Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1037: Death Flame Spiritual Pool

Chapter 1037: Death Flame Spiritual Pool


Chapter 1037: Death Flame Spiritual Pool

Following the end of the great battle, peace gradually returned to the Flame Divine Hall gradually in the subsequent few days. Due to the need to rebuild the city, the entire place appeared to be extremely lively. Countless Flame Divine Hall disciples shuttled through the city, a majestic scene that was extremely spectacular.

Lin Dong chose to temporarily stay in Fiery Flame City while it was being rebuilt. Although he anxiously wished to meet Little Marten and Little Flame, as the saying goes, cutting wood with a dull axe is a waste of effort, thus essential rest could not be neglected.

Lin Dong quietly sat on a stone platform in the middle of the city near a majestic mountain. He was coincidentally able to overlook the entire Fiery Flame City from here. The vitality that filled the city caused him to involuntarily stretch his waist. He could feel that his bones had become rather limp and numb after these few days of extremely relaxed rest.

The current him was considered a VIP of the Flame Divine Hall, hence they treated him extremely well. However, because the Flame Divine Hall was too busy, no one could accompany a VIP like him for the past few days. Forget about Mo Luo, even Tang Xinlian only hurriedly ensured that he was still alive before swiftly leaving in a hectic manner. Truth be told, Tang Xinlian was clearly managing even more of the Flame Divine Hall matters than Mo Luo. However, this girl did indeed possess such capability.

“Even my bones have turned soft…”

Lin Dong twisted his neck and heaved a long sigh. Soon after, his brows suddenly raised as he turned around and saw a red light flashing for a moment in the distance, before a pretty figure appeared in front of him.

“Have you rested well these few days?” Tang Xinlian’s hand pushed aside the red hair at the side of her face, before she smilingly looked at the idle Lin Dong and asked.

“You have finally recalled that I am still here…” Lin Dong spoke in an unhappy manner. He was under the impression that these people had forgotten about him.

“Due to the earlier events, Fiery Flame City was completely destroyed. It is extremely troublesome to rebuild. Moreover, after this loss, our Flame Divine Hall’s defensive strength has also been exposed. There is a need to properly reorganise.”

Tang Xinlian explained. She quickly saw Lin Dong slightly curl the corner of his mouth and laughed softly, “Alright, I will apologise for neglecting you for the last few days… don’t you have the few beauties of the Gu clan? I was under the impression that you were having quite a comfortable time.”

“They have their own clan matters. How can they stay for long? Moreover, these words of yours are rather ambiguous. I am only friends with them.” Lin Dong helplessly said.

The smile on Tang Xinlian’s pretty face became even more enchanting when she heard this. However, Lin Dong was not overly bothered by this. He lifted his head and asked, “Is there a reason you have come looking for me?”

“Yes.” Tang Xinlian nodded. Her pretty eyes looked at Lin Dong as she frowned and said, “You broke into the Profound Death stage during the previous big battle. Normally, one must stabilise one’s level after a breakthrough. Although it is possible to fight, that bitter battle of yours back then was far too intense. Teacher has said that this will definitely leave behind some negative after effects.”

Lin Dong’s eyes slightly narrowed as he silently nodded. His condition was gradually recovering over the past few days. However, despite him having stepped into the Profound Death stage, he sensed that the Yuan Power in his body was rather superficial. This was a sign that his cultivation was unstable. If any mishap were to occur, it would be extremely easy for him to regress to the Profound Life stage…

“I can only take things slowly.” Lin Dong said. It was quite important to stabilise one’s cultivation level after a breakthrough. If one misses this important step, it would be troublesome to make up for it in the future.

“You will be heading to the Demon Region soon. It is not a friendly place. Moreover, it is the world of the Demonic Beasts and humans are discriminated against there. You will likely suffer if you head to that place in this condition.” Tang Xinlian knitted her brows. Clearly, she was feeling extremely dissatisfied with Lin Dong’s response.

“Do you have any solutions?” Lin Dong asked helplessly.

Tang Xinlian wrapped her slender arms in front of her chest upon hearing this. She smilingly watched Lin Dong and teased, “Do you wish to know?”

Lin Dong looked at this appearance of Tang Xinlian’s which suggested that he needed to beg her to learn about it and could not help but find it a little comical. To think that this usually sensible and serious commander of the Flame Divine Hall army would actually show such girlish behaviour.

“It might be better if I ask elder Mo Luo then.” However, Lin Dong did not play into Tang Xinlian’s hand. He slowly stood up and walked towards the Flame Divine Hall.

When Tang Xinlian saw this response from Lin Dong, she bit her red lips. Her bright eyes appeared a little resentful and she violently stamped her feet, before catching up to him, “Have you heard of the Death Flame Spirit Pool?”

Lin Dong’s footsteps paused. He had some impression of this name. It seemed to be a precious pool that belonged to the Flame Divine Hall. It was rumoured that the Death Flame Pool possessed an extremely pure Death Qi which was not man-made. Instead, this Death Qi was extracted from deep underground and was extremely rare. Furthermore, it was greatly beneficial to Profound Death stage experts.

“Based on what I know, it seems that the ‘Death Flame Pool’ of the Flame Divine Hall is opened only once a year, right? Moreover, only members who have greatly contributed to the sect will get to enjoy it…” Lin Dong said with some hesitation.

“You can join our Flame Divine Hall. In any case, you are alone…” Tang Xinlian’s bewitching eyes stared at Lin Dong. The anticipation in her eyes was not hidden.

“I have heard teacher mention that you seem to have a great grudge with that Yuan Gate in the Eastern Xuan Region right? As long as you become a member of the Flame Divine Hall, I will lead an army to flatten the Yuan Gate when you return to the Eastern Xuan Region!”

Lin Dong’s body slowly stopped. He lifted his head while wearing a complicated expression and softly said, “I’m sorry. I do not wish to join another sect.”

Although the way he had left the Eastern Xuan Region was extremely miserable, he had ultimately come from that place. The super sects that were akin to titans back then were no longer as mysterious and intimidating in his eyes. However, his many abilities had been learnt from the sect called Dao Sect.

Ying Xuanzi might have chosen not to avoid the fight in Unique Devil Region because he needed to look at the bigger picture. Lin Dong also understood that the Dao Sect was not as strong as the Flame Divine Hall. Ying Zuanzi was not like Mo Luo, who was a Samsara stage Ancestral Symbol owner. He did not possess the means to resist the three great heads of the Yuan Gate.

A forced battle would only cause the Dao Sect to pay a bloody price.

Ultimately, Lin Dong chose to withdraw from the Dao Sect. However, he understood that it was impossible to simply break the connection between them. He understood this when he saw the young lady abandon her pride and beg for sake back then in Unique Devil City.


Lin Dong let out a deep breath as he suppressed the memories churning in his head. After which, he turned his head to look at Tang Xinlian by the side and shrugged his shoulders in an apologetic manner.

“No need to take my words too seriously. Relax, regardless of whether you are a member of the Flame Divine Hall, I… master has said that he will help you.”

Tang Xinlian smiled and nodded. Soon after, she increased her pace. “Quick, master and the rest are waiting for us.”

Lin Dong looked at the alluring figure in front of him. He could only sigh softly in his heart as he followed.


The security of the current Flame Divine Hall was clearly a lot tighter than before. Densely packed patrols crossed each other while many sharp senses scanned the area. Even a housefly would not be able to invade.

With Tang Xinlian leading him, Lin Dong met no obstruction as he followed her and smoothly passed through the many layers of security. Finally, he reached the deepest part of the Flame Divine Hall.

The first thing that appeared in Lin Dong’s sight when the huge doors of the hall were pushed open was a black waterfall. This waterfall was extremely unique and there was an endless abyss behind it. No one knew where it led to. The waterfall flowed backwards and black water surged out from the deep abyss with crashing sounds. After which, the black water from the top of the waterfall and finally landed in a huge black pool below.

The most bizarre thing was that this huge waterfall did not cause any ripples to form on the surface of the black pool. The entire pool was stagnant and strangely quiet.

Two figures stood at the edge of the black pool. They were Mo Luo and Qing Zhi.

“You’re here.” Mo Luo smiled when the two individuals walked in as he turned to look at the two of them and said.

Lin Dong approached the black pool. Only then did he discover that there were black flames rising from its surface. A frighteningly pure death Qi ripple turned into a black vapor as it curled and rose into the air.

“This is the Death Flame Spirit Pool?” Lin Dong looked at the black pool and asked.


Qing Zhi smiled and nodded before continuing, “This place will not only allow your cultivation to stabilise but it also greatly beneficial to your Green Heaven Materialised Dragon Skill. However, this Death Flame Spirit Pool only opens once a year. There is still some time before it opens this year and this Mo Luo was unwilling to open it now. He says that the Death Flame Spirit Pool will end up losing a substantial amount of energy…”

“Aih, it is not surprising that Qing Zhi has asked me to open the Death Flame Spirit Pool for you to use.” Mo Luo frowned a little. He glanced towards the red faced Tang Xinlian by the side and said, “Even this lass of mine does not think for the Flame Divine Hall. This is the reason that I am displeased.”

“Lin Dong’s cultivation is unstable because he helped us deal with that General Liang Mo. We have the responsibility to help him resolve this problem. Otherwise, if word of this spreads, who will dare to aid our Flame Divine Hall in future?” However, Tang Xinlian was clearly not so easily dealt with. Although her face had reddened a little, her sensible words still made Mo Luo speechless.

“Thank you elder Mo Luo… and Miss Xinlian.” Lin Dong cupped his hands together and said. He was somewhat touched by their gestures.

Mo Luo waved his hand and said, “Little fellow, I have to tell you this beforehand. Do you see those black flames inside? They are formed from extremely pure Death Qi. Later on, you will sit on the stone platform in the middle of the pool and I will activate the Death Flame Spirit Pool. This Death Qi will be drawn to the Life Qi in your body and charge towards you to cleanse your physical body.

“This cleansing will strengthen the Death Qi in your body, stabilising your cultivation and strengthening your physical body. However, there is also a great amount of risk. The Death Qi here is far too pure. Death Qi is an energy with great destructive power. If you are unable to endure it, it will cause your physical body to be damaged and undergo necrosis. When that happens, you will end up becoming a Yuan Spirit…”

Lin Dong was slightly startled. This was a rather huge risk indeed.

“Since the founding of my Flame Divine Hall, there have been eight Profound Death stage experts whose physical bodies were destroyed by this Death Flame Spirit Pool. Only four people have managed to endure ten Death Qi cleansings. Sigh, after all these years… there was only one person who was able to endure forty nine cleansings.”

“Forty nine… who?”

Lin Dong could not help but ask. This Death Flame Spirit Pool could even destroy the body of a Profound Death stage expert. It clearly possessed an extremely terrifying destructive force. Enduring forty nine cleansings within it was clearly an extremely difficult task.

“The person beside you.” Qing Zhi smilingly replied.

Lin Dong turned his head in shock. After which, he saw Tang Xinlian’s beautifully smiling face. This girl… was really incredible.

“You should also begin.”

Mo Luo waved his hand and teased, “Little fellow, do not allow Xinlian to beat you. Otherwise, Qing Zhi will really lose all face.”

Lin Dong was speechless as he looked at the gloating Mo Luo who seemed to be waiting to watch a good show. Soon after, he lifted his head and look at the Death Flame Spirit Pool before him. The blood within his body seemed to boil slightly.

“In that case, allow me to see just how difficult it is to deal with!”

Lin Dong laughed heartily. He ceased hesitating and his toes pushed off the ground. His body landed onto a stone platform below the waterfall in front of the Mo Luo trio’s eyes.