Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1036: Clues

Chapter 1036: Clues


Chapter 1036: Clues

Sunlight poured down from the sky and shone on the Fiery Flame City, which was almost reduced into ruins. Only this place proved that an earthshaking big battle had occurred previously.

Countless experts outside of the city were staring at the Flame Divine Hall’s disciples who were seated in various parts of Fiery Flame City while recuperating. Subsequently, they looked at the tightened patrols by the Flame Divine Hall’s experts in the sky. All of them were quietly shocked. They were aware that once news of this incident spread, it would definitely cause a monstrous uproar in the Chaotic Demon Sea.

There were only four invaders in the previous battle. However, the four of them managed to flip the Flame Divine Hall upside down. Although they were unable to observe the highest level battle because of the hindrance posed by the green light plate, it was likely one that could destroy the world. After all it was hard to spot a battle at that level, even in the entire Chaotic Demon Sea.

However, what really puzzled the crowds were the origin of those four mysterious individuals. That lineup was something that hardly any top factions in the Chaotic Demon Sea could afford.

Many private conversations spread outside of Fiery Flame City. The crowds of humans scattered across the mountains offered quite a spectacular sight when looking from afar. Some of their eyes were gleaming. Currently, the Flame Divine Hall was in a weakened state and they might be able to take advantage of this chaos…

“Everyone, my Flame Divine Hall has ran into some problems today. The Fiery Flame City has been destroyed and it is problematic for us to host any guests. Hence, I hope that everyone will leave the Fiery Flame City for now. If anyone tries to create trouble, my Flame Divine Hall will not hesitate to fight!”

A beautiful figure rushed towards the sky just as the area outside Fiery Flame City gradually became a little chaotic. A clear lovely voice quickly spread across the sky.

The person who spoke was naturally Tang Xinlian. There was a huge army following behind her. After having rested before, some of the disciples of the Flame Divine Hall have already recovered.

Tang Xinlian shone as brilliantly as a pearl in the previous fight and even some of the renowned older experts in the Chaotic Demon Sea were stunned. Now that they saw her again, even though she was beautiful and gorgeous, her aura caused one’s breathing to turn sluggish.

The commotion outside of the city gradually calmed down. This was especially after they saw the sharp eyes of the disciple from the Flame Divine Hall being shot over. Some of those fellows with other undesirable intents hurriedly turned away.

“This lass… is truly incredible…”

When some of the renowned older experts saw that Tang Xinlian was able to suppress the commotion outside of the city with her words alone, they were secretly stunned. From today onwards, it was likely that no one amongst the younger generation of the Chaotic Demon Sea would be able to compete with Tang Xinlian…

Hovering in midair in the city, Tang Xinlian tilted her head and issued some orders. Subsequently, she dispatched the disciples of the Flame Divine Hall in groups before landing from midair.

“The Flame Fairy of the Flame Divine Hall truly lives up to her reputation. However, if you are so powerful, who will dare to marry you in the future…” Lin Dong watched Tang Xinlian land on the ground and involuntarily teased. Even he was secretly praising the bold demeanor displayed by Tang Xinlian previously when she was suppressing the crowd.


However, Lin Dong’s eyes suddenly flashed the moment his words sounded. A sharp wind appeared in front of him and it was possible to see a sharp spear pausing half an inch in front of him. A cold ray of light escaped from the tip of the spear.

Lin Dong immediately stopped speaking. Spreading his hand, he looked at a tensed Tang Xinlian, who was holding onto her fire phoenix spear. With a dry smile, he coughed bitterly and said: “Alright, I will stop speaking.”

Tang Xinlian’s hands were trembling gently. Promptly, the fire phoenix spear in her hand was withdrawn. She walked towards Lin Dong while her pretty eyes continuously stared at him. A smile suddenly appeared on her pretty face just as Lin Dong was feeling a little uncomfortable. She said, “I am not as strong as you. Moreover, with your talents, I will likely remain behind you forever.”

Lin Dong was startled before he promptly started to laugh. His eyes, which were lingering on her pretty face, shifted away somewhat in guilt as he hurriedly said, “I will go and take a look at that sealed Yimo general.”

Lin Dong hurriedly turned around and left upon saying this. However, Tang Xinlian was able to spot a trace of panic in his eyes.

Tang Xinlian stared at Lin Dong’s back as he fled miserably. Her hand pushed aside a strand of hair, which had fell downwards. She curled her red lips before an enchanting smile appeared her face. It caused the surrounding Flame Divine Hall’s disciples walking by to be stunned when they saw her.

In the middle of the city’s ruins, stood a light pillar. The Yimo general trapped within the light pillar was also no longer as arrogant as before. This was because Qing Zhi and Mo Luo were staring at him indifferently from the outside. His eyes appeared like those of a lamb that was about to be slaughtered.

“Elder Qing Zhi, elder Mo Luo.” Lin Dong approached them, cupped his hands together and greeted these two esteemed individuals.

“Haha, little fellow, it has been a long while since we last met.” Qing Zhi turned around. He looked at Lin Dong and spoke gently.

“Thank you for saving me previously, Elder Qing Zhi.” Lin Dong rubbed his head and said. He greatly respected Qing Zhi. After all, not only did the latter impart his Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill to him, he even rescued him and his two brothers from a vast distance away when they were in a desperate situation back in Unique Devil City. This debt of gratitude was something that Lin Dong always kept in mind.

“The reason why our plan succeeded is all thanks to you.” Qing Zhi laughed.

“The reason why this Yimo general is sealed is indeed because of your powers.” Mo Luo nodded and said.

“If it was not because Miss Tang Xinlian was in control of the situation, I would not have been able to handle even a single attack from this Yimo general.” Lin Dong shook his head. He did not wish for the credit to be attributed to him.

“That’s right… that king rank Yimo…” Lin Dong hesitated for a moment before asking. As Qing Zhi intentionally hid the battle in the sky, even he did not know about the intense fight that took place at that place.

“You can consider him dead.”

Lin Dong finally sighed in relief after hearing this. It seemed like all their efforts did not go to waste.

“Although we did not manage to seal the Yimo king, we should still be able to obtain some information regarding the ‘Demon Prison’ from this fellow here.” Qing Zhi pointed towards General Lang Mo that was sealed within the light pillar and said.

“Demon Prison?” Lin Dong was startled.

Qing Zhi and Mo Luo exchanged glances. Only then, did the former explained: “A mysterious organisation formed by the Yimo. We do not know how terrifyingly they are. However… they are the greatest hidden threat to the world.”

Lin Dong nodded quietly. As of now, it was likely that he was not qualified to mess with that terrifying organisation. Hence, there was little he could do to help…

“You did not expose the Ancestral Symbols this time around. After this, I will spread news that the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol in the competition was a fake. This will allow you to avoid some trouble.” Standing beside them, Mo Luo remarked.

“Thank you elder Mo Luo.” Lin Dong laughed.

“What are you planning to do next?” Qing Zhi glanced at Lin Dong and asked.

Lin Dong thought for a moment before replying, “I want to look for my two brothers. Those three old fellows from Yuan Gate interrupted our teleportation when we fled the Eastern Xuan Region. Hence, all of us were separated and I do not know how they are doing now.”

Lin Dong had only two objectives after arriving at the Chaotic Demon Sea. The first was to boost his strength, so that he can became powerful enough to charge into Yuan Gate after he returned to Eastern Xuan Region. The second one was naturally to find Little Marten and Little Flame.

“Those three old fellows have truly gone overboard. If I have the time, I will follow you back to the Eastern Xuan Region in the future.” Qing Zhi spoke in a faint voice. Back then, the three great heads of the Yuan clan did not show any mercy even after he showed up. This caused him to be a little furious.

“I have also heard about what happened to you. Since you have helped my Flame Divine Hall, if you need help in the future, you can ask Xinlian to lead our troops and return to the Eastern Xuan Region together with you to flatten the Yuan Gate!” Mo Luo waved his hand. His tone was quite domineering.

Lin Dong was a little moved. He immediately nodded and said, “If I need your help in the future, I will not hesitate to ask. However, I believe that us, three brothers will definitely be able to kill those three old fellows when we return to the Eastern Xuan Region.”

“Haha, you are bold. I like that about you.” Mo Luo laughed loudly upon hearing this. His tone was full of admiration.

Standing beside them, Qing Zhi also smiled and nodded. He said, “I have some clues about the whereabouts of your two brothers. I briefly sensed their locations during the teleportation back then.”

“Oh?” Lin Dong rejoiced upon hearing those words. He had been looking for Little Martern and Little Flame for over a year, but was unable to learn any news about them.

“The two of them have most likely been teleported to the Demon Region. However, there is no need to worry. One of your two friends belongs to the Celestial Demon Marten tribe, which is a powerful faction in the Demonic Beast World. Moreover, they are overbearing and fierce and they do not even fear the dragon tribe. Therefore, there will hardly be anyone who will dare to find trouble with him if he returns to the Demon Region. The other friend of yours possess the bloodline of the Devil Tiger tribe and he is also quite formidable.”

Qing Zhi laughed, “It is likely that they are having a better time than you.”

Lin Dong quietly sighed in relief. The Celestial Demon Marten’s tribe ranking is quite high in the Demonic Beast World. If Little Marten returned there, he should be able to recover very quickly. From the conversations he had with the latter in the past, Lin Dong could sense that Little Marten was definitely no ordinary tribe member. Hence, if Little Flame was to follow Little Marten, the latter would definitely not allow the former to suffer, given his character.

However… he wondered how the two of them were doing now…”

Lin Dong curled his mouth while some anxiety surged within his heart. He really wanted to see his two brothers, who had gone through life and death situations with him as they walked out from that tiny Great Yan Empire together.

“Do you plan to look for them?” Qing Zhi smilingly asked.

Lin Dong nodded and replied, “I have nothing to do here. Once I rest for a while, I will start heading towards the Demon Region. After which, we will charge back to the Eastern Xuan Region together once I find them!”

The three of them had been chased out together. Naturally, they will charge back together!

Qing Zhi did not say anything else after he saw that Lin Dong had made up his mind. He said, “At that time, both Mo Luo and I will teleport you to the Demon Region.”

“Thank you very much Elders!”

Lin Dong rejoiced. In that case, it would save him a great amount of time. After all, there was still an extremely wide distance between the Chaotic Demon Sea and the Demon Region.

Qing Zhi smiled and waved his hand. After which, he chatted with Lin Dong again for a while. Only after that, did Lin Dong cup his hands together and leave.

“What a restless little fellow. He has flipped the Chaotic Demon Sea upside down. Now, he is heading to the Demon Region…” Mo Luo looked at Lin Dong’s figure as the latter left. He involuntarily laughed.

Qing Zhi smiled and nodded.

“It seems like you hold him in high regard? You are the one who asked me to give him the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol back then… You should know that if the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol was given to another expert with strength similar to mine, it would be a powerful fighting force for us.” Mo Luo narrowed his eyes before he suddenly said.

“We will have one less Ancestral Symbol owner each time Lin Dong gains an additional Ancestral Symbol…”

Qing Zhi laughed. He lifted his head, looked at the azure sky and muttered, “The reason why humans emerged victorious during the great calamity in the ancient times, was because of the Symbol Ancestor… now… we no longer have one…”

“If calamity descends in this world again… What should we do?”

Mo Luo shrunk his eyes slightly, “Do you think that Lin Dong can become the next Symbol Ancestor?”

Qing Zhi placed his hands behind him. He softly said, “He possess the Ancestor Stone. That means that he was chosen by the Symbol Ancestor… Right now, there are two people in this world with the highest possibility of reaching the level of the Symbol Ancestor.”


“The reincarnated Ice Master… and… Lin Dong.”

“It doesn’t matter who eventually reaches that level. In order for us humans to win, we need a second Symbol Ancestor…”