Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1035: Devil Prison

Chapter 1035: Devil Prison


Chapter 1035: Devil Prison

Demonic Qi that seemed to cover the land and sky swiftly receded at a shocking speed at this moment. King Tianming’s frozen body was located at the middle of the demonic Qi. He blankly stared at the bloody hole in his chest. The edges of the bloody hole had been contaminated by the mysterious jade like liquid. This jade liquid was akin to a fatal poison that was frantically eroding his body.

The seemingly vast and endless Yimo Qi within his body rapidly disappeared like snow wherever the jade liquid passed.

King Tianming could clearly sense his extremely powerful life force disappear while the Yimo Qi had vanished. The feeling of death quietly rose within his heart, causing a terrified expression to appear on his face.


A miserable howl was emitted from King Tianming’s mouth. Although he had fallen into a dire situation, he was still a peak expert comparable to the Reincarnation stage. His hand slammed onto his body at lightning like speed and purplish gold symbols began to appear under his skin. Waves of incomparably pure Yimo Qi crazily gathered towards the bloody hole on his chest in an attempt to stop the eroding jade liquid.

Sizzle sizzle!

Clouds of white smoke emerged from the areas where these two forces clashed while pain filled King Tianming’s face. The seemingly gentle jade liquid seemed to possess an extremely terrifying destructive power. Even with his king rank Yimo strength, he was unable to stop the erosion of the jade liquid.

“It is useless King Tianming. The King Destroying Heavenly Plate is a true poison to you Yimo. It will erode your body until nothing remains.” Qing Zhi looked at King Tianming, who was resisting with all his strength, and spoke in an indifferent voice.

“Qing Zhi, it is too early for you to be happy!”

King Tianming roared. His face was exceptionally distorted while his eyes were filled with an endless brutality. In a split second, he clenched his teeth and changed his hand seals. One could only watch as densely packed purple-gold demonic symbols abruptly surfaced on his body as an extremely wild and fierce fluctuation spread.

When Qing Zhi, Luo Mo and the others saw this, their expressions slightly altered and their bodies rapidly pulled back.


King Tianming’s body suddenly exploded as Qing Zhi’s group hurriedly pulled back. Terrifying demonic Qi directly turned into a hundred thousand feet large giant wave that maniacally swept outwards. Space itself crumbled wherever this demonic wave passed. This King Tianming had actually self-destructed!


The hundred thousand feet green coloured light pate that covered the sky also shook at this moment. Soon after, a light pillar shot towards the sky and blocked the monstrous demonic wave.

Ch ch!

Black Qi suddenly gathered at the spot where King Tianming had self-destructed while the demonic wave spread. It turned into a black heart which was covered with purple-gold light patterns. This heart began to flee the moment it appeared.

“King Tianming, I have fought countless times against you Yimo. Such means cannot fool me.” Qing Zhi’s clear laughter suddenly echoed while the heart attempted to flee amongst the chaos. Space distorted and a green figure appeared in front of the heart from nowhere.

“Qing Zhi, you are really bold. Aren’t you afraid that my tribe will cause you to never rise again?” The black heart covered with purple-gold light symbols beat rapidly. King Tianming’s face appeared on the heart as he cried out in a threatening voice.

“You will truly die once I kill this devil fetus of yours, right?”

Qing Zhi smiled faintly. His handsome face was without any fear. His finger jabbed forward as green light symbols appeared in the air and a light ray suddenly shot forth.


King Tianming roared furiously when he saw that Qing Zhi was not going to show any mercy. He hurriedly used his demonic Qi and formed a light shield outside his heart. Now that he had lost his physical body, he was akin to a human expert who was left with only his Yuan Spirit. His strength had greatly diminished.


The light shield did not put up much resistance and burst apart. The green light beam heavily smashed onto the devil fetus as an incomparably mournful screech was emitted. It was obvious that King Tianming had received an extremely serious injury.

Qing Zhi’s eye remained impassive and he took another step forward as green light swept out from within his body. A thousand green dragon light tattoos flew out and turned into a ten thousand feet large green dragon claw.

The space in front of him collapsed. The ten thousand feet dragon claw was akin to the shadow of death as it enveloped the devil fetus.


King Tianming cursed furiously from the devil fetus as thick demonic Qi hurriedly surged out and the space behind it swiftly became distorted. The spatial tunnel had barely formed when the green dragon claw containing destructive energy penetrated through the space and arrived.

“Save me!”

King Tianming was horrified as he looked at the green dragon claw which seemed to be accompanied by the shadow of death and finally cried out in a screeching voice. An invisible ripple invaded space itself from within the screech.


King Tianming’s cry had just sounded when the massive space behind him sudden crumbled and a hundred thousand feet black vortex appeared from nowhere. Two giant devil hands suddenly reached out from the vortex. After which, they clashed head on against the green dragon claw.

Boom boom!

A frightening shock wave swept out from within the point of contact, shaking space itself until it completely shattered.

“There are still reinforcements huh?” Qing Zhi’s eyes were a little cold. He gently stomped with his feet and another thousands of green dragon light tattoos flew out from within his body. They added themselves to the green dragon claw, causing the two huge devil hands to be continuously pushed back.

“Mo Luo!” Qing Zhi suddenly cried out while he was dealing with the huge devil hands that had broken through space itself.

Mo Luo immediately nodded upon hearing this as murderous intent surged within his eyes. His body flashed as it tore through the space itself and directly appeared in front of the devil fetus that was fleeing backwards.

“You dare!”

A furious cry suddenly sounded from within the black vortex when Mo Luo chased the devil fetus. A huge devil hand turned around in an attempt to attack him.

“You will obediently stay here!” Qing Zhi cried out coldly. The green dragon claw shot forward and prevented the two huge devil hands from moving.

Mo Luo’s eyes became maliciously cold. He clenched his hand and a fire spear appeared within it. Flames burst forth from the tip of the spear, turning into a fire spiral as the spear mercilessly thrust forward.

Space exploded as the fire spear was thrust forward while accompanied by a brilliant tail of flames. In the end, a horrified screech was continuously emitted from within the devil fetus as it was struck!

The fire spear pierced straight through the devil fetus and purplish gold blood endlessly flowed out. King Tianming’s extremely sharp screech reverberated across the sky, causing one’s hair to stand on ends.

The devil fetus suddenly swelled when the screech reached its peak. Soon after, it burst apart. Purple-gold blood splashed and space emitted a sizzling sound wherever the blood landed.

A furious roar emerged from deep within the black vortex and the huge devil hands quickly retracted. They swiftly grabbed the purple-gold blood that had scattered and rapidly retreated back into the black vortex.

“Qing Zhi, Mo Luo, you dare kill our tribe’s king rank Yimo. ‘Devil Prison’ will not let you off. Just wait, just you wait…”

While the huge devil hands withdrew, a furious roar that was filled with murderous intent echoed from the black vortex like a wild beast’s howl and rumbled across the land.

The black vortex swiftly faded. Finally, the roar also completely disappeared from the land along with it. Following this, the evil demonic Qi that enveloped the area disappeared like floodwaters.

Qing Zhi’s eyes slightly focused as he looked at the spot where the black vortex had disappeared. He spoke in a faint voice, “Another Yimo king huh… they are really troublesome creatures…”

“It seems that he had intervened across space.” The long fire spear in Mo Luo’s hand disappeared. The huge devil hand earlier was clearly that of another Yimo king. However, he was evidently located in a far away place. Hence, the power that had broken through space and descended clearly had difficulty stopping Qing Zhi.

“Hall chief, is king Tianming dead?” Elder Chi Yun asked somewhat anxiously. They had invested such a great amount of effort. It would be truly a pity if king Tianming survived.

“Yimo have an extremely strong lifeforce. However, that earlier attack gave him a fatal injury. Although that Yimo king managed to rescue some essence blood, it will be extremely difficult to revive him. Even if he manages to be revived, his strength will greatly diminish. There is no need to be afraid.” Mo Luo spoke in a faint voice.

Elder Chi Yun sighed in relief upon hearing this.

Qing Zhi waved his sleeve. The hundred thousand feet large green light plate that covered the sky slowly dissipated as the green jade plate returned to his hand. However, the Yimo king plate had become unusually dim. It seemed that the energy inside had been completely exhausted.

“Looks like it will not be possible to use this King Destroying Heavenly Plate for quite some time.” Mu Lan looked at the dimmed King Destroying Heavenly Plate and said.

“It is worthwhile since we finished off an Yimo king.” Qing Zhi laughed.

“What is this ‘Devil Prison’ that was mentioned earlier?” Mo Luo looked towards Qing Zhi and asked.

Qing Zhi eyes hardened. Soon after, he exhaled deeply and replied, “It should be a secret organisation formed by those Yimo in hiding… this King Tianming and the Yimo king who had tried to rescue him earlier are likely members of this organisation…”

Mo Luo’s eyes were a little dim. It was extremely difficult to deal with a mere Yimo king and three great Yimo generals. Just how terrifyingly powerful was this so called ‘Devil Prison’?

Was it this giant hand in the shadows that had been quietly eliminating the peak experts of the human race in the past tens of thousands of years?

“It seems that we should also make our move… those old monsters who are still alive should also stretch their old bodies.”

Qing Zhi spoke softly. He quickly laughed as he lifted his head to look at the sky. Warm sunlight had once again scattered down from it.

“However… at least this battle was our victory.”


On the ground, Lin Dong looked at the surroundings which was once again filled with sunlight. The demonic Qi in the sky had already vanished. As he gazed at the few figures in the distant sky, a smile that indicated that one had been relieved of a great burden surfaced on his face.

“Have we won?”

Tang Xinlian by the side lifted her pretty face. She deeply inhaled a breath of air and muttered.

“Yea, we have won.”

Lin Dong smiled and used a voice that only he could hear as he softly muttered.

“However… this is only the beginning…”