Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1038: Death Qi Cleansing

Chapter 1038: Death Qi Cleansing


Chapter 1038: Death Qi Cleansing

Lin Dong’s body landed on a stone platform. Subsequently, he sat down and raised his head slightly. He was able to see the black waterfall falling from above. Black flames danced within the waterfall. It was a majestic sight but there were no loud water splashing noises from it, causing it to also appear somewhat strange.

“Elder Mo Luo, please begin.” Lin Dong deeply inhaled a breath of air. He looked at Mo Luo and spoke in a deep voice.

Mo Luo and Qing Zhi exchanged a look upon hearing this. Mo Luo nodded slightly as he extended his hands towards the black pool and suddenly clenched them.


After Mo Luo clenched his hand, the unusually quiet Death Flame Spirit Pool finally trembled intensely. After which, one could see black flames rising from the black pool as they surged layer by layer. If one was to look carefully, one would vaguely see an extremely huge black formation rotating in the depths of the pool.

“Lin Dong, cry out if you are unable to endure any longer and I will rescue you. Do not force yourself. Each Death Qi cleansing is akin to a fully powered attack of an advance Profound death stage expert!” Mu Luo looked at the churning black pool and shouted in a deep voice.

Lin Dong’s eyes were focused on the black pool as both of his hands slowly tightened. He grinned, “Relax elder Mo Luo, I have even managed to endure the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol’s hundred thousand thunderbolts. Even less needs to be said about this Death Flame Spirit Pool!”

“You are really quite bold. Let us see just how long will last!”

“Be careful, it is coming!”

Lin Dong’s muscles tightened the moment he heard Mo Luo’s cry. Soon after, he saw the pool water wrapped in black flames surge from the Death Flame Spiritual Pool and transform into an enormous black flame dragon.


The black flame dragon roared at the sky as majestic pure Death Qi rippled. It was filled with a shockingly destructive force.


The black flame dragon did give Lin Dong any time to react. It bunched itself together before suddenly whizzing forward. A long black flame tail accompanied it as it rushed across the air with shocking speed. In the short span of a couple of breaths, its reflection rapidly magnified in Lin Dong’s eyes. After which, it ruthlessly collided into Lin Dong’s body.

A deep collision sound echoed as Lin Dong’s body trembled. His face instantly distorted as he clearly sensed surging pure Death Qi barbarically charge into his body, viciously washing through his muscles, veins, bones, organs…

Lin Dong’s skin actually begun to gradually turn dull grey under this cleansing. The thick Death Qi caused him to appear like a zombie.

Lin Dong could sense that the organs within his body were actually beginning to show signs of withering under the cleansing of this Death Qi. Death Qi was an energy with extremely powerful destructive force. The slightest slip would very likely cause injuries in one’s body.

However, it was clearly impossible for Lin Dong to simply allow the situation to develop in such a manner. With a thought, the Green Heaven Materialised Dragon Skill was quickly activated as bright green light dashed out from every corner of his body.

Ch ch!

Green light wrapped itself around the interior of Lin Dong’s body. With the protection of the Green Heaven Materialised Dragon Skill, Lin Dong’s meridians, bones, organs etc. began to twist and squirm. Subsequently, they greedily absorbed the unusually pure Death Qi.

Death Qi was like a double edged sword. If one controlled it well, it could also become an extremely powerful weapon!

The Mo Luo trio carefully observed Lin Dong, who was being enveloped by thick Death Qi, from the edge of the Death Flame Spirit Pool. A moment later, they saw a little green light flickering. The green light grew increasingly green and even began to expand. It was just like a huge mouth that devoured all of the thick Death Qi.

“Again!” Lin Dong abruptly opened his eyes. Green light surged within them.

A black wave rose from within the Death Flame Spirit pool once again as his cry sounded. Another wave that was stronger than the previous condensed into a black flame dragon and ferociously charged towards Lin Dong.

Thick Death Qi wrapped around Lin Dong’s body as green light churned. The two energies continued to erode each other in a see-saw manner. While this occurred, some of the pure Death Qi also began to completely seep into Lin Dong’s body.

“Tsk, this brat has become rather proficient in the Green Heaven Materialised Dragon Skill.” Mo Luo looked at the abnormally strong green light wrapped within the Death Qi and could not help but smile and remark.

Qing Zhi also smiled and nodded. His eyes contained a substantial amount of appreciation. Although he had passed on the Green Heaven Materialised Dragon Skill to Lin Dong, the latter had been able to master it alone and the help Qing Zhi had provided was limited.

“However, from the way I see it, even though he has become highly proficient in the Green Heaven Materialised Dragon Skill, he should only be able to last until about the fortieth cleansing. His limit is forty seven.” Mo Luo fondled his chin and said.

“Oh?” Qing Zhi lifted his brow and grinned, “Does that mean that he will lose out to Xinlian by two cleansings?”

“The Death Qi cleansing within the Death Flame Spirit Pool increases in strength with every wave. After the fortieth wave, each power of each subsequent wave would be multiplied. Even Tang Xinlian back then had only managed to endure forty nine of them through some protective measures. After the forty ninth wave however, she was knocked completely unconscious. Subsequently, she had to rest for two full months before gradually recovering.” Mo Luo said.

“It is actually not bad for Lin Dong to be comparable to Tang Xinlian.”

Qing Zhi laughed. He suddenly asked, “Is forty nine wave the limit of this Death Flame Spirit Pool?”

Mo Luo was stunned. He frowned and replied, “The limit is fifty… however, no one has managed to endure through it. Of course, this is on the precondition that the Death Flame Spirit Pool is effective with regards to the person who enters.”

Normally speaking, the Death Flame Spirit Pool was only effective for those who had just advanced to the Profound Death stage. Following the increase in one’s strength, the effect that this place could provide would also diminish. Hence, those whose strength had passed this limit in the Flame Divine Hall were not allowed to enter the Death Flame Spirit Pool and waste the pure Death Qi inside.

“Perhaps you will be in for an eye opener today.” Qing Zhi smiled slightly.

“Are you so confident in the Green Heaven Materialised Dragon Skill?” Mu Luo frowned and asked.

“It is not confidence in the Green Heaven Materialised Dragon Skill. Instead, I have confidence in Lin Dong.”

“Hopefully. I also wish to see if this little fellow can break Xinlian’s record.”

“Let’s wait and see.”

Tang Xinlian by the side gently pursed her red lips while listening to the conversation between those two. Her bright eyes looked at the skinny figure seated on the stone platform receiving waves of Death Qi cleansing as curiosity and anticipation emerged from the depths of her eyes. She also wished to see if this seemingly ordinary young man, who had managed to create many miracles, would once again shock everyone.



With the flow of time, the Death Flame Spirit Pool also ceased being as quiet as before. The pool churned and as numerous black flame dragons condensed and took shape one by one. After which, they were accompanied by an increasingly frightening Death Qi as they ferociously charged at the figure seated on the stone platform.

However, the figure wrapped within the green light gradually became akin to a sturdy rock amidst the crazy assault of the Death Qi. The green light might appear thin and weak, but it did not collapse.

“Fortieth… now the truly strong waves will come.” Mo Luo remarked in a faint voice.

Mo Luo’s voice had only just sounded when the Death Flame Spirit Pool suddenly churned wildly. A black flame dragon which was many times larger than before slowly rose. Dark red gathered in the eyes of the black dragon and they appeared like a pair of blood eyes that caused one to shudder.

“It is indeed a lot stronger.” Astonishment flashed across Qing Zhi’s eyes as he gently nodded.

The enormous black flame dragon roared at the sky. In the next moment, it was accompanied by surging Death Qi as it rushed forth. Finally, it mercilessly slammed into Lin Dong’s body.

Lin Dong’s face distorted at the moment of impact. The skin on the surface of his body also swiftly revealed a withery grey look. Soon however, a low and deep roar was emitted from his throat. Green light came gushing out and firmly protected his body.

Two waves of light interweaved in a ferocious fashion. However, neither was able to obtain the upper hand.


Lin Dong’s eyes suddenly became serious. He grabbed with his hand and firmly held onto the black flame dragon’s head. Subsequently, green light erupted and the black flame dragon exploded. Thick death Qi flowed along his hand and rapidly gushed into his body.


Lin Dong’s hand trembled. However, his eyes grew increasingly excited and stubborn.

It was as though the Black Flame Spirit Pool was responding towards his cry as it continued to churn. Even wilder and fiercer black flame dragons were formed which crazily charged at Lin Dong in succession.

Bang! Bang! Bang…

A low and deep noise reverberated across the empty surface of the pool. Mo Luo’s eyes gradually became grave as he watched Lin Dong who continued to tremble under the assault of the many black flame dragons without falling.

“Forty seventh.”

Tang Xinlian’s soft voice seemed to tremble a little. Having experienced this before, she was naturally aware of just what kind of painful torture one had to experience within it. Back then, experiencing the forty seventh wave was her limit. If it was not because of her prior preparations, she would have already collapsed at this stage.


The entire pool seemed to completely rebel at this moment. Two enormous black whirlpools were formed at the same time. After which, they shot out like two black dragons ripping apart the sky. They possessed extremely majestic to the limit Death Qi as they ruthlessly slammed into Lin Dong’s body in an earth shaking manner.

Surging black Death Qi swept out like a wave from the point of collision. Such power could threaten even the life of an advance Profound death stage expert.

The Mo Luo trio’s gazes were glued to the spot where the Death Qi was the thickest. A moment later, the Death Qi gradually weakened and a violently coughing figure appeared in their sights.

Lin Dong’s body was currently greyish white. Black viscous liquid adhered to the surface of his skin. It was made from extremely pure Death Qi.


Lin Dong violently coughed. The blood that was spat out from his mouth gave off a black lustre. Clearly, his injuries were rather serious.

“This brat is indeed formidable.”

Mo Luo exhaled. Although Lin Dong’s current condition appeared somewhat miserable, he had still unbelievably endured forty ninth Death Qi cleansing.

“Let’s end it here.”

Mo Luo waved his sleeve and was about shut the Death Flame Spirit Pool. However, the young figure on the stone platform extended his arm with some difficulty as Mo Luo’s voice sounded. After which, a hoarse voice was emitted as the expression in Tang Xinlian’s eyes slightly altered.

“There is still one more.”