarse painful roar finally disappeared. However, those waves of terrifying Death Qi continued to flood towards the completely still figure within. Due to the isolation from the Death Qi, it was impossible to determine whether there were any signs of life remaining.

This cleansing continued for ten minutes before the raging black waterfall finally flowed backwards. It hung high in the sky before it finally scattered like ink.

The Mo Luo trio stared at this black waterfall as it slowly scattered. Subsequently, their eyes focused on the surface of the Death Flame Spirit Pool. At that spot, black flames rose while a pile of charred black skin piled high like a hill.

Mo Luo waved his hand and a breeze blew over. Those black skin scattered, revealing a completely charred, skinny stick like figure.

Tang Xinlian involuntarily bit her red lips when she saw this skeleton like charred body. She tried her best to prevent herself from making any noise.

That was because she was unable to detect any signs of life from that body.

Mo Luo’s expression was grave when he saw this scene. He quickly turned his head to look at Qing Zhi. Although the latter still remained calm, he was able to detect that Qing Zhi’s body seemed tenser than usual.

None of them said a word. The atmosphere was so pressurising that one could hardly breathe.


This atmosphere continued for around a minute before a slightly strange sound was emitted. The eyes of the Mo Luo trio hurriedly shifted. Finally, they saw that many cracks were actually appearing on that charred skeleton like figure.


All their eyes became focused as they stared at this scene. As those black objects were completely made of Death Qi, even Qing Zhi was unable to detect if there was any life force remaining within.

The crack lines swiftly grew while the three of them stared intently at that black body. Finally, a soft sound appeared. A crack line extended before a long arm was extended from within.

Crack crack!

The black substance swiftly fell off at this moment. Following which, a healthy natural colour

that was filled with life once again appeared.

A burly young body once again appeared after the black substances completely fell off. His black eyes were bright and confident. Each and every part of his body was filled with strength.

This was a body, which was reborn from within the deathly flame. Although it did not possess shocking muscles like that of a giant, this seemingly skinny body emitted a frightening strength.

“He has actually… succeeded…”

The Mo Luo trio looked at the body, which seemed to have undergone a metamorphosis. They had sharp senses and they were naturally able to detect that his body was clearly much stronger than before.

Moreover, there was a majestic surging Yuan Power flowing within this body and traces of pure Death Qi were mixed within his Yuan Power. His cultivation level was also as stable as a rock!

Clearly, Lin Dong had truly succeeded in enduring the fifty Death Qi cleansing.

“This little fellow…”

Mo Luo parted his mouth. His eyes were filled with admiration. Lin Dong had once again managed to stun him.


The smile on Qing Zhi’s face grew. However, only Mo Luo could sense the latter’s tensed up body slowly relaxing.

Lin Dong looked at the trio at the edge of the pool and smiled. He was just about to walk over when a fiery red long spear ruthlessly shot over. The sharp wind frightened him and caused him to hurriedly take a few steps back. After which, he looked at Tang Xinlian in a startled manner. The latter’s pretty face was boiling hot. Her bright eyes, which were roaming over his body, were filled with embarrassment.

“Put on your clothes!”

Tang Xinlian’s embarrassed cry caused Mo Luo to involuntarily laugh. Qing Zhi also smiled while he shook his head.